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Medicare [Mission | Alisa | Arisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:29 am


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Their quest run was starting out rather nicely, at this rate, Alisa and Arisa would finish this day with a pretty penny on their pockets. Lone clouds roamed the sky and occasionally blocked out the sun - courtesy of strong winds that just as easily sent the fallen autumn leaves fluttering about, not unlike what it did to the long hair of two stunning, statuesque women. Hard working mages of Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale, to whom working hard didn't equate to not looking beautiful.

"This is turning out quite a productive day, wouldn't you agree?", asked Alisa with a chuckle, brushing her long hair as she peered into her taller friend's eyes of gold with a laid back smile. Despite not growling like her lovely friend's, Alisa felt a dull ache in her stomach, enough to reach for it and look at her bag of bread hungrily, "Hmmm, I could eat something right now. If you'd like to join me..."

With these words, she nodded at the nearby park, with a bench clearly in sight. Some of the bread Alisa had bought had meat and cheese filling, enough to make for a halfway decent lunch, and for drinks they could ask one of the many salesmen rolling carts around the park. With trees painted in rather beautiful red and brown hints - all save for the evergreen, perennial ones - came a fresh reminder how they had well and truly entered autumn, despite the occasional belated summer heat... Alisa would approach one of the salesmen and buy a large bottle of water, then take a seat on the red wooden bench, running both hands down her butt, stretching out her skirt before sitting down; smiling and Arisa before patting the spot next to her...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:18 am

There in the street she was walking beside her friend who may as well become her bestfriend. Was this how best friends become such a thing or does it even really exist? She smiled small like her usual self while looking at the sky. There was something else that Arisa forgot to tell Alisa from when they last met. Last time those things... Gremilin's told her that she was carrying, but maybe they meant something else or did mean that, but it was taken.

Her eyes cornered to look at her dear friend, thinking. Was she losing her mind? Has she already? 'Compared to a lot, perhaps, but you've met some people very like yourself... with the voices in their heads. Silly you. You may be the only one who doesn't know who their voice belongs to.' it spoke in a dark womanly tone. She played her smile still as she walked by her dear friend still. Next Alisa signaled that there was a bench to sit nearby and perhaps they should eat. Her eyes closed with a sweet smile, waving her hands in front. ''No no, I'm okay.'' she started, opened her eyes and let her arms dangle against her side again. ''I'm good. I'll wait for you.'' she reported and went to sit on said bench. The nature around here seemed pleasant unlike that area in Dahlia.

Once Alisa sat she clenched the seating part's front ends and kicked her long legs like a kid would. ''So... I'm not having a child.... Anymore.'' she spoke trying to be positive. Maybe it was a good thing though... Her timing, this world, the feel of it was a swirl. Her mind, her soul, it wasn't whole. At least she had a friend to get this stuff off her chest since Jeeroy disappeared on her too.. Slowly she felt like crying...


#3Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:38 am


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Alisa's eyes would look on with visible worry as Arisa once more rejected to eat, enough that the dark haired sculptress could no longer stand idly without pointing it out. Even as she ate some of that bread - humming delightedly at the yummy meat and cheese filling - setting her palate alight eith every bight, she'd occasionally reach it out towards her friend, letting the delicious smell tease and tickle her nose: She knew the girl as hungry and expected she'd eventually yield at at least get some food in her stomach... No matter how little:

"Come on, have a bite~", Alisa would point out as calmly as she could, playfully even, yet her concern still shone through that faint smile, "You need to eat."

She'd be happy if Arisa ate something though, or, at least she wouldn't feel as worried, and for the most part they'd spend their time talking about other things. She didn't even look surprised when the Lamia admitted she'd never been pregnant to begin with. Instead, she nodded as if she was simply saying something Alisa already suspected. Those gremlins had been anything but reliable, saying a girl was five months pregnant even though her waist looked as slim as ever. She crossed her legs elegantly, in stark contrast to the childish way Ari beat her legs back and forth, "How does he feel about that. More importantly, how do you feel about that...?", sure, Alisa was curious... But more important than her curiosity was getting Arisa to think about it.

She was obviously sad enough not to feel hungry, but the introspective Pegasus couldn't help but feel she had yet to take a moment to think what this whole subject meant to her. Soon enough, however, she would finish lunch and stand up, offering Arisa a hand to help back to her feet:

"We should get going though. Our next client is a doctor, he might need our help as urgently as we can give it."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:00 am

She shook her head towards the offer to eat something. She didn't feel hungry anymore. She didn't realize it, but her stomach was slowly dying... herself couldn't feel it though. A small smile (like always) appeared on her lips and waved. ''Haha, I'm good. Really. Thanks though, Alisa...'' she replied nervously, waving her right hand, swaying it up and away in that pattern for a second. She stopped quickly though and put her hand to rest on her own lap. She watched Alisa eat as she frowned for a quick second - or at least till Alisa looked at her or even spoke to her.

