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Polishing a rough gem [Social: Kon]

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It all began during an early afternoon near the end of Autumn. At first, it started as hushed whispers, rumors of a purple-haired maiden challenging some local thugs to a fight. Then it started to become rumors talked about in the streets, of how a purple-haired lass was seeking challenges to test her blade again, and then it had turned into a bit of a hyped event around town. Considering Baska was a merchant town that thrived on commerce the rumors quickly gained the leadership of the town's approval, to the point it had turned into a grand event of sorts.

At the Great Baska Rock a large crowd had gathered, some out of curiosity when they saw the battered and bruised victims scurry out of the arena, while at the same time challengers entered the ring. Merchants were easily hearable talking about each other, some even betting on the outcome of the 'challenge'.

"Did ya hear, that guy just now was the five hundred and seventh challenger!" A rather tall and muscular blacksmith said, while beside him a leatherworker grinned sheepishly, rubbing his chin. "Gotta admit that this type of event every now and then isn't that bad."

It was unfortunate for her, but considering the nature of Baska most of the people that entered the Great Baska Rock were farmhands or local troublemakers, far from the type of challenge the mercenaries of the Gardenias crew could give her.

"Hear ye! Hear ye!" a masculine voice announced, stirring excited whispers among the crowd. "Today is another day the 'Absolute Sword' seeks a worthy challenger! The rules are simple! No magic! Let it be the strength of man and not their magic that decides this match!"

However, a feminine voice protested loudly. "Hey! don't forget the strength of women either!" The girl's protest coaxed hearty laughter from the crowd as the purple-haired girl stood calmly in the circle of the arena, her blade sheathed on the belt that hung over her hip.

Three young men climbed onto the rock, making the announcer speak once more "AND WE GOT SOME NEW CHALLENGERS! it's our very own Huey, Dewey, and Louie brothers from Baska are challenging her!"

The crowd cheered as the three men circled around her, making the girl's lips curve into a grin as she waited for the first one to attack. The first one to attack was the tallest of the three, a frontal assault in the form of a swift rush toward her, but the moment he lunged his arm she already noticed it: his swing was incredibly slow for someone who fought battles with her life at risk before! The girl's body nimbly swooped down, avoiding the punch that went sailing over her head and with a swift sweep of her leg she knocked the man off-balance, making him tumble backward onto the ground!

The second one, the more muscular of the trio took the opportunity to try to grapple her from behind, pulling his arms around her arms and pushed her upwards while his brother rushed forwards, but he had not expected the ferocity of the girl he was trying to manhandle!

A backward headbutt followed, making the grappler reel back in pain and release his grip on her the moment the smallest of the trio lunged at her, a fist strike she easily paried with her hand, and a single punch of her other fist made him topple over.

"That must have hurt!" the announcer declared as the poor lad reeled on the ground in pain, seemingly unable to get up, but there were two more left to handle. With the muscular lad still trying to recover Lycoris took the opportunity to strike, a punch at his stomach making the man's upper-body push forwards, get a second punch was deflected by his hand, grasping a hold of it when suddenly Lycoris pulled her body sideways with a rather heavy upper-cut to his chin, forcing the man to release her as even her small body packed enough of a punch to knock the man off his feet, the drop onto the ground having made him remain unwilling to get up, clearly too groggy.

The final of the brothers lunched forwards once more, a fist hooked backward while he flung it toward her face, yet the hand of the girl easily parried the blow. However, when she tried to land a knee-strike on his chest the last brother deftly stepped backward, making the girl's lips curve into a smile. "Oh?" So this one did know a bit of martial arts! The moment her foot landed Lycoris spun her body in a roundhouse kick, her foot crashing into the man's shoulder with enough strength to make him stagger lightly, but it was not enough to finish the duel!

The man lunged forwards, his hand formed into a fist as he used the opportunity to punch her in the face, making the mercenary grin briefly as she didn't flinch at the lack of power in the motion made it do little more than sting a little when finally she had decided to end their little match.Suddenly darting toward her opponent Lycoris made an upwards strike with her leg, yet the sheer strength of her take-off made it clear she was planning something else, and after a moment it was revealed what:

Her leg flung above the man's head, an axedrop kick colliding straight against it with enough force to knock him onto the ground with a loud slam. "Guess that's as much as I could expect..."

Several men came to pick up the three brothers while the crowd cheered for her, yet Lycoris was unsatisfied, her gaze drifting around the crowd. She knew there should have been someone strong around, she was told there were several powerful individuals in this town currently, wanderers so to speak, adventurers even so then... could they resist the call for a challenge?

"Is there none among you who can satisfy my lust for a good battle? Shall the call for my blade to be drawn upon a worthy opponent be left unanswered?! I know there is someone among you! There must be a warrior like me among you all... So show yourself!"

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Sweat dripped from the forehead of the holy knight as he shaked and turned in his sleep wrestling the innermost demons that plagued both his waking and sleeping mind. There were times in which sleep was just that of stories with nothing but rainbows and fluffy sheep, he meanwhile though was suffering in agony with each moment he lingered in his nightmare. Finally though he was rustled awaken by some outside influence, looking about madly to find the cause with him not expecting to be risen by anything outside of the sound of a broken cup or plate that placed on the side table, no he had been poked and prodded by his concerned wife to be who was there with him on his right side. Wishing to relieve his fiancee of his behaviour, he swiftly swept a hand across his brow flicking away the moisture that lingered on it before talking to her about the problems he was having or more appropriately had been having since he left his family.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he looked downward at his hands, one pink, normal the other bandaged and concealed, moving his attention towards Alice, he began to speak. “My apologies if I startled you or woke you, memories from the past always seem to haunt me whether it's at my darkest or my happiest as it was just then…” Wanting to distract them both from what had just happened he spoke further. “But considering we are both now awake, I think it’s time we went and got ourselves something to eat, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all, now it’s your choice and I’ll be paying so don’t worry just think about it and we’ll get it.” Admittedly while he spoke with a heartfelt tone it was merely a facade however one he had become accustomed to even finding it a necessity to continue on with living as he knew if he allowed his demons to crawl out he would be consumed and no longer be the person he was. Clapping his hands finalising the offer, he began to rise from their bed speaking once more as he did so. “Now I’m just going to use the toilet and put on the shower.”

Leaving the bed he briskly walked over to the bathroom, rushing before Alice could leave the bed to be the first to use the toilet before starting the shower for the two of them, an interesting experience to say the least especially considering the ever growing bump that Alice was developing. Having had a thorough scrub in the shower, Kon, the Holy knight representative of the Illumin stood in front of the bathroom mirror dressed in merely an undershirt and some simple black pants, stoked his ungloved right hand against his chin, it quickly became clear that he needed to shave with flickers of hair striking the hand as it ran down his defined lines. Plugging the sink, he turned both taps on fully before adjusting them to have the pooled water be steaming hot, throwing a hand towel into the water he thorough scrubbed his face before lathering up his fur covered face in shaving foam. Laughing at himself briefly in the mirror being covered in the thick white foam before going to work at shaving off the facial hair he had grown since leaving Orchidia town. It was a slow process with him only having shaved a few times before while using speciality shavers now, however, he was using more “traditional” shaving methods having been given a shaving blade from a client. It was tricky with the blades sharpness almost cutting him up as he did an awkward part of his face, but fortunately, he managed to complete his task.

