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Viva La Vida [Alisa]

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#1Xandra Queen 

Viva La Vida [Alisa] Empty on Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:03 am

Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The chill air that surrounded the vicinity embraced the happiness that radiated from the people. Sounds of music and laughter mingled and pierced through the dreaded sorrow that had remained in the city of Crocus for a while now, after the chaos caused by Grimoire Heart. Weeks and days spent non-stop of reconstructing and building the city back to it's previous stature required the energy of citizens to be utilized day and night until it became a mere agony but alas, they were done; or well, almost done.

An event such as this truly called for a celebration. The sound of her footsteps drowned within the commotion of happiness which her ears captured and her body followed subconsciously. Lilac eyes landed upon the street where people danced together underneath the afternoon sky with alcoholic beverages adorning tables that surrounded them. Everyone joined in, swaying and jumping to the rhythm of the music as smiles beautified their faces. At that moment, the female couldn't help but think how wonderful it was to simply celebrate with those around you.

Glancing upon the scenario before her, her mind wandered through her memories, landing upon one rather precious trail of events that had involved intoxicated drinks and some dancing. It was the first time she had met someone who unknowingly to her, became someone far more valuable than she would have expected. It reminded her of the first time she had encountered Alisa. Subconsciously, her pink tinted lips fell into a smile. Although the vibes and the aura given by this occasion and that were completely different, she couldn't help but recall the memories of that night which she had momentarily forgotten.

Naturally, the thoughts she had been neglecting for so long also resurfaced upon the recollection of the past where the two females had kissed, not once but twice. As if on instinct, her pale cheeks reddened, heating up amidst the cold. Rather, her flushed body did a better job at keeping her warm than the burgundy jacket that covered her thick white shirt which was tucked into a pair of simple black jeans. Clashing the tip of her brown boots together, she couldn't help but wonder about Alisa's whereabouts. It felt like it had been so long since she last saw the crystal mage and their last encounter didn't exactly have a beautiful end to it.

Before the blonde could comprehend what had happened, she felt a push on her back that propelled her into the joyous crowd where people held hands together and danced. Perhaps, she thought, it wouldn't be so bad to let herself go just for today and have some fun. The past few days or weeks had proved to be quite tiring for her, especially having to deal with her new magic but now that she had gotten a bit used to it, some time off sounded blissful.
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With calm, graceful steps over the cobblestones, the tall artist strolled through the oddly empty streets of Crocus, cool puffs of condensation forming over her mouth with every breath, swiftly scattered under this chilly winter breeze. Alisa felt at home walking in this weather, with naught but the scarcest sunbeams overhead providing a measure of warmth, whenever it peeked out from under that insistent pale gray shroud. Rain hadn't fallen in the last couple of days, a slight reprieve from the otherwise stormy weather.

Could that be the real reason why she hadn't seen anybody celebrating the end of legal slavery?

Though clad in a pure white, winter parka, Alisa hardly feared the cold, and indeed neglected wearing anything truly warm underneath it: Baring her shoulders with a loose sweater above, and flaunting her legs with tight blue jeans below. The headband did its charm however, highlighting her more youthful features for a different look.

Only she had nobody around to see it, merely her own contemplation keeping her company... Inevitably, the wayward wanderer's thoughts drifted to that beauty with sharp eyes of lilac and shimmering hair of gold, as they so often did. For all her reserve, Xandra had revealed enough about herself for Alisa to admire her purity, while the sculptress did the same at every turn. They bared their heart to and accepted each another without question, until that implausible trust they seldom showed everyone else drew them closer and closer together.

"Whatever might she be up to...?", mused the sculptress, barely paying attention to the initially deserted street growing more and more populated by the second. Might this be the party she wondered about...? Between her sobriety and her dislike of crowds, Alisa navigated through the least crowded patches of dance floor, holding on to those soothing thoughts of Xandra.

Indeed their last encounter had been hardly glamorous... But for Alisa, only wondering how painful it might have been to the ravishing lightning mage truly weighed heavily on her heart, and she found herself with one hand on her chest, hoping the girl had made it alright through that, and the ensuing war just as well. How long had it been since she last heard her voice, held her hand, felt her lips.

Far too long...

