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High Hopes | [Social | Marina]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:46 pm


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Alisa had been to Magnolia before, but she always had so much left to see. It really was a beautiful city... Say what you will about the rowdy fairy tail but their cheerful atmosphere seemed to spread almost infectiously to its host city as a whole. Just like the classy elegance of Blue pegasus spread through hargeon, enough to leave even this introspective sculptress with a wider smile on her face. Yet there was something Magnolia lacked, something Hargeon had going for it other than being home to her favorite guild - and only one she'd even consider joining - which was a beach. A nice, seaside spot to drink Mai-tai's under the sun's loving, late afternoon rays.

Thankfully, Magnolia had the next best thing, as she found out last time she was here: A poolside lounge bar, complete with soothing music and all the beautiful people parading in swimsuits. So naturally, a girl like her had to come dressed for the occasion. But she wouldn't just pick the sexiest one piece in her collection and flaunt it around. No, Alisa's charm didn't hinge on predictability, quite the opposite. So she went for something a bit more hip and sporty: The ragged hotpants and tied shirt combination, over a rather simple, if flattering strapless bikini, and high heel sandals on her feet.

With the adorning her hair as her pièce de resistance, this choice of wardrobe provided a rather effective combination of classy, sporty and hip, especially once she slipped on those large sunglasses. Yet the best part? It flaunted her affiliation to the guild she was so proud of, especially important as a lone Pegasus in a land of fairies. She walked casual but confidently through the streets of Magnolia, enjoying the cooler afternoon weather. The pool was only a couple blocks away from her hotel, so short it felt more like a catwalk than a stroll proper. As she arrived, first thing she did was talk to the waiter:
"Could you bring me a Mai-tai please?", she'd ask, running a hand through her hair and flashing her best smile, before sashaying over to a well shaded table, right beside the swimming pool...

Fortunately, she didn't need a beach to enjoy her cocktail... Crossing her legs and laying back, Alisa turned her curious eyes towards the swimming pool: Just how many beauties would grace her eyes before the sun started setting?

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"Shall we dance?"
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#2Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:31 pm

Finally, Marina would reach the town that was Magnolia, land of the fairies or something along those lines. She should done some more research before coming here but oh well it wasn't like she here to work. Oh no, the guildless young woman was simply coming here to have some fun, enjoy things that she never or rarely got the chance to enjoy back home. So far, she got a sample of the lifestyle she wanted back in Crocus. A life of luxury and comfort. No more wandering around from place to place in search for food. No more sleeping on makeshift beds made out of twigs. Yes. I can definitely see myself making a permanent home, here. I just need to avoid getting into trouble She said quietly to herself as she wander aimlessly through the town in search of something to do. So much to explore and she had all the time in the world to do so.

As Marina continue her trek through Magnolia the sounds of music would quickly gain her attention. Being a curious woman she would try to pinpoint where the music was coming from, maybe she could crash someone party? Oh, how fun would that be. She was getting a bit thirsty from all the walking she was doing. As the music got louder she would discovered that it was coming from a pool. A luxury that Marina never got to enjoy in her life in the wastes. Luckily she had a swimsuit ready for such an occasional. A little something she brought when she was still staying in Crocus.

Quickly she would make her way towards the female changing room and change into her swimsuit.  Her attire was a bit on the frilly side. A bikini that was attach towards her choker with a matching skirt. For footwear she wore sandals with some ribbons tied around her legs. Once Marina done changing she walk towards the pool and examine all of the lovely people lounging around the pool enjoying the sunshine and relaxing music. Such a peaceful scene. How sad it was about to get ruined by the young beastmaster.

Marina would slip out of her sandals and run towards the pool with a huge grin on her as she yelled "Cannonball! Soon after Marina would  leap into the air as she curl herself into a ball and dive right into the pool causing a huge wave of water to arise! Marina was unaware of any tables being  close to the swimming pool....

If anyone was sitting at a table. There was a high chance of them getting soak by Marina if they didn't back away from the pool.


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#3Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:05 pm


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Her Mai tai arrived soon enough, and with a simple, "Thank you~", to the waiter, Alisa kicked back and relaxed. Casually stirring her fruity drink while crossing her legs the other way, her gaze drifted around the scenery. At least two people caught her attention immediately; a perky and shapely young blonde with an angelic look, and a tall and toned guy with the kind of body you only get from a martial arts regimen. Both looked rather pleasing to her eyes, but for the most part everybody around here had some beauty worth admiring.

Sipping her drink through the straw and smiling approvingly at the well mixed taste, the Pegasus laid back on her lounge chair, occasionally adjusting her hair, clothes, or even her glasses, but for the most part remained preoccupied with the sights before her. That was, until someone else walked in. A young looking brunette with red eyes, cute face and a slim shape, one that drew out her womanly hips for an alluring pear figure. And if that frilled bikini's anything to go by, she knows what she has. Yet there was something different about her. The girl clearly fit in with all the bikini wearing beauties appearance wise, but there was something off.

