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A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] Empty Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:24 am

Lee Nakamura
The redhead sat there at the counter with several bottles of vodka already emptied. People gave her odd looks as if she was crazy or had some sort of magical ability to take it that much poison. To be honest, he was all in the illness. Something she was not proud of.  "Bartender, please take these bottles. I am done for the day. This is enough to hold me over and here have a little something extra for apprication" she said. She left a huge tip for him allowing her to take that much unlike most bartenders who would stop her at two bottles. Again, she was alone at the bar. LeeAnn never like Hans at the bar since he was such a lightweight and would easily be a problem when drunk. Something she always tried to avoid. It was early afternoon and at it's peak in the day where it was warmer than it was before.

She had called all the team to meet her at the bar even her brother. Alek mentioned the idea as both of them agreed to follow through with it. Hopefully, they would show up. It was her way of trying to reach out to them showing she was wanting to get to know them. Though she was a bit worried about getting in a quarrel with Selena. LeeAnn wanted to avoid all trouble at all costs, especially being Co-leader of the team. The redhead knew her brother never chose her out of favoritism. He wasn't the type to do that. He saw something in her that she, herself, could never see. LeeAnn knew she had issues, but she would worker harder to prove herself to others. After all, she was a Nakamura. It was in her blood. She would have her hair up in a high ponytail and wear casual clothing and not her armor. A simple black jacket with black jeans and knee-high black leather boots. It was her off duty clothing.

"Where oh where could my little dogs go, where oh where could they be" she sang to herself. It had a good ring to it. She did send out a message to each of the telling them to meet her here. Now it was the question, would they actually show up.

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#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
It was his suggestion that the team should meet up and bond to become closer so they could understand each other. Especially, his brother which Alek didn't really get a chance to interact with except for that meeting and even it wasn't a good interaction and they didn't get to properly interact, meet and bond. So, they were meeting up at a bar to bond with each other and have a bit of fun so they could get to know each other better cause as a team, they had to. He was wearing a white full shirt with a black sweatshirt over it and black jeans. He was a man in black today, it was one of his favorite colors anyway and he was also wearing sneakers. Reaching the meeting place, he went inside to see LeeAnn sitting at the counter as he went there and took a seat beside her "Hello there, Lee. Whats up in life with you?" as he looked at the bartender and said "Raspberry Mojito, Chilled." as the bartender made and passed the drink to Alek as he said "Thanks man."

They were all meeting up for the purpose of bonding with each other, a team that knows each other better functions together better and also it would be nice to interact with a lot of people right now cause he was feeling bored, one of the reasons he mentioned that to Lee, to his relief she said yes or he would have been bored to hell. It seemed she had already drank something and that Hans wasn't there. He tried to instigate conversation "Well, how much time do you think they would take to get here, just out of curiosity." he spoke as his sipped his drink.


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Shifting his body around, Konstantin removed a note from his left pocket that essentially told him to come to a bar and meet up with the rest of the team. The reasoning behind the note seemed rather unneeded as he was still residing at Leeann's, who had sent the message. Not the type to disobey orders from his superiors, he had donned some new clothing consisting of a dark green suit with matching tie and pants, cover a slightly darker shirt, finished with his recently acquired staff that he was using as a cane for now. Realising that he'd be catching up with not just his team members, but his own brother, he was hesitant in getting to the meeting, though knowing that developing their interpersonal relationships could and probably would save their lives some day, he decided to go anyway.

Avoiding the puddles and dirty patches to ensure his clothing didn't get wrecked just yet, he eventually reached the bar, recognising that Alek and Lee were both already there. Glad that it was just the two of them for now, he made his way to them though briefly stopping at the bartender who was in the process of making another person a drink and ordering a Brandy on the rocks. With his drink being far simpler he was given it far quicker paying for it, he finally made his presence be known and greeted the two of them. "Hey, Alek, Lee how have you two been?, Sorry I'm late had a few errands to do."