Alisa curled her lower lip, the latter of those three bringing a visible, flush redness to her cheeks... Perhaps it made her look like a smitten maiden, and yet, nothing compared to her reaction when the inexplicable happened. Amidst swimming through the dancing crowd uneasily, Alisa turned her head, and her heart skipped a beat. There she was. Out of nowhere, that familiar figure of the beauty she'd been thinking about came into view:

"Ara... Xandra~...?", she gasped, then greeted, eyes wide with bewilderment... Mustering the bulk of her cool for that beaming smile at the girl she'd just been thinking about; trying her damnedest not to make her preceding thoughts too obvious.

 For the girl to show up right in front of her just as her mind drifted her way... About as a ironic a twist of fate as the sculptress could conjure them, from within the deepest reaches of her innermost thoughts.

"You're a sight for sore eyes~", she'd add, smoothly, as the pushy revelers quickly brought the two closer together even without any particular effort on either's part. She'd like to sit with Xandra alone, catch up to her... But here, in the middle of the dancing crowd, they had nowhere to escape but each other's warmth. that shimmering violet of her eyes drew her closer until she'd gently reached for the girl's hand, all while catching up to her, "How have you been...?"


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#3Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

More often than not, she thought of fate as nothing more than a spirited coincidence. The thought of it was enough to allow her to concoct fantasies and scenarios in her head that would possibly never come true but regardless, that itself brought a soothing reign over her uneasy heart. The blonde could very well tell why citizens who lived amidst this often catastrophic era enjoyed and dwelled upon the concept of fate. Her belief in it had never been strong, she was always just someone who went with the flow of things. Never did she think that everything happens for a reason but perhaps that very idea might reside in her head now.

As she swayed with the crowd with a small smile on her lips, her ears picked up a calming voice that would have otherwise drowned within the hymns of the music which blasted across the street. Had it been any other sound, it would go surely go unnoticed but the familiarity of the voice caused her head to turn sideways, causing her to wonder if fatigue was yet again playing a trick on her with hallucinations that heightened her hopes only to crush them down to the ground. Lilac eyes that wandered through the crowd aimlessly finally landed upon a picturesque figure that moved towards her. The small smile faded as her expression relaxed upon the sight of the artist's beauty that looked as youthful as ever.

Perhaps it was about time she started believing in fate. The possibility of them meeting within this mass crowd was little to none but here they were. "Alisa." Before she realized, the name rolled off her lips. As the crystal mage moved closer, the blonde too moved away from the people who, unbothered by her presence, went back to swaying to the beat of the music. Her long slender fingers moved forward, coming into contact with the hand she didn't know she yearned for. It felt like it had been so long since she last held the raven-haired beauty's hand. It was rather amusing that both women were caught in the middle of a scenery they quite dislike; a crowd but she was merely filled with joy.

"I've..I've been great, yeah." Lilac eyes stared into the familiar rubies as her hand gently tightened around Alisa's, "What about you?" The past had indeed left a sense of guilt swimming within her towards the crystal mage but surprisingly, the knight wasn't keen on running away from it. When the memories of their previous encounter entered her mind, she could feel a heavy tug on her heart that she wished to get rid of but not by running away, but by confronting it. Sweaty bodies dowsed in alcohol surrounded the two as the blonde looked around before slipping her fingers through Alisa's and entwining their hands together, "Let's go somewhere....a little less crowded."

Perhaps she simply wanted some time alone with the crystal mage but regardless of the reason, she swayed through the crowd, gently guiding the artist towards the exit and hoping to escape into the nearby street which was probably empty. There were so many things that they had to catch up on and yet she knew that the two would settle into a comfortable silence soon enough because they never needed words to express themselves, simply being with one another was enough. The blonde found herself getting used to these feelings, embracing them and even enjoying them but what she still didn't completely know was what those feelings meant. She simply knew that to her, Alisa was far more valuable than any gem in the world.
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Indeed, the whimsical force known as fate laid far beyond the understanding of mortals, and though she believed in it, Alisa also believed a strong mortal had the power to change their fate. And at other times, try to pursue it. This would be one of the latter times, had Alisa for a moment imagined she might find Xandra at this party.

At that moment when their eyes met, Alisa hardly cared for any party. From that point onward, only the two of them mattered in this world... Once their hands touched, only the two of them existed. Cool at first, that touch filled her body and soul with soothing, reassuring warmth. Missing the blonde's presence, Alisa surrendered to this tingling feeling immediately, and the accusing redness lingered on her cheeks for a good while longer:

"Good as well... This battle though; it proved quite the endeavor...", she confessed, unconcerned with hiding her earnest feelings as her idle hand scratched behind her head, and then adjusted the loosened headband. Regardless, she her eyes soon scanned down Xandra's form, spotting no visibly sign of pain or injury, which only widened her smile with a hint of relief, "You seem to have made it through alright though... I'm glad."

