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Answers from the Holy [Training | Kon]

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Alice’s new response to his larger summon was a bit off as the spells she had cast seemed ill used for going up against something that was flying but it was her choice to do whatever she wanted and as long as it worked there was no need to address it. But the thing was that, it wasn’t working and only appeared to be tiring the weakened knight. Wanting to remind her of her capabilities and limits, he rose up a hand to stop her from continuing. “Alice, that’s enough, I think it’s time we doing something else you’re just going to tire yourself out further and not accomplish much out of it.” What he had in mind was rather unorthodox, wanting her to come forward almost within touching distance he waved his still raised hand towards himself. “We’re going to mix things up a bit, just trust me on this, sit there, cross your legs.”

She would likely do so has he had no ill intentions towards her, he did the same facing her as he did so. Now on the grass with smoke still emitting from around them he began to speak once more. “Take a deep breathe close your eyes we’re going on an adventure, where it will be it is up to you, if things get to hairy we can always go somewhere else.”

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She knew it was not working the way she had wanted it. But it was also getting rid of the huge magic potential that she felt at that moment. Crazy energy that she did not understand. She would blame the little peach because all of this started during the third semester of her pregnancy and it was top much coincidence of you looked at the timing. But she wouldn't say anything, she would see jow the last four months would go and if anything would change. It was just very important to get everything under control. Apart from that distraction she was tired, with a bad night of sleep, the nightmare and realization of her possible possessed father and wound she got in that dream. It made her bery tired and fussy in a way that she knew had to thought about a plan. She heard Konstantin his voice and stopped thinking about so much at once and nodded. "Yes sorry. Not really thinking straight."

She walked towards him, no longer looking at the angel and she let Hecate and Jupiter again behind. While she knew that the two of them followed her even for the small distance. She softly set herself at the ground, thank god she was still able to. She wondered shortly if she would be. Able to get up as she tried with some difficulty to cross her legs. She took a deep breath as instructed and closed her eyes, she was too fixed on the nightmare to focus on something else but she heard Kon and tried to forget about that nightmare. A possitive world for her baby girl. So sudden she sat in front of the ocean that looked rather pink and she didnt understood how that worked. Or this in general.

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Alice having taken her position promptly closing her eyes, he moved closer before touching her right temple reconsidering the discomfort she was having. Briefly he was plunged into her nightmares alongside Alice though he was able to pull them both into a more peaceful place, The Candy Beach. It was a dream realm that he had started to create within his mind having started to look into them. Standing on the sands of the beach he stood behind Alice both looking ahead into the ocean. The sands were made of a more crystalline substance almost glass in texture and in a variety of colours, yellow, blue, red, green. The waters were an obvious difference to the real world being pink rather than the dark blue Alice was used to. Wanting to explain what was happening, he coughed once to gain her attention. “Welcome to one of my dream realms, I like to call this just simply “The Candy Beach.”, A fitting name don’t you think?” Scratching the side of his chin he continued. “I’ve been making these realms for some time now as to why, it’s been largely how of being unable to sleep, I’d retreat to my mind and build a world instead of sleeping only get fall into my nightmares…”

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She wasn't sure what got them out because well the idea of her father being near and the like made her scared but suddenly there was the sea and it looked all much more peacful and funny as well. It was so colourful that she couldn't help but smile and look at the pink ocean, the red, blue, green and yellow of this strange beach substance that obviously wasn't sand but more like glass and she looked at it more. Hecate and Jupiter clearly weren't here and she hoped that they weren't freaking out yet. While she was looking at everything and distracted because of that she would only regain her composure when she heard a cough and turned around, an amuzing smile on her face, yet also a frown because she had no idea what this all meant. They had closed her eyes, she had felt the touch on her temple, spotted the nightmares and now she was here.

She eyed Kon shortly and listened while he explained that he simply called this the Candy Beach and asking for confirmation that it made sense. "I know you were having nightmares but not that it was so bad. So you build these?" how strange that she was able to enter, she looked around some more, "It surely gives off a peaceful feeling." Perhaps this was definitely what she needed right now, she perhaps needed to calm down. "Everything starts to feel a bit tough, with the pregnancy and all." she muttered and looked at the baby bump, "But I appreciate this," If she would be able to have the power to stand up, tip toe and give him a kiss on the cheek or so, she would but she had no strength and was too tired to trie, besides; baby bump.

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His own inability to sleep had not been lost on Alice either with though she had not nor could not know the extent of his nightmares like he could her own. There was something holding him back from allowing pretty much anyone in too close, only through force had one person, Midas been able to. She went on to question him to which he replied. “I built this entire beach you see in front of you, there are many more realms I have and will be making for the foreseeable, my hopes is that one day you and our child will be able to explore them together as a family.” While the tone of the beach was peaceful as Alice had remarked, there were many other realms that he decided not to show her just yet with many full of self-created demons that he wished to fight before facing them in the real world.

