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A Spot of Fishing [Kon]

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#1Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:59 am

Odin †

Odin had returned once more to the docks, the morning after he had completed a quest here for a black market merchant to convince a group of trade ships (through various, dishonest means) that they were not welcome in Hargeon through the normal channels, and that they would have to find another way to sell their products, that being through the merchant himself. It had been a simple job that hadn't required much in the way of physical prowess, just a silver tongue and the ability to not cower in front of intimidating people, two things Odin thought himself rather good at.

But he wasn't in the docks that morning for a mission, he preferred to leave quests and such for the evening due to the form they often took and the nature they often were. No, today he was here to try out a recreational activity that he had been told by many people helped clear the mind and let one focus on the task at hand, thus improving their overall concentration in the long run. That activity was fishing, and Odin had even gone out of his way to rent a pole and purchase some bait before arriving. The only problem was, he'd never fished before in his life.


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Kon was neither a fan of the sea nor interacting with large groups of people all that frequently as such he would often time try to find a location that whilst remained civilised were isolated to avoid the masses. Without something more higher class such as a library or university to hide within, he had chosen as recommended by some bakers to visit the dock which would only have the odd individual fishing or dealing with shipments for the ships that docked in the harbour. The morning was clear through a noticeably harsh wind blow over the entire town chilling those outside, forced to rig up he had worn both his robes and his cloak. Today would be very different for him as he would be going into the part of society he wasn't overly familiar with, that part in question being the fishing industry he did eat a fair amount of fish but he didn't really know how to fish himself.

Hopefully, today though he would be able to learn how to do it himself with the aid of a more experienced fisherman willing to take time out of their day for them. Reaching the dock itself was easy enough, there was even a section where a group of fishermen seemed to have grouped up. Interesting there appeared to be a small shack with all sorts of fishing goods which many both experienced and inexperienced were hovering around. Reaching the shack himself, he spotted gear to rent and even purchase. He willing purchased the needed gear as he could easily take it back to his manor on a later date if need be, as he purchased his needed equipment, however, he spotted another individual who equally looked out of place. "New at fishing as well?" with a slightly half smile. "How about we get someone to teach us, eh?"

#3Odin † 

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Odin †

Being surrounded by fishermen, all of whom seemed to know what they were doing, didn't do much to ease Odin's discomfort, as he watched and tried- to varying degrees of success- to replicate what it was they were doing. Luckily for him, though he would never admit it, another newbie showed up and planted himself next to Odin, asking with a friendly smile if the olive haired mage was new to the activity as well, and even suggesting they both get someone to teach them what to do. Odin, clad in his navy coloured training gear with a red cloak atop due to the cold, instinctively embodied the persona of Lucifer, the bartender instead of the demon, and smiled back at the blond man.

"That obvious huh? Yeah, it'll feel less embarrassing with a partner there. Name's Lucifer, you?" As he waited for the man's response, Odin raised his hand in surrender as he asked one of the more experienced fishermen over to help the two men out. A small, rather stout man, joined the two, a beaming grin on his face as he relished the opportunity to teach the ways of fishing to some newcomers. Hopefully he knew what he was talking about.


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His smile grew as the man responded, revealing the truth and along with announcing himself as Lucifer, while he could tell that the man was lying about his name it meant little at least for the time being. No instead he would joke about it not in a mocking fashion, however. "Lucifer?, like the devil?, Okay if that's what you want to be called that's fine, you can call me kon." With them now a duo of novice fishermen, he watched as "lucifer" asked for the assistance from one of the men, fortunately, most likely to his relief a man agreed to help them swiftly. Waddling over as if he were on a boat being struck by the waves, the man reached them before speaking to them. "So you two want to learn how to fish, well there's a lot to it, it's an art lad, you have to be like the fish themselves to get the best of them." The Fishmen who remained where they were overheard his philosophical comment regarding fishing and openly laughed while others pretended to be fish. Rolling his eyes at the ridiculousness of the turn of events he allowed the man to continue. "Okay, so if we don't want to be fish how do we just get them?"