That spunky, almost mischievous grin on her face... And now, she was about to dive. Alisa kept her eyes peeled, wondering how such a pretty girl made her way into the welcoming waters... Alisa, with her rather vivid imagination, pictured the brunette diving in gracefully like a swan.

...But instead, got a heavy, cumbersome dive like a rhinoceros.

It was a pretty decent cannonball from a girl so small, but the result left the sculptress' carefully picked outfi throroughly drenched, and only thanks to her quick reflexes was she able to shield her drink from excess chlorine - good thing it was almost over - the water felt incredibly refreshing, the suddenness not so much. Well, after getting soaked like this, she no longer had any reason to wear clothes and quickly slipped off her shorts and shirt, leaving only her sporty bikini:

"You sure know how to make an entrance.", Alisa would chuckle once the brunette surfaced, half admonshing and half teasing, brushing her wet hair back, then swiping that idle hand down

Truly why would she come to a swimming pool if she didn't count on getting wet? But her drink almost at an end, it would soon be her turn to dive... For now however, she'd look into the other girl's eyes of red, wondering whether she'd be the confident type who'd hold her gaze, the shy type who would avoid it, or something in between...

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- Alisa Vollan

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#4Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:51 pm

The guildless mage would remain submerged in the pool as she did a quick look herself.  There was nothing that caught her attention and the water had a strange taste to it. A taste she wasn't fond of.  Her lungs were about to cry out for some air which cause the young woman to resurface.  A small frown  appearing on face as she spit out some of the pool water from her mouth. Ugh, I have to make a note not to drink the pool water. Such an awful taste". As Marina was getting over the awful taste in her mouth. She could tell that there were people who weren't please with her entrance, sensing the glares and sighs directed towards her.  Normally, she would have try to apologise, but today she didn't care she her to assume herself. Plus if someone did had a problem they choose not to confront her or so she thought.

Lost in her thoughts, she suddenly found herself staring into red eyes of another female. It would take a moment for the beast master to respond as she examine the dark-haired woman. Marina gaze would swift away from the others eyes and focus the other more develop assets. Marina chuckle as she gaze up and down the older woman body before she stare right back in her eyes. Clearly she met someone who took great pride in her figure. Maybe she was an athlete?

A confident if not slightly cocky smirk would form as Marina spoke."Of course. Considering that I manage to draw your attention and no one trying to get me thrown out of this place. I say my entrance was perfect." Marina would then begin to do some backstrokes as she kept her focus on the other woman.Care to join me?
The water is just delightful, but I assume you would already know.
If the woman's wet hair was any sort of sign to go buy. After do a bit of teasing on her own. She wondered how the other would respond. It would be nice to finally get to know someone in this new land.

#5Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:58 pm


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Oddly enough the brunette seemed to have swallowed some chlorine... Hardly a pleasant experience but from her reaction one might actually think she'd never swam in a pool before. The crystal mage made a mental note to ask her about it later, after all she had better things to think about than that. After all, this girl seemed to be the bold and confident type: Alisa caught her curious gaze, of course, and as usual proved quite receptive to being admired. This girl had good taste, Alisa could respect that.

...And those teasing words from her lips, in turn getting that chuckle from Alisa's as easily as breathing...

Truly, she had the taste to match the looks, and the beauty to match the confidence. On the other hand, there were consquences for such a cute girl flirting so brazenly with Alisa. It came off as an invitation, one that would just be rude to decline... As if the Pegasus hadn't been staring before, she scanned the woman's body once more before holding her gaze flinching, an approving smile drawing on her lips:

"Well, I'll give you points for spectacle...", as she rose her torso upright, Alisa would tease her right back with a charming wink, "...But, surely you could come up with better ways of getting my attention~?"

The mysterious girl wasn't the only one who knew what she had.

As if to prove that point, the sculpress would rest her idle hand on the crook of her elbow, crossing that arm under her bust for a rather flattering yet subtle effect on her cleavage. A gesture that might almost look completely unintentional from the way Alisa raised the straw to her lips and drunk the last bit of her cocktail:

"An offer I can't refuse, hmm?", with these words, Alisa finally uncrossed her legs and stood up, watching the girl's backstroke while running her fingers under the edges of her bikini, "I'll admit the water does look rather...", she curled her lip, "...tempting."

Leave it to Alisa to pay back what was owed with interest. However, she had no flirtatious intent behind adjusting her swimsuit mere instants before diving in the pool: She was just that vain. And so with a quick little dash she leapt straight into the pool with that flawless, elegant swan dive she at one point expected the cocky brunette to execute... For a feeling she couldn't get enough of: The clear, refreshing water soothing away the heat on such a lazy summer afternoon. Nothing quite compares to that sense of relief... Between her dive and two more strokes of her shapely legs, the sporty model would all but reach the other end of the pool...