Wiping away the remaining shaving cream on his face, he inspected the various nicks and scrapes the blade did to him, dabbing them up with some paper to stop the float of the bleeding, he went about an inspected the rest of his face even going as far as to comb his hair something he would almost never do preferring to just let it go wild. donned his typical attire consisting of his black suit with matching pants, dress shoes and his ever-present gloves that he used to conceal his hands without the need for the bandages. Being almost done he waited on Alice before slinging his new weapon onto his back. “Come on Alice, let’s go.” He said casually without any really urgency at least until he spotted a note specifically written toward him sealed with a wax holy knight insignia. Breaking open the seal, he read through the papers inside, before revealing they would not be able to have breakfast together. “I won’t be able to eat with you, unfortunately, orders from higher up.”

The papers were thorough containing information about the catacombs of Baska town, but he would need to get further information on the town itself by exploring it by himself at least until Alice joined the holy knights in case the catacombs held secrets of the faction itself. Wanting to bring a bit of nostalgia to his investigation he would first go to the baska rocks, recognised as being perhaps the only source of entertainment in the area. Unsurprisingly as he moved towards the sparring area groups of people grew with them commenting on the latest fights and their favourite fighters, His own presence drew the attention of many of the citizens with his out of place clothing and his disproportional sword, ignoring the various comments both good and bad he made his way to the arena itself taking a seat on the grandstand as he watched a group of people fighting.

With the sword being completely impractical to remain on his back now sitting down he unslung it from his back before sliding it to the right of him resting it on the chair next to him. Eventually, one of the fights ended with the girl rather cockily giving an open invitation to all to fight her seemingly believing she was invincible because she had fought off a few farmhands. Sighing to himself as the rest of the crowd was merely just getting rowdy and no other opponent standing up, he rose from his chair and began to remove his cloak, jacket and tie. Creating a pile of clothing he placed them casually onto his chair, before removing a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from the jacket, lighting up a cigarette and stuck it into his lips taking a small buff.

Throwing down the pack and lighter onto his pile of clothing he took up his Samehada with both hands drawing it up onto his right shoulder and approaching her ready to cast a blow with a casual swing from left to right. For now however still at a shouting distance separating the two of them, he finally spoke taking his cigarette out as he did so before spitting casually onto the ground to the left of him. “Farmhands and blacksmiths hardly the hardest of opponents.” Spitting in such a fashion wasn’t something he typically did, however, a show of bravado always gained the attention of a crowd.


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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

The man before her seemed at the very least a couple of years older than her, not a surprise considering that for a mercenary she looked quite young, but there was something about him that made her feel he was somewhat different from the other people she had fought so far. But what could it possibly be?

The announcer seemed more than eager with the man's arrival and soon spoke with a hint of clear excitement in his tone. "And it seems we have yet another challenger! And look what a huge blade this one has!"

Lycoris could hear the crowd's excited muttering, some even cheering as the man remarked about how her previous opponents had not been much of a challenge. She couldn't disagree with him on that matter, the people she had fought till now were rather inexperienced and soft, the type of people who flinched if they got in danger, and there was simply a lack of excitement when all your opponents were just hoodlums, farmhands, and blacksmiths...

"You're entirely correct, and that is why I genuinely look forward to seeing if you're different from them."

Watching the man slowly unsheath the giant bandaged-coiled weapon on his back she felt her skin shiver, excitement coursing through her entire being as she wondered what type of secrets were hidden beneath its cover. It clearly didn't seem to be an ordinary weapon, in the end, unlike her own sword it seemed something much more precious than the blade you might find with a blacksmith.

However, watching him swing the blade, the clean and steady sweep from side to side made Lycoris aware of two things: that man had a much greater physical strength than all the men she had fought till now and... that grip and confidence reminded her of someone... yes, there was no doubt this man likely knew his way around with a sword.

"My name is Lycoris, a wandering mercenary belonging to the Gardenias crew."

A calm smile lingered upon her lips as she introduced herself, seemingly not at all bothered by the words and gesture of the man but mere moments ago, and the polite playfulness in her tone might have been entirely different from the cocky demeanor one might have expected to see from her. Slowly her hand reached for the hilt of her sheathed sword, the gesture drawing the attention of the crowd.

"She's going to finally use it? I have been looking forward to seeing her use her blade!" One of the merchants exclaimed in excitement, while at the same time another older man shook his head lightly. "No, the victory is likely already decided the moment that man stepped into the ring."

The merchants looked at the man that spoke, seemingly bewildered at his statement but Lycoris paid them no head, instead, she slowly drawn out her sword with an upwards sweep before finishing her flourish into a combative stance, sword held vertically and her body adopting a neutral stance that favored neither offense or defense

It was clear from a cursory glance that while she was not a master, she had some form of training because that stance of her was clearly a stance used by swordsmen who had seen their share of battles.

Slowly she approached, eying the man as her expression seemed to harden into a look of focus and determination, the sharpness of her gaze reminding one of a hawk who might possibly strike the moment she saw an opportunity.

The crowd gulped lightly, tension lingered in the air as both sides eagerly waited to see who would move first. Would it be Lycoris, or would it be her opponent? Once she was roughly five meters away from her opponent Lycoris's grip on the hilt of her blade intensified, a sudden swift dash forwards making her enclose the distance between herself and the man, arm raised upwards as she tried to bring her sword down onto him!

It was a swift and agile swing, one that came from the left side upwards and swung diagonally toward his chest! She knew all too well that a large blade like the one the man wielded had a much superior reach than her own, what meant she had to take advantage of her smaller frame and her own natural speed in order to outmaneuver him.

However, for the time being, this attack had more than just an attempt to hit him. It was a means for her to gauge his reflexes, to see how fast he moved, how strong his swing was, the mannerisms and signals his body might give when he attacked or defended...

Still, despite the confidence behind her attack and the determination visible in her expression Lycoris was wary about the bandages covering that giant weapon. Her brother often told her that sometimes an enemy isn't always what they seem to be, and it was most likely that the bandages weren't just for show. No, the way they were wrapped around the blade might had initially made one think that it was to lessen the impact of a blow, suggesting it might had been a bludgeoning weapon, but she was doubtful if that was its true nature.

A weapon covered in bandages... what type of secrets was that might hiding in his hands? She could barely contain her excitement in finding out! Who was this man, and what in the world was the weapon he was wielding? She wanted to find out, and would discover it in this duel!

Mana: 200/200
Items Equipped: Warrior's sword & Warrior Shoulder Plates

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Taking one long breath of the cigarette, he listened as the purple haired lass who would be his opponent agreed with his sentiment even following up by questioning his own character. Ignoring the last portion of her remark, he continued to move further towards her bring up his blade in front of him with his elbows close to his torso and the tip pointing upward. The thick blade of the sword separated the left and right portions of his face towards both the woman and the crowd that sat or stood around them depending on their preference.

Having moved his blade in a more defensive stance, a polite conversation was attempted by the young lady greeting him with her name and allegiance, he, himself chose to reply in kind temporarily removing the thuggish facade he lingered under for what would be the duration of this fight. “Nice to meet you Lycoris, my name is Konstantin, my friends tend to call me Kon though, feel free to after this fight.” He refrained from uttering his own loyalties or even lie about fake ones instead he continued onward towards the girl.