#4Lee Nakamura 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] Empty Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:46 am

Lee Nakamura
The redhead spun around in her seat at the bar really bored. It was her own personal amusement. Great! Hans's personality was rubbing off her. She saw Alek and waved as he took a seat next to her. He ordered a drink as LeeAnn decided to take another full bottle of vodka. The bartender was happy to see her ordering more meaning a good tip. She always tipped good to those who done good service. He asked how long did she think it would take for the others to show up. "Kon should not be too far behind. The others I dont know. My brother could be bus with training knowing him. Though, I really dont know about that guy" she replied.

The doors opened to see Kon with a cane and in new clothing. It was different from what she had seen him the day before. The redhead said nothing. She lifted her drink in greeting with a small smile. "Cheers to the two brothers, drinks on me. Feel free to get anything you want guys. Little something from me to you. Besides, I have a few thousand jewel to spend" she smiled, trying her best to be nice. It was really weird for her to be so sudden about all of this. She patted to the seat next to her for him to sit.

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#5Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Where's that damn Pub! Selena said in a huff. She had been circling main streets of Crocus for quite a while tk find the mettingplace of her team. She didn't even want to go in the first place which made matters worse, but she knew she had to. It was too early to be the one portrayed as lazy or late or not bothered to show up at meetings. And after giving Lee the fourth degree about being xo-captain it would really look bad if she did so.

Taking what seemd tobe the 300th lap, Selena caught a glimlseof a familiar looking blonde man heading into a building. Having no other lead Selena followed. Upom entering she realised that this was the place, the name lf the bar stretched along the wall behind the tenders. Selena instantly smelled her otjer associates who had all met and were beginning to drink. "Sorry it took me so long, Could not find this bloody place anywhere and no one seemed to know where it was." Selena apologised to the group. She wasn't toolate, more fashionably late than anything, but it seemed that although she was late, she was not last. "Oh isn't Hikaru coming? Team and all?" Selena then asked since apart from the small toast by Lee there was nkt much else conversation going.

It was only the 4 of them. Lee, who looked far happier than their last encounter. Konstantin, although looking rather different now using a kane. Selena got over their little spat. She considered him a friend now and pushed tneor little encounter to the back of her mind. And finally, Alek? The one Selena knew least about. He was Kons younger brother, she knew that from his name and general appearance, yet he was quite high on the Rune Knight ladder. Selena amde a note tl get to know him more. Her opinion on Lee not being the best suited co-captain still remained and as of now Alek seemed the next best. Selena would have to get to know him first though . For all she knew he was worse off than Lee was. Selena made sure to speak to the group rather than one individual.

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#6Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
"Beep Beep Beep Beep"

Was the sound of Hikaru's alarm for the fifth time. Hikaru turned his head to the alarm realizing he had pressed snooze multiple times. He had taken a nap after his usual morning training session. He was suppose to be at a bar in 15 minutes for a meeting. Hikaru rolled out of bed walking towards the shower while grabbing his toothbrush. He quickly brushed his teeth while showering to knock out two birds with one stone. The shower was a quick one has a dried his hair he wrapped a towel around himself walking over to where the closet was. He walked into he closet digging for normal civilian clothes. Finally he found some decent ones. Hikaru put on the boxers and picked up all the clothes he had picked out it was a pair of jeans, A Teal V-neck cut off. He put on the attire before nearly sprinting out the room.

As he walked down he looked at the note and realized where it was. Hikaru had been to Era countless times so he sort of had an idea of where everything was, plus he had a great sense of direction. He looked around to see what the shortest way would be. If he walked through the people it would take him an extra 15 minutes, but if he moved fast enough and could cut through the roads that would save him time. Hikaru began to sprint in an alleyway hoping to cut the distance.

"Start, Electrify."

He said back to back as his began to move faster as well as run up walls. He would jump off a building and stick his feet out to land on another one and begin to sprint again. Finally he would make it to the rooftop. He was moderately late but saw a blue haired women walking toward the inside. It was Selena, he believe. He ran down turning off his spells as he landed. Hikaru seemed like he was short of breathe. He took a few breathes as he walked in following the women's lead. He walked in seeing the women had initiate conversation already and didn't want to interrupt so he walked toward her overhearing her asking for him.

"Didn't know I had an admirer."