Hopefully the girl would keep up, otherwise Alisa would just turn around and swim up a bit closer to her. And as she surfaced, flipped, and brushed her raven hair back, she'd finally ask a seemingly important question, "By the way, I never caught your name... I'm Alisa."

Her seductive smirk gave way to elegant cool for that one moment, but like the empathetic artist that she was, whatever mood she displayed would partly depend on what this beautiful brunette reflected off her...

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#6Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:47 pm

So her entrance wasn't as perfect as she thought. Well,
she could always improve, but then again if it ain't broken why fix it. Here the thing about that. I learn how to attract people by watching my older brothers in action and well they aren't always the best of role models. Plus I could have try something else, but it wouldn't be as fun or awarding for me. Well, Marina didn't plan to actually catch someone attention with her cannonball. She wasn't going to complain about the outcome. Having a gorgeous lady that was already drenched before they even met. What there to complain about and Marina just realized how much influence living around a group of guys can be.  For now, Marina seem to being fine, unlike that time in Crocus where she try to know someone. It was like she was talking to a brick wall.

Anyhow back to present Marina did noticed the subtle gesture the other woman did as she finished her drink. Unsure if she was being taste or not. When the older woman decided that she was going to join, Marina was glad that her offer wasn't shot down, but the what the other woman did next cause Marina smile to drop for a bit. It seem like Marina was one up by the elegant stranger.  Compare to her clumsy cannonball this woman dive was flawless which only reinforce the thought that she was dealing with an athlete. As the woman swam towards the edge of the pool, Marina would shake her head and follow her.  Since she arrived here in Fiore she been taking it easy since she didn't have much to worry about which lead to her working less. Marina had no hope of winning the improtu race, but she did manage to keep up for the most part only lagging behind the woman several inches.

After catching her breath, she her the curvaceous curvaceous woman give out her name."Well aren't you a show off...Alisa. It's reminds me of my brothers. "  While she did miss her brothers it barely effected her mood. Marina never introduce herself properly. How could she forget."How rude of me for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Marina Wulfstan. It's a pleasure to meet you. It's refreshing to finally met someone in this land who actually likes to talk. A sigh of irritation would leave from her lips as she recount her time in Crocus. Crocus is a nice city, but the people there were quiet.

#7Alisa Vollan 

Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:15 am


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Her comment earned her a soft laughter as Alisa pictured such a pretty girl being raised by her brothers. Truly there was nothing feminine about that cannonball, and if this Pegasus had been wearing street clothes when she got soaked she might not have been too happy... Alas, she was in a swimming pool, getting drenched thanks to the efforts of a cute brunette whose youthful, tomboyish charms had their own appeal. Though preoccupied with her incoming dive, Alisa still took in her words, knowing any sound from the surface would be defeaned out by splashing, churning waters once she dipped in the pool...

When getting to know a beautiful person, ever fiber of her being demanded Alisa learned more about that person. Admire, understand, relate to... The life someone led to before reaching such a stunning present; that too, is art. So she was rather delighted to see this girl meeting her halfway:

"Of course, beauty should be admired. But i don't need to tell you that, do I~?", she cocked her head with a kind but attentive glance, fully aware of how in her own way, this cocky girl also enjoyed feeling people's eyes on her. And as it turned out, her name was just as pretty as the rest of her, "Marina... What a pretty name...", praised Alisa, eyes drifting upwards with an absent look before looking rigth back at the brunette, "The pleasure is mine."

Alisa turned around her back and floated idly, only slightly beating her legs to help stay at the surface and swim a bit closer to Marina. She turned her head back, eyeing her new aquaintance upside down as her long dark hair drifted around her like a halo: "You think so? I've met plenty of people who were just too chatty for my taste...", she rubbed her cheek carefully leabing out how (depending on her mood) she too may be one of the not so talkative people Marina complained about, "I'm surprised you struggle with getting people to talk to you."

It was an interesting conversation topic, enough to confirm Marina as the social type, far more so than Alisa who was only sociable to specific people. That said, beauties like them get plenty of attention, often more than they can appreciate, leaving the curious mage interested in Marina's outlook...

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"Shall we dance?"
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#8Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:59 pm

Well there was no disagreeing with admiring beauty, . If people wanted too show off how attractive they are. Marina wasn't going to deny them the opportunity.  Her eyes were having a feast right now as she watch her company, but besides Alisa beauty there was just something that Marina like. It was how Alisa present herself. Every move she makes even the simplest ones are full of elegance and grace, no watseful actions on her part. While the beast master did have a desire to live a more luxurious lifestyle, she didn't want to completely change how she acted. No it the fact that she wasn't use to being around people so elegant that it was truly wonderful to interact someone who was. A breath of fresh air one could say.

"I guess I could understand people not wanting to talk. Let me guess. Some guy is trying to score with you, but he can't take the hint that you have zero interest in him?" Marina would shake her head at the thought, but then she did had older brothers who were protective of her so it  was rare for her to deal with such people. Also, while Marina had confidence in her looks could admit that Alisa was the better looking of the two. Marina could only think of how often Alisa must get hit on.