It seemed that crowd was familiar with the girl’s expertise in her weapon hearing many speak of her skills with the sword sheathed on her side, several notable advantages could be said to be in Kon’s favour with him having a far greater reach both from just his natural height in comparison to Lycoris’ as well as the differing lengths in their blades, her skinny frame would likely also prove to be a hinderance for her in comparison to his own more bulky physique, Kon almost felt as if he landed just a single swing from his Samehada that the girl would be cast away into the very crowd itself.

While others might have hesitated at the thought of fighting a woman, he would not regardless of the circumstances even willing to fight his own fiancee albeit in a spar they had both agreed to. It was needed for him to be able to fight almost anything with his role as a Holy Knight often forcing him to do so, evil tended to like hiding behind the weak and innocent in order to survive and it was his responsibility no matter how grim to purge where-ever he was from it.

Walking ever closer, the girl swiftly moved into a dash towards him, now would be the time she no doubt had a plan of her own most likely just a test of his character. Sparring the female mercenary would be different as her style in keeping with her profession could be anything from that of a berserker cutting and slicing madly or that of the finest of sword-dancers more precise and careful with their blows.

This too would be a test for her own abilities with her behaviour affecting his own decisions for the remainder of the fight, having chosen to move towards him at such a speed, he quickly changed his plans on the fly stopping short, leaving his left leg behind him ever so slightly to allow him to be in a better position while doing so he swiftly motioned upward his right hand and taking his left hand downward forcing the blade of his sword change from being purely vertical to a more horizontal angle rising it up while he made those changes.

He did so as he watched the lady rush towards him with her arms clearly ready to strike him with her arms raised in a blow that would lead to him being hit on the chest, a resonating clunk was made as the sound of metal on metal occurred with her blow being blocked entirely by his Samehada. The block itself had awoken the sword causing it to shake within its bandages allowing the cut portion from the strike to fall loose, with a grim smile he would the fight before it even began. He chose without a moment separating the sword touching to follow up with a counter attack granted to him by quickly pulling back his sword from the clash to his left then rushing the blade of the weapon at her while he continued onward with the momentum by pushing forward with his left leg as he did so.

The space that separated the two of them was minute which would allow him to target almost anywhere on the girl particular since his own reach practically doubled her own, for now however he would merely focus his strike towards the lycoris’ head, she would likely be able to block the blow but to what degree would be the question as she would still be recoiling from dashing towards him only to be stopping midway preventing her from backing up significantly enough to avoid such a large reach and defending using her weapon would be questionable at best with it just looking merely like any other weapon you could find at the scrap heap in a blacksmith.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

He was fast! There was no denying that as Lycoris felt her dash and slash parried by the gigantic blade the man wielded, yet at the same time the clash of their blades stirred the secret of the man's weapon into revealing itself. Her blade dug itself into the bandages that coated the weapon, but moments later, as if the weapon had been sentient a shark-like surface emerged, the shredding nature of the blade chipping the edge of her blade, and Lycoris knew all too well that continuing onwards with their clash would soon lead to a devastating result for her weapon! No, she needed to act quickly, especially if she desired to avoid an early defeat!

However, the recoil of their clash had given Kon an opportunity, the shifting of his grip on the blade being noticed by the purple-haired lass who saw the blade sweeping diagonally toward her head.

The crowd watched with baited breath, wondering what in the world the girl would do to get out of this pinch. To say that she was in a problematic situation was an understatement, especially with Kon's taller and stronger frame he could easily cover her reach by the time she dashed backward, and his weapon was more than large enough to cover the distance...

The blade edged closer to her, was deflecting it with a parry her only solution? What should she do... what would her brother have done in a situation like this? Of course, knowing Gregory he would have... Just as she recovered her footing from the earlier recoil Lycoris had decided on a course of action.

If a retreat was impossible she would advance! It was true, Kon had the superiority in reach, but she had a smaller frame and her body was fairly agile also, so the moment the blade came swinging down she strongly planted her foot forward and did something that made the crowd gasp in suspense. The blade that would have hit her head instead delivered a glancing blow to her shoulder as the girl darted to the right side of the man, a swift and nimble side-step that would hopefully have relocated her at the back of his right shoulder, and of course she didn't let this opportunity go to waste either! Kon had used some momentum behind that swing of his, while she had dashed behind him, and now it was a race to see who would turn first!

The arm that held her blade was already making a vertical swing toward his waist, but unfortunately for her, there were two problems with her attack. The first was that her blade had become chipped, a result of their earlier clash while at the same time the glancing blow of Kon's blade would deliver its result!

It came rather suddenly like something was leeching her strength the moment her attack had been attempted, and whether she had succeeded or not, Lycoris felt herself stagger slightly, eyes widening for a moment in surprise.

"That blow from earlier..."

She whispered softly, feeling how the small amount of mana she possessed had started to become drained by the weapon of the man.

"I was right to be wary of that weapon..."

Still, she had not lost hope entirely yet, steadying herself and trying to gather her strength, hopefully in time for whatever attack the man had in store for her! Still, if she took another one of this blows head-on it might have ended up being much worse for her!

The crowd was clearly going crazy with excitement, some people praising the girl's nimble and swift dodge, while others cheered for the strength Kon must have possessed to wield that blade so skillfully!

However, even with the excited crowd, Lycoris had no delusions about this fight, clashing blades with that man just now made it clear he was neither an ordinary townsfolk or your average traveler. This man clearly knew his way around a battle!

100/200 Mana
Blade got chipped/damaged by the clash

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The blow was swift but did not make its target only striking another portion of the mercenary’s body, her shoulder to be specific with her managing to narrowly avoid him hitting her head. The toll on her body was significant however with her needing to compose herself as they disengaged, Kon choosing to hop back a bit to make some space between them. He was more than ready to go back into the fray of this fight but from the damage she had taken it would be almost pointless for him to continue.

Even her blade was damaged, chipped at the place the swords had crossed, in the state she was in though the best way to end things would be just to rush towards her tip pointed at her chest which would require to either dodge once more further injuring her arm, block and likely break her sword or take the hit. As he did so the crowd went up into a complete uproar, looking back now however he really should have mentioned to the woman that he would be able to heal her injuries before they started but oh well it’s too late. After the final blow was made he’d finally offer to heal the woman which would likely take some time considering his skills as a healer at least for now.

Had he missed the strike he would recoil as quickly as he could and wait to see what Lycoris would do next. The fight had been short so far but it had revealed a far amount about the girl what was revealed however would remain for him to know and others to find out themselves. When she finally fell to the ground from either his blow or the injuries she had already sustained he would casually drop the blade of the weapon onto the ground before lowering the rest as he helped the girl recover from the wounds she had sustained from the conflict.

The many of the audience as the woman fell would quickly leave their seats approaching both of the fighters with mixed emotions for both of them, some were women craving the attention of the knight, others were fans of the woman annoyed about the fight being unfair, he meanwhile ignored all of them, save for two, one being a particularly violent member that struck him while he wasn't looking and another who seemed to be holding his clothing.

