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Remove the Drunk [Mission | Alisa]

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Remove the Drunk [Mission | Alisa] Empty on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:16 pm


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The had hardly been so draining as to invariably draw Alisa into the confort of yet another shower. She'd more easily break a sweat over the summer heat than the intensity of her labour, and thus when the time came, the emptiness in her stomach spoke louder. As the orange of sunset gave way to the darkening purple of twilight, the sculptress walked side by side with her partner through the least populated streets... Which granted, were most of them at this late hour. A gentle, chilly breeze brought goosebumps to her skin as it brushed her like a lover's caress; for Alisa instinctively found a little chill far more pleasant than a little heat.

As she ate dinner though, Alisa couldn't help but overhear the conversation on the table right next to hers. There, three men discussed their evening plans, namely where to go drink themselves unconscious on this lovely thursday night. Guess some people feel no need to work in the morning huh? Alisa would say she felt jealous but she really didn't... After all, the amazing physical fitness had been a product of countless early mornings: When she had no actual work to take, she'd simply work out instead.

"Those names...", the moment they dropped both Enil and Mitya's names, a very clear picture started forming in the sculptress' head. The pizzaiolo from this afternoon, huh...? It seemed aside from owning a pizzeria, at night he ran a wholly different establishment, for a whole other sort of clientelle. And Mitya...? Alisa made it a point never to forget the names and identities of most people she'd ever worked for, and she defenitely recalled him. The hungover man who hired her to watch over his elderly parent.

Apprently he often choose his friend Enil's bar to get completely wasted, and wound up repelling the man's actual clients. With friends like these, who needs enemies...? Alisa calmly ate her shrimp pasta with their discussion as her dinnertime entertainment, and immediately suspected she might find yet another mission to take care of. Just a quick job, one last bit of work before she too could rest... Perhaps having a drink that very same bar before heading back home.

No way she'd ever ackowledge that reason as an actual motivator for her ensuing search for this job request... Finishing her last glass of wine and final bundle of pasta, Alisa paid her bill and departed with that ever charming smile, bidding her waiter good evening and once more heading towards the job board with Lumen in tow. Her partner looked a good bit more sluggish, she had far less endurance than Alisa and more importantly had just eaten a decent meal. Alisa ruffled the girl's hair, confident she needn't move much further on the job to come...

Assuming Alisa actually found it that is.

Fortunately, she hardly needed too great a search. The moment she arrived at the request board, the sculptress rested her hands on her hips, and between the moon's gleam and the street lights, even at this late hour she could glimpse through each and every job and eventually locate the one she wanted.

Strength is also Beauty

"Flowing with the summer waves~"
- Alisa Vollan

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Remove the Drunk [Mission | Alisa] Empty on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:38 pm


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Indeed, just as the rumors said, Enil had been struggling with this drunkard for a while now, which created a constant demand for a bouncer. Alisa hardly looked like the beefy gorilla one would expect a bouncer to be, and yet she could arguably do a better job: Stronger and far more pleasant looking, she was the only bouncer capable of attracting customers as well as kicking out the unruly ones.

Thus, she headed for the bar and immediately noticed the both persons of interest. Behind the bar, Enil the pizza man turned bartender cleaned up glasses with an annoyed look on his face. The bar looked mostly deserted, and the loud, unruly drunkard sitting right at the middle seemed like the most obvious cause.

"Take a seat Lumen, this will be over shortly.", grabbing her wrist in front of her chest, the sculptress turned her eyes to her partner who - despite her equally go-getter choice of outfit - seemed perfectly content leaving most of the work to the human. Thus she stood by, ready to assist should the need arise.

But it really wouldn't. As she approached the drunken man, she'd scan up and down his figure, searching for possible weapons and more importantly analyzing his physical condition. Alisa remembered his face well enough, but with this much alcohol in his veins - she could only hazard guesses at the real amount - he looked like an entirely different person... Guess wine truly brings out your inner self, often in the worst possible manner:

"Ara... I remember you."

"Aaahn...? Who the hell are you?", retorned the drunkard, far too inebriated to recognize the woman who he'd once hired to watch over his elderly mother. Alisa merely shook her head, sighing as she fully realized the futility of trying to remind him. Even though he couldn't hold himself steady and bobbed around, eyes half lidded with inebriation, he still had just enough sharpness to understand what Alisa was here to do, "Don't tell me... Did Enil hire another fucking bouncer...?", he scoffed, "All this money and he keeps selling shit booze."

The guy hadn't been doing all too well. Guess she'd refrain from telling his mother all about this should she ever run into that kind old lady. At that age, such heartbreaking information would do her no good. Frowning disapprovingly, the tall woman merely sighed:

"Well, that's more than enough whiskey for one night.", asserted the woman. Without hesitation, she grabbed the man by the scruff of his shirt, effortlessly picking him up behind the neck, though she couldn't help but mutter between her teeth, "For you at least..."

Damned lightweights... Trying to act strong, and always going around making a whole mess of things when they fail miserably. He attempted to struggle, to hold on to his chair, but if need be, Alisa would punch his lights out. Fortunately for him, he was far too drunk to even throw a proper punch, and thus he got off with a warning:

"Be quiet.", commanded the woman, glaring into his hazy eyes, enough to clearly illustrate how she was far from happy about having to drag him out... Enough to make sure he understood how vigorous resistance would inevitably meet vigorous retaliation, "If you want to behave like an animal, go get drunk in the wilderness."

With those blunt, cold words, Alisa dropped the man outside. Despite dropping him onto his feet, the man's inebriation prevented him from doing something as simple as standing up, and he fell noisily down upon a bunch of outdoor tables. Alisa hadn't been hired to fixed that though, so she merely held her ground, leaning next to the doorway. The drunkard did try to enter three more times. He refused. Then he proceeded to vent his frustration by cursing at her. But Alisa's chilly, almost murderous glare silenced him quickly enough and at that point, he left in search of greener pastures:

"Now then... I'll have a glass of that whiskey please.", asked the sculptress, sitting down at a barstool and gracefully crossing her legs, resting her elbow upon the counter...

Strength is also Beauty

"Flowing with the summer waves~"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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