"No it's more like you trying to get to know someone and you barely get two words out of them. It can get a bit frustrating at times. It's like if you don't want to talk just tell me and I won't pester you any longer." Marina would roll her eyes as an glance upwards at the sunny sky. Now, Marina fail to mention that maybe she always didn't make the best of first impression which could lead to how some people acted around her, but she was a bit stubborn a d didn't think much about it.

#9Alisa Vollan 

Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:40 am


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Alisa nodded and rubbed her head guiltily: "That... Happens quite often...", most guys get the hint however, those who don't are the really annoying ones. Yet the way Marina spoke implied she wasn't really speaking form experience. Guys are normally far pushier than girls whenever they find someone attractive and this brunette was quite charming - Fun, bold and genuine - and the words she spoke next confirmed the Pegasus' thoughts on her charm point: Honesty.

From the flashy way she entered the pool and invited Alisa to join her, to the frustrated way she explained how people pretending to be interested in conversation ultimately became more rude. She agreed, of course, Alisa too was big on being truthful to both yourself and others, and after so long of meeting mysterious people (some of them very pretty), she revelled in having someone who grew stunning from doing the very opposite.

"Most mistake that for politeness, I doubt anything you could say might change who they are.", answered Alisa, with an understanding look but disapproving shake of her head. Her smile faded momentarily, but it would reappear soon enough as she rolled upright and groomed her hair, staring at Marina from eye level, "There are ways to deal with that, however... Look at someone long enough; their eyes, their smile... And you might get an idea of their thoughts, and how they'd feel about talking to you."

Indeed she was the kind of person who would gaze at a person for a good while before she finally decided to talk to them, while the blunt brunette seemed like she'd just do it without sparing too many thoughts on the matter. As if to prove her point, the artist leaned over slowly and slightly, bringing her face a bit closer to Marina's, "What am I thinking right now~?", she'd ask with a playful, but admiring smile, getting a closer look at the girl's soft, youthful features while inviting a closer look.

What would Marina see, wondered Alisa. The Pegasus mage was only thinking about her, her beauty and how her purity made it so. The kind of look that might have invited her to come over and chat...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#10Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:06 pm

Marina scoffed at the mention of politeness."I would assume it's more impolite to drag out something you have no interest in, but what do I know. Being polite wasn't a major thing my mom taught me. Marina  lightly chuckle at the thought of using manners when she require do some raiding with her brothers.  She wondered what type of response would if get if went up and ask if she could rob them? As the funny thought left her mind she could agree that she couldn't change people.

Marina would lazily run her hair through her damp hair as she listen to Alisa. Study someone body language? Marina vaguely remember hearing something about that. It's a useful skill no doubt, but it was another thing she hardly thought about or use. Nearly everyone she could think of was open about themselves and even if they weren't Marina was still young she could easily be  trick and not noticed. Before the young woman could comment she realized how close the two of them were. Not that it phase her much. She was use to sharing a space with her brothers after all.

With a playful smile of her own. The guildless mage try to get a read on the graceful woman. "I'm can't read minds, but if you insist I give it my best shot." What could be going through other mind? Well Marina had a solid guess for that question. "The same thing that other people are thinking. About how good I look in this swimwear or where can I get a swimsuit like hers. If you fashion advice from me. Trust me I'm the one of the last people you want to ask. My mother value functionality over appearance which did get annoying at times."  She said in a mostly joking tone, but Marina did think she look fine compare to the other people enjoying the pool.

#11Alisa Vollan 

Default on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:29 pm


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Alisa nodded and rubbed her head guiltily: "That... Happens quite often...", most guys get the hint however, those who don't are the really annoying ones. Yet the way Marina spoke implied she wasn't really speaking form experience. Guys are normally far pushier than girls whenever they find someone attractive and this brunette was quite charming - Fun, bold and genuine - and the words she spoke next confirmed the Pegasus' thoughts on her charm point: Honesty.

From the flashy way she entered the pool and invited Alisa to join her, to the frustrated way she explain So far, it seemed like they could agree on most topics they talked about, establishing a common ground, and making it all the more fun to hear what Marina saw in Alisa.

This girl sounded like she'd been raised by her brothers first and parents second, and that masculine straightforwardness shone through, with her admited lack of skill at mind reading... Or more specifically, reading body language. "Don't worry, just give me your best try~", she'd encourage, shaking her head.

It was fun watching her try, and her smile would soon widen once the tomboy correctly guessed the artist was thinking about her. She wasn't nearly as bad at this as she made herself out to be. But more importantly, honesty really is a beautiful thing.