The attacker was quickly tackled by others in the crowd while the young teen carrying his clothes raved on about wanting to be his apprentice. Shaking his head at the offer, he refused the boy, thanking him instead for his clothes putting on his jacket and his tie roughly before using his cloak to help him carry the mercenary in his arms. He would carry away the woman to heal her himself doubting the medical abilities of the townspeople, pushing the people around them he took her up into his arms and began to walk out of the rock, supporting her injuries as he did so.

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Alice was a bit bored, she had stayed inside, ate her breakfast by herself, worried a lot, concerned about a lot of things and this all while she was trying to read a book. Her breakfast didn't taste well because suddenly was alone, she had a little of a stomach age. Her book was a rather boring one and she longed to talk to Phoebe about a better one but since the two of them weren't in Orchidia, it wasn't an option. Jupiter seemed to be more grumpy than usual and Hecate was a bit sleepy, apparently she had been up because of Kon his nightmares, which was what Alice worried about. He had slept so badly and immediately had to go on a job.

With a loud thud she shut her book and the companions looked up at her. "Let's get some fresh air." she muttered as she paid for breakfast and left the hotel that she was staying at. Alice was dressed in a green sweater with her leather jacket and blue jeans. With her two companions she walked across the streets, with no plan or idea in her mind of what to do. She heard exciting children talk about fights at the Great Baska Rock and decided to head over there for old time sake. She had been there to watch Selena fight or had it been Arisa, who she had not known yet by name at that time. She simply shook her head and walked that way which made Jupiter a little more excited and Hecate just went along.

It was quite busy over there, lots of merchants and blacksmits and she wondered why they simply weren't working but who was she to complain, she wasn't even wearing her uniform and not on duty anyway. She always kept her eye open for problems though. She heard whispers about descriptions of people and she heard surprising reactions and people, especially women trying to catch the eye of a very handsome knight and that's when she caught a glimpse of Kon. Was this the job he was asked to do?

Besides she had a bit of an annoyed expression to the women that wanted his attention and she tried to make her way through the crowd, which was way tougher than it looked, where her companions could find small spaces between people's legs, she had to ask to make room and no one wanted that.

Another glimpse that she caught, showed her someone planning to attack Kon, or so it looked but people stopped him and pulled him back into the crowd, making a little space for her to follow and she tried to but they were gone. Kon and the girl he was fighting and she looked left and right, heard annoyed comments about her from other woman and she had to be a grown up and not pull out her tongue at such people, "Find him." she muttered to Jupiter, who immediately walked in one direction so she would spot Kon again soon and the girl he apparently had fought.

She didn't know what to say, she didn't know what she actually felt and simply crossed her arms in front of her chest, "Will she be alright?" was all she said in the end when she was close enough.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

That she was in a mess was an undeniable fact, but if the man thought she was going to give in just because of that... Was it pride? Not entirely, rather it was the desire to let their battle continue as long as possible, for her to seep in the knowledge and experience of facing this man that pulled Lycoris onwards. The hop he made to enlarge the distance between herself and him made her sword sweep only thin air, and yet watching him ready his blade for another attack made it evident this would become their final clash! A swift upwards sweep of her blade followed, pulling it in a vertical angle with a slight tilt diagonally the girl attempted to grab a hold of the hilt with both arms when the force of Kon's weapon provoked a sharp agonizing pain in her left arm! Most would have likely screamed out in pain, but she simply grit her teeth.

Shit, my left arm is broken... Just from a glancing blow? What the hell is wrong with this man's strength! she tried her best, but soon her broken arm, even if she moved it by sheer resolve and determination fell slightly to her side as she lost the means of using it, even the muscles in her arm were refusing to acknowledge the commands of her mind, and so she struggled, her feet grinding backwards along the ground.

The sound of metal cracking and bending reached her ears, and she could finally see the consequences of the difference in weaponry... The blade simply shattered, and with the blade continuing onwards it was fortunate the weapon hit her on the undamaged shoulder-pad of her armor, else she would have been impaled... Instead, the weapon knocked her off her feet, several steps backward as she fell onto the ground with a harsh thud. Looking at the broken sword that lingered at her side Lycoris couldn't help but smile wryly. It appeared even her birthday gift from the mercenary crew wasn't enough to help her when it mattered.

To say she was frustrated would have been an understatement, and yet she was also incredibly intrigued at the same time! How could she possibly have not been excited? It was a fantastic fight, even if she had lost horribly. Speaking about losing, the fact she had been hit a second time had drained the last of her mana, seeping her stamina to a point she couldn't even gather the strength to stand on her own feet.

Despite the fact her senses had been dulled a little from the exhaustion and her vision was blurry she was aware of the fact someone had picked her up, the outline of his figure making her firmly believe it was Kon.

"Heh, seems this clearly wasn't enough..."

A pained cough came from the girl as she tried to move, but finding neither her broken arm or the rest of her body willing to do more than provide a little tremble she instead continued.

"I need to get power... stronger like you are. Else I'll never be able to be able to set things right."

Looking at Kon she requested in a softer tone. "Kon... can you take along the remains of my sword, please? It's a memento... of my late brother."

She didn't know where he was taking her, and at this point, she couldn't say she cared either, but being away from the crowd was somewhat refreshing. It took some time for her senses to return to normal, and until Kon started his healing process there would have been little movement from the girl.

"Guess I was right: That was no normal blade, nor are you an ordinary adventurer Kon." A weak chuckle escaped her lips as she tried to continue their conversation. "Despite that horrible trashing you gave me, I guess my challenge got me what I wanted... sort of."

She chuckled briefly, a pained gasp following as her body was clearly still healing from the drainage of her mana and the broken bones of her arm when a sudden female voice pulled her attention upwards, her gaze settling onto the stranger whose worried tone she dismissed with a little wave of her hand. "As long as I'm alive I can recover and get stronger, don't wor--- gah." Another stinging sensation overcame her as she decided the best chance was for her to just rest a bit and let Kon do the rest of his work.

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Clutching the girl like a bird that has a broken wing, he listened as she weakly spoke to him recognising that he, konstantin sokolov was carrying her rather than just some random citizen, she commented on how her own skill weren’t sufficient. He was merely stronger that was all, he had been develop, honing his skills for some time however it was clear she was merely a dabbler of the blade. Her desire for power was made apparent inadvertently revealing something about herself, her past and need to set it right. He would have to question her about it definitely at a later date however.

For now though her concerns were more focused on her broken sword requesting he took it with them as well. Looking at her, he merely shook his head casually. “I haven’t got any hands free I’m afraid someone else will have to look after your sword while I patch you up, perhaps you should consider getting a new sword, even if it is a heirloom?” Putting down the girl on a long flat bench away from the public close to the corner of the arena, he went to work healing her rolling up his right sleeve as he did so. While he would have tried to stop someone who needing healing to talk but spoke on about his sword and his own abilities both being out of the ordinary. “Well at least you know now.” He said with a tinge of sarcasm.

It seemed that this was exactly what she wanted however to what end, how could this help to serve her. Remembering back to the letter he received, he began to question whether she was the target the holy knights were after but quickly he cast the idea away recognising her as merely just another regular adventurer seemingly unable take a few blows from him, a dabbler in swordplay. “What you wanted?, how do you mean?, have you been looking for someone to defeat you?”