Hikaru said with a smile as he sat next to her. He was curious as to whether he would justify his reasons for being tardy or not so he would address it if it was brought up but for now he assumed it would be best to just let things go the way they were going. Hikaru made eye contact with the bartender and he would raise his hand for service. He took out Jewels while speaking

"Dark Ale please. Keep the change."


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#7Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Konstantin, Alek's  brother entered the pub. It seemed he had a cane and was not wearing his regular clothes. This made him concerned for his brother because of the cane and he was like what happened to him? It sure made him ask his brother "What happened? Why do you have to use that cane?" LeeAnn also said that drinks are on her and as his drink was finished, he decided to take some Vodka. "Adnams Longshore Vodka, mon ami. Une bouteille pleine, comme elle (Adnams Longshore Vodka, my friend. A full bottle, just like her)." the bartender understood the language, thankfully and gave him the bottle of Vodka. He sipped a bit of Vodka, damn this shit was good! Good thing he read a catalog about the best vodkas in that magazine on which this was on top. He would watch as Selena would come in while he was still drinking that Vodka. He would wave to her as she would arrive and just few seconds or minutes after her, Hikaru would arrive. Saying that he didn't know he had an admirer when Selena said that isn't Hikaru coming because team an all. He would then proceed to speak his 'team' about them being so formal that he didn't like it. After all, a team was supposed to be like a family where the bonds were strong.

He would speak up after drinking half of his vodka "Well hello there, mates. We called you here because we should hangout to forge a strong bond between us and interact with each other to function with and understand each other better while doing jobs or working together and everybody wants to have a little fun and hangout with friends, don't they? We want to know each other well, don't we?" Well that was it, he was not being any formal to these guys. It was his part, it was done. Second part was LeeAnn's and he was waiting for her to speak because with his informal language, he might offend them a bit if not at all. He then started drinking his Vodka. Probably the pub was gonna be crowded in some time, more crowded than it already was. He would then proceed to talk to Hikaru and Selena "So what's up in life guys? Everything going good?"


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Taking the seat that he had been offered he slid his drink his way and placed his staff on his legs, with the pumpkin side facing his Brother, Alek and Leeann. Offering to pay for the two brother's drinks, Konstantin drew up his hand and replied. "Thanks for the offer but I'll just be drinking this and that's all for now." Having had not seen Alek for quite some time and the sudden appearance of the staff he was using as a cane, his concern as justified. He merely laughed it off and answered him. "Oh this?, it's just a staff I got a few days ago, it's not like I've hurt myself or anything." With the trio waiting for the rest to appear, Konstantin took a small sip of his drink. As the other two arrived in turn, Konstantin swivelled around on his chair, rose his glass to both of them once they got there and turned back towards the barkeep.

With the team assembled, His younger but higher ranking brother, Alek began to spoke listening without making any comments and simply nodded as he talked on various matters. Without anything to say Konstantin essentially passed the buck onto Leeann, whom always did seem to be the chatty one.

#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She chugged down the whole bottle of vodka and placed it on the counter. She looked over at Alek. "I wouldn't advise it if I were you. You'll end up knocking youself out if you drink that whole thing" she said. LeeAnn got up as she placed the empty bottle on the counter. Selena and Hikaru showed up. Of course, she was shocked to see her brother a little late. He was always on time. Focused on her brother, she walked up to him. "Way to make a grand entrance, Flash. Good to see you" she smiled. She wrapped her arms around her brother giving her a loving hug. She let go as he ordered a drink and she pushed the money back to him. "He's on my tab" she said to the bartender.

"Drinks are on me, Hikaru. My treat. Order as much as you like" she smiled. She took a seat next to her brother, needing some quality time with him since they both been busy. LeeAnn ordered another bottle of vodka. She popped the cork and down in like it was nothing. Her thrist was a black hole, always thirsty. Alek mentioned they all were brought here to help better understand each other and spend some quality time. Something Lee was looking forward to. "It was all his idea, I just took upon myself to make the arrangements. This was all Alek's idea" she said with a bright smile. A small part of her was showing the true LeeAnn.