The sculptress sometimes found herself in need of restraining some of this bluntness of hers, but not here, not with Marina. Eveything about her, from her cheer to her confidence, all but begged Alisa to return this frankness, and return it she would, "Don't worry, I doubt I could pull off frills as well as you do. And being practical... I have a feeling that suits you just as well.", she chuckled with a dismissive, but reassuring tone. The brunette was petite and slim around the bust, while the Pegasus was tall, leggy and curvaceous; different body shapes ultimately asked for different choices of fashion. With this, Alisa would narrow her eyes and smile teasingly, "But you're only half right... I was indeed thinking about beauty...", she winked and rubbed the girl's arm, "Just not your outfit's~"

They had a rather beautiful contrast between the two of them, cute versus cool. Easily observed in everything they did, from the way they leaped into the pool to the way they flirted. Objectively they must be around the same age, but Marina's height, face and demeanor made her look younger. After this little moment of feeling the girl's skin, watching her reactions up close, Alisa would return her personal space and back off slightly, her keen, eyes seeking a different target with an almost predatorial attention.

A floating mattress.

When she entered, she noted how there were at least two of them floating around the pool - one single and one king size - often in the hands of different people. Anybody could figure out they belonged to the lounge bar and not any single customer, and from the moment she realized this Alisa had her eye on the single one. After meeting Marina, she immediately focused on the king size one, which was actually big enough to fit three people if they snuggled close: The brunette didn't seem too concerned with her personal space, but flirtation aside, asking somebody to share a cramped space wasn't her style - even someone she found attractive - and defenitely not someone she'd just met...

That didn't stop Alisa from quickly swimming over to the mattress and laying claim, hopping atop it and lying back:

"Ah, it's finally free...! You should come join me.", patting the space next to her as she paddled her hands through the water, pushing the makeshift raft closer to Marina, the Pegasus would tempt her new friend onto the comfy looking waterbed with her most inviting smile, "It's big enough for the two of us."

They could have the best of both worlds, pool and lounge, enjoying each other's company and conversation under the last few hours of sun they yet had.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#12Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:21 am

So,  the blunt young woman was right or part!y right either way Marina would chalk it up as another success in her book.  Maybe this whole reading someone body idea wasn't so hard to learn. It was like her learning to perform magic. She has the  ability to do if she wants, but unlike other people it require a greater amount of effort on Marina's part to do so. Her magic training it cause her to shudder a little. Even the most basic of spells took much longer for her learn. It the main reason she became a beast master. No need for magic when you have a beast that can do things for you.

"I can't argue with that, but I'm sure you could pull it off quite well. With your looks I doubt there anything that would look bad on you. If I were a lesser woman I would be brewing with jealousy." As she was saying this she was imagining they would look in each other swimsuits. An interesting thought indeed, but for now Marina shove Jose thoughts to the side. As she watch Alisa back away from her. When Alisa attention was focus elsewhere, Marina would look down at her arm. Having someone who wasn't apart of her family keep getting into her personal space was certainly different, but nothing she felt the need to get  work up about.

Marina would like to think that she saw a lot of things despite her age, but a look of confusion appear on face when saw what look like a floating bed. Out of all things she expected to see in Fiore, a floating bed wasn't one of them. A couple of them to be accurate. Did people actually sleep in pools?

"Uh" This was the first time, Marina found herself being hesitant in a response. Sharing a bed with someone she just met wasn't the problem it was more so that she didn't like sharing one at all. After having to share a bed with her brothers sometimes it was something she wasn't fond of, but at the time she would be silly for not taking such an other. She could see her brothers mocking her now.

With a nod, Marina would swim over towards the bed and carefully lay down beside Alisa, giving her some proper space of course. Marina would poke the bed a few times just seeing that it wouldn't fall apart. Do you people in Fiore enjoy sleeping on the water? Such madness. Marina shook her in head in disbelief as she made herself comfortable laying down on her stomach.

"I was about to make a joke, but instead let ask you. Do you have any siblings? Marina did talk about her family a bit and was curious if there were multiple Alisa running around here.

#13Alisa Vollan 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:40 am


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For a vain girl like Alisa, nothing quite measured up to being praised so honestly like this, as evidenced by her radiant smile and laughter, even the graceful way she brushed her hair behind her ear, then slid those fingers down to her clavicle. She was pretty confident in her ability to pull off almost anything, but she also recognized how some girls wore certain styles better than her. But she accepted the compliment for what it was, "Thank you, Marina~", and returned it in stride, "That's right, you're far too pretty to be getting jealous."

Alisa always had to be careful wearing frills, her breasts were already big enough without something to make them appear even larger: As with everything, elegance required harmony and proportion. However, they made for an excellent choice if she wanted to highlight her sex appeal.

Yet the cool sculptress' invitation earned a new sort of reaction from the the confident Marina: Hesitation. This was the first time she'd seen this girl hesitate before doing anything, a clear sign that Alisa had found the limits of her comfort zone. But true to this very obviously adventurous nature of hers, Marina wouldn't let said comfort zone hold her back and eventually climbed atop.