It was at this point he overheard a voice he was all too familiar of, Alice’s, apparently she had followed him despite his offer to letting her spend the day by herself. The tone she used wasn’t encouraging nor her body language with her simply questioning the wellbeing of the woman not even saying hello. Wanting to explain himself, he weakly rose up his hand and answered. “She’ll be fine, look I can explain, my plans changed and uhh i got in a brawl with her, looks like i’ve broken her arm…” With a free hand, he scratched his chin having given it some thought. “I’m thinking of making her my apprentice…”

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The noise was far behind them and Jupiter had simply been able to bring her to where Kon and the girl were. She didn't know what to say, she didn't know what to feel and that's why she only asked if she was going to be okay. She didn't even address the girl, which was very rude from Alice and she knew. Especially when the girl answered at first. Her eyes lingered over her before turning to look at Kon who lifted up his hand and she simply stared, she was at least relieved that he answered her. Finally she understood a bit about what she felt, she was afraid that his magic had taken over again and that he had lost control again. She was still unsure if that happened to him back in Worth Woodsea, considering his reactio after she wanted to believe so. This girl only had a broken arm, it could have been far worse.

She looked surprised, frowning while moving one eyebrow up, "I don't need you to explain what happened," she tried to smile, was it that bad that he felt the need to explain why he was here instead of with her? Was she that clingy? "I mean you can do whatever you want right," She didn't want to sound like that and she didn't want to say such things with this girl over there. She didn't want to give anyone bad assumptions about her nor about Kon. Maybe she felt a bit jealous about the whole apprentice thing when he mentioned that but than a few seconds later she told herself that there was no need to be jealous at all. "That sounds very interesting. I missed the fight, I just stopped by because a lot of people seemed excited." She tried to change the tone in her voice to a far more upbeat tone because she didn't want him to think that she was angry.

"How does that work though?" she asked and she came a little closer so the girl could see her and she could show Kon she wasn't angry, "I'm glad you are okay." she said to her, "Sorry for just barging in, I'm Alice." His fiancee but she didn't want to add that afraid he didn't want to say things like that.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

A weak smile lingered on her lips when Kon voiced the idea of her getting her weapon replaced. While she didn't want to admit it, the man had a point. Even if it was an heirloom from her late adoptive brother and his friends, the fact that it was a simple blade made it impossible for her to use it as a means to get closer to her ambitions. While it was a precious memento of her brother, it was a simple sword that one could order at any blacksmith, just like the rest of her gear. Then again, perhaps one could have said it was the gesture that counted. However, her words seemed to confuse the man, and while he was busy tending to her wounds she felt the pain in her body slowly fading away, giving her the means to talk a bit more properly again, especially with the grogginess slowly disappearing.

"Something along those lines." It was true, while fundamentally it might have looked like she had been looking for someone strong enough to best her in combat, that had not entirely been the reason behind her actions, something she explained further in detail soon afterward. "Experience..." A brief stinging sensation course through her arm, a feeling that made her muffle a pained whine as she continued. "My adoptive brother once told me that the best experience is obtained during duels and on the battlefield. That's why I was glad that you accepted my challenge." She smiled briefly when her attention was drawn to the conversation between Kon and the lady who later introduced herself as Alice, the way Kon tried to express his desire to explain the nature of the situation and how Alice voiced the fact there was no need for such a thing made the girl chuckle as she stated with a grin. "This almost feels like I'm watching a newly-wed couple."

A moment afterward she leaned slightly back against the bench, resting for a moment as she listened to Alice explain how she had not witnessed their fight, making her hum softly. "Not much to see, Kon pretty much gave me a whooping. But it's a pleasure to meet you, Alice."

She briefly raised her uninjured arm with a little wave when suddenly she caught Kon's words. Wait a moment, an apprentice? She couldn't help but have some mixed feelings about that. At one side she was obviously interested considering she had experienced the man's strength firsthand but on the other hand...

"Although I'm interested in the offer Kon you best think carefully about the decision." She smiled briefly as she sat upright again and continued. "Disregarding the fact that I can't cast any form of magic, you could say that I'm cursed. Believe yourself strong enough to overcome it 'Master'?"

She added the last bit with a smirk. Ominous words for sure, and after a moment she gazed at the two as she explained the reason behind them. "Truth to be told, nothing good has ever happened to those who got involved with me. As a child, my village got burned down by bandits. I told you before that my name is 'Lycoris of the Gardenias crew, right?'"

She smiled with a bit of nostalgia as she continued her explanation. "Their leader took me under his wing when he found me amidst the ruins of the village, was an interesting way of growing up, among a bunch of mercenaries traveling from one place to another. However, the last job of the Gardenias was a bust."

She averted her gaze from them, her fingers coiling together into a fist that trembled lightly, bad enough that bits of blood dripped down from it. "During the mission, I had fallen ill and was forced to stay behind in a nearby town, our mission was simple really: deal with some outlaws terrorizing the villages... However, when the job was done and the crew went to collect the pay they were betrayed by the noble that hired us."

Memories of that day resurfaced within her mind, vivid images of her brother and the others being hanged for a crime they didn't commit. "The noble used them as a scapegoat for the bandit attacks, never intended to pay us for the work. By the time I recovered I found almost the entire crew was hanged for a crime they didn't commit. Only me and two fellow mercenaries who stayed to tend to me"

Her hand gently slipped into her lap as she finished her explanation with a sorrowful smile. "Not exactly the noblest of causes to wield a blade, right, Kon? I simply want to right the wrongs that were made that day. But I can't do that the way I am right now."

Her smile started to falter a little as she looked from Alice to Kon. "What is your reason to fight Kon, why do you wield your blade? What is the source of your power?"

One might have expected him to give a sappy answer like It's the woman beside me but she doubted that was going to be the type of answer she would get.

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Revealing more about her personal life, Lycoris revealed the reason for fighting the arena, “Experience?” He thought to himself with her further revealing why she chose this spot, in particular, basing it off her brother’s opinion likely the one who had given the sword to her in the first place, while he wasn’t the best person to comment on such matters as he was closer to a scholar more than a swordsman, he merely nodded and “hmmed.” and “Ahhed.” throughout it. Luckily for Alice prevented any awkward breaks from the conversation with her interjecting as Lycoris finished talking.

With a sigh of relief, it seemed all was fine between the two of them, Alice showing no signs of minding his absence from her. It seemed he had misunderstood her thoughts on it but he was wrong about a fair amount of things regarding women all the time. Not needing to add anything further into the conversation and risk having an argument something they hadn’t really ever done and especially in front of some people, he merely responded with an “Ok.”, allowing her to continue giving her opinion on his idea of making Lycoris his apprentice.

His proposal didn’t have a negative nor a positive response from her perspective, more neutral if anything, he made no comment however on the matter allowing her to continue onward about how she came to be here in the first place. The reason seemed all too familiar with him doing just that. Rubbing the back of his head briefly before returning it to his side, he finally replied. “Yeah, the crowd drew my attention as well, but Lycoris over here was the one that encouraged me calling for a challenger in the crowd, and I just happened to be there at the time so…”

The feasibility of his offer came into question with her recognising that there would likely be some issues with it perhaps though it was more related to how would it work in general. To be honest he wasn’t quite sure himself he wouldn’t be able to make her an apprentice through the Rune Knights directly well not legally nor would the Holy Knights let an unknown individual into their ranks and he hadn’t properly assessed her anyway. “Well, I guess you could recruit her into the Rune Knights and I could take her along in the missions I can risk having her with me on while training her on the side.”