Brightly, she took another sip of her drink. It was a shame that she could never get drunk with this damned illness. Though, she found it amusing as well. At least she could win drinking contests with garuntee to win. Alek asked how they have been. "Did a few jobs. Doing a few personal business and getting ready for the weddi-" she paused and coughed looking away. She wanted to tell her brother about the engagment but that would be saved for a later date. "I meant thanksgiving..." she said.

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#10Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
A familiar smell entered the pub. The soft voice accompanying it made Selena turn. Speak of the Devil-slayer, It was Hikaru. Selena couldn't help but smile at his introduction. She was usually the one who would come up with something like that. Get me a few drinks and you'll find out." Selena replied as she sat on the other end of Hikaru. Selena also knew very little of Hikaru, as little as Alek, although admittedly Hikaru appealed more to Selena than Alek. First impressions last and her impression of Hikaru was better. Like who speaks french in a pub? Unless they wanted their ass handed to them. He did have a good choice in drinks however.

Alek was speaking about how everyone should have fun tonight. Alek also seemed to want to have a drinking contest with Lee. A bad idea, especially since Lee was immune to the thing. One of the many interesting facts Selena learned about the woman in their last meet. She wouldn't bring that meeting up though, no shed leave that for another day. Selena gestured toward the bar man and he came running. "Ehhh.." Crap what did I want, Selena thought. She had stupidly called him over before thinking. "Same as my comrade here please." Selena said putting a hand on Hikaru's shoulder. Selena wasn't big on alcohol but what harm would trying a new drink do? Selena fixed her hair, bringing a few stray strands behind her ear. Trying to get a little more comfortable Selena placed one leg over another. As Selena waited for her beverage, she decided to try and chat with Hikaru. So, Captain. You go out to pubs much?" She inquired, trying to get to know her team mate a little better. Selena wondered how Lee felt about her trying to talk to her brother, since she seemed to hold him in high regards.

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#11Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru wasn't a man of many words but he figured this would be a great way to builds team relations. Maybe he could pick up on a few of everyone's quirk's and habits. The better they knew each other, the better it would be later down the line. We'll it seemed Hikaru had figured out the true alcoholics of the team. Aleks and Lee seemed to be the ones with bottles in front of them. He was curious as to which of the two could hold more liquor. He had never really gone to the bar scene with his little sister, so this was a change.

Hikaru smiled at Selena's witty comeback. He had honestly not expected her to think so quickly on her toes. Almost immediately after she came over to greet him with a huge and he gave her a hug back. As he reached out to pay she seemed reluctant to let him pay so Hikaru kept his money in his pocket figuring maybe the team would just trade off each time.

Hikaru listened to Aleksander's reasoning for calling the group activity, and he simply nodded to the man. He questioned everyone's life and Lee said something that Hikaru thought he had heard wrong. It was a mixture of weddi and thanksgiving. It didn't take an idiot to figure out what the first word was.  He looked at her for a brief moment curious as to whether he could break her on sheer eye contact alone, but then he dropped it turning around as the bartender slid his ale toward him. At the same moment he felt someone touch his shoulders also, it was Selena.

She ordered the same thing before asking him a question herself. She asked if he had gone out to pubs much. Hikaru thought about it, actually he had been to a pub two times in the last week.

"We'll I did grow up in Hargeon. There's usually ton's of sailors around that part that know a thing or two about drinking.. So I guess Maybe every now and then I go for a couple of casuals, but my late nights at the bar days are far behind me. Anyways.. Let's talk about you. I didn't take you as a beer type of girl. "

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#12Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
It seemed like LeeAnn advised him that he should not drink the whole thing, but though he was gonna finish it and then keep it on the counter. He wasn't feeling like drinking much Vodka today so after finishing the bottle, he would not go ahead and get another. He did not want to be carried home by his brother or just put him off as a drunk psycho by people, who would say that he is a disgrace to the Rune Knights which he did not want to be. It seemed that LeeAnn had drank too and it seemed it was way more than what he had drank, so he asked her "How many bottles have you drank?" as he finished and kept his Vodka the counter and gave a tip to the bartender which was enough for the good service. LeeAnn would say that she did a few jobs and some personal business and that she was getting ready for something. Where her sentence ended at weddi, it did not take her long to brush it off and say thanksgiving. Regardless of that, he had already figured out that she was talking about the wedding between her an Hans, her fiance. Konstantin had also laughed off his concern saying that he just got the cane or staff a few days ago and it was not like he had hurt himself.

