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What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange

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What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:03 pm


Damn, this Tengu is hella mad and he wants to see some blood. Simply waiting in Worth Woodsea till he found two people together at the same time to make his appearance. The moment two people enter these parts of the forest, the Tengu will prevent them from leaving till they fight it out. Blood must drop and only one may be left standing.


What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:37 am


The forest was full of both hostile, friendly and even neutral individuals, spirits and other beings it was because of this, the Worth Woodsea enticed himi so much to return in an attempt to encounter yet another spirit. The first spirit he had encountered had been a protector of the Magic Spiral Library which he successfully won against although was not granted entry into the building only being teleported back to Era town. Wanting to show Alice the wonderful environment was the Worth Woodsea. The name hardly gave it justice with the forest stretching through countless acres with most of it being completely untouched by human activity meaning that the trees were colossal in size both in height and thickness, The shroud that the trees created darkened the area below despite it being the middle of the day.

Lacking sufficient sunlight, little grew save for soft moss making the ground only that of mould, dirt, rocks and the thick roots of the trees. This aforementioned terrain was gentle as he stepped through the woods with Alice by his side, there just seemed to be something comforting to the environment that he didn’t have with anywhere else. Much to his surprise and likely to his partners a spirit oriental in style appeared 5 meters in front of him. Recognising that they might be in a position where they needed to fight at any point, Kon withdrew his hands ready to summon down upon the spirit, his angels of light before directly buffing them all afterward.


What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:38 am

Konstantin had been in Worth Woodsea before or so it seemed and he seemed eager to show her the beauty of this forest and it would be nice to have a guide. She was careful as in to where to put her feet even though most of the uneven road was free to walk apart from the occasional tree route and stone. Jupiter walked in front of her and would stop from time to time to check and with this system he always warned her for a root or stone because he would stop direct after. Hecate was walking behind her, closing the whole group. She had never been in a place like this and at first she had been afraid that the forest would be scary but till this point she still had not felt a pressure that should warn her to be afraid.

However soon something changed as to her surprise a spirit appeared and she looked at Konstantin, and followed his example of focussing on her magical energy and stand secure so she would easily be able to wave her hand and summon a spell. Jupiter stood protectively in front of Alice and Hecate appeared on her left side while Kon stood on her right and a little bit in front of her. Two steps or so.

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What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:36 pm


Eerily the ground swiftly became coated in a thick plume of fog concealing his and likely Alice’s feet as the Spirit moved towards them unconcerned about their show of force. “Long ago I was a warrior for an ancient civilisation that resided here in these woodlands, it was not long however that my home was invaded by people like you.” Jabbing both Alice and Kon with the staff he wielded with him drawing ever closer, confused about what the spirit meant he seeked clarification. “People like us?” Ignoring his question, the spirit continued. “I am Tengu, the mighty warrior-mage of the Tenchi tribe, prove to me your courage and bravery in battle and I will greatly reward you, ignore my will and punishment will be swift and painful.” Looking at the two with neither willing to attack each-other and tilting his head he commented once more. “Fight each-other?, come on bleed for me.” “Excuse me what?, you want me to fight my fiance, my pregnant fiance no less?” Shaking his mask concealed face. “Did you not hear what I said?, fight each-other otherwise i’ll have to fight you and that won’t end well for you.”

Recognising the situation and positions of all of his party members, he raised his hands up casting a series of spells in a mere instant all the while repetitively saying before he diving forward away from Alice, turning towards her and motioned his hand towards her ready hurl her 5 meters from him into the air. “Forgive me.” Cracks from the sky a mere 20 cm just above hecate whom was five meters to the left of him while 4 meters to behind him and Jupiter appeared just to the left of him a mere meter away prior to him turning now placing Jupiter to the right of him. Down fell his giant rat and black wolf onto Hecate and Jupiter targeting their vulnerable spots directly at the rear of their skull between the spine which would leave them little time to respond as neither would be in a state of readiness to deal with an attack from above.

Other cracks formed at the same time including that one of his greatest summons in the space between himself and where Alice stood hovering and appearing just 50 cm from the ground creating a shadow in Alice’s direction, his Seraphiel ready to be his shield fearing no injuries nor feeling any pain that would otherwise hinder the actions of the being. While it would be the shield for any potential attacks done to him the summon also attack therefore imbued its staff before swinging its vast staff held with the head of the staff downward striking Alice’s legs shattering them like twigs and spending her 10 meters from her original location,

Another of his summons as he drew up his hand once more, Cassiel appeared from behind Alice still mid-flight a two meters behind her while the duo decreased from the original 6 meters he appeared from, creating its sword as it came into creation he swiftly targeted her left shoulder between her arm and armpit initially with its cut reaching her in a mere .10 seconds before following up with a simply strike by drawing upward to perform a returning slash nearly removing her arm all together. Wanting the senseless violence to stop immediately, he prompted Tengu with a bellow. “Happy, bloody enough?”



What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:29 pm

She did not trust the spirit that talked about fighting and she looked at Konstantin, she was almost a hundred percent sure that he would fight her and would figure out a way to avoid the damage of simply bleeding. For a second she remembered the guildhall of Fairy Tail and the other stories that Tori told her and she clenched her fist. Hecate moved a little closer towards her and Jupiter moved three meters in front of her and growled at the spirit. That wouldn't change a thinga nd her hazel eyes were focused on Kon. They had no other option and she looked at the sky. Having seen the angels four times before, she vaguely knew they were coming from the sky. Hecate followed her example and looked at the sky as well, noticing the big rat that came not far above her and she did a quick step backward and casted the Snow Veil spell to protect her from the rat that would now stand a few feet in front of her because of the fact that he showed up around the height of her face. She took a few more steps backward and Alice followed her example. Hecate would open her mouth in case the veil would break to cast the Icy Wind spell towards the enemy.