Recognising she might be concerned with him being too spread out to give her some attention as well, he moved his right hand and rose it upward in a wave. “Not to worry, I’ll make sure that my time will be spent wisely to ensure the wellbeing of all of us.” Simply mentioning her, their child and himself in such a fashion to reduce the amount of information he would reveal to the woman even inadvertently in case she didn’t follow up on his offer.

It was apparent though that their relationship was obvious to strangers, he smiled as she noticed the bickering between them. “We are to be wed some time in March, the final date hasn’t been decided yet, only the venue, a nice place in Orchidia town.” He didn’t reveal it was his manor yet either as that too would reveal further information about his personal life.

A significant revelation on Lycoris’ part did give him slight pause in continuing with his proposal apparently she lacked any aptitude towards magic. While it would be a hinderance for her not to have a magic at least for the time being there were ways around it. Confident about his abilities to be able to teach her, he doubled down on his offer. “While you might not have any magical abilities you will still be able to learn and perhaps in due time you will attain a magic through some alternative means, if you so desire of course, magic is something that should not be underestimated.” A small laugh escaped him as he was questioned about his strength to overcome such a burden. “You’ve only seen a small part of my abilities, Lycoris and trust me when i say I am strong enough, ask Alice she will tell you just how fearsome my might is.”

The mention of being called master took him back to distant memories from his early teens though they were quickly cast aside as she told them the tale of her past, one with many twists and turns ending with a chilling betrayal having her alive simply based on chance. Her obsession with gaining power seemed to hinge on getting revenge on those that double-crossed her and her pseudo-family. It was a drive that he could respect and wholeheartedly understand, wanting her to know he was willing to accept her as she was he simply placed his hand on her uninjured shoulder and spoke. “One thing I’ve learnt in all my years is that being noble and proper isn’t the best course of action to take and will get you hurt or worse if you’re not careful as other people won’t be above doing anything to complete their goals.”

His comment was blunt and straight to the heart of how he felt about a lot of things it was how he managed to overlook or commit to doing things that others might hesitate in doing. He was swiftly probed for his own resolve in fighting, it was a tricky thing for him to answer really as he really didn’t have a reason, there was, of course, Alice who he fought for but her words left him thinking for a moment.

The questions all very similar context wise he finding that it would be the easier for him to answer all of them at once. “It’s an interesting question, why do I fight, I’ve never really thought about it to be honest, while I could say that I fight for the wellbeing of Alice that’s only been something that’s happened recently with my emotions for her having let me push through obstacles that i didn’t think possible.” Thinking further on the matter while scratching his head. “before we met though I too had ambitions of revenge even that wasn’t what drove me perhaps it was a sense of having to right the wrongs of my family i don’t really know.”

There was, of course, more to that he could add to his response however he didn’t feel as comfortable opening up any further just as she had. Instead he would attempt to redirect the conversation by returning to Alice. “Hmm, I think it’s time we get something to eat, this fight has left me feeling a bit hungry, Lycoris please join us for an early lunch so I can make up for breaking your arm.”


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She didn't exactly know what happened, also didn't agree with that the only perhaps good experience was from duels and on the battlefield. Now she didn't have much experience with the later but well not all duals worked out nice but it also wondered what people meant with duals and she noticed how her thoughts were drifting off because of a lot of things. She had been paying attention to Kon shortly when he still did sort of explained how he got to be here and she only nodded, not entirely sure if he would be able to see it but she kept thinking about the idea of perhaps challenging someone herself, but in her condition, it wouldn't be a smart idea. But since he was talking to her, she had to try and focus on the conversation, one thing she did notice was that he had not dropped the words Holy Knights once and she had to be careful not to say it herself in her moment of being unthoughtful.

She crossed her arms again, mainly because she didn't know how to give herself a stance and she looked at the sky, not to show disinterest but she was wondering how that worked, "I wouldn't mind, no one would ask me anything anyway when I recruit people, the thing is that she would have her duties and training as a page, I might stand in for her because I know she is getting different things to learn but I can't prevent everything." It would be difficult to keep it a secret, not everything was discussed with the Holy Knights or from the Holy Knights with the Rune Knights. That would mean that not everything would be smart to know, "Perhaps if, and correct me if I'm wrong, you want her as an apprentice in secret to later served in the name of your organisation, she could be my apprentice only in name?" Which would feel strange but it might make things easier for her in a way of working it out for the Rune Knights. Whom she didn't trust since the last accident.

Perhaps the frown on her face had him worried for he gave her a gesture and the comment that he would spread out his time to spend time with all of them and she tried to smile, it did work thank heaven, she didn't want to show off as being clingy but apparently she was and this jealousy feeling (even though she told herself again it wasn't necessary), was a bit annoying. "I know. I am sure you will find a way." Perhaps if she joined the Holy Knights herself it would be better, but than the second question that she had been asking herself all the time: wouldn't she bother him, by joining the same organisation, would he feel responsible for her all the time? kept showing up in her mind. Very.. annoying.. But the smile stayed on her face.

Which made her turn to Lycoris as she heard a chuckle and stared at her grin for commenting about them looking like newly weds and she couldn't help but soften her frown and stare lovelingy at Kon, well, that was nice to hear. She didn't feel the need to add anything about it but a short nod and she lowered her arms to stop standing like someone with a problem.

She didn't plan to mix in the next conversation, she had been some sort of adventurer, it hadn't worked the same as she had been able to restore her weapons in her magical ability of some dimensional pocket but she had lost it and was now still trying to adept on using shittier weapons and something like magic, which was more difficult than wielding weapons. She only looked from one to another and was mixed into the conversation when Kon asked her to simply agree with him on his power, "I have seen my fair share of fights and I believe you always won. Perhaps not our first time but you cut it off to flirt with me, so I would say I won that one." Which perhaps was more information that she wanted to say, she blamed hormones, which she didn't want to say out loud for reasons that she didn't know who this Lycoris might be and which was probably the reason why Kon didn't say everything as well.

Again she simply wondered what the two of them were thinking in this conversation that did seem to be different in many ways, she wondered if Lycoris noticed that not everything was said or in such a way that it stayed hidden and could have different meanings, so she only watched, ignoring Jupiter and Hecate a bit as they simply sat beside her now, they had moved a bit closer. She turned her gaze at Kon again as he was asked what he fought for. which was something she had never asked about but it was something that she could imagine, she knew him for quite a while and it did fit Kon, obviously it was his answer and all. "Lunch sounds like a wonderful idea." For she was definitely hungry at this point. She turned to Lycoris to see her reaction to the suggestion.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It was quite logical for Lycoris to have sought a powerful opponent, in the end, it would lead her to obtain the means to get more experience, to learn more about how they moved, how they attacked, what type of tactics and strategies they employed. It was pretty much akin to reading a book and absorbing the knowledge that was contained within.

