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At the 8-Island[Open]

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At the 8-Island[Open] UH1fYAG

The 8-Island had recently re-opened under new management and ownership. Ever since Cell rode through it had been closed awhile, Erebus was pleased to learn his favorite place in town was now up and running again. Even if it wasn't the same as it once was. Business wasn't great here either anymore, but life, as well as color were returning to the store.

A bell was heard just as the lycan pressed on the glass entryway. The steps behind him squeaking only barely, if at all. The lycan's canines gritted when he made his way inside. He wore his armors, unique and expensive underneath a large cloak. He looked somewhat sketchy, but profile alone could not deny him a seat. He was a famous mage for all they knew. Not to say the employees and residents inside weren't a slight bit shy at staring in his direction. The last time a strange person came through that door-- everyone was drank alive by a giant bug man. Their justifications were enough to allow Erebus a quiet, relaxed air to him, despite all the rudeness being thrown. After all, humans were humans. Nothing would change that.

"I'll have a steak, medium rare and a glass of tea." The blonde would say, only after a waiter coming over. The man taking his meal didn't even get a chance to speak before the answer was addressed. He quickly bowed with a thanks in advance. Before scurrying on along. Erebus remained, resting his head in his hand.

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Kenny scratched the back of his head, he couldn’t muster the thoughts or words anymore. He had nothing to do, yet he felt as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders after the past few days. A sharp sigh left his lips as he rubbed his temples, he couldn’t sleep, he was so excited yet he still had tinges of paranoia in his chest. It wasn’t so much that he was paranoid of being found again, but more it seemed that wherever he went people and things were after him, the most recent being a certain ashen haired woman.

Kenny walked down one of Hargeon’s less crowded streets as he headed to the restaurant, he looked over his shoulder, he looked at every corner and roof top. He seemed to be in the clear red contacts allowing for him to have some clearer vision in case someone or something decided to fool wish him again. All was peaceful for now, until he entered the 8-Island, it seemed eye drifted to him for a moment before things settled back down. Kenny could only blink as he sat down and waited to be greeted by a waiter. He would be safe right?

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Alyssa was minding her own business in the town of Hargeon, her latest kill's skulls taken back to the warehouse she shared with her mentor and properly cleaned in order to begin to finish off her very first skull throne.  She knew sooner or later she would have to find Yumi to help her assemble the parts of the skull throne before her.  She found herself getting tired and irritated from the activity of the day mixed with hunger.  She was not a happy camper and so she made her way into a small grill named 8-Island.  Her eyes scanned the place for a place to sit and she quickly zoned in on one person particular.  A smile stretched over her lips as she saw Kenny sitting among the few people in the place and she immediately made her way over to him, sliding into the seat beside him.  "Hey there stranger, what a fancy place to see you at."  She greeted happily, hoping the man was as excited to see her as she was him.  Arcane seemed to be just as excited as he sat under Kenny, placing his head upon his lap while wagging his tail and whining happily.


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At the 8-Island[Open] UH1fYAG

The young adventurer had tucked the table cloth into the nape of his shirt neck, already hungry for his meal. He rubbed his hands together, just as a fine young woman wisped on past him, drawing all the entirety of his attention to a table some feet away. There it was, just at that time, when he noticed Kenny Omega. The same cat from the other night, the one he'd helped off the floor after a foot shattered his manhood. Wow, now that he thought about it, that chick must've killed off any chance of children in Kenny's foreseeable future.

Matter of fucking fact! It was that girl right there with hair like snow, and the clothes of bleeding red.
He couldn't help but get nosy. Anybody would. So Erebus picked the table cloth out of his shirt, and proceeded. Standing up from his chair with a look of insatiable curiosity. The waiter had returned about this time with a drink. Causing Erebus to fleet attention from the lover's quarrel only for a dying second. "Where's my lime..." Erebus grew upset. But he was in no hurry, he quickly got back into dialogue.

"I'm gonna sit over there, or something. Bring my food when it's done." Erebus flicked a few pieces of emerald and ruby across the table in the waiter's direction. He then departed; making way over towards the two.

