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A Spot of Fishing [Kon]

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“Please, just shut up about your fish.” He thought to himself as he walked with Lucifer and Tim the fisherman while his comrade didn’t seem to mind it was starting to wear on him. Walking and waddling respectively they made their way to their destination taking a respectable amount of time with them still having to deal with their fishing equipment as well as all of their other belongings. The barbeque area was fairly plain with the barbeque being housed in the middle of a large, open roofed court, a group of teenager were in one corner snickering and carrying on both he and Tim ignored them.

The fisherman simply continued to talk on and on about his life, wanting a break from that line of discussion he redirected the attention of the fisherman over to the cooker. “By the way, Tim there’s the Barbeque.” A hearty smile grew on his face as if to reply to his comment, the fisherman waddled over there and went to work on lighting it to cook their shared meal. Meanwhile he spoke with Lucifer in hushed tones as Tim was now distracted with the cooking. “Interesting bloke isn’t he?” His comment was in no means to insult him but he didn’t want to be overheard in case he misinterpreted his remark as such.


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No matter how long it took them to reach the barbecue's location, it was far too long. Tim was a nice guy, he meant well in all he did and truly loved telling stories, but man were some of those stories dull. Telling us about his year on the sea was an interesting story, until Odin realised that he was going to explain every, single, goddamn day he spent at sea. What he saw, what he wrote down in his log book, what he ate. And there weren't many things to do at sea, as the two listeners soon learned.

Seeing the beach then became something like reaching the promised land: a place where all pain would cease and you could enjoy life. The torture was finally over, and Kon made sure of this by pointing out the barbecue, to which Tim instantly and eagerly waddled over to, planning on making a start on their shared lunches. Once he was out of earshot and not looking over at them, which only took a few seconds as he was instantly keen to get started on the food, Kon commented on how 'interesting' Tim was as a person, something which Odin couldn't help but agree to, "There are many words you could use to describe our friend Tim over there, you may be the first to ever say interesting." As he spoke, the teenagers, some not that much younger than Odin, kicked a ball over towards them, and shouted for the 'old men' to kick it back over and stop ruining their day. A sinister grin forming on his mouth, Odin looked to Kon.

"You ever played volleyball my friend?"


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His choice of words to describe the man had seem to be misinterpreted by the man but not in a bad light just different to what he had intended. “Ah well, I don’t know what else to call him.” As he spoke Tim went to work on placing the fish fillets on the grill before turning around and calling to the two of them. “Oi Lad what are you talkin’ about?” Wanting to ensure that there was no miscommunication, Kon swiftly without batting an eye replied. “Oh we were just talking about how nice the weather is here, I’m not from around here you see.” Before Tim could respond the teens interrupted them by kicking their ball towards them causing Lucifer to in turn question him as to whether he had played volleyball of all things. While it could be said that Kon had done a variety of things throughout his youth volleyball was not one of them. “No, I can’t say I have just teach me the basics and I should be fine though.” The teenagers grew impatient to neither of them returning the ball, wanting to prove them wrong for calling them old men, he responded while he picked up and threw up the ball before catching it a few times. “My friend and I would like to play a nice bit of volleyball against you perhaps?, how about this you get your ball back if you bet us?”


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Tim shot back soon after Odin and Kon had spoken about him, no doubt without realising what they had said but knowing they were talking about something, but Kon allayed any fears the fisherman may have had, by simply saying that the two were discussing the weather as Kon was new to Hargeon and wasn't used to the warm climate.Odin just smiled at how swift the reply had been, not so fast that it seemed pre-planned, but the hesitation wasn't long enough to suggest that it was thought of on the spot. Honestly, if Odin hadn't been part of the conversation himself, he wouldn't have been able to tell that they had been talking about anything else, it was an impressive manoeuvre for definite.

It seemed Kon hadn't, in fact, ever played volleyball in his life, which made for the two of them challenging a bunch of teenagers at something they had never themselves tried. Odin had read the rules long ago, and remembered them to a decent extent, but he had never played the game himself, which would no doubt make this an interesting contest. Kon announced their intentions to the teenagers, who seemed surprisingly up for it. They said that volleyball usually required at least three participants, but they would make do with the two they had, which was a relief for Odin. Otherwise, he may have had to play with Tim, which wouldn't have been fun for any involved.


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Without a net nor a properly laid out section made of the concrete itself, the teenagers called for the two of them to come to the sands where they would make a respectable field for them to understand the boundaries. "Hey guys, well yeah if you want to play we need to set up a court so let's go to the beach." Commented the most senior teen. "Hmm, Alright." The blonde mage responded as he followed the group, as he did so he beckoned to his peer, "Come, Lucifer let's show them who's boss." Overhearing the conversation that was taking place the fisherman, Tim interjected. "Have fun lads, I'll call you all out once the fish is done." Returning with a mere thumbs up raised in the air towards the man he continued onto the yet to be created field. Knowing that it would be a messy task to create such a thing he removed sections of his upper clothing down to his white shirt though maintaining the ever-present gloves that he wore everywhere. "let's get to work shall we?" While not one for physical labour when he could avoid it he thought it would only be appropriate for him to help them out of a gesture of common courtesy.



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Surprisingly enough, the teenagers, or at least the oldest of the group, was quite mature, and was willing to play a game, although he decided it's be best to have an actual court, like the one on the beach proper if they seriously wanted to do it. Kon had no issue with this and began walking in the same direction as the group of teenagers, beckoning for Odin to join him, and for the two of them to absolutely destroy their opponents in the upcoming match. Well, those weren't his exact words, but Odin presumed he meant something along those lines by what he did say.

Almost forgetting about his existence, Tim the fisherman called over to the two boys, saying he'd shout them when their dinner was completely ready, which they both replied with in their own way, Kon with a thumbs up and Odin with a raised fist, mostly because it was the first thing he thought of doing. After that, he made his way to the beach with Kon and the teenagers, aware that he'd no doubt have to help erect their playing field once they got there. There were probably spaces available for playing volleyball, but whether or not they were already set up for the two of them, that was another question entirely.


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