Throughout her life, this moody beauty claimed her fair share of lovers... And though arguably experienced, she too had yet to understand what these feelings meant. Why did her heart race every time she held her hand such...?

Attraction, certainly... But feeling attracted to such beauty, to such purity...

That was only natural of course? She'd find it strange not to feel attracted. Yet despite knowing this, the depth of these mysterious magnetism far exceeded that of simple attraction. Merely being with her, standing close to Xandra like this calmed the restlessness inside her. Replacing it a desire to know and understand all that made her who she was... For Alisa too to bare everything before her.

Of course, every time someone pushed against her back Alisa remembered where they were. Every now and then her brow twitched in annoyance, while the tightness of her hand around Xandra's betrayed a hint of anxiety amidst the affection. Devoid of a single word, she conveyed her feelings to the blonde as easily as breathing; and immediately, the mesmerizing lighting mage did what she did best.

Soothe her.

Once she felt Xandra intertwine her fingers with her own, a soft relieved gasp escaped Alisa's plush lips, shoving aside all thoughts of crowds and paranoia, "Let's... Somewhere we can hear ourselves think.", she added, a cool, delighted smile on her lips as the girl lead her away from the crowd, navigating through the mass of dancing, sweaty bodies, towards a mostly empty street.

A space belong to the two of them and nobody else... Perhaps later they could have a couple drinks and actually enjoy a little dance, yet for now they just wanted to be elsewhere. As the crowd grew distant behind them, so did their ruckus fade into background noise... Until they had enough space to walk side by side, and their very steps grew audible enough to her:

"Ahhh...", she inhaled deeply, now well and truly relieved, expressing that delight with a soft gliding of her thumb over Xandra's rougher skin, stroking it, seeking her gaze as they settled into a slower pace, "This feels... Better... Does it not?"

As if the slower they moved, the less time might pass between each and every moment, leaving more to simply sit and cherish the other's presence, without the emptiness from the other's absence. Alisa wouldn't think about that now though. A lot must have happened since they last saw each other, and yet, Alisa knew not all were good things... Things she'd want Xandra thinking back on. Idly, she found herself admiring the outlines of her face, that stern depth to her eyes.

As mysterious as her feelings might prove, she fully understood how simply being with her made her happy... And she'd do anything to shield her from harm.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#5Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

The surreal yet delighted feelings that dwelled within her heart began to make way, engraving themselves into her memory as her calming persona was contradicted by her racing heartbeat. The commotion that surrounded them was fading away into a distance as her ears boomed with only the sound of her own hammering heart. "At least the battle is over. It doesn't seem like there were many casualties either." Lilac eyes glanced sideways, running over the artist's body only to notice no visible injuries either. "You're not hurt , right?"

As the topic of the battle rose us, Xandra felt an unsettling unease crawl up her body as the only thing she could think of was the safety of Alisa. Whenever the blonde was accompanied by the raven-haired beauty, she felt herself falling deeper and deeper into an unfamiliar sea of emotions. Be it joy or panic, she had was experiencing it slowly, but surely. The Knight had in fact, momentarily forgotten about the chaos that embedded itself into the history of Fiore simply because her mind was filled with thoughts of Alisa, the thoughts of having a conversation with her, the thoughts of their past and even a future. Immediately, a pink blush tinted her cheeks that she desperately hoped would go unnoticed by her partner.

They walked underneath the sky which was like a canvas blended with hues of orange, yellow and red, appearing to be rather majestic and golden. As they stepped away from the crowd, her steps slowed down and she moved like she had all the time in the world. Her hold on Alisa's hand didn't loosen, rather, it became more firm. She felt that she would regret letting go so she simply didn't. Turning away, the blonde guided her partner into a more empty street which seemed to have been abandoned by the people who scurried away to celebrate.

They were all alone now. However, silence wasn't their companion as the music could still be heard but not enough to bother the blonde. Through the empty street, she didn't want to simply stop so she continued at a leisurely pace, hoping that Alisa would continue to walk beside her. "Yea, it does feel better." She knew that they didn't need words to get to know each other better. More often than not, they just needed to be together but somehow, she felt to urge to not only hear the artist's voice but also her thoughts through her own words. She found herself wanting to get to know her better than she possibly did.