However, when the talk about duties and training as a page of the Rune Knights came Lycoris shook her head lightly at their concerns. She wouldn’t mind trivial chores, after all, she had become somewhat used to them considering her recent activities in Hargeon, and so the girl voiced her opinion about the matter in a calm tone. “I don’t mind whatever duties the Rune Knight throws upon my shoulders, as long as I’m able to keep growing stronger.” It was evident that just from her reaction alone and her expression that she was quite determined and serious about her desire to improve herself as a combatant. However, the sound of Kon taking her along on certain missions did stir some excitement in her, perhaps because the fact they sounded a bit dangerous would have been a good way for her to get some more experience.

“Congratulations in advance, I’m sure Orchidia town will have an amazing scenery that time of the year.” The girl commented with a brief smile, yet the conversation soon turned back toward the idea of her accepting the offer for apprenticeship. “Hmm, perhaps it will be possible in due time. Perhaps we could find an answer about why I lack a magical aptitude someday.”

Nonetheless, with Kon revealing that he had revealed only a small fragment of his powers had obviously left Lycoris intrigued by the words spoken by the man. If that was only a fragment, then what in the world would it have been like if Kon fought with his full power at his disposal? It both excited her and made her a tiny bit nervous.

Yet Kon’s agreement when he voiced that being noble and proper like a saint was not always the best course of action, for people often would be willing to exploit that nature for their own benefits, and everyone knew that was a disaster waiting to happen. “Mhmm~ I agree entirely, there is a difference between being honorable and being a fool.” She thought back to her own way of fighting and wondered whether she was honorable or a fool. However, listening to Kon revealing that until his meeting with Alice the man had chased his ambitions with the desire for revenge, to right the wrongs of his family made her feel somewhat at ease as if she was glad to have met someone with a similar situation in a way.

“Breaking my arm and then making lunch? I guess that’s a fair trade~” Lycoris chuckled softly as she turned her gaze to Alice and remarked with a bit of a smile lingering on her lips. “So you bested Kon through martial combat flavored with seduction tactics? I guess that’s a good method to distract your opponent… you should teach me sometime~ albeit I think I lack the needed assets for that...”

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A plan had been made with all parties including himself with Alice recruiting Lycoris into the Rune Knights, the issue, however, was with the finer details that needed to be explored at least that was felt from Alice exploring how she would have to take on her workload when Lycoris was away with himself at least until she had joined the Holy Knights which would make things a bit more of a challenge. Lycoris meanwhile seemed more than willing to do whatever the Rune Knights had in store for her, he almost laughed at her enthusiasm being reminded of his own attitude before months of work took its toll on him, he had been glad he had left the Rune Knights for the Holy Knights every day since simply because of the contrasting amount of work required for the Rune Knights.

Hopefully, by the time the recruitment process of Alice had been completed, his apprentice to be will have already developed her own skills to make the Holy Knights take note. “That would be much appreciated, thank you, I can pull a few strings in the Rune Knights myself with former colleagues to make her workload more centred near home as well if that’s beneficial.” She continued further wanting to understand the full situation along with the end game coming dangerously close to mentioning his affiliation.

Shaking his head though not making a comment towards that remark specifically, his response was blunt. “That would be the end result and with you potentially joining soon, she would act as our uhh eyes and ears for the Rune Knights, I hope you don’t mind doing that sort of thing, Lycoris?.” Wanting to put the best light on the situation, he elaborated further. “Hmm, how do i put this?, as Alice mentioned, I work for an organisation that works outside of the law where a majority of the members are former Rune Knight members.” Looking at Alice with a smile. “She will be joining me shortly and this is in part why I, we need you to report back to us on any strange activity within the Rune Knights, okay?” While he had just said a lot more than he probably should have it was better he explained himself rather than have the entire plan go up in smoke with a clash of responsibilities.

The tone of the conversation quickly changed to a lighter one with them returning to the wedding, congratulations were given by purple haired lass remarking on the beauty of Orchidia town, he wasn’t one for staring at dead leaves simply because of their colour, no he was from a fine lifestyle that still impacted him today, the autumn was always and would forever be a time of family traditions past down through countless generations. Not wanting to make the talk between the three of them suddenly stop, he scratched his chin and finally rose to his feet. “Yes, it’s a lovely town, awful mess to tidy up though not looking forward to having to rake up all those leaves, I’ll tell you that now…”

Hunger had set in once more with a grumble in his stomach, Alice’s attention to his proposal was regained with her confirming and delighting in the idea of lunch Lycoris meanwhile also sharing the same sentiment. However, the brief fight between Alice and himself which had been stopped through flirting between them came back into the conversation, wanting to reaffirm the truth of the fight, he pointed at Alice who had remained with her arms crossed during the entire affair. “Come now I would hardly call that a win besides especially now I wouldn’t dare fight you, earlier yes but…” Changing his hand gesture to more of an open hand waving down and up her a few times illustrating her condition.

It was true that they did have several fights only just recently but those days had come to an end at least they had for the time being. Clapping his hands once to announced his eagerness to have something to eat, he spoke to the two women. "Alright let's go, I feel like hmm pasta, I wonder if there are any good pasta places here, Do you know of any?, I'll go ask a local I guess." Wanting to gain the attention of the closest villager he poked the man's shoulder turning around the difference between the two of them became immediately apparent with the villager lacking all of their hair save for a few strands sadly combed over a shiny bald spot matched with a thick beard that stretched from ear to ear. "What do you want?" The man barked rudely. "Are there any good restaurants in town?" Snickering to himself, licking his lips taking a glance at the two women that stood behind Kon, the man responded "Yeah it's called the uhh Blue Flower, centre of town on the right corner close to the announcement board." Ignoring the man's digusting behaviour he merely thanked him before returning to Alice and Lycoris. "Well let's go shall we?"


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As Alice had thought that Kon wanted Lycoris to join him later as a Holy Knight, she needed to be recruited in the Rune Knight first. Even though they didn't work together in all the things, it certainly seemed to be the door for people to enter. Which made her wonder how that would work, Lycoris apparently didn't catch up on her question for Kon if it was basically only for now and said she wouldn't mind the duties of a page and at least that made Alice like her a little more. No matter the task given it seemed that Lycoris would try. Which made her golden eyes turn to Kon as he laughed and she wondered for a second if she missed a good joke or so but she didn't see how easy it would become, perhaps she was stressing too much on the point that Lycoris would have to actually share two work forces without her perhaps even knowing and she mentally shrugged it off and she would see where it goes. "Fine, sounds like a plan. I will write a letter of recommendation soon," which would be soon as she would be able to sit down when they would grab lunch. "And I bet Lycoris that you will learn a lot, I mean also in strenght and fighting skills which is always nice to learn." That was the idea right? But she asked Kon something as well and he quickly took back her attention by shaking his head and saying that it was only a part of an end result,s omething with eyes and ears and that was right, she had no idea when she would be able to join the Holy Knights herself but it soothed her little green jealousy monster that she was still going to be the first.

She turned her attention between one and the other as Kon explained the situation a bit and she tried her best not to gloat about the fact that she was joining soon, which was something she only recently had thought about and now she wanted to show off, it was ridiculous. "I hope you don't mind, I rather keep some sort of tab on the old organisation that I up till now still belong to. I worked hard to get this rank but I am still far from actually obtaining anything." apart from that some men didn't seem to agree with her being a lieutenant, as a woman. Which was also a reason why she didn't want anyone else to know about her pregnancy but hitting the five months mark soon, she should better play hide and seek for the organisation.