"Name's Strategist." The man started up, a look of sophistication and also a dead blank grin as his eyes drifted from one person and then to the next. "I saw you two at the bar the other night. So what's the story. Don't worry, I side-job as a school counselor. Fess up." Of course, Erebus was lying. But his name was pretty infamous; chances are upon telling them the name... His identity as a rogue dark mage was already in the air, unable to be taken back. Not that he gave a care about that. The lycan was more interested in the hot juicy gossip.


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A waiter soon came and greeted Kenny, a small smile crept upon his face as he looked down at the menu and prepared to order a drink, “C-coffee please, no cream.” maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all, he looked around the place with a half content smile on his face, half because while he mouth crept into a smile, his eyes were still filled with worry. Soon he would lay his eyes on a head of blonde hair, it looked familiar, like that of the gentlemen he had ran into during his little ‘fight’ with Alyssa. Though as Kenny’s eyes drifted away from the strange in what seemed like a second familiar voice both excited and frightened him. He looked up at her with a weak smile on face, “Alyssa! Honey! Oh and Arcane! H-how’s it going guys?” he would pet the large puppy before planting a kiss on the woman’s cheek.

“Boy I’m glad to see you two.” What were the odds of finding them here? Slim to none right? No she was still in town ha ha, yeah! It was only natural that she’d be here. His worry would fade until another would join them, the blonde man from before.

Kenny looked up at him and began to sweat, what was he doing? Trying to open a can of worms that Kenny taped up and through in the back of the fridge? Who was this man? Why did he care? Shit, he might help though… help take some of the pressure off of Kenny and she couldn’t kill him if there was another person around. Kenny looked to Alyssa, “Uh… What do you think dear?”

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Alyssa froze, remembering the name being told to her by one of her guild mates not long before as they were explaining the names of each other to her.  She had been appointed with the name 'Crazy Eight' which fit her well.  Hearing the name 'Strategist' was a slap in the face.  This man belonged to the same guild as herself.  Though she did not know the rules of her guild yet, she knew all too well to address the members of her guild by their given names only, and not by actual names.  "Of course, Kenny, we should have him.  We can not be rude to the people that come to introduce themselves, now can we?"  Sticking her hand out, Alyssa looked the man in his eyes with a slight smile.  "You can call me Crazy Eight."  She said, giving Kenny a pointed look as to not call her by her name again, she was sure it could get her in trouble.  She knew the man did not understand, and he did not need to.  It made her really begin to question if she could remain with the man before her.  She belonged to a different life than he did, one that made it unable for her to properly be with him without lying.


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At the 8-Island[Open] UH1fYAG

The lycan continued to stad while he read expressions and vibes off the two. He was lit up like a kid at a birthday concerning the uneased tension. Upon hearing the girl give him a name that seemed somewhat like he might've heard it over a phone call between the ark, Erebus tilted his head. His leg pulled a chair behind him out and he skidded it across the table to sit backwards as his smile directed in Kenny's direction. He sipped at tea from a straw whilst he allowed the creeping silence to forcefully break ice.

"And what might yours be?"

Strategist didn't know if either were in his guild, but Alyssa certainly sold that impression well. Then again, the keenest mind never obscured the paranoia that anyone and everyone could be playing sides. There was more to backing his given name than it resounded. Erebus had defeated numerous magic users. He was smarter than just swinging sword or allowing his fists to talk. He was an observationalist. Everything was an asset to be broken down.

"Don't be shy. I don't bite."


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The look that Kenny gave this woman… You would think he was both confused and irritated at the same time. What kind of name was crazy eight? She know this guy or something? Ah shit what if this was all just a plot to kill him? Yeah she might know him and the two of them are plotting to kill him, take his jewels and run away together. Ah no wonder she was using a fake name, it was the signal! Shit how did he get in this mess? He should have went to the bar, damn his stomach.