#5Odin † 

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Odin †

Instantly, the blond man picked up on Odin's name, or his given name anyway, and, as everyone did, he asked about it, confused as to why someone would be named Lucifer, since it was one of the many names of the devil, even being the most commonly used after Satan. "Yeah I get that a lot. My parents were way too into demons and shit when they were younger. But, it's the name on my pub's lease, so it's the name I'm stuck with. Pleasure to meet you Kon."

Their fishing instructor spoke about fishing like a poet, or rather, someone that thought they were a poet, but really were just spouting nonsense they'd probably read in a book somewhere. It was awkward to listen to, and the dark mage almost couldn't contain himself when Kon interjected by completely destroying the man's philosophy, and just wanting to get straight to the point.

"Ah, yes well, I forgot how impatient you young'uns were. Well, if all you care about is catching the fish, then put some bait on the fishhook; cast your line, that means throw it, into the sea, and wait until you get a bite. Then reel it in and pull."


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It seemed that this lucifer individual wasn’t exactly the greatest of lies even a person without his abilities could tell that he was lying, his parents were into “demons and shit.” “Is that the best he can come up with?” He thought to himself all the while just smirking with a slight snicker as Lucifer mentioned owning a pub which was rather interesting. He would have to get back to him on that matter for now however it was clear that there was some tense building between them with him knowing he was lying and “lucifer” potentially learning that he knew he was lying. For now however he refrained from speaking as the fisherman continued to elaborate on the how to fish for beginners.

Eventually though once he was done talking to the two of them, he moved back to the group of fisherman who were still laughing and carrying on leaving them alone. Not one for standing still and not doing anything, he gathered the required items he had purchased and began to follow the instructions which he had given them. While doing that he asked him rather open question as he stabbed some wriggling worms into the hook of his rod. “So what brought you to Hargeon town?”

#7Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:22 pm

Odin †

The smile that Kon gave Odin suggested that he didn't believe him, which was to be expected honestly. Odin's story was a strange one, and not something easily believed. After all, he was named Odin, after the King of all Gods in one mythology, while his parents happened to worship the devil in another. The same devil they worshipped ended up residing inside Odin's body, and from that it became his moniker in Grimoire Heart, going from a God to a Devil. It was definitely not what many would call normal, and even Odin often thought it was ridiculous, so he couldn't blame people for not believing in his story, true or not.

As he prepared his line using the bait provided, and following what the fisherman told them to do, Odin was asked a rather open, and potentially dangerous question about his purpose in Hargeon. Obviously he couldn't tell the whole truth in that regard, and even suggesting he was here for work would no doubt be a mistake, as Kon seemed to be the perceptive one. As he tossed his line into the sea, bait in place, Odin just smiled before answering.

"It gets very dull working in the pub all day, and I wanted to explore, so I came here. This is my third stop so far I think. I've been to Era and Magnolia also."


A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:48 pm


Something was definitely off as Lucifer announced his reason for being there along with where he was going next, the first portion was an obvious lie he was unsure about him going to Era or Magnolia. Wanting to test the man he would ask further questions. "So you have a lease at a pub?, but you work at other pubs as well?, which ones, I might have been to a few and gotten flat-out drunk at one of them." Pausing to pull his rod back to attract a fish. "I'm surprised actually that you'd have time to fish with you being in such high demand seemingly across at least half of the country, Era, Magnolia, Hargeon geez." Looking out towards the waters he noticed as he received a tug on his line, a hard one at that, unsure of what to do initially he just pulled at first before winding up the rod itself. It had a hell of a kick as he drew it up from the water with it slapping his face as he finally manages to get it from the air. Surprised about his easy and rather early catch, he joked to "Lucifer." "Well where's your fish?"

#9Odin † 

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Odin †

Kon really didn't seem to be the trusting type, as he interrogated Odin some more, but in a civil manner that didn't bother the dark mage. He was to people not trusting him when he gave his name, it was a fake name after all, one he only held due to his status as a member of Grimoire Heart, but it was the rule of the guild that he had to only introduce himself by his given name, and not his own name, a rule Odin had followed to such an extent as becoming the other persona, and allowing the world to know him as Lucifer, instead of Odin.

