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A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only]

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#26Hikaru Nakamura 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:22 pm

Hikaru Nakamura
It seemed sadly that Kon had to leave, but Hikaru waved bye to him as he walked out. Selena commented on Hikaru's arrogance and he couldn't help but have a wide grin on his face. Hikaru decided to avoid the word arrogance and replace it with something more warming. "I wouldn't go as far as to say arrogant. I'd say I'm more of a confidence guy, and I am willing to back it up." Hikaru said referring to how he said he was planning to outdrink them.

Hikaru looked at Lee asking for hardest liquor. She drank it and seemed to be perfectly fine. It truly was a magnificent talent, sadly it wasn't one he inherited. As he was deep in thought about Lee's drinking ability he now felt an arm resting on him. It seized his attention as he turned his head only to see Selena's worm and welcoming face. He smiled at her wink, it seemed the alcohol was doing it's damage. Little did Hikaru know it had already started taking a toll on him. He looked a lot more relaxed and smiled more often."I'm Perfectly fine, the real question is are you?" Hikaru said curious as to how drunk she was. Hikaru of course said he was fine to keep up the macho masculine Captain act but really he was intoxicated as well.

Hikaru's attention shifted real quick when he heard Alek refer to his sister cute. He figured his sister would handle it but he did look at Alek for a bit curious to see what awaited him. Hikaru picked up the bottle only to see that he had a little left in it. Hikaru felt Alek's arm rest on him and he was between Hikaru and Lee now. He asked him whatsup and Hikaru decided to respond the most appropriate way. "You know whatsup? Shots" Hikaru said looking at the bartender. The bartender began to pour the shots in each small class. Now they were truly playing a dangerous games. Shots didn't have an immediate affect, but eventually after 20 minutes it would blind side you.

As the shots came up Hikaru lifted his glass holding it towards the others. "There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be!" Hikaru said. He spoke a bit loudly and slower than he usually did. He put the shot in his mouth and took it down in one drink. The taste was awful to the point of making Hikaru give a look after he drank it. He looked toward the bartender deciding to mix it up. "Whiskey Sour Please." Hikaru told the bartender. Hikaru was getting himself into trouble little did he know. The more he mixed liquor and beer and lost track of his drinks it became really easy to get really drunk.

#27Lee Nakamura 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:15 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn sighed seeing she was the ONLY sober person here despite the amount of alcohol that she had consumed. It was enough to kill a 'normal' person or average for better term. Selena was starting to show as she leaned back from the bad breath from her, her big brother, and her cousin. She now missed Kon. The only person who was sober. Party pooper. Though it was her job to make sure they don't do any stupid shit. She gently pushed Selena back giving a look and at her brother narrowing her eyes. "This was a bad idea" she whispered. She looked at her brother who was starting to show signs of intoxication. LeeAnn felt a chill down her spine at she noticed Alek wanting her attention. Observing his gesture, she stared down at the counter.

He called her cute. Cute. Now...what reaction would this bring up. Instantly, her mood changed. Calmly, she noticed her brother shifting his attention to Alek calling her cute. He was the type to leave her to solve her own problems. A seep of anger fleshed through her blood vessels making her grip around the empty bottle shatter. "Cute. Do you realize what you have just said blondie? Hitting on your cousin...how DARE you! You sick bastard" She said in a calm tone but was scary enough to give everyone a little jump or at least a little scared. Standing up she glared down at Alek past her brother with both of her eyes cat-like with her hands casting fire without her noticing. Luckily, she didn't catch anything one fire. "Call me that again and I wont hesitate to break your spine four times! I am engaged to someone thank you. I don't seek anyone else" she said narrowing her eyes. LeeAnn sat back down calm again.

Hikaru mentioned about shots. Tuning them out about the recent scene, she felt embarressed letting her emotions get the best of her. LeeAnn pulled out a cigarette and lit with with a small flame on the tip of her finger. A small shake of her hand to put out the flame. She rarely smoked ever due to her health and it wasn't her thing, but one of the few methods to get her anger under control. The taste was foul like burnt brownies dipped in a bitter soup although she didn't show it. She sat there smoking away and she looked at her brother. "Be careful, bro. You have the weak stomach of the family. Easy on the drink, I know its on my tab, but please. I am going to drag your ass home myself if I have to! Guess I have to babysit all three of you" she spoke after he was started to drink some of the shots.