Aleksandr scratched his neck and yawned, he was still sober regardless of a full bottle of Vodka. Unlike LeeAnn, who seemed to have drank a lot of Vodka than him and of course he wanted to know her secret. He did not say anything to anybody because he did not feel like it regardless that he had called the meeting, so he just ordered some plain water to drink and took a sip of it. He yawned again, he was feeling super bored for no good enough reason. He leaned his back at the counter and turned away from the counter.


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Given that he had nothing to add to the teams meeting merely sitting there responding to some questions, he took another swig of his drink before putting it down and spoke directly to all of them. "So with a drinking contest, a no-go, how about we play some darts, solos perhaps?" As he talked to his teammates, Konstantin rose from his seat and grabbed his drink in his right hand and his staff from the top of it with his left and moved towards the dartboard that was fixed to one of the inn's walls and placed his now empty glass on a table, before plucking out the darts stuck into board and would hand out half of them to the first person who reached him.

#14Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was utterly ignored by her brother, go figure. The redhead seemed to roll her eyes knowing he was. A flirt. She got up and grabbed another bottle simply chugging it down. No one really knew her secret only a selected few. The young redhead would win the contest regardless. It would be pointless other than getting some bet money out of it or drinks. Curiously, Alek asked her how many bottles she had drunk. She took out her fingers and started counting. It took a while since she actually had to think about it. Being through about it, about two or three times she double checked. "Hmm...about fifteen counting this one" she said, nonchalantly. A few outsiders overheard her with their mouths dropped. It was a common reaction. If they knew her secret, it would probably get a few heads turning. Really sometimes she would actually get drunk to help her forget somethings, but she couldn't do anything about it.

"Yeah I am gonna say no. Regardless, I always win. It would be pointless unless you wanna get wasted. A simple game of darts sound good. It would be considered training for me. Practice my aim" she smiled. She grabbed a handful of darts from a nearby table. Looking back at the others, she blinked.

"Come on, are you all going to play or what? Its a simple game, ready, aim, throw! Repeat and cycle. Shessh you all are no fun" she said. She was finding everyone so stiff other than Konstantin.

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#15Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Hikaru tild Selena that he did imdeed go out quite a bit in the past, but not as much now. Selena nodded. She understood, one had to keep up appearances and all that. Hikaru however seemed more interested in knowing about Selena. Is first query seemed to be that he didn't seem to think Selena was a beer tyoe of girl. "Meh, I'd drink anything, although beer usually keeps me on the straight on narrow during the night. Or what I can remember from past nights out, bjt like you those days are behind me." Selena answered. As soon as she did the bartender came with her drink of ale. The bartender pointed to Lee and Selena nodded. Lee was really generous to have let the whole team buy drinks while she paid, Selena made a mental note to remember this. "Buy yeah, I thought that if the drink is good enough for the captain of the team, why not me? Selena said with a touch of coy in her voice as she took a sip of the Ale. It was kind of bitter, but the taste wasn't overly terrible. Selena knew she shouldn't drink much since this would be the first time in a while that she consumed some alcohol.

About to ask another question to her captain, Selena overheard Lee saying that she had 15 drinks. Selena remembered from her encounter with Hans that she was more or less immune to alcohol, yet having so much to drink so soon would not be good to anyone. "Shesh Lee. Slow down you'll get a stomach ache." Selena warned Lee. Selena made sure to choose her words carefully. Clearly Lee had not told her brother everything. Moments before she tried covering up wedding with tanksgiving. Selena half wanted to tell Hikaru then and there, although she knew she would be painted in a very bad light if she did. Selena dismissed the idea of telling Hikaru quickly. It was a night for fun, not one to tear down others, that would come another night. Besodes, after the meet with Hans Selena knew how hard it would be for Lee to tell her brother all that happened.