The idea and fact that Alice was pregnant was clearly weighing her down both emotionally and physically which was compounded by her other issues, sensing an inner turmoil within her he crouched down to her level and placed his hand onto her shoulder. “I’m here, I’ll protect you, for now just relax and enjoy yourself.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
She had known indeed about the nightmares, she had them less often she thought than Kon did. Sometimes she would wake up at night and notice he wouldn't be there and she didn't mean to pry. Again she wondered for a second if that was normal to do? She felt a bit left out in these situations, but she didn't mean to pry, he owuld tell her when he wanted to, right? She turned to look around again some more because of the way he told her that he build it. She wanted only to see more, it was very pretty here. It was something different that soothed her feelings at the moment. Her golden eyes turned back to meet Kon's. She was a bit surprised that he mentioned the family they would be in the near future. She wasn't sure why, perhaps because they yet barely spoke about it. She smiled, "Sounds like a lovely plan." Which made her place her hand on the baby bump, "I don't look forward to the last months." It was just what people said and she couldn't help but worry, the check ups brought her close to old women who liked to share their experience and the twenty-one year old wasn't always happy about that.

She tried not to bring down the mood of the situation and quickly looked up again and smiled quickly as well, "Yeah I know and I'm really glad about that. And it is a very good idea to relax indeed." She would take a moment to take a deep breath and indeed calm down.

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It appeared that his decision to move away from the real world into this one had be to the benefit of Alice, which allowed her to open up even more so. The pregnancy was weighing her down a lot, understandable really, despite the obvious change in her appearance they hadn’t really spoken much about the child they were about to have together only commenting on their future living arrangements. Hopefully the Holy Knights would be more accomodating for Alice’s health during and after the pregnancy as well as their status as a family.

For now however he return the conversation back onto their baby in particular the name of it. “Not to worry, Alice, I’ll be here by your side, odd question for me to be asking considering it’s so far away but have you thought of any names that you’d like to give our child?” He wanted to know both out of interest but also to give his own insight onto the subject while also taking Alice’s mind off of other matters. As he adjusted himself to sit down a cluster of sand began to form behind his back providing him support wanting to remain close to his fiance and give her anything she desired, he pulled her in close with her between his legs and his hand wrapping around her stomach barely touching the other from the enlarging belly she had been growing.

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She didn't want to sound whiny, because well it was basically her own fault and she didn't want to see it as a fault the whole time. She wasn't upset about the whole idea of the little peach anymore.  She tried to calm down again but it was probably a moment where she finally could say it. Perhaps it was just everything together. She took a deep breath again and tried to calm down some more.

She looked up at Kon when he asked if she had thought of a name, "I call her little peach right now. But just for fun." She couldn't help but giggle at the moment, "I don't really have any idea, there is no family that I want to call the baby after and apparently I'm not that original with names as well." Which was a bit of a shame, had she been putting off the idea of naming the child because she wanted to do it together? She was glad that this moment, brought them a bit together and that they could talk, peace fully, perhaps it wasn't always that bad. She wouldn't want to have nightmares all the time and finding her father was going to be an issue as wel but it would be interesting. "Is it strange to say that I missed you? Even though we've been together the whole time, it felt like we were living apart."

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“Your little peach?, why peach of all things?” The choice she had picked was awkward but after explaining the lack of family names she could use it made perfect sense. He, himself was not really that good at names either. Based on the position they were in Kon and Alice would have to spend even more time on the topic perhaps with someone or something to throw off potential names. “Unfortunately I have only a few names that I think would be suitable for our child, I’d loathe for them to the names of my family save perhaps for my mother.” He had never really spoken about his family nor would he at least not yet.

In spite of the time that they had been spending together since leaving Hargeon town, she felt that there had been a disconnect between the two of them. It was true he was having difficulty revealing his past and had likely caused a friction between them unintentionally. Kon kissing Alice’s head from behind he tried to reassure her. “No it’s understandable, I feel the same, we’ve been under a lot of pressure recently this has been one of the few times we’ve been able to just relax.”

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She couldn't help but laugh because of Kon his surprised reaction, "I believe it was someone that said it was the size of a peach and I took that moment, I think it was the woman in Nanuq. I would definitely not call my child after a peach." she said with a chuckle, "And what's the name of your mother?" She got curious about the whole idea but there would probably still not be really a idea for a name, "Perhaps we should find a list of names or something in the library, I would not be so original to simply come up with one. All the names I know are people that I know, I have to say that the name Evangeline is really beautiful." But it would be way too awkward to use that, after knowing Eva obviously. She knew very little about his family, she knew Aleksandr and she heard about his elder brother but not much. She again didn't intend to pry, as with everything between them; he would tell her eventually.

She was glad that he didn't think bad about what she said but felt it in the same way. "I like being able to relax together with you." because definitely there was this feeling of pressure. So she wanted to enjoy this moment as long as possible and that wouldn't be a problem. In the end she simply gave up about thinking about a baby girl name, after all, she had four more months to think about it. And that was enough time for now.

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Alice gave him a tale of an old woman in Baska town who had referred to their child as a peach, it was quaint that she had chosen to adopt it but he could accept it all the same. In spite of all the time that they had spent together he had told her so little, not even his mother's name, Sonja. Given that Alice had revealed so much of her own secrets this would be something he’d freely provide. “My mother’s name is Sonja and my monster of a father is Boris, both of them have passed god rest their souls.” Wanting to change the subject with it likely to turn bleak quickly, he listened onward as to Alice’s comment in recommending getting a list of names, even suggesting one herself, Evangeline, likely taken from their former comrade. He was a lot more hesitant to name their child after a passing acquaintance, perhaps with time and further interaction with her, he could decide properly on whether it was a suitable name for their child. The conversation was quickly coming to an end and with the weather turning sour in the real world they would be forced to cut short their stay in the dream world lest they get soaking wet.


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