When the male smiled at him kenny got even more uneasy along with the stare Alyssa gave him, so this was it huh? This was how he died trapped between the woman who used to love him and her strange new lover. Both of them had weird ass names, and both of them were about to put Kenny in the morg. The Omega looked down at his lap and mumbled his name, sweat beginning to build. “My name is… Kenny.” a bead of sweat fell from his nose to the ground. Was Arcane in on it too? He’d pet the fire type and sigh, no, even if he bit the hell out of Kenny he wouldn’t plot against him would he?

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Alyssa could only guess what Kenny was thinking as she gave the man her code name.  He looked uncomfortable and was sweating like a dog.  Alyssa knew she could not explain what was going on to the man and instead of feeling sorry for him, she was beginning to feel annoyed.  Was he that afraid of her?  If she wanted to kill him still, she could have done it at any point.  They did not feel like a couple to her anymore.  He was too scared, she was too...evil.  She wished for the past to come back honestly, but she knew everything had changed the day Kenny left her and now she was trying to hold on to some part of the past that she missed dearly, though it was just a memory.  She knew they would never be like they were before and it hurt her.  "Are you okay, Kenny?"  She asked, feigning worry for the man.  She understood why he would be scared of her now, but that did not mean she had to like it.  Did he actually think she would bring someone else in to help her kill him?  And in a public place as well?


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This whole thing was beginning to feel really weird to the lycan, he brushed a hand through his hair. Damn, this guy was getting soaked in his own insecurities. What was he afraid of? "Dude. Relax." Erebus spoke, his voice less as hostile. He blinked twice, then looked back at the crazy eight lady. "So I'm really dying to know why you're man here is so afraid. Ya know I saw a program about abusive girlfriends, but I never paid it much mind. Then again, he was trying to crawl up another girl's pants. Can't say I'd be as forgiving as you seem to be, sitting here in front of him."

Erebus gave her a strikingly cruel smile, one of obvious malefic intent. Designed with mind, to send her the message that she was soft, and this early in life, she was. However, on the inside, the wolf was actually applauding her. Tipping to her some hidden bits of respect. Erebus in fact, wasn't the type to leave his Exes' alive. Not when they did things like this-- a fatal flaw of the lycan's was dealing with humiliation. It always had been-- and this was clearly one hell of a humiliating subject.

Besides, in the lycan's short lived lifetime, he'd already gutted plenty of people. Why leave any more alive right, fuck it, kill 'em all!? But-- whatever. The lycan turned his attention back to the red-eyed adventurer. Kenny Omega.
Man, what a fly character, but not fly enough.
"Kenny we've all been where you are. At least us males, but here's the thing. If you aren't dead yet, then somewhere deep down. You know that this Crazy Bitch here has feelings for you suppressed, and that means that your story isn't over yet. Grow some backbone. Dunno if the pussy was bad or not, but it seems like you should stop looking for more than what you can handle. Only us cool, elite types can make girls go weak in the knees and get away with it. You were lucky to get such a catch the first time around. No offense." Erebus sipped his tea. He smiled, even with the blank faced, baggy eyes that he was known for. He did seem to radiate such annoyingly cool energies.

Maybe because of his charisma, or maybe even because there was an underlying motive to why he was so brutally honest. Maybe, just maybe, he had a plan all along with that long speech.

You see. Erebus wasn't all that bad of a guy, after all. He could get Alyssa mad at him by saying what was said, or at least annoyed as she probably would be. Which would circumvent tensions aimed at Kenny, direct on himself. In the same way, by making himself look more like a prick than Kenny, he was pushing Kenny's attractiveness up the ladder. Not only that, but this would also affect Kenny too, if Erebus was lucky enough to settle the tension. It should make Kenny feel like he has something to respect and shield, to protect from other guys. If Kenny was a man, he would stop being a pussy right now, and defend his lady. problem solved. Erebus was, indeed, well versed in being an ass, and now more than ever. He'd show it off.

Now where's my fucking steak.


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Kenny closed his eyes and nodded, as he listened to them both, maybe he was being a bit of a drama queen, but could he be blamed? She had tried to kill him twice now, but then again… Could there be more at work? Was she bored of him? Kenny stared at the strategist attentively, he listened as he spoke, both of them weren’t exactly being the most warm to him, and that was to be expected as he, as a man right now was coming off as more weak than anything.