Konstantin then decided to suggest a darts throwing competition since no one was too keen on drinking too heavily. Selena took another sip of her ale, a slightly bigger one this time as she thought of the idea. Since they were all from the council they couldn't really be seen getting wasted so this idea seemed more tame and a little fun. "Good idea Konstantin. So what should be do? Teams? Roulette? Winner stays on?" Selena asked the group. Taking a sip of her ale to allow others to voice their opinions Selena then spoke "Personally I like winner stays on, gives the other 3 time to talk and get to know each other better." Taking a gulo of her ale this time she awaited a collected decision. I can see why you got this. It tastes really good." Selena then said to Hikaru.

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#16Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru took a sip of his drink listening to Selena. She seemed to enjoy the beer for similar reasons to Hikaru. Hikaru kept that in mind. When he started doing Liquor that's when things started to go south, so for an event like this he would casually just drink his beer. Hikaru got a smirk on his face when Selena brought up if the drink was good enough for him, it surely should be for her. He shrugged and then as she finished speaking he could overhear a conversation between Lee and Aleks. He took a sip of beer, and as he drank it Hikaru almost spit the beer out of his mouth hearing the amount she could take.

Hikaru didn't put much more thought into it, he wasn't the heaviest of weights but he could hold his alcohol for a decent amount of time. He looked at Konstantin who wanted to play darts. Hikaru was about to join, but lee beat him too it. Selena brought up some options of playing but then she said that it could go by 2's while the other members of the team conversed. As Selena took a sip of her drink, Hikaru spoke.

"I agree with Selena."

Hikaru said simply, while he spoke he put up the number 1 with his finger toward the bartender. Selena commented on Hikaru's taste in beer and he spoke.

"I personally enjoy it. I've tasted different beers, however i'm more of the dark kind. For some reason I just feel like it's superior."

The man brought over one drinks almost immediately after Hikaru signaled. He wasn't much to be really outgoing, but he wanted to embrace the team atmosphere. He took the glass and slide it across the bar while also speaking to Aleks.

" Aleks!"

Hikaru shouted as the beer reached him. Hikaru took one of his cups and spoke challenging him. He seemed to be the one who as least engaged in the entire activity so Hikaru decided to entertain the idea of a drinking game.

"Try to keep up with us."

Hikaru said as he began to chug the first drink he had just had. He had said us in the attempt to allow Selena to know she would also be participating in this. Even though Dark beers were a bit more difficult to chug, chugging was never easy and Hikaru simply decided to suck it up. As Hikaru finished the drink he let out a burp. He covered his mouth following his manners.

"Excuse me."

Hikaru said as he looked toward Aleks to see if Aleks had taken his challenge.

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#17Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr heard his name shouted by Hikaru as a beer reached him, he understood what Hikaru was up to and he looked at him, with his face saying it all 'Are you crazy? Or just plain stupid.' The man would also go ahead to say that he should try to keep up with them, it was probably a joke. Because Aleksandr was gonna make them look like a bitch! He grabbed the cup of the beer, which was not too cold and hit the bottom of the glass on the table and leaned his head back slightly, opened his throat and took a deep breath and then swung the cup quickly towards his mouth as beer came rushing into his mouth, as the beer was about to hit his throat he would swallow and then allow gravity to do its work as the beer poured down his throat, finishing the beer a in significant time which can be noticed easily before Hikaru. The Captain looked towards him and him holding the empty beer can. Aleksandr would ask for some more beer in a cup and to keep it not too cold but just medium and would begin to drink normally thinking the competition was already over, him winning in this case.

But who didn't want a little glory, eh? But he would just ignore this for now to not cause a full scale brawl or resulting in them being drunk retards. But if Hikaru would like to continue the competition, then he would of course proceed the competition and make Hika look like a total loser cause no one just challenged him to a drinking competition. He would sip some of his beer from the cup and then thinking to achieve glory. He used the same method he had used previously to quickly finish the beer. He drunk his beers easily because he was a true alcoholic with years of dedto it, he was drinking since it had become legal for him to drink.