Both had enough space that they could fold their arms under their heads, but the Pegasus mage still respected the girl's space, giggling softly at her question, making a mental note to ask her where she was from: "Well, I wouldn't recommend sleeping in them.", Alisa points up at the sky to state her point, how falling asleep under the sun is hardly a good idea, "But lazing around in the pool is a popular pasttime."

And the brunette would soon realize why: The pliable air mattress shifted to the shape of their laying bodies, and all the people splashing around the pool gave the surface a slight, soothing undulation, swaying their raft up and down and lulling both girls into blissful relaxation.

With an lazy sigh, Alisa turned her smiling face back to Marina, shaking her head, "No, I'm a single child.", her smile faded somewhat as her gaze shifted back skywards, remembering how she still had a father to find and a mother to avenge. At least she still had her uncle, and her guild mates to care for... In the end, she wouldn't look away from the petite beauty for long, her sight pretty enough to always make her smile, raising a curious eyebrow in a desire to learn more about her, "What about yours? Sounds like you come from a really big family."

Clearly, Alisa preferred hearing about Marina's family than talking about hers, understandably enough considering her history. She liked Marina enough that she'd eventually tell her the details if the girl kept expressing interest...

But she might need another Mai-tai first...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#14Marina Wulfstan 

Default on Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:24 pm

Marina did glance upwards towards the sun, but she wasn't worry about getting burn by sun anytime soon. "Oh. That makes a lot more sense. Still I think lounging around on land is better you don't know what is lurking underneath the water. Then again maybe that wouldn't be so bad for someone like me." Well at least they where in a pool so the chances of some dangerous creature appearing was slim.

Even if she didn't knew all the secrets in how such a bed work she found herself getting more comfortable as time passes by as the raft seem to adjust to her body. Truly amazing to what she was custom to sleeping on."No siblings? I guess you can consider yourself lucky then. Heh." Marina said with a sigh. She love her brothers, but be youngest sibling and the only girl among three brothers did had it's moments. Even with her tomboyish nature, Marina figure that maybe Alisa didn't want to talk about her family which was fine. The beast master was glad to talk about her family some more. She just wasn't sure where to begin. Hopefully her new friend wouldn't get too bored as she spoke about her family.

"I won't call my family large. It was just me, my three brothers and my mother roaming from place to place. My mother was well like a beast of a woman, nowhere as ladylike compare to other women, but when you have four kids to raise by yourself she needed to be tough. "  She haven't been away from her family for long, but she did missed them even if she did want to make a life for herself.

"As for my brothers. What can I say? They were loud, competitive and more annoying than flies, but they watch over me like a hawk and teach me somethings that my mother didn't like my charm. Sometimes they view me as just another guy in their group instead of their little sister which did have it's awkward moments. Marina frown at some of conversations her brothers had. There were things best left not knowing at all.

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"Well, I doubt you'll find any sharks in this pool~", teased Alisa, chuckling as she laid on her side to properly face Marina, "Some times I did.", she nodded at the thought of her brotherless childhood, but then glanced away, "...But other times it felt lonely too..."

She could deal with loneliness though, perhaps far better than she gave herself credit for. But she wasn't always as aloof she is now, in a sense she became that way once she no longer had a choice in the matter. Though only her mother was killed, she wound up losing both parents to her father's quest for justice, nurturing the flames of her hatred for a long time to come.

But she was just a teenager then.

Of course, once the tomboy started talking about her family, she gave Alisa all the relief she needed from her own. A lot of a amusing pictures for her to imagine and chuckle at, such as wondering just what kind of woman Marina's mom was like to have raised such a daughter. She did a good job at it; granted this Pegasus might not know much about the girl before her, but she already respected her honesty. She was surprised to hear Marina comes from a family of nomads, you didn't really meet that many of those outside of travelling merchants or carnivals.

"She'd get along with my uncle, clearly...", snickered Alisa, looking away for a moment as she thought about the man's taste for strong women. Truly, uncle was the only relative she could comfortably talk about without getting too lost on sad memories

As for the girl's brothers, it looked like all four siblings had taken after their mom, but the boys made sure to give their little sister that boyish confidence - a stark contrast with her small, feminine figure - that only added to her charm in the end. Truly, Marina knew what she had and didn't hesitate to say so:

"...Althought, it sounds like you never had a boring day.", pointed out the artist with a cheerful smile, idly tracing shapes in empty space between herself and the brunette, finally asking that question she's been curious about since a long while ago, "Where are you from anyway?"

After all this girls seems wholly unfamiliar with something as simple as an air matress and sounds like she's expecting a sea monster to attack her in a swimming pool. So far, Alisa expects her to be from somewhere the waters and dangerous and people don't have the luxury of filling pools with it. If she didn't know better, she'd have pegged the girl for a desert nomad...