“I’m not afraid for starters,” Kenny eyed him, who the hell did he think he was? Did he think Kenny to be a mute? Pussy whipped was that it? Yeah he was sweating, he was freaking out, his imagination was pulling his mind to a dark place, the same place it had been the past few weeks since he lost her and got her back but now he was trying to readjust, that was all. He could already hear the boredom in her voice when she spoke to him, there was no interest anymore and quite frankly it pissed Kenny off, he didn’t march around Fiore to nail chicks and fuck up his life, he was traveling for her, he wanted to get stronger for her and now she felt the need to use fake names and whatever other shit she was hiding.

“Watch your fuckin’ mouth.” The nerves melted away and were replaced with agitation as Kenny clenched his fist and narrowed his brows at the stranger, he was clearly unamused by his words and the look in his eye was damn near murderous. To think all it took was a few words to make him go from Zero to well, pretty pissed off hero.

“She’s not a crazy bitch, and if any one’s gonna call her crazy it’d be me. I don’t know what the fuck is up, but you watch you mother fucking mouth when you’re addressing Crazy Eight, she’s the most beautiful god damn woman in this place and I’m lucky to have her yeah, but I don’t need to hear it from the likes of you. I don’t give a shit if you are the mysterious brooding stranger call her a bitch again and cave your goddamn skull in and drink my coffee out of that.”

Kenny, despite earlier, was seething, no man was gonna disrespect his woman, rather she loved him or not she was his and until she opened her god damn mouth and told him it was over he didn’t need some random motherfucker telling him what was up.

The restaurant went quiet, eyes watching the trio, Kenny at this point was standing from his seat, hands pressed against the wood of the table, if they fought Kenny would give this bastard everything he had to defend her, he could die sure, but he was gonna leave his mark on ‘strat’.

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Alyssa found herself staring eyes wide at Kenny as he addressed the man. She was shocked that he was standing up to him to say the least.  She found herself feeling a certain type of way that she had not in a very long time and not in a killing kind of way but more in a 'take me to the bedroom and spank me daddy' type way.  The man was very hot when he was passionate about something, and Alyssa could see that he was passionate about her.  The familiar feeling gathered in the pit of her stomach and between her legs as she clenched them together beneath the white dress she wore.  Placing her hand on Kenny's arm, she tried calming him down a bit, along with herself.  It was not the time to drag him off yet.  "Kenny, babe, calm down okay?  He did not hurt my feelings at all."  Alyssa tried to say, rubbing her hand over the man's arm.  He was tense, she could feel that, and even Arcane seemed to be trying to calm the man down by nudging his hand on the opposite side.  "Please do not draw any more attention to us."


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A strategist was a strategist, and Erebus was right with his control of the emotions being manifested. Now it was time to package seal the deal. Erebus made himself stand up and look Kenny right in the eye, a smile as wide as Kenny's inflated confidence. Then almost erupting the volcano Erebus spoke again. "There ya go. Just like I expected. You aren't such a cupcake after all Kenneth." Erebus allowed the girl room to cling to her boyfriend, asserting his intentions full and complete. "I know when I can't win, so I won't bother with you. You're a beast under those skins. A real dog. Come find me when you want to have the rest of that brought out. I'll show you what you can really do. But for now, I'll hold my tongue, you're clearly not to be trifled with." Erebus backed away, a smile expanding over his face to reveal sharp teeth. The boy would send a chilling wink to his new friend. Whether not it was to be understood or well received was not of Erebus's care or worry. Before making his triumphant exit. The Strategist gave the girl her last little bit of dialogue as well. "As for you Crazy Eight, I think I'll see you again. Til next time then." Both to bite at Kenny, and to promise his 'guild mate' that he indeed would meet her again. Especially considering his close friendship with her mentor.

With that, Erebus turned around. Walking to the door, as he passed a waiter holding a dish, Erebus extended a hand and ripped the steak off the plate. "My fucking steak, they'll take the bill."



