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I'm Looking For A Sword [Konstantin]

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The bustling capital of Crocus was a sight to behold, with one of the largest population in Fiore, it was a glorious sight to see. There were a lot of people walking around, peacefully enjoying their days as it went by. Ikaros had just arrived around the area a while ago.

"The sword should've landed somewhere around here. The trajectory is correct."

He said to himself. That sword was an extension of his person, and to lose it was to lose a part of his not so existent personality. It was the first weapon he had ever gotten/ It was a great, magical sword that had been his companion for a long time. Ikaros himself was reflecting on the fact that he had lost his sword, recalling the time where he had faced the beast. Although his strike was a correct one, the counterattack that led up to his sword flying was one that he wanted to jump back in time to avoid.

Either way, it was around the area. Today was his day off, but he knew that if he found the sword again, he would be able to return to his missions. He had no idea what else to do on his days off, and so he had decided to try and find the sword. If it didn't work out, he would most likely ask around.

After a few long hours of searching around, he found nothing. It was afternoon by then, and he decided that he needed rest. His stomach was empty, thus his mind did not work as efficiently as he desired. So he headed towards Crocus, and went inside. While there, he would ask the towns guards before he ate a meal. When he entered in, he looked around for somebody who looked like they worked for the city, preferably one of the town guards, or a rune knight. Surely they would have a report about a magic sword without an owner.


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Flocks of people crossed the various streets of Crocus, birds below peeked scarps of bread and other foods that had fallen on the ground from this mornings breakfast rush, there Konstantin stood in his glaringly obvious attire, ready to assist those in need.

He was standing in the marketplace of the town in practical where he had been instructed by his superiors to oversee whilst he was there for the time-being, this had been mandated since his encounters with one of his superiors, Leeann Nakamura that later led to the conflict that transpired between him and a woman that resulted in a fistfight. After these outbursts they felt it would be appropriate for him to do something for the good of magical community instead of wasting his and in turn their time with him by allowing someone to be within the ranks of the Rune knights who has the ability to raise the dead.

Knowing that his abilities will forever have some effect on him and his freedom of will, he crossed his arms and scanned his surroundings for anything out of the ordinary. With nothing to show for his efforts bar a mage amusingly trying to lower the asking price with a show of their magic.

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Rune Knights, or any other government official was not exceedingly difficult to find due to the fact that this was Fiore's capital. Ikaros had quickly found a man in blonde hair, wearing the Rune Knight's uniform. Without hesitation, Ikaros approached this young man.

"Excuse me, sir. Have there been any reports of a sword without an owner?"

He asked. Without waiting for a response, he continued further to describe the sword.

"The blade is black, but gradually turns red as it reaches the hilt. Does that match any description of a lost sword?"

Of course, what Ikaros didn't know was that the Rune Knights had not found such sword, and so his asking was futile. The sword, was around the Crocus area, but it had not been found by any of the Rune Knights, so it lay within the outskirts of Crocus. It could not be found, for it was hidden somewhere where nobody would venture.


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Continuing his scan thorough the marketplace he noticed nothing out of the ordinary before he was questioned by a red haired richly attired who was about the same age as him, in a rather polite fashion, which surprised him considering how most people felt about the rune knights at the moment.

The man was after a sword that he had apparently lost, which in this world could have significant effects on him it could be his livelihood after all, unfortunately to Konstantin's limited knowledge having not seen through the manifest of found items he didn't know whether his sword would or wouldn't be in the possession of the Magic Council.

Having to give the man the bad news he decided to let him down gently. "Unfortunately to my knowledge, we don't have any swords in the Magic Council or the Rune Knight's possession, however that doesn't mean we don't have it, I can help you look into it, there are numerous items that have been gathered, come with me to the safe-house and i'll look up for anything related to it."

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Ikaros did not have much knowledge on the affairs of Fiore, so he wasn't aware of anything that would give Rune Knights a bad name.

He had the simple desire of finding his sword. However, the Rune Knight told him that the Rune Knights nor the Magic Council did not have possession of any swords. Ikaros nodded. It was like that, huh. The Rune Knight offered to further help him, seeing if they had any sword that would fit the description inside of their store house, to which Ikaros agreed.

"I would appreciate that. That sword is very important to me."

He told the Rune Knight. That crimson sword was not only valuable to him, it was worth a lot of money, so replacing it was definitely not going to be an easy alternative, as the sword was of one of the highest grade of magic swords. Ikaros was also against parting with something that had become an extension of his arm, so if there was a small chance that he would be able to find it, he would agree to it accordingly.


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Wanting to help the man as much as possible, he motioned for him follow him and begun to make his way through the busy crowds of people. Bobbing and weaving through the packed streets with his golden hair flowing back and forth with the wind that allowed scents of cooking meat floating towards him. Slightly disgusted by the overpowering smell he sneered slightly but otherwise ignored it.

Eventually he made his way to the safe house with the man hopefully in toe. Where he would inform him that he could either stay in the reception or go something while he got some help inside. He was limited to those two options as there were several parts of the safe house that were restricted to public and even members of the rune knights, So no matter what the red haired man couldn't do much unfortunately.

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Ikaros did not have too much difficulty following the man. The Rune Knight had led him to the storehouse, but unfortunately, Ikaros himself was not allowed to go inside. Since it could not be helped, Ikaros had reluctantly agreed to stay outside and wait for the Rune Knight to search for his sword. If it was truly there, the Rune Knights would be unable to miss it. His sword was extremely conspicuous, after all. Compared to many other swords, it simply stood out. With this fact in mind, Ikaros could only comply, knowing that if they truly had it, this Rune Knight would not have too much trouble in finding the sword.


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With the man happy to remain outside of the building, Konstantin went in and showed his identification to the front desk who let him through to the rest of the building. Once inside the restriction sections he moved into the lost and found area where he started looking for the described sword in the documentation. Flicking through the list he read of swords similar to the one described but nothing that perfectly matched what he was after. Considering the fact the Rune Knights are undermanned at the moment he wasn't surprised if the list hadn't been updated in a while so he decided to look through the piles of lost property, accidentally cutting himself several times. Even looking manually he was unable to find it, so he knew he'd have to go inform and apologise to the man. After telling the front-desk for them to be on the look out for the sword, he left the building and went back to the man. "Unfortunately I was unable to find your sword in the storehouse however it may easily be in one of the other storehouses located throughout Fiore, whether it's at Era town or some other town."

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Having given the man the unfortunate news and as much further assistance that he could provide in his limited capacity, as a result he give his farewell to the man and gave him the best of luck in the future in finding his sword as well as the rest of his life and hopes that he'd encounter him once more once the pair of them have become stronger.


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