"Why did I think this was a good idea? This is the price I get for being ill...go figure" she thought.

#28Selena Maelstrom 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:14 am

Selena Maelstrom
After Selena had called Hikaru arrogant, he replied as cool as ever, saying he was confident and had good reason to be. "Oh? Modest too I see." Selena replied with her hint of sarcasm. Although Selena could not blame the guy, after all he was one of the higher ranking officials in the rune knights and captain of their little team, so his cockiness was justified some what. Selena then realized that Lee was really going all out with her drinking. She ordered the strongest stuff in the house and drank it with ease. "Wow, you're really pushing it Lee..." Selena said, giving her a look of warning. Selena knew well that Lee could take any amount of alcohol, but she did not want to tell her brother at this moment in time so she was really pushing things. Although Hikaru was getting drunk, it did not mean he would loose all his brain cells at once, and besides most people could put two and two together so it was only a matter of time if Lee continued to show off her abilities.

Luckily Alek had taken the attention off Lee and asked what was up, which Hikaru replied shots. Selena at first welcomed the idea before remembering that mixing drinks would not be a good idea. "Nah I'll stick to the Ale. Sorry~" Selena replied. So Selena began to fix her hair as the bartender got her some of the dark ale she had been drinking. SO she began to drink that. Hikaru however was now visibly intoxicated as well as speaking like a drunk man. He began to speak a little too loudly about friendship. "Wow." Selena said with a slightly goofy smile. "Are you sure you wouldn't be more suited in Fairy Tail with hat kinda talk?" She said returning to her ale still with a smile on her face.

Selena however only got one mouthful in before spraying it all along the bar. Not at the fact that Alek had called Lee cute, that fact was obvious but more so at Lee's reaction. After coughing for half a minute Selena managed to find a napkin to wipe her face. "Wait you guys are Related?! Since when? Jus - What!" Selena was taken completely taken off guard. So basically all the team was related, except for her.

#29Aleksandr Sokolov 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:00 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr looked at Lee after she had finished her tantrum, he chuckled to himself "It was a compliment, I know you are engaged to Hans, I'm not hitting on you. Why do girls like you always think that when someone calls you cute, he's hitting on you, well no." He thought to himself 'Foxy's lady.' And got another cup of loaded beer for himself, drinking some of it he looked at himself and laughed 'Never heard a compliment in her life, has she? Dumb Bitch.' He thought and then recalled her calling him cousin, wait what? 'Is Lee my cousin? Well shit.'

Aleksandr looked around, he wasn't too much bothered by this. He just kept drinking and the alcohol had took a bit effect, but he decided its best to keep his mouth shut. He looked at his hands and giggled inside of him.


A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:39 pm



The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.


A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:40 pm



The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.

#32Lee Nakamura 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 14, 2017 10:55 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had only sighed seeing the current situation. The redhead must of forgotten to tell Alek about there new relations as a family. Taking out her mother diary, she shoved it to Alek. "Recently, I discovered that I have the Sokolov family blood through my mother. Diary has my blood test documents inside and her confessions as well" she claimed in a serious tone. Though, she was too pissed off to care about what her team thought now. Recently, she told Konstantin but not Alek since she doesn't see him as often. She looked at her teammates then just got up with her cigarette to see she had an emblem in her pocket.

"I will take this" she said. She would stay until they were all drinking and take each one of them back home to safety.


#33Aleksandr Sokolov 

A Bonding Experience [Watchdogs Only] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:19 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
Putting the diary in his pocket, Alek decided he would read it later, he was surprised that half of their team was related to each other, but he guessed it was rather a good thing. He wasn't so drunk that he can't even walk or look clearly, so he was able to get to the Rune Knight Safehouse, he jumped on a bed he found, he closed his eyes and instantly fell asleep.

Next day, when he woke up, he had a headache and decided to get back to his inn, he got out of bed and walked to where he was staying, still with that headache and the same clothes while holding his head.


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