"You know, I realized that I still don't know a lot of things about you." Her lilac eyes glanced at the sky. Noticing the ruby gaze upon her face, they turned to face the crystal mage. Perhaps she realized that she hadn't been trying hard enough. Perhaps it was time for her to make the first move, "I want to get to know you better."
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The war had been a worrying effort for just about anyone, and for those whose bonds included strong, capable fighters even more so. People like herself and Xandra, who would fight on the front lines. One could call them heroes or whatever, but in the end they were simply warriors... And the job description included risking their lives every so often:

"Indeed... That's the one thing we can feel thankful for.", she'd nod, looking up into the dark, gloomy sky just as it began to give way into the captivating hues of a proper sunset. She turned back down to face the golden blonde beauty, all but chuckling innocently when she found the girl looking over her body for injuries, "No, I got away unscathed, despite facing an enemy that strong. Lucky, I guess~"

Yes, she knew Xandra cared about her... Yet seeing this kind of proof warmed her heart, lulling her into a reassuring sense of comfort. Instinctively, she'd move a bit closer to her, close enough for their shoulders to brush slightly with every step they took.

She could ask her about her opponents in the war... But now that they'd left the party and its people behind them, Alisa's thoughts revolved around her and nobody else. She gripped Xandra's hand, relieved, the mere thought of her being wounded - or worse - proved too much to bear. Relieved to find her here with her, unharmed, and overjoyed at feeling the girl gripping back.

After all this time communicating silently, she understood what the tighter grip meant as the blonde certainly would too. They found it much easier to reach out and feel the other's heart in a place like this, without anybody else to get in the way. Enraptured by those lilac jewels whenever she caught sight of them, Alisa found herself looking a the blond far more so than the cobblestone streets ahead of her; relying on instinct to guide her step and prevent an embarassing tumble forward.

The thought of which hardly bothered her though, judging by that comfortable, relaxed smile on her lips...

They didn't know much about each other, but the artist found every minute spent together a treasure trove of that precious awareness, and never thought too much to force it, certain she could easily push the blonde away. But now here she stood, expressing the exact same desire.

She hung on the girl's every word, Alisa found moments like these validated her feelings for Xandra... And more importantly, her belief that those feelings may indeed be mutual, far more so than she could ever imagine:

"And I you~...", she'd acknowledge as she rubbed behind her neck, cheeks reddening, visibly humbled by those words of genuine interest. Though she turned away, she'd find her gaze drifting right back to Xandra's as she confessed what the blonde probably already knew, "Everything about you... Everything you'd share with me, I'd cherish."

But the blonde had taken the leap first, and the sculptress couldn't help feel touched by her initiative. Thus, she simply found herself looking back into those radiant, hopeful pools of lilac. What would want to know first? Did a single question strike her as especially important, or would she struggle pick one among many? Whichever the case, her question would definitely unveil as much about Xandra as Alisa's answer could do about herself:

"So... Ask me anything~?", prompted the tall woman, a raised eyebrow betraying an expectant hint of curiosity, tenderly stroking the back of her hand. Eventually, she'd guide Xandra towards a nearby bench where they could sit together, if only for a few moments.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#7Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

As their shoulders brushed past each other gently and tenderly, she could hear the sound of her heartbeat quicken but at the same time, felt the gush of surreal calm and peace flow through her body. Any signs of anxiety that ever dwelled within her heart were fading into a sea of silence smiles and joy. Her pin plump lips settled into a small smile, barely visible, but existent nonetheless.

Lilac eyes wandered around and about as the touch of her hand and the gentle caress over it was more than enough to remind her of the overwhelming presence that the crystal mage possessed, yet it was a presence that the blonde thoroughly enjoyed. However, as time passed, she grew to realize that it was simply not enough. Simply knowing the fact that Alisa was beside her didn't satisfy her so her eyes subconsciously drifted over to the rubies, staring into them when they faced one another and while the artist admired the art of the skies, those lilac eyes admired the structured living art that strolled beside her, noticing the features of her face as if it were the first time.