Alisa questioned how she felt or how he felt about the whole thing. He? Was she talking about that certain dude? Her full lips curved into a slant-like half frown, suckling on the side of her inner cheek on the left side. ''I don't think he'd care either way. Maar- I mean... He doesn't really talk to me anymore. Hope he's alright though..'' she spoke, lowered her gaze and thought about it for a second. ''Sure he has the fighting skills of a champion, but... emotionally he's alone. He maybe can't tell nor could anyone else, but deep inside he is.'' she tried to explain in a calm and sad manner. Her hands clapped against her own thighs. ''Welp, let's go.'' she spoke, nodding with a 'trying to stay positive' smile. Her body leaned forward, bending and then shot up to stand straight and tall. Her violet hair waved behind her and thanks to Alisa letting her use that shower, it felt great. ''Let's try not to kill anyone then today. Haha.~'' she joked since sometimes people do die in the Emergency room. Hopefully, she didn't have to do anything like that. She was good with animals and such, but humans? Never done such a thing before.



#5Alisa Vollan 

on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:01 am


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She frowned at Arisa still refusing food, and the longer she did so the more Alisa would worry about her. She could tell that hint of depression on her friend's demeanor, understandably so after learning she had never been pregnant in the first place. The girl's maternal glow spoke volumes that day, leaving no doubt that Alisa genuinely wanted a child, perhaps even at that point, without knowing if the father would support her. The name of the father did get her attention, or at least, part of it. Arisa didn't say it completely, but half that name felt familiar to Alisa, someone she'd never really forget. Someone whose fighting abilities awed and impressed her despite her not seeing them for more than a single strike. This seemed like something she'd need to ask the girl about, sometime later:

"Well, hopefully no self respecting doctor would put either of us in charge of human lives~", giggled Alisa, raising one hand over her mouth. She did enjoy seeing Arisa happy, even if knew something yet burdened her. She wouldn't feel satisfied until she saw the girl eat something though.

Regardless, it didn't take much for them to finally reach the doctor's office, Doctor Gerard he called himself. The smell of drugs and sound of people coughing assaulted their senses the moment they wandered in, leaving Alisa somewhat wary of approaching any of the sick patients.

"Oh, good afternoon! You're here to help me out, correct? Oh, you're a sight for sore eyes, believe me, I need all hands on deck.", greeted the cheerfully smiling, yet visibly overworked doctor. Had an affable look to him, with a rotund physique and a full beard. He patted the mattress next to him, silently telling both women to sit down.

And Alisa couldn't help but raise an eyebrow: "I thought we were here to help you with your work?", she inquired, folding her arms underneath her bosom

"You are indeed, but we can't have you spreading illnesses on weakened patients can we? Besides, visiting the doctor every once in a while is good for your health!!", with that cheery laughter, Alisa sighed, knowing she wouldn't get anywhere.

Sitting down, she casually removed her jacket, vest, and see through blouse, leaving nothing but the sporty, strapless black bra underneath, clearing the way for the doctor to check her heartbeat. The guy was professional enough not to stare into her cleavage more than his job would require, and she respected him for that.

"Hmm, strong vitals, perfect health!", he'd finally conclude, nodding approvingly, "You must lead a very healthy lifestyle!"

Alisa couldn't help a modest laughter at this, sratching her head, knowing 'hunting evil mages' could hardly be called healthy. But she did know her secret: "I'm not so sure about that... It's just physical exercise really.", she'd say, grabbing her clothes and redressing

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:17 am

Arisa watched Alisa as she wondered what was on her mind. In a woman's mind there could be a lot of things. She tilted her head to look at the sky, breeze blowing her hair back as her hips swayed, walking right foot - left, etc.. Today's mission was to help some doctor - or so she was to believe. She didn't get the full details. All she knew was that she was to see this wack of a doctor. Maybe he will know something that she doesn't or something at least. As soon as they got to the building, her finger tips dragged alongside the walls of white with lines every few inches going up, down, right and left. There were some people being transfered to other rooms or to their own room in wheelchairs. Some looked severely sick and some looked like they just broke something.

She remembered him telling her about being a doctor of some kind... Slowly she was forgetting, she noticed it recently. She wasn't dumb, no, she was slow. There was a difference wasn't there? Her heart was pounding fast as Alisa and herself got to the location they needed to go, seeing the doctor herself. First he checked her friend, saying she was up-most healthy. Arisa looked at his hands, felt nervous about him touching her. Before he even did, he must've noticed. ''Mmmm, quite healthy. A glow to you even. Mysterious and very.. interdeseting.'' he spoke jokingly, but serious. She nodded and hopped off the chair and listened to him explain. ''Alright, you're both healthy. I need you two to do me a quick favor.'' he started, turned around and grabbed two bags, giving it to them both. ''I need you two to deliver these bags to the address of the bags. It's for a patient that refuses to pick them up, ill rather. That will be all.'' he spoke and pushed his doctor glasses up more, turning away to continue on his business. Arisa turned, shrugged and left with Alisa. Soon enough they hurried on to deliver. First they delivered, second they went back to report to the doctor and then lastly they got their reward. Finally, with that Alisa and Arisa went on with other things to do.




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