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With three out of the four members of the team agreeing to the darts and being duos, konstantin nodded sipped on his drink and proposed that Hikaru and him were in one team, whilst Lee and Selena were in the other as he wanted to get to know the captain a bit more than the other two as he had interacted with the other two far more than Hikaru even if he was in the middle of his impromptu drinking contest with Alek. As he and Lee were probably the most sober of both teams, Kon suggested they were to first ones to their rounds. "Right so, if we're doing teams lets do, Hikaru with me and Lee with Selena, sound fair enough?" if they agreed then he'd start first obviously, after announcing the rules. "Standard dart rules, first to 0 from 501 fair enough?." And then scoring his three scoring a total of 63, if any of them didn't know the rules he'd explain or if they wanted to play a different style he'd follow suit and requests the rules for that method of darts.

#19Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn loved watching people get drunk was the main reason why she went to bars. It was her hobby to sit there and watch people. There was plenty of people to amuse her. Although, ordering drinks for everyone on her tab was done because she wanted to be nice and two to see who would take it. It looked like most of them did. Kon was probably not too keen on drinking. Nothing wrong with that. She would be too, but her body wouldn't allow anything else other than water. She leaned back next to Kon who was discussing the rules. "I would agree, but our brothers over there are going to get wasted and Selena over there might be depending. Some girls can hold their liquor. Unless you want to play drunk darts. Bet you two hundred jewel that my brother would win. Alek chugged a whole bottle of vodka. Strong stuff. He wont last much longer" she said. This meant she had to drag her brother home if he was extremely wasted. Her and Kon would have to drag them home.

She just now realized that. Oh well, this was extremely amusing to her. There wasn't a true reason why she loved to watch drunk people, but perhaps it was because she saw how hilarious they are. She never been drunk before, ever. Though, she rather not try. The redhead just watched from a distance ready to see what they would do next. "Let's see who would win" she whispered.

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#20Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena listened to Hikaruas he explained why he preferred dark beer, although it was a more "Just because" reason more than anything else. Hikaru also seemed to prefer the winner stays on arrangement for the game of darts, which made Selena smile a little. She was glad she had actually made a good suggestion, it didn't happen often so she enjoyed this little victory. Kon seemed to want to do teams, but as he was saying that Hikaru challenged Alek to a drinking contest. Selena's smile grew. The temptation of seeing her superior drunk was too good to pass up. Selena downed her pint of ale rather quickly, although not as quickly as Hikaru who had more experience with this kind of liquor. "Well count me in!" Selena said, now visibly showing how happy and ecstatic she was. It had been far too long since she had really let go of her problems and just relaxed. Selena then moved her head to look at Lee and Kon.  "Drunk darts sound fun, and since we're having a drinking contest I think we might be the first to play. You two can have a regular game if you want though." Selena said before returning her gaze back to Hikaru and Alek. She waved to the barman for more drinks and he obliged.  "And keep them coming." Selena said still smiling then drinking her pint , a little faster this time. She wondered how her comrades would view her behavior but as she drank more, she began to care less and less. Tonight was going to be fun!

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru looked at the corner of his eye seeing the man beginning to chug. Hikaru wasn't one to lose.The same way he was sure Aleksander has his own techniques for chugging to did Hikaru. Hikaru finished the drink in two massive gulps by simply letting the alcohol pour in his mouth until his mouth could barely hold it. He gulped 3/4ths of the cup down in one shot taking another big gulp. dropping his cup barely after Aleks had. Selena seemed to be right behind the two and was in the contest too.Hikaru smiled looking at the bartender.

"Another one... This time lets go with more of a tropical lime-like beer, make it loaded."

Hikaru said. He was going to make this game quite fun. As he finally noticed Konstantin speaking. Lee talked about how the two were in a drinking contest. The two seemed to be talking about darts, and Hikaru decided it was time to speak up, but first he heard Selena speak on the matter. He didn't have much on the matter, but he supposed he would at least give his suggestion.

"Honestly I think beating your brother in a drinking contest, as well as beating everyone else in darts is a great idea. I'm in for whatever"

Hikaru said. As his drinks would come he would continuously raise his glass towards Aleks and begin to chug using the same technique with little resistance. However, since his drinks were loaded that meant that they tasted slightly better but surely eventually it was going to catch up with him. One of the things Hikaru liked was to win, he was a competitor at heart and love conflict, even if it was just drinking or darts he didn't plant o lose.