As her gaze landed upon the woman's lips, a tint of red flushed her cheeks, causing her to instantly look away upon the reminder of their past incidents. Attempting to control the raging movement of her heart, she heard the voice of the crystal mage which expressed the same feelings of curiosity that she possessed. Turning her gaze yet again to meet the rubies, she noticed the hue of pink that adorned Alisa's cheek amidst the chill air, only to flush into a deeper shade of red herself. She truly proved to be quite hopeless sometimes, especially when it was with the crystal mage as she unknowingly always submitted to these feelings that made her feel in a way she never had before. It felt as if with each passing moment that she spends with the artist, Alisa's value in her eyes rises higher and higher.

"Anything?" It was true that there were many things that she wished to know about the crystal mage, some regarding her past and some regarding not her, but their present. She wanted to know what they actually meant to each other. Till now, she thought of Alisa as a friend but was she truly just a friend? The blonde wished to know so many things but perhaps it was better to take things slow. Perhaps it was better for her to learn more about Alisa and possibly come to cherish her more than she already does. As she was guided towards the wooden bench, she sat down next to her companion. "There wasn't really anything specific that I wanted to ask." A small pause made way, "I just want to know everything." Upon the realization of what she had just said, her pale cheeks once again flushed, "Hmm, what do you enjoy doing? When you're not working of course." The Knight was willing to take things once step at a time. It was perhaps for the best that they take things slow but even without doing so, the blonde felt her own feelings deepen to the point where she simply couldn't ignore them.
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Unlike the blonde, Alisa couldn't even begin to describe their relationship. Though they were obviously friends, mere friendship hardly felt adequate... She likely had a crush on her, but it felt much stronger than that... However, they weren't lovers either, they hadn't spent nearly that much time together, had they? But as an sage of old once said, 'Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position... But certainty is an absurd one.'

In the end, she resigned herself to that uncertainty until the moment came when the truth revealed itself.

Thus, she pushed aside that concern soon enough and instead focused on her heart, and the tones it played as the beauty with lilac eyes unwittingly tugged at its strings. Every time she turned to the girl and found her gazing back, Alisa noticed a palpable thumping in her chest, while the color in her cheeks struggled to fade away. One look into those shimmering eyes, those glistening lips, and Alisa's worries all but faded into a sea of nothingness... In the face of her beauty, the artist could only admire it; mesmerized by even motions so simple as sitting down a bench, or moving her lips to form those charming, earnest words:
"Everything hmmm~?", chuckling, her smile turned into a soft, playful smirk for the briefest of moments, especially as the blonde too blushed at her own words. Alisa didn't mind it though, quite the opposite; there simple thought of standing on the recieving end of her interest quickened her heartbeat. Alisa cared little for hiding it though, and Xandra could see it with a simple look at her.

To an onlooker, the two of them may already look like a couple. But as the two women danced around their feelings for each other, nurturing them, they opened the doors to their hearts in a way they seldom could with anybody else... And only found them deepening.

 A loner at heart, she formed few bonds, with few truly strong ones among those. And among those latter few stood Xandra, towards whom she stood inexplicably, powerfully drawn to. The longer they spent together, the more her face lingered on Alisa's mind after the inevitable parting, and the more she wished to see her again. She already felt closer to her than most people, but that wasn't enough.

"Sculpting, training... Even just walking like this can be delightful.", answered the sculptress, indulging Xandra's curiosity as much as she could, telling her not one but most of her favorite activities. As she spoke, she'd casually cross her elegant legs, "With the right weather, I love lazing around the beach as well~"

She enjoyed the sunny weather despite needing all that sunscreen to avoid a sunburn, with the added boon of flaunting that statuesque figure she spent so much time honing and toning. Perfect for a proud, vain woman like herself.

Indeed it wasn't nearly enough. She too wished to know everything about Xandra, to feel even closer to her.

As time went on, she find herself physically closer too, so much they'd all but lean into each other, supporting each other's weight as much as Xandra's mere proximinity lessened the very burden of Alisa's quest. Should she find Xandra welcoming this closeness, she'd run her idle hand down the girl's lustrous blonde hair, shimmering radiantly under the shades of the setting sun:

"How about you...?", she asked back with an admiring, curious gaze, basking in the rapturous warmth radiating from their joined hands. With her question, she hoped to find more common interests, more excuses to spend time with her... And she openly expressed this desire, casually grazing the blonde's cheek, "We'd have a lovely time doing whatever we could do together."