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Rubbing the back of her head,  Marina realize that her life despite being could be described as full of adventure, but sometimes she wish she had it slightly easier back then. ",You can said that, but trust me there were times when I desire a boring day. Too much excitement can be a terrible thing at times." Marina could remember sometimes where she got spotted taking some and had to laid low for a bit. Some people could be utterly unrelenting in their searches. Luckily she never got captured, who know what some people could do in a land without a ruler or laws.

"I don't know if your uncle could really handle my mom. My dad couldn't and I don't remember many man try to hit on my mom despite being a single woman. Then again she did I doubt many people wanted to deal with four kids as well" Marina would sigh for a moment, but her mood still seem content even if mentioning her father. She was too young to even remember her dad, so she never care about him much.

While she enjoy talking about herself, the young woman was getting a bit thirsty for all the talking she was doing. She licked her lips before she went on revealing more information about herself. "Me and family where a group of nomads living in deserts, but before I continue. Let's get something to drink. I just remembered that the main reason I came here was to quench my thirst and the pool water isn't a tasty beverage." A small frown appear on the beast master face as recall the unpleasant taste. "Anything you would recommend since I'm new here?  Marina asked as her gaze shifted towards the pool side bar.

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Truly, if there's something one might learn from this conversation is how people are never satisfied. Alisa often yearned for the excitement of having siblings, while Marina whished for the boredom of having none. The vicissitudes of the human condition... Philosophical considerations aside, hearing the contrast

"The more you say that the more I feel like Uncle would really get along with her... Man always has a smile on his face, even when he whipped both my father and myself into shape.", chuckled the crystal mage, covering her mouth before rubbing above her eyebrow. He's a jovial man who admires strength, especially in women... But more importantly, in people related to him: Long before she was born, he constantly challenged his artistic younger brother into getting stronger, and many years later did the same to Alisa herself. And Marina's mother sounded just as strong willed, "She does sound like an impressive woman."

She couldn't help but wonder how her uncle was doing, it had been a while since she last came home.

Indeed her gut feeling was correct, more so than her more rational thoughts, so much even Alisa was surprised at this. With Marina worried about dangerous creatures lurking in the water, after all, hardly the kind of danger a desert dweller might face on a daily basis. She was just about to ask her a few more questions, when the cute nomad had a better thought. Drinks.

And the Pegasus knew just what to order herself, that same fruity cocktail she was drinking before she hopped in the pool.

"Good idea, you can get far tastier than chlorinated water.", Alisa flashed her a soft smirk, and with paddled one arm through the water, pushing their comfortable raft closert to the edge. But she wasn't planning on getting off, no, far from it. Instead, she waved over the nearest waiter, answering the other girl's question as the finely dressed man walked over to them, "They make an amazing Mai tai here.", she'd recommend.

She said that as naturally as everything else, and it actually took her a few seconds to realize Marina probably didn't know what that was. She seemed unfamiliar with most of the summer comforts she took for granted after all...

"...It's a fruity cocktail, a very refreshing one at that. Slightly alcoholic though.", she'd smile and explain, brushing and gathering her hair in a bunch before draping it over her chest  
It didn't feel like a bit of alcohol would bother Marina, especially nothing this minimal. But if it did, Alisa would instead suggest her a different refreshement before the waiter arrived:

"What can I get you ladies?", asked the waiter with a smooth, helpful smile. It would take the bartender no more than two minutes to prepare whatever they ordered and get it handed over to their mattress.

"I'll have another one of those, and for her...", Alisa returned the smile and placed her order, then looked expectantly at her new companion.

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"Yeah, she is a great woman. I couldn't ask for a better mother. So hopefully I'm able to make her proud. Even if I desire a different lifestyle" Marina smile would grew larger as she thought about her mother.  "If by the rare chance of family members meet. Your uncle can try. If he anything like you then I'm my mother would like him at least. Yet to be honest I hardly know what my mom likes when it's comes to romance"  Oh well, maybe she could find her family and ask he mother about that. For now she had more important things to worry about like choosing what time of drink she wants. Thankfully, she didn't had to move from her spot as Alisa move the bed towards the edge of the pool.

Marina had no clue on what type drink her classy friend was talking about and she didn't knew about the other drinks that bar offer. She could order water, but that would be boring. Marina would enjoy examine the waiter,  up and down shaking her head. He was decent looking, but nothing compare to person laying right next to her. "Uh. Just give me whatever she having. I trust that she has good taste." After ordering her drink  she lost all interest in the waiter as she focus back onto her friend. Now where did she let off from? Oh yes her home.

"Now with that taken care of I shall countine my tale. So yeah. My family were nomads. In case you wanted to ask what the name of the place I was born I don't remember." Marina sigh contently as she resist the temptation of falling sleep. "Life in harsh on the barren lands of desert. The constant heat bearing down on you. The endless amount of walking you have to do and the sand stretches farer than the eye can see. " Marina made a small gesture with her hands as described the environment she had to live in.

The desert dweller would then pause to see if her Alisa had any questions for her. If she didn't the Marina would just countine to ramble on.