Odin couldn't help but smile at Kon's constant questions, but he answered them each truthfully, regardless of what the blond man thought. "Oh no, I only own the one. If you're ever in Oak Town, swing by the Swineherd Pub. But I wanted to explore Fiore and not be stuck in one place, see the world as it were, and that brought me here." Now it was Odin's turn, as he cast his line in, watching Kon catch a respectfully large fish on his first attempt. Odin was still waiting, but for now nothing bit, yet still he decided to speak. "Your turn. What do you do for a living? And what brings you to Hargeon?"


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Lucifer revealed a respectable interest by all standards with him seeking to explore Fiore rather than being tied down, Kon had a similar ideology preferring to move around rather than staying in one place which seemed unlikely considering his recent purchase of property. With the fish still wobbling in his hand, Kon struck it on the dock ground to stun and kill it swiftly as he received his own line of questions. He expected the most commonly asked questions like what guild he was in but he was surprised by lucifer’s probing of information.

Interestingly he was asked what he did for a living, truth be told he was really making a living, laughing at his revelation he replied. “I’m out of work in all honesty, I might do the odd job here and there but otherwise I’m essentially a vagabond, As for what brought me to Hargeon that’s a bit more complicated, see my girlfriend is suppose to be here to protect Blue Pegasus from Grimoire Heart.” Putting down the fish completely on the ground between the two of them, he turned to Lucifer. “Hey you wouldn’t know anything about the attack on Blue Pegasus?, you might have heard something during your time while working here.”

#11Odin † 

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Odin †

As Kon took his own fish and killed it, Odin felt a slight tug on his line, and then his rod felt the pull. He began to reel it in, moving his rod to follow the path of the fish so as to try and tire the poor thing out before he hoisted his rod into the air, watching the fish fly over towards his location, which he caught with his left hand, while his right held the rod. It was slightly smaller than Kon's but still definitely a respectable catch, considering it was his first. Odin wasted no time after catching before grabbing the fish by its tail and slamming it into the ground, instantly killing it before Kon.

Kon called himself a vagabond, but he didn't seem the type. By how much he was asking, he had clearly had some kind of training, and good training at that. He was making assumptions, that much was obvious, but he wasn't as far from the truth as many other usually were. It was always cause for concern, especially given his next line of questioning. His girlfriend protected Blue Pegasus from the attack by Grimoire Heart. Odin hoped to whatever god was listening that his girlfriend wasn't going to be Alisa, since that's the way his luck had been going recently. But Kon wanted an answer, and Odin gave him one.

"I heard a little about it. I wasn't anywhere near the guild hall when it happened though. Scary stuff. Good on your girlfriend for doing her part, she's definitely a keeper."


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With the two of them having acquired at least one fish he knew that lunch had been obtained though he would continue fishing as long as the other wanted to. The response he received from Lucifer was simple yet hard to distinguish in terms of content revealing little only that he wasn’t near the building itself, his hesitation on how he answered however was suspicious in its own right, overlooking it he pushed past it. “Hmm thanks for the help anyway, yeah she’s a keeper alright, thinking about proposing to her when I see her next.” Looking at the fish Odin had caught with it being slightly smaller than his own, he suggested lunch. “Well, it’s approaching lunch how about we catch another one or two fish so we can have a hearty lunch.” This was all assuming that they were going to have lunch together if they were to part ways it would just simply mean that he’d take his fish to go. If he agreed with the offer and recommendation he would remain at the docks before catching one more then leaving the docks. While he prepared himself to leave of course he would inform Lucifer of where he was going in case he wanted to remain at the docks a bit longer. “There’s a public barbeque at the beach which I heard about I’ll be going there in case you want to stay here for a bit.”

#13Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:19 am

Odin †

Odin's response seemed to be enough to satisfy Kon's curiosity, and the topic of his girlfriend seemed to make him seem more human. Not that he was strange to begin with, it was more than having something, or someone, that he cared about was always a useful way to understand a person. He had someone he cared about, hell someone he was thinking of proposing to soon, which would be a massive deal for both of them, "I wish you all the best with that. I want an invite to the wedding." A lighthearted chuckle escaped Odin's lips as he said this, before hearing Kon's suggestion of catching a few more fish and then going to get something to eat with their catches, as there was apparently a barbecue happening on the beach, which interested Odin greatly.