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This fucker… He was leaving, he gets under Kenny’s skin and runs away, what kind of bullshit was that. He watched his leave, eyes glued on his back, if Kenny had a knife he’d drive it into through him and make that fucker pay. Kenny pointed at him with a nod, “Yeah you can meet her again and I’ll be right there to fuck you up if you try anything.” When Alyssa spoke Kenny calmed, but his furrowed brow didn’t leave the double doors until strategist was out of sight, “Alright, my bad, I don’t know what that bullshit was.” Kenny would scratch Arcane behind his ear and put his arm around Alyssa almost instinctively, it felt natural to do this, he didn’t care why, he loved her and she was his, emphasis on his.

“Ey waiter fuck the coffee, bring me our tab and some mints.” he knocked on the table and pulled Alyssa closer, “And what’s up with this Crazy Eight thing? Do I call you that now? Do I call you that in bed?” he smirked, giving her waist a squeeze. He felt good, no idea why, it was a new feeling to him, he felt assertive, maybe even dominant.

“Let’s get the hell outta here and go back to my place close the blinds, I want a bite to eat and I’ve got a buffet right here.” he spoke in a low growl.

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The moment Kenny had pulled Alyssa closer to him she had felt his entire demeanor change.  She could feel the shift in the air as he kept her close to him, arm possessively around her waist, and he had watched the man walk out of the shop.  She could feel the man's anger and jealously wrap around her and for some reason, she felt very submissive in the moment, something she had never before felt in her life.  As the man asked for the check she swallowed the lump in her throat and his next words made her weak in the knees.  It had been a while since she had been with the man in the bedroom and she was excited and nervous all at the same time.  A man had never effected her like he just had and she was looking forward to what was coming as they waited on the bill, Kenny's arm still around her side as he no longer seemed tense or frightened, but confident in the fact that she was his woman and he seemed to want her to realize that just as much as he wanted others to.  The split was even shocked that the man was taking charge as he was and even she was bending to the man's will.  If this would be his new attitude, the split would be bending to his will much more.


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Kenny could feel Alyssa softening next to him, he went back to scratching Arcane as they waited, when the check did come he tossed the jewels onto it and stuffed a few jewels into the waiter’s hand as a tip, it wasn’t much given they didn’t even eat but Kenny was feeling some what generous, so generous in fact that tonight the woman in his arm might end up getting quite a tip of her own. He took Alyssa’s by the hand and helped her up with a tug, he wanted her now and there wasn’t any time to waste. “I hope you’re ready,” he spoke again when they got outside, “Because I’m gonna turn your Crazy eight into a 69.” as aggressive as he was he found room for a jest before he would pick her up and carry her bridal style. He felt the urge to carry her, not because she was some dainty thing, but every man and woman they passed by would get the hint that she was his. He stood tall, he held her close and began their path to his place so he can show her how much she means to him and given how riled up he was it was obvious he was going to need to order a new couple of bed rails before the night was over.

“You know you’re mine don’t you?” he asked, his tone going from playful back to his rather deep growl.

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Alyssa once again swallowed the growing lump in the back of her throat.  The man's words were heating her up in more ways than one.  He paid the waiter as Alyssa waited for what the man would do next, not knowing what to expect from him as he had been very unpredictable the past few minutes yet she loved it.  When the man lifted her to carry her, she wrapped her arms around his heck to make sure if he accidentally dropped her that she would not be injured.  Eyes were on them as he carried her like a caveman back towards his own place.  She was quiet, not exactly knowing what to say in the moment aside from the fact that he was hot currently...very hot.  The words that came out of his mouth next struck a cord and she felt herself melting in his arms as well as ruffling her feathers.  She liked his possessiveness but she could also feel the split coming out, wanting to argue.  Her eyes sparked, showing that Lyss was currently in control and she struggled against his grip, glaring up at him.  "I belong to no one but myself!"  She growled lowly, wanting the man to think she meant business.


