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At the 8-Island[Open]

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Kenny felt himself grow more excited when Lyss had come out to play with him, he had looked forward to making his sweet little ivory rose curl her toes and scream with pleasure tonight, but if the black lily wanted to do the screaming that was all the more challenging and a bit more fun. Tonight would be a night she would never forget and if there was anything Kenny had learned about Lyss it was going to be quite a game to impress her. He looked down at her as she tore off his shirt, he let the pieces fall to his sides as he smirked at the woman, she wanted to play rough? Oh yes they could play rough indeed, he undid the belt looped in his pants and tossed it beside her, they would be needing it tonight, who was going to use it was a mystery they would have to solve during not that it mattered. Kenny rolled his shoulders and watched her pose, it was more than enough to provoke him, her rear beckoning him and the innocent look on her face a factor in the lust that filled the room and Kenny’s mind.

Without a word Kenny gripped her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed, as if he would have begun then but then he caught yet another glimpse of her underthings. They teased him, and challenged all at once, just as their wearer did he would breath shallowly as he felt unconsciously knelt down and gave in, teeth bared as if he had gave in to his animalistic instincts all together growling at what he claimed as his readying his maw to attack her defenses at any moment and soon that moment would come.

The rip of her panties by his teeth signaled the beginning of what could only be described as a conquest of pleasure as well as igniting the power struggle that was soon to occur between the two bodies. Kenny pounced on her, finally allowing his primal desire to take him as he would ravish Lyss in what would be one hell of a night.

Clouds soon blocked out the moon the only light the two would have was a street light that just barely lit the apartment. A storm began to brew over Hargeon, thunder masking their sounds, grunts, groans, moans, and screams would be masked by the rumble of thunder and lighting.

There would be biting, scratching, and bruising as their bodies intertwined with one another, one of them was going to have to give in lightning would soon provide their only means of sight as cracking electricity would temporarily light the room for a matter of seconds, but soon as the rain continued pouring and thunder kept rumbling for the two lovers everything would fade to black just as the first bed rail broke of what would be a night of breaking embracing, and chasing.

At the 8-Island[Open] - Page 2 Qurywgl

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After the two of them had their amazing night, Alyssa laid down under the covers, enjoying the feeling of the satin sheets brushing against her bare body.  She hoped at some point Kenny had let Arcane in the room, but she could not be bothered with checking for him at the point.  She was sore, blissfully so.  After the split had given her back control, she had nearly collapsed out of pure exhaustion.  Her eyes stayed trained on the man before her.  He was different, though it was not bad.  He had finally taken control of a situation, of her, and it made her smile.  She still could not believe the fact that she was engaged to this man before her.  They had some rough patches, but hopefully they could work though them.  "You are not going to leave me again, right?"  Her doubts were getting to her.  "Plus...you asking me to marry you...that was not a joke, was it?"  She asked quietly, hoping the man's responses did not rip her heart out once again.  She cared dearly for the man before her, and with him being the new and improved Kenny, she did not think Lyss would want to kill him anymore.


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Kenny was exhausted, he was covered in well earned scratch marks, his back, arms and waist stinging as he laid still, his cheek was scratched pretty bad too, as was his stomach, nails seemed to have been dug into his abdominals. The smile on his face was wide as he held an arm around Alyssa, seemed like she was back in control. As for Kenny’s other scars of battle, he could swear his hips were bruised, but that was nothing too serious. Alyssa spoke up breaking the silence, asking if he would leave her again, “I’ll never leave you again, I’m yours all in all, and you…” he leaned over to her and placed a kiss on her lips, “But you? You’re all mine and only mine.”

When she asked him about the marriage his smile grew wider, “I was serious, I want to marry you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.Maybe even have a couple of kids when we’re done traveling..” he was indeed serious, he wanted to marry her, buy a house,  pool, big lawn, the whole nine yards, maybe, get Arcane a nice dog house of his own for summers and a really big back yard. He had a dream he wanted to put in action and he trust Alyssa to be the woman to help him build a good life.

“How about uh, four kids and we get Arcane a few furry friends? Shit I forgot about Arcane!” he hopped up pulling up his pants and sliding on his shoes. “Hey wait for me, I’ma go get Arcane!” he hopped to his feet, he didn’t even notice it was already morning and it was still raining.

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At the 8-Island[Open] - Page 2 Qurywgl
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