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"It would be interesting to watch, I can tell you that much~", Alisa laughed softly, realizing she didn't really know what kind of man her uncle was like romantically. All she did know were what kinds of women he showed interest in.

Her smiled widened ever so slightly at Marina's praise, yet she just knew the girl wouldn't be disappointed. Once he'd taken their orders, the waiter left to grab their drinks from the bar, and from then on the artist's eyes returned to the beauty beside her. It looked like neither of the two girls had eyes for anyone else at this moment, and Alsia for one just wanted to learn more about Marina, learned her wants and fears, what drove her forward, everything she could.

Like one might expect, life sounded harsh for a desert nomad. Yet looking at the girl now Alisa could only thing how she passed that test with flying colors, thriving in that envoiroment and growing into such a ravishing young beauty: "That hardly sounds pleasant... But I wager that's only made you stronger.", she'd comment, thinking back to her own experiences walking under blazing heat over shifting sands. Sounds like one hell of an exercise and Marina had to do it on a daily basis.

The closest memories Alisa has to such an adventure come from walking on the beach at high noon... She only dared do it in the rare occasions she worked up a nice tan, after all nobody can pull off the sunburned look, not even her. The waiter arrived soon enough, carrying their drinks on a silvery platter:

"Here you go, two Mai tais.", he said, crouching and lowering his tray within reach of Alisa and Marina.


As they had ordered their drinks in the pool, they came in fancy plastic glasses attached to fancier flamingo shaped floater. The crystal mage all but giggled at the ingenious solution, yet even then she probably wasn't gonna set her drink down in the water, instead holding the floating coaster by hand...

It might drift away, or worse, get knocked over...

"Thank you~", Alisa returned the smile and helped herself to a sip, looking at the brunette when she sampled hers. One could defenitely taste the alcohol, but it was subtle under all the fruit - primarily lime, but with hints of orange, pineapple and almonds - topped off with a cute little umbrella and a slice of pineapple, "So, how is it?", she'd ask Marina, raising a curious eyebrow at her.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#20Marina Wulfstan 

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Well, Marina could brag, but she decided to stay modest for the most part. "Oh yo flatter me, but I can't deny the benefits of having to live in a harsh environment.
The most noteworthy thing is that walk through all that heat helps with improving your endurance."  
Of course with Marina lack of training ever since leaving her home those. benefits are less than useful. And right when she want to continue their drinks would arrive. Marina adrime how fast they were with their service. "Thanks for the drink, man. Great service." Marina had to laugh a bit as she finally saw her drink.

"How cute. It would be cooler if they have gotten real animal to bring our drinks. Still very nice compare to having search high or low for small amounts of water."Or trying to get water from a freaking catus. Ouch. They don't look tough, but they do hurt." After a quick flashback with her first encounter with those prickly plants, Marina stare a her drink and tilt her head. It look nice for sure, but did it taste any good? With only one way to find out. Marina took a sip of the Mai tai and was blown back by the fruity flavor. "Wow. This is the most fruity drink I ever consume. Whoa. It unusual, but not awful."

After another sip, her taste buds would get used to the taste.  Marina would happily sip on her drink. "So, Alisa what do you for a living? An elegant woman like yourself probably has many talents. I going to guess that your athlete, maybe?" Marina figure she should ask more about her new friend.

#21Alisa Vollan 

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"And the sand too...", added Alisa, and she had to stop herself before she started listing all the adversities one had to deal with to explore the desert. Yet once the drinks were in their hand, her mouth would be busy drinking instead of talking, though Marina's suggestion almost made her spit her drink with sudden laughter, "Well, I imagine a real animal might run away with your drinks~", Alisa laughed, even more so at the mental image Marina created inside the sculptress' head. Having to convince a real flamingo not to flee with your drinks sounded troublesome. Yet not nearly as much as drinking from a cactus, enough for the girl's smile to fade into a cringing, empathetic look, "I can imagine. Not something you'd do unless you had a better option..."

But the desert dweller's reaction to the flavor was humorous if nothing else. Usually people complain about the alcoholic taste... Not Marina though, she was taken aback by the fruitiness instead, "Glad you don't dislike it~", answered Alisa with a playful wink

Anybody could guess how fruit is also hard to come by in the desert. In the end both girls were pretty thirsty after lying under the sun for a while now - as gentle as it may be for a summer afternoon - and Alisa for one just reclined on one elbow, almost drinking half her cocktail on go... Almost... But then the brunette asked her what she did for a living, in that flattering, bold way the crystal mage was slowly getting used to, gracefully rubbing her neck when all those admiring words reached her ears.

"This.", Alisa responded with a single word and a graceful smile, her finger pointing to the Blue Peagsus tattoo on her waist, turning her body so the girl could get a better look. She was actually surprised Marina hadn't noticed, but once again she took a while to remember this girl was a foreigner. They probably didn't have any guilds or mages in the desert, in which case this girl would not only not recognize the insignia, but also not have a clue