The talk about their future wedding made her daydream a bit more and she felt silent once more and thouthg about how to pick out and find a wedding dress when she had no one to go shopping with, which made it a bit of a bummer and perhaps she should contact Ana, as a designer, she should know a couple of things. She even missed the comment about raking up the leaves, which actually also told Lycoris that it was his own house but well Alice only heard something not looking forward and something about telling you now and because she had no idea what it was about she said nothing at all.

She turned her attention back after she made a flirtly or some attempt remark and she had her arms still crossed in front of her chest, "You just don't want to admit defeat but I won't tell anyone." she said with a playful grin and a wink but she also nodded when he made a waving gesture at her, "Apart from that we will know that you will win again anyway. But I still like you." From which she dropped her gesture of having her arms crossed to give a more open stance instead of closed off and perhaps looking grumpy.

And when Kon pushed a little about getting lunch, he suggested pasta which she definitely felt like eating so she nodded but quickly shook her head when he asked if she knew anything although she thought the question was more for Lycoris than for her but it was simply a matter of answering to make him aware that it wasn't her that would know. So instead he would ask a local and she would walk a little closer to Lycoris, "Are you feeling alright? How is your arm?" Since Kon was a healer she wondered how much he could do to fix a broken arm or was it already mended?

When everyone was ready to leave she would simply follow, having not exactly listened to the directions of this place but she certainly looked forward to eat pasta and she could write the letter of recommendation immediately.

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It was a rather curious assignment, the suggestion to join the Rune Knights in order to keep an eye on their internal activities. It didn't take a genius to realize that the way Kon had worded his request, that whatever order he was part of, was a rather secretive and powerful organization that likely was involved with the safety of Fiore in one way. "Heh, guess there must be some fishy stuff going on if you'd want me to keep an eye on them. Then again, if it provides you with the knowledge you need, then sure... why not?"

She declared with a brief smile as she tilted her head slightly to the side in a pondering gesture. "Then again, I have heard some discontent among the people of Fiore, although the Rune Knights are considered the guardians of Fiore, a rise in rumors about corruption among their ranks have been going around."

She explained in a calm tone before turning to Alice with a sheepish grin. "Not that all Rune Knights are bad~"

Yet hearing Kon's grumbling stomach she couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle at the idea of a pasta place, making her nod her head firmly in agreement. "Pasta! now that's an idea I could agree with~ Some Spaghetti with minced meat and tons of cheese sauce would hit the spot!"

Nonetheless, as Alice made her way to her and inquired about her broken arm while Kon had gone to ask about directions for a place to eat at, the girl simply shook her head with a sheepish grin, waving her arm slightly to affirm her following statement. "It's fine~ Kon's magic helped heal the broken bones and repaired the torn muscles, it's just a bit stiff now, but nothing that won't be cured with a bit of practice~"

She smiled sheepishly as she watched Kon return, making her address Alice once more with a smile. "Speaking of which, you might be my senior, but considering you'll be eating for 'two' I won't go easy on you for the food battle! I'd let you know that among the Gardenias crew I used to be the biggest eater of them all! Never gained much weight either for some weird reason... not that I'm complaining~"

She hummed softly as she nodded at Kon in agreement. "Indeed, let us go and grab some delicious food~ Last one eating wins!"

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It seemed all members were in favour of his plan with her recruiting into the Rune Knights being the priority and needing to be done as soon as possible. Lycoris’s willingness to act as their informant within the Rune Knights was unexpected though she didn’t have any relations to the organisation from hearing her past meaning that her own allegiance were herself and perhaps him now. Already willing to provide him with information on the group at least from the perspective of the citizens that they protected, she revealed that there were rumors of corruption within the ranks of them. It was little surprise in the revelation with him being familiar with it, though never taking part, as his duties were towards the church now though those issues didn’t matter to him in the slightest. Still wanting to thank her for the information, he replied. “Lycoris, I was a member of the Rune Knights for some time, it’s not unknown that they are full of corruption it was just one of the many reasons why I left them in the first place.”

Alice attempted to continue the debate over her victory though he quickly drew it to a close by just rolling his eyes and groaning. “Fine…, you beat me okay?” His urgency for closing the discussion stemmed from him wanting to eat just as their new apprentice seemed to show similar eagerness describing herself as the biggest eater of her old crew. He wasn’t interested in a competition with her on that title and merely would let her have it. “Surprising for someone so small, well you’ll be paying out of your own pocket for this then I guess?” A challenge was made despite his comment with him shaking his head for both to see. “I’m not one for eating large amounts of food in a rush perhaps another time.”

They would however reach the restaurant after a short walk with him stopping just before they entered the building. “Hmm I’m just going to put down my weapon somewhere so it’s not in the way of everyone, please you two go inside I’ll come in after you.” Taking his time he found a spot to put his weapon before entering the building without Alice and Lycoris who would likely have found a spot inside. Taking a seat for his own he would order a modest lunch which would likely be a significant contrast to Lycoris’s. Eventually though they would finish, with him needing to attend to other affairs in the town, he relieved himself and went to grab his weapon only to find that it was absent from where he had left it. Swearing to himself, he looked around before walking off now weaponless once again.



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It felt a bit mean to spy on the organisation that she was still in but she was leaving, that thing was sure and she would still feel that it was hard to leave it behind. It surely had to do with the lieutenant role, she hadn't seen much others around and it felt as if she was leaving the organisation in the dark. She wondered how some people would react. She looked away when they talked about the rumour of corruption, she had heard it as well and though she knew a handful of Knights very well, there were still enough that she didn't know. It only proved the point of the Council not wanting her to tell about her pregnancy. She turned to look at Lycoris when she had the feeling that she spoke to her and noticed the sheepish smile and she waved it away, "Only more reason for me to have another person keeping an eye on the knights." She tried to say it while Kon later addressed that he was a Rune Knight before, making that the reason why he left them. Perhaps that was a good reason for her as well.

When the food was brought into the conversation she looked from one to another, was she the only one that wasn't that big of a fan of food? Especially minced meat at the moment sounded disgusting but she was sure she would survive. She asked Lycoris about her arm while Kon went to find a place to eat and nodded when she heard that the healing spells had worked out fine, just as she had expected. She turned to look back towards her fiance when he walked back to them but her golden eyes quickly turned back to the girl. She opened her mouth to say anything about eating for two.. how did she.. perhaps it wasn't that difficult to figure out. "Even with that I won't eat so much, so I am not considered a good battle. I will fix the papers for your recruitment in the mean time while you two battle it out." But Kon denied the match as well and she could only shake her head with a smile on her face.

She followed the two of them towards the pasta place, where she shortly split off from Kon to enter first and find a table for the three of them. She took the papers from her bag, surprisingly that she had them with her and she wrote all the information she needed and if she didn't had it, she would ask Lycoris. It would be soon finished, "Well I'll hand this in to the headquarters but consider yourself a member of the Rune Knights." She said with a happy smile, although it was just a title since she couldn't join the Holy Knights yet, Alice let it at that. She would order something simple with not too much of a flavour for that would make her nauseous but once done she said she would head to the headquarters, she offered Lycoris to come along but she could also go and do something else, it wasn't necessary to come along.

She quickly lost Kon because he seemed to have gone before she noticed really and she headed towards the headquarters.


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