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Kenny had a sneer on his face as he walked, he carried his love along as if she were some sort of prize, he wanted her to feel special, alas he could see the mixed reactions they got: Older people seemed to think it was cute, people their age were either disgusted as they hid their jealousy or watching attentively. Sadly for them Omega didn’t care as he held Alyssa close to him, soon however almost with perfect timing Kenny looked down at Alyssa and noticed that Lyss came out to play, how could he tell? She began to fight him and the more she squirmed in his grip the more excited he got to get her home, yet it seemed she needed some convincing that she was all his.

“Oh really?” he snarled, stepping into the nearest ally he put her on her feet in front of a wall and placed his hands on either side of her so she couldn’t just weasel away, a toothy grin would soon form, “I was waiting for you Lyss. You say you aren’t mine?”

He bared his teeth, “Arcane, take a walk boy.” he directed the Pokemon, not wanting her to object Kenny pressed his lips against Lyss’ in a rough kiss, their lips were practically smashed together, he could feel that he busted his lip on her teeth, but he couldn’t give any less of a damn as he drew back from the kiss biting her lower lip to stare into her eyes, his lust obvious with his red orbs. There were no words, instead he pushed back into her lips for another rough kiss. He wasn’t afraid of Lyss and she just like the rest of Alyssa was his.

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Lyss would soon find that Kenny was not playing any longer.  Even she could tell the man was stronger, more so than before.  Alyssa had sunk deep back into her mind, falling completely into this man's words.  Alyssa knew she belonged to him and no one else.  Lyss on the other hand seemed to still need convincing.  She would only give herself to someone strong, and she was not convinced that giving herself fully to the man before her was the right move.  Alyssa doubted slightly that the man could handle the split and put her in a place underneath himself.  It made the power struggle between Lyss and herself more difficult as Alyssa tried to convince the split to let the man have control.  Lyss did not believe in giving up control to someone, not ever.  He would have to take it from her if he wanted it.  He kissed her there in the alley, trapping her between his arms.  Once he bit her lip, she bit back just as hard, showing him that though she was turned on, he had not won the battle placed before him.  "I. Am. Not. Yours.  I belong to myself!  You are too weak to control me!"  Alyssa backed further into the corner of her own mind waiting to see what else the man had stored away to put the split in her place.


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She bit him back, he growled and looked down at her or more specifically her dress, something in the back of his mind was telling him to tear her pretty white dress to pieces and mark her… Sadly he couldn't do the former, but he could still mark her as his and prove to Lyss that she was in fact all his. “You. Are. MINE.” he took a grip of the right shoulder of her dress with a fair grip and roughly tugged it aside to reveal her shoulder. He leaned in and began steady, he left rough pecks on her neck, his teeth grazed the area just between her neck and shoulder before he finally opened his maw, his tongue selfishly lapped at her skin once, his left hand gripped her left wrist tightly and pinned it against the wall, in case she went for a cheap blow he placed his left knee in between her legs to stop a kick and without any further delay he sunk his teeth into her tender flesh with a firm bite, maybe not as hard as he wanted, but just enough to leave a mark on her, his mark, and there were more to come tonight. He remained on her shoulder for a second before drawing back and staring into her eyes, he looked at her with hunger and a fire that had been latent for all too long.


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Lyss was too shocked to do anything aside from tense up and let out a small whimper when the man bit her.  If he did not have her legs pinned where she could not, she would have kneed him in the balls to stop the event from happening.  Both sides of Alyssa were in turmoil and neither of them knew what to do about it.  They had never had another mark them in such a way, but she knew it was there from the slight throbbing pain on the base of her neck.  Not only was it there to show her that she belonged to him, it was in plain view of the rest of Fiore as well.  Lyss, shocked and confused, receded into the back of Alyssa's mind, letting her once again take control.  The battle may have been won by him, but the war had just began.  As Alyssa took back control she heard him whisper the word he had been most of the night.  Her fingers reached up to graze the spot on her neck as she bit her lip with a sheepish nod.  "Yours," She whispered quietly to the man, giving him what he wanted from her.