"You're on, let's see who can catch the biggest fish."

Putting more bait on the fish hook, Odin cast his line further into the ocean than he had previously, almost extending the line to its maximum distance as he waited for something to bite. He hoped that he'd be able to draw in something very impressive with the line extended further than most other people's, but only time would tell who would win this mini contest.


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The repur between the two of them had grown since they had first meet just a few hours ago with Lucifer even jokingly requesting an invitation to his wedding, something he'd consider maybe if he spent some more time with the odd man. Choosing to take it as a joke himself, he laughed slightly at his comment. “Yeah well you better provide some good alcohol for the invitation, both of our families like to drink you see.” It seemed that Odin was unsatisfied with his catch or at least with the short period in which they had fished suggesting that they instead continued to fish turning the otherwise novel pastime into a more serious duel of skill. Because he had packed some of his things away, Odin managed to cast out his line before he could reassemble his own fishing rod. With great haste the Knight reattached the pole and threw out his own line albeit it not reaching as far as his counterpart. “Geez that’s one heck of a swing you’ve got there, are you sure you haven’t fished before?” Commenting as he occasionally pulled on his rod to lure potential fish. Noting the increasing ripples of the waves around the dock they were standing upon, Kon allowed his line to draw closer to the poles that supported it. “Let’s see if this will work.” muttering under his breathe only to quickly get a bite as he did so. “Well this should be interesting I wonder what I got.”

#15Odin † 

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Odin †

"But of course, the Swineherd Pub will provide only the best, and a lot of it, for such an event."

Odin had to admit, if to no one else but himself, that he was having a fun time with Kon, despite having only met him earlier that day. It turned out that whoever had suggested fishing as a good recreational pastime, they were right. Kon then readied his fishing rod once more and cast the line into the sea, although not as far as Odin had managed, prompting him to ask if Odin had actually ever fished before and just not mentioned it. "No chance, this is my first time. I just pretended I was throwing a ball and tried to get the maximum distance possible."

Kon then moved his rod to a closer location to try and get to where he saw the most movement in the water, but Odin stayed true to his position and, sure enough, he got a bite, and it was a big one at that, the fish almost pulling Odin into the water as he stumbled forward slightly, having to stand up and on the edge of the pier to try and tire out the fish and catch it. "I think I got a big one."


A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:39 am


“Fantastic, Do you brew your own beer on site or do you get it delivered to you from both local and regional locations?, I’ve had some bad experiences with some alcohol in the past and I want to make sure that the entire wedding doesn’t get sick.” The formality of their conversation had for the most part broken down moving into a more casual tone something he wasn’t truly used to. Lucifer went on to elaborate how he truly had not fished before and chose to use his own personal experience in an attempt to replicate the same result; Kon had tried to do something similar albeit with worse results. His little trick had paid off with him nabbing a bite pulling it up was unfortunately rather easy suggesting that the fish he had was far smaller than the one he had caught earlier, Lucifer meanwhile seemed to be having a harder time. Drawing out the fish his assumption was proven correct with his latest catch being about a third smaller inside. “Well shit.” He commented to himself. Pulling the fish out of the water and onto the dock with the string, he killed it before put it to the side of his other. He watched as Lucifer struggled with his own first, while he wished him the best of luck it heavily suggested that it was larger and thus he had lost the competition.

#17Odin † 

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Odin †

It was a refreshing change to be asked something about the Pub that Odin had never been asked before. Not because the question itself was particularly difficult to answer, as Kon had simply asked about where the alcohol sold in the Swineherd came from, but simply because it was asked. It was never something most people cared much about, and it was nice that the conversation between two strangers was becoming much more casual than it had been at the start, where they had both not trusted each other. "A bit of both actually. The bulk of what is sold is made in the local area that we sell on for business, but there is also some alcohol made in house, not that we sell that to just anyone that asks."

The pull of the fish that was soon to be Odin's was indeed strong, much stronger than the last one had been, suggesting that this fish, whatever it was, was much bigger than the one Odin had caught previously. On his feet, his knees bent for stability, the olive haired mage used all of his strength to draw the fish in closer... and closer... and closer...until. "Now!"