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#9Xandra Queen 

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Xandra Queen
So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in

Her hand found solace in one place only; within the warm grasp of Alisa's smooth and soft palm. It felt as if the warmth spread throughout her body and her heart felt so much at peace regardless of it's enthusiastic rhythm. Her mind that was filled with unnerving thoughts about their current relationship, about their past and about their future slowly let those thoughts slip away into a mere sea of joy and happiness which was derived from her present. Being with the crystal artist was more than enough. Perhaps, she found herself wondering, she simply had to learn to love and appreciate the present rather than overthinking about what had passed or what was to come. It would be better for her to simply leave fate to do it's job in peace, guiding them to the destination that they would reach together at the end of this journey that they had embarked upon when they spoke their first words to one another.

She felt herself cave into happiness, relaxing at the artist's touch as she simply wished for time to stop. Whenever the blonde spent time with Alisa, it felt like time always zoomed past them, leaving them to part with each other sooner than later but regardless of how much she disliked it, she also knew that these quick fleeting moments were what made her want to get to know the crystal mage more and more. If they part today, she wouldn't know when they would get to meet again. Hence, she wished to cherish these moments. She wished to stop time, even if she had to do it herself. During moments of their silence, she could hear the music blasting at the back just as she could feel the smile spread over her lips.

Her hold on Alisa's hand tightened as she hauled herself up, gently tugging Alisa to the middle of the empty abandoned street before hesitantly placing her hand on her waist. It was possible that they wouldn't get a chance like this again and the Knight found herself really wanting to have another dance with her partner. She gently began to sway as a slight tint of pink engulfed her cheeks. Although the rapid beating of her heart became all she could hear, reigning over the sound of the music which was now unheard by the female, she could clearly grasp Alisa's words. Upon hearing them, the gentle smile that played on her lips widened subconsciously. She was very happy, not just to be with the crystal mage but also to get to know more about her.

A sense of accomplishment coursed through her as she had roughly figured her answer. Somehow, it made her feel as if she knew more about the beauty than she had expected but timid greed made way simply wanting to know more. "Me? I enjoy lazing around at the beach too, mainly during winters." As weird as it was, the blonde more or less enjoyed cloudy and considerably gloomy days more than she did sunny. The chill of the atmosphere, the silence, the threatening calm before the storm; all these in a way, described herself. That was possibly why she felt so drawn to such scenarios by mother nature. "Besides that....travelling." The blonde always found it hard to open up to others, especially regarding her own interests but this time was different, she wanted to put in some effort. She wanted to make a change within herself and she found herself getting there. The more time she spent with Alisa, the more she found herself opening up. Indeed, the mere presence of the artist's existence had proved to crumble down the walls she had unintentionally built but the Knight didn't hate that at all. In fact, it strengthened the feelings Xandra possessed towards Alisa.

As they gently swayed to the rhythm of the music, the blonde found herself falling into a tranquil state. After all, between these two women, words were never needed, just silence laying underneath the beating of their hearts was enough but alas, the time to part was close. Regardless of how much longer she wished to stay, fate seemed to want to separate them at that moment. Maybe there was something else planned for them. The sound of footsteps closing in on them diverted her attention away from these brisk thoughts. She turned her head, taking those lilac eyes that had been lost, staring into the sea of rubies and glancing to her left where she spotted a young man, dressed neatly in the uniform of the local Knights. His face in frantic panic as he panted, "Miss.Queen, we need you at the headquarters right now. It's urgent." Of all the times work had to call, it simply had to be now.

She stared back at Alisa with a bit of guilt in her eyes. They didn't even get to spend much time together, creating new and memorable moments. As her hand slowly slipped away from Alisa's, her smile fell, "I'm sorry but I have to go." Upon hearing the woman's answer, the blonde would turn to face the Knight, where her expression would morph into the monotonous yet professional look that she always kept while working and she would walk away, just turning back once to look at Alisa with a small smile on her face before facing forward and hurrying out of the vicinity.
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Whatever the past may have brought, Alisa saw only an ever growing closeness between the two of them. Every moment worth experiencing, and memory worth remembering. However amusing or boring their surroundings may prove, the sculptress cared little for it, not when the lovely lightning user seized the whole of her attention with her mere presence, and held it with a soft and tender, slightly rough grip. Absent a clear view of the sun to measure the passage of time, they'd spend hours like this without either wondering how long had it been since they grasped each other's hand.

Not enough... Not nearly enough...

