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Intimidation Tactics

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Intimidation Tactics Empty on Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had done her job for today. She had woke up in the morning, figured out that breakfast was a good idea and had gotten a quest to do for doctor Stephan Mabuz and had gone there with a lot of difficulty. But that was mainly for a different experiment that happened before that. She was now on her way to go eat somewhere but decided to head back to the Guild. She liked going out for dinner, but it was a bit sad if you would go alone. She didn’t actually have trouble with that but she didn’t feel like it. It was around one o’clock on a Sunday afternoon. There were a few people outside in Oak but not too many and not the shabbiest people. She was used to that already, no problem at all. She only had to hurry and leave. She was sure Selena was in some way waiting for her. Waiting for the news that she left Phantom Lord, which she still had not done. It mainly came because of the jobs, Alice loved money because it made her independent. She didn’t have to rely on anyone and it would keep her off the streets and let her stop pickpocketing. Selena should be happy about that too, right? It was not really a difficult choice, Alice really wanted to leave Phantom Lord behind but it was easy like this. There were jobs, places to stay without having to spend money and well people. Although it was only one in the Guild that she really particularly liked as a friend or so she thought. Not sure about what to think she just would go on. She only didn’t like the food in Phantom Lord but already managed to go and make her own dinner or lunch in this case. It was an easy sandwich and she could enjoy it by sitting by herself and look at all the people inside the Guild. The reason why she had joined in first instance was because she didn’t give a crap about what people thought about her, Phantom Lord seemed to be a Guild that mainly focused on yourself and no one to check upon you and so on. She didn’t have to follow rules was what the person she knew said. However there were enough rules and she was glad to know Yami wanted to leave too. It would maybe make her a bit less afraid of the possibilities that could happen for if she would go alone. She was not too sure about her abilities, as she always walked away from difficult tasks at hand. She finished her sandwich and checked out for a possible other job. She could use the money, she was saving for when she was leaving. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t working on it anymore.

There was a note from some guy called Frankie Marino that wanted help for getting money from a shop owner. She was a freelance mage, she could go. So she ripped the paper of the board and headed to the bar where Frankie Marino should be waiting. It seemed the quest had been up for about two hours. She simply went in to get the job, she was the first to arrive apparently as she had hoped. Marino explained what happened and what he needed and he gave her the directions to the shop. She would have to meet him again here as she got the proof that the guy would pay. She nodded and left with the route printed in her head. It wasn’t difficult to find and the shop looked rather shabby so she got the idea why he didn’t pay yet. But it wasn’t up to her to feel sorry for him. She entered the shop and sort of patiently waited for the customers to leave. She had secretly turned the sign from open into closed, no one would enter after her. It didn’t take long for the last people to leave, it were only two others. The man looked at her with a friendly smile and asked if he could help her, ”You might.” she said and walked to the till. She decided to first ask him for the money, which he obviously denied. He explained why not and she shook her head, making sure she didn’t hear him because she didn’t want to care, ”I will ask one more time for the money. If you deny, there are consequences.” but he denied again and wanted to explain again but she simply summoned her magic power to use her straight spear. While she summoned it, she turned her upper body to the right side so her left hand was in front of the right when the spear appeared and she was able to turn it and hit the back of the spear to the man his head and knock him to the ground. It was all a matter of seconds, he was dazed and didn’t understand completely what happened.

She pulled him up with the power of her strength and the spear and let him dangle a bit, it sure asked a lot of strength and she noticed and noted in her head that she should train a bit more, ”Write a note that by next week it should be handed over to the ones that you owe.” The man being not much taller than Alice and thus indeed dangling, nodded and she put him softly back on the ground and let her spear disappear in her dimensional pocket. She waited for the man to write the note and with that piece of paper she left. Not even changing the sign to open, not her problem. She headed to the bar and gave the note to Marino. He gave her the jewels as promised and she counted them again as now was becoming a habit to her. She thanked Marino as he thanked her and walked out of the bar with a pocket full of jewels. Her job was done for today and she could read a book or so.


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