With one big pull, which caused Odin to lose his balance and fall backwards, the fish came flying out of the sea, neatly landing on Odin stomach as it flopped about, making for a very painful experience on the mage. It was a huge fish, bigger than any other the two had caught that day, which meant one thing.

"Guess this means I win then eh?"


A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:15 am


Revealing that his pub sold both local and onsite brewed liquors, he responded with a slightly greed overtone. “That’s fantastic, I’d love to try some samples of all of your goods where’s your pub located so I can go there to have some before the big day, alternatively you could have them shipped to my residence and yes I have a home despite my claims of being a vagabond.” Watching Lucifer whose attention focused on his fish, he was finally able to get a good look at him he was just like anyone else as far as he was concerned considering all that was different about him and the average man was perhaps his hair and attire. Changing his gaze to his own fish in case he spotted him; His fish required filleting and deboning so while Lucifer worked away at his fish to get someone to help him as soon as possible, he packed up his stuff, and waited until he finally caught it. Lucifer had won the competition clear as day with him catching a monolithic sized fish. “Well that’s certainly big enough to fill even the hungriest of men, how about we get these ready for eating?”

#19Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:23 pm

Odin †

"Because they'll be for a such a big occasion, if you can get over the the pub in Oak town, I'll give you a free sample of our best alcohol. And hey, I live in a pub, but here I am. Vagabonds and wanderers alike all need somewhere to rest their heads at the end of the day. Where is it in Fiore that you live?"

With the question asked, Odin refocused on his fish, as it flopped on his lap on top of him. It took a quick moment for Odin to snap it's neck and kill it, but that was the easy part over and done with, they still had to gut the fish, remove its innards, and then cook it for their dinner. The moment Odin had the fish, he noticed that Kon had already packed up all of his own things, before commenting on the size of Odin's catch, conceding in their little contest, stating that the fish could no doubt fill up anyone, regardless of how hungry they were, which was definitely true, just going by the size of it. "Agreed, perhaps the guy from before will haev an idea." Odin said as he gestured towards the stout man who had taught them the 'art' that was fishing.


A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:51 pm


The location of his pub was alarming to say the least perhaps the most suspicious location in Fiore, Oak town, he had personally had never been there nor had he previously even considered it but perhaps with their encounter that might have changed things. Agreeing to offering Kon some samples he gave a slight smile before he was asked about his residence, Scratching his chin the blonde haired Knight replied. “I have a modest property in Orchidia town that I only just recently acquired up until then though I was residing in the occasional inn, tavern or hotel at the towns I stayed at.”

Recognising that they were both unprepared and inexperienced when it came to the preparation of fish, Lucifer suggested that they spoke once more with the fisherman, giving a brief nod in agreement he collected his fishing gear with his right hand and gripped the fish from their rear fins with his left and walked to the fisherman.

Slapping his fish down on a table near the group of fishermen where the fisherman had returned to, he spoke out to all of them. “Can someone help us gut and fillet these fish?” More chuckles occurred as the group of men heard him with the same man waddling over to them. “Sure, I’d be happy to help.”

#21Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:39 pm

Odin †

It seemed that Orchidia was the town in which Kon owned some property. A place Odin himself had never personally visited, but also a place he knew a surprising amount more about than other places. After all, if memory served him well, Orchidia -as well as being the home of the Lamia Scale guild- was where two people he knew owned property, not including Kon that was. Arisa Rinmizukimi, a woman Odin had only briefly met on multiple occasions, he remembered her well, despite her having changed faces between their first and second meeting, but she was the second most important of the two people he knew that lived there. Nastasya Crowe, one of the few people, and definitely the first, that Odin had ever called friend, she had been in possession of a manor there, although Odin hadn't seen her in many months. He hoped that, wherever she was, she was safe and well, but he pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind as they approached the fishermen once more, and the stout man came to join the two again, a sharp knife in his hand.

"Right, it's really easy. Imagine you are an artist; the knife your paint brush; and the fish your canvas, that's how I always picture it."

Here we go again...