Jupiter was hit by the wolf that fell down on him but he let himself drop on the ground and roll to the side, to his left. He immediately activated the Shock Skin and thunder wave. The Shock Skin would be able to deal a shocking damage to the wolf that was still touching him to defend himself, and the Thunder Wave would give him a buff to get through this for endurance.

While she was looking at the sky, she followed Hecate, because as she was staring in front of her she noticed the blue thing in the corner of her left eye. She stayed at the same height as Hecate and summoned her Castor spell to hold on to a weapon, which was something that she had been used to, Kon had made the mistake to thing that she forgot what magic he used. She was prepared but still had no real idea what to do. As she noticed another angel she quickly tapped the ground and used her Lyncis spell to move 5 meter to the right and avoid the spell of the angel whose name she didn't know. She made a distance between her and Hecate of five meters. Jupiter was still 3 meters in front of Hecate and she stared at Konstantin, right. It was not his fault but that surely didn't mean she wasn't happy with the way he went all out. Whether or not Castiel still would appeared she would dash five meters towards Kon and wave while moving forward and summoning her Andromeda spell to send it towards Kon, shame that she had not trained her fighting before this moment. This felt like a disaster.


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What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:58 pm



The injuries inflicted upon Alice and Jupiter would be severe, to say the least with Kon recognising the damage a gentle strike on the spine being capable of crippling someone, evidently done to Jupiter from the wolf that still hung over it ready to attack it further, though notably, it remained still merely capable of breathing and weeping in pain. It hurt him as well in a more empathetic way more than anything. With the beast needing the most urgent of attention to ensure that it wouldn't forever be a cripple, he rushed towards it withdrew his right hand from his glove and placed it upon the injured beast all the while shouting expletives at the spirit. "Why, why the fuck did you want this?, I don't understand, you crazy bastard." Chuckling to himself the spirit merely looked at him while scratching his nose with the top of his staff then raising out both of his arms to demonstrate the fight itself. "I didn't do any of this, no I merely commanded you to fight, how you did it was up to you." Shaking his head in disbelief, he went to work at healing the injured beast. Wanting to ensure both the well-being of his fiance injured in whatever manner she had been, Kon's angel Cassiel drew towards Alice albeit with its weapon casting it away entirely before picking her up completely.

Once the healing of the beast was done, requiring a mere few flicks of the wrist, he rushed towards Alice albeit with Seraphiel in front of him, Alice had been placed on a flatbed of moss that Cassiel had found which would be needed for him to heal her properly with her left arm still being almost completely severed and her broken legs. Despite begging for forgiveness at the start of the fight, he continued to hold a great sense of disappointment towards himself for hurting Alice, knowing that nothing would make up for what he had done, he merely whimpered to her as hot tears ran down his face. "I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry." Unbeknownst to Kon, the spirit moved from its initial location it was only until the spirit announced his presence that his focus drew from Alice. "Good, good a fantastic amount of blood and gore." Growing ever increasingly annoyed by his presence he harshly responded to the spirit. "What do you want now?" The spirit merely laughed in response saying nothing else instead poking towards Alice for Kon to redraw his focus towards.


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What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:12 pm

She wasn't entirely sure how she felt no pain at that moment at all, she could only stare at Jupiter and hold the babybump with her right hand since her left wasn't really functioning anymore, but her hazel eyes did not leave Jupiter even though Hecate came running towards her as soon as apparently Kon started healing her companion. She didn't notice immediately, her face was a blur with tears, why did everything always seemed to go wrong for them? But she had to reconsider that thought for she started to sound like Lacie.

That's when she noticed Konstantin coming towards her or she towards him for she had not even noticed that Hecate disappeared out of sight and she was lifted by an angel, she didn't even turn her head until she noticed that Jupiter stood up and shook himself out to turn around and still look very angry, which made her giggle stupidly even though tears were covering her cheeks. Now she was on a softer ground but everything still felt a sort of numb, as if her body didn't want her to feel... flashback.. which made her panic but only her eyes turned bigger and she started to breath too quick that's when she focused on Kon and she nodded and she couldn't look else where. There was no sound that she heard, nothing, she was basically in shock.

She didn't notice what was going on, it did not register in her brain until she heard someone giggle far too happy and insensitive considering, her eyes turned and she stared at something that the spirit was holding that no longer felt like she knew what it was until she felt the pain and everything came crashing into her mind. That was her arm. Obviously her nailpolish and the little scar she got from a battle before, but she didn't not make a sound herself, she was screaming silently and couldn't stop staring at it but the spirit simply danced in joy from his left foot onto his right and made a giggling sound before speaking something again, probably that there was enough payment for them to pass now, she heard something like that. And she couldn't even imagine that she would be able to get up and walk again.

With a panic tone in her voice she turned her eyes back to Kon as the spirit stood further away or was gone in general, "What do we do now?"

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What? Let us go Tengu! ~ Orange Empty Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:32 pm


"Interdasting," he said. The tengu snapped his fingers and restored the girl's damages after which he disappeared into the forest again.

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