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Lyss would soon give into him, a soft whimper leaving her lips, something he never thought he would hear from her, but now that he heard it once he was driven to hear more. He stared down at her for a moment, no doubt a few passersby caught glimpses of the action, but would soon her turned away by Kenny’s sharp gaze as he protected what was no his. He placed a hand on her cheek, never did he think he would see her so submissive, when she muttered that she was his that did all but settle it, they still had a long night ahead. He would pick her up again, not before licking her lips to steal her taste yet again and began back on their path, they would be on the beach before she knew it and in their path would soon be at the Inn he stayed at. He had gotten a place in front of the beach here in Hargeon, he enjoyed the place all too much to not take up residence for a bit. When they entered through the glass pane doors Alyssa would more than likely find the place quite fancy as it was, it was only the best for his ashen rose after all and he imagined he would bring her here one of these days, though he didn’t imagine himself being well… So assertive.

Kenny walked up to the front desk and looked down at the receptionist with a sharp glare, “Tell roomservice to stay away from room 244 until tomorrow evening, I’m going to be busy.” his tone was sharp and the man behind the counter cleared his throat and nodded. With that Kenny carried Alyssa into the elevator and took them up to the second floor where he would get even more aggressive. “I hope you’re ready, I don’t expect you to give me full control I want both of us to be scratched up, beaten up, and sore as hell.” he looked down at her showing some reserve for now.

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'He wants a beating?  Oh boy he is going to get a beating.' Lyss muttered in the shared mind of Alyssa and herself.  Alyssa was too hypnotized by his words to do much of anything aside from pull the man's face down to kiss her.  Things were different between the two of them, strange, yet a good strange.  Neither Alyssa nor Lyss could deny that they had missed the man, especially his ways in the bedroom.  Lyss had decided to take over once again.  He did not want full submission, and that was all that the weak side of Alyssa would give him.  So instead, Lyss took matters into her own hands with a grin.  "Let's go for a ride."  She whispered with a hint of a smirk tinting her lips.  Her white dress was wrinkled now from the action in the alley and was slipping up high on her thigh from being carried all the way back to the room Kenny had rented on the beach.  She had to admit that he had good tastes when it came to picking out rooms.  This was a long time coming that she had been waiting impatiently for.  It had been a while since anything besides killing excited her.


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As if a starting gun had been fired after they kissed. Kenny picked her up again, this time holding her legs on each side of him as he carried her down the hall and to his room on what must have been a dime. He fumbled with his key and pushed it in twisting the knob and damn near tearing the door down as he swung it open, evented and kicked it shut. He paced himself, kissing her again and again, as he uncontrollably seemed to kiss her over and over. He roughly threw Lyss on the bed and attacked her pretty white dress, it seemed wrinkled, and now sadly it was now ruined as he 'accidentally' gripped the garment with both and tore it down with ease as he tossed both pieces to the floor, “Whoops, did I do that? I’ll get ya a new one… If you keep up.” The moon shined through the open blinds at this point, things were about to get fierce and with how he was feeling he wouldn’t be surprised if he at least bruised something by the time they were done. If he wasn’t mistaken Arcane was probably in the lobby meaning they had the night to themselves! Though of course, he wouldn’t leave his beloved orange doggo in the lobby for long, just long enough for him to show Lyss just how much of a man he was.

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Alyssa was aware that Arcane was not currently with them and though that slightly bothered her, she was more worried about the man currently roughly handling her on the bed.  As Kenny ripped her new dress, she gave him a look of displeasure followed by a glare and a smirk.  "You will get me a new one if I can keep up?  Do you remember which side of the split you are speaking to, Kenny?"  His name came out as a growl, and a seductive one at that.  She managed to rip man's shirt off and shrug.  "I'll get you a new one, if you can keep up."  She would mock the man and then decide to tease him a bit as she backed herself up on the bed.  "You know, I think I may just be tired.  I guess you are boring me."  She muttered with a shrug as she would try to lay down on the bed.  She would position herself ass showing as she sat in her matching undergarments.  If this would not provoke the man, she did not know what would.  She made sure to give him an innocent look as she bit her lip and then smiled.

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