A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:39 am


His announcement of living on Orchidia didn’t seem to warrant Lucifer's attention only instead causing im to go silent, respecting his wishes, he quietened down sufficiently effort to listen once more the the fisherman’s unusual philosophical opinions on the fishing profession comparing the sharp fillet blade as a paint brush while the fish was the canva. Whilst Kon wasn’t one for mocking individuals he had a hard time believing him enough more so than his stupid suggestion of them needing to feel like the fish, neither of them had needed to do such a thing and would have just been a waste of time. The fisherman announcing himself as Tim regardless of his odd opinions managed to do a fantastic job gutting, filleting, deboning and skinning all of the fish. The work that Tim was doing however took a long time because of this he gave Kon and Lucifer time to do other things. Parched from the fishing and being out in the sunlight he returned to the shack and purchased three glasses of beer, which the seller opened for him, returning to Lucifer and Tim he hand one off to first the fisherman and then his counterpart. “Here thanks for the hard work that you’re doing.”

#23Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:51 am

Odin †

Due to knowing much more about fishing, or at least this side of fishing, than his two new apprentices, the fisherman Tim focused on de-boning, gutting and basically preparing the fish for cooking so that they could later be eaten. As this was the point that could easily end up with someone dead, Odin was happy to leave it to the master, better that than have some eat a fish with bone left in them, and having them choke and die on it, although it was certainly an interesting way to kill, and Odin made sure to keep an eye on it for the future. One day there might be a time where he could kill using this method, and wouldn't that be an interesting day indeed.

As Tim prepared the fish, Kon left for a few moments to get some pints of beer, returning them in tankards to both Odin and Tim, thanking the latter for the work he was doing for the two of them. "Not a problem, I'm always happy to help budding fishermen like yourselves. Hope to see you around here more often", Tim said, much to Odin's amusement. It was obvious they definitely couldn't but, taking a mouthful of beer, he looked over at Kon, "Well now, about that barbecue you said you were going to, we've definitely got enough fish for the two of us. Why don't we go celebrate, your of course welcome to come too Tim."


A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:25 am


Both Lucifer and Time seemed to gladly take the proffered drinks, with the fisherman practically drinking half of it before finishing of all of his work on the fish. He meanwhile just simply sipped at his drink civilly as the fisherman finished the last of the fish. Perhaps wanting to reward the man further for his efforts in helping them with all their fishing activities Odin offered Tim to join them for lunch, more than happy to accommodate another as long as he toned down his unusual thinking about fishing. Tim to seemed pleased at the offer and from looking at the man was easily capable of eating the largest of the fish portions. Responding to Lucifer's offer with much bravado he rose from where he sat to process the fish and responded. “I would appreciate it, I never get time to have lunch with proper company.” Point backward at the fishermen who were busy focusing on their lines, he commented. “These blokes always either want to go to the pub and get shit-faced or just have a bland sausage roll from the shack.” With Kon picking up his own pieces of fish and the fisherman picking up both Lucifer’s and his own unprepared fish the two of them began their journey to the barbeque.

#25Odin † 

A Spot of Fishing [Kon] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:46 am

Odin †

While Tim finished gutting the fish, after having drank almost all of his beer in one sitting, both Kon and Lucifer civilly drank their drinks, not rushing but not taking their time either, in Odin's case. Tim seemed very happy to hear the dark mage's offer of joining them for lunch, and it was clear that he'd be the one eating Odin's monstrous catch, mostly because it looked like the only one that wouldn't simply be a snack to the large man. Not that it bothered Odin much, the fish was there to be eaten, he didn't really care who by.

After slagging his fellows and their drinking, and eating, habits, Tim grabbed the two fish Odin had caught, with Kon holding his own two, and the three men began their merry journey towards the beach, where the barbecue was supposed to be. Along the way, Tim regaled them with his stories of past fishing exploits, including the time he swore he saw a giant leviathan while sailing out into the open sea. "Ah, back in my day it was much more available. The sea was only for us fishermen, we ruled, or rather were ruled, by the sea, and she was kind to us. I actually lived on a boat myself for a good year of my life, just fishing and living as a free man..." It was a good thing they had decided to bring Tim along for the journey, as it ensured they would never be short of conversation, no matter how long it took.

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