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With all the confusion of the group partying around, Konstantin had managed to forget the duties that he had been assigned for tomorrow's shift. His attention back to his responsibilities was held back to him when he spotted a clock that was on the wall just above the dartboard. "Quarter to twelve." He said out loud to nobody in particular, then once more in sense of urgency. "Quarter to twelve?!" His concern was evident with his expression changing from a slight smile to a far more serious and determined one, not wanting nor willing to put up with his hungover brother, Alek before he got to work. Because of the trust, he could put on his team, he would, therefore, leave him with them as they continued to burn the midnight oil.

Looking at all of his members, he handed over the darts to Lee-ann and then apologised to them all. "My apologies, I must retire for tonight as I have work tomorrow and I will have to get up at about five in the morning." As he said his final comment to them for the night, he shook all of their hands and made his way out of the inn into the bitterly cold night towards his own accommodation.


#23Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Drunk Dart. Seemed like the better option to see her her team amusingly stumble. She smiled and flipped a coin a few times to pass the time as her and Kon watched. He went to retire for the day. She lifted her hand and waved. "See ya Kon! Travel safely" he said. LeeAnn remained quiet as she took a seat at the bar between Selena and her brother. Quietly she observed everyone. This would run up her bill, but she would pay for it. She had a good savings and the budget for the wedding let her spend a few thousand jewel freely. "What poison to pick? Gimme me your hardest liquor one that would normally kill someone" she smiled daringly. The bartender gave her the hardests known liquor. It was one LeeAnn had not heard of, but she gave it a look and shrugged.

She chugged it al down in four gulps. It didn't really have any effect on her but a tiny buzz which was rare for her to have. A simple blech she did in a "polite" manner. "You guys now feeling it or not? I am finding this fun. Let's see who is more of the weak stomach" she smiled. OF course, she was one to talk since she rarely ever gotten drunk due to the illness.

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Selena Maelstrom
As the group of knights were deciding what to do for the evening Kon seemed to excuse himself abruptly as if he had forgotten something. Selena threw him a wave while Lee wished him safe travels. Admittedly Selena was a little disappointed, she wanted a whole bonding experience now that they were all there, but she would settle for gathering information on her other comrades just as much. Lee also seemed to think drunk darts was a good idea and got herself a drink. Hikaru asked for a lime drink which took Selena by surprise. A rather sharp turn from the dark ale they had just swallowed. Hikaru also seemed to be very confident in his drinking abilities and his ability of playing darts stating he would beat everyone in both games. "You really are an arrogant one aren't you?" Selena said unable to hide the sm,irk from her face. Hikaru was confident in his abilities, however liquids were Selena Specialty, even if she did not drink much. Selena got the same as Hikaru had ordered for Alek and used her magic to her advantage. It would seem as Selena had taken the drink in a single gulp, however she really just absorbed it all through her mouth. Admittedly Selena had no clue how this would impact her, but now seemed like a good a time as any to experiment. Lee then asked if they were feeling it, then commenting if they were having fun. "C'mon you cant take part in this you're basically immune!" Selena said throwing her arm towards Lee. Her movement wasnt very fluid and her arm seemed to droup in the air. Selena then moved it so it was now resting on Hikaru's shoulders. "You okay there captain?" Selena said, adding a wink. The alcohol was beginning to take effect.

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr kept drinking his ale, not even trying to keep up or win because at last, drinking competitions are about who can last long and looking at the speed the other two were drinking, they would get drunk soon, he assumed. He drank his ale with small sips while the other two seemed to drinking it fast, slowly sipping his ale he looked around and yawned. Aleksandr was getting a bit dizzy though, the reason he decided to drink slowly with sips. Finishing the cup, he asked for another one "Cold, Loaded." and as soon as the bartender gave him a refill, he sipped it again slowly and almost sarcastically, the alcohol had took some effect and Alek said to Lee "Wow. I notice today that you are actually cute." and went back to drinking not paying attention to his surroundings after he said that to Lee, he then threw his arm on Hikaru's other shoulder and his other arm on Lee's shoulder "What's up, Nakamuras?" and yawned again.

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