And Xandra clearly realized this better than Alisa, or at least, realized it first. Unlike the sculptress who might simply sit back and enjoy this peaceful moment together - simply looking at her, feeling her soothing warmth spreading across her skin with a pleasant tingle - the Knight knew their parting would come eventually, likely sooner than either expected:

"Hmmm...?", with her eyes on Xandra, Alisa tilted her head slightly, a curious look on her face as she pondered on her intentions. As she stood up and tugged the taller woman to her feet, Alisa uncrossed her legs with a single, graceful motion, and followed after.

Once she turned and flashed that cheerful, almost excited smile, Alisa returned it, now fully understanding of her intentions even before. She wanted a new memory to cherish, to take with her wherever she went. And with this dance, in this oddly chosen place, away from all other revelers, they'd make it, just the two of them.

And nobody else...

Remembering the blonde beauty's insecurity towards her dancing skills, Alisa simply smiled, cool but warmly; a caring, smitten hint of affection her face as she drew closer and slid her idle hand to her back. Pulling the girl closer made her heart skip a beat, racing faster than before as she though back to that magical first night together. Letting the faraway rhythm lull and move them at its tune, Alisa's body loosened and relaxed, keeping just enough firmness to lead her partner... Regardless, their words flew as freely as their bodies; in the end some things couldn't be properly conveyed absent words:

"In the winter hmmm...?", Alisa mused aloud, repeating that answer which by all accounts she'd have never though about herself. Though rather favorable to chilly weather, up until now she'd always sought the sandy comfort of sunny shores at times where she might fall under a heat induced languor for the better part of a day, "Quite the interesting answer~"

They had a whole dancefloor to themselves after all, and Alisa made the full of it, helping the ravishing blonde, gliding slow and gracefully across the empty street. With every turn, long tresses of black and golden accompanied the movement in opposite directions, putting on a show simply by being themselves. Alisa never felt the need to put on a mask in front of Xandra, to show her anything but the woman she was. She didn't know how the blonde acted towards everyone else, but the longer they talked, the more she felt her trying to do the exact same thing.

Out here though, none but the two of them could truly appreciate their innermost beauty, or how stunning they looked together... Alisa for one knew that well enough.

"When did you come to like that...? You feel at home under weather most people deem harsh.", noted the sculptress, as her thoughts drifted to that stormy night together. More than just knowing what she enjoyed, truly understanding Xandra meant learning more about what drove her towards her delights, and away from her annoyances, "Oh? We should travel together one of these days~"

And perhaps through that shared like, they might conquer the greatest enemy to their relationship: Their very own wandering natures, ever driving them in opposite directions.

The reassuring warmth from her hand, the trusting lightness of her body, the admiring shimmer in her eyes... An absolute image of beauty defining not only Xandra, but their yet nameless relationship. As she gazed into the girl's eyes, Alisa seared this image into her memory, the most stunning sight Xandra had ever graced her with. Should an unexpected force push them apart, she'd carry this image close to her heart until the time came to make a new one.

With her body moving on instinct, her mind and soul immersed themselves in the blonde, and as time passed she'd find herself hanging closer, until her face stood a mere couple of inches from the knights. Absent conscious objection from either of them, that third kiss might have happened today, with consequences neither could foresee... Alas, fate reared its ugly head once more, far sooner than either of them expected...

When another person showed up - a rather official summon with Xandra's name on it - Alisa knew what happened. She felt a tinge of annoyance mixed with sadness, but neither directed at the girl whose hand she seized a bit more firmly. The knight's sense of duty was one of her most admirable traits and the artist merely smiled and shook her head. She needn't feel sorry:

"Give them hell~ I know we'll meet again soon.", Alisa winked and took in the blonde's features one last time, not really sure when she'd see her again, but confident she wouldn't need to wait long.

Her eyes nonetheless lingered on the girl's pink, plush lips, wondering why kissing them felt like the only real way to say goodbye. She did want to kiss them, and the mere though gave her a pleasant, but almost anxious tingle deep within.

She couldn't though, not today...

The next time their lips met, Alisa wanted to spend yet long with her, to see the result for herself; to look into those shimmering amethysts just how much such a seemigly simple act could transform this indescribable bond. Instead, she reached over and planted a long, affectionate peck on Xandra's cheek. Appreciating the flush warmth on her cheek reddened her own, but she flashed her best smile anyways, letting the blonde carry her best image with her wherever she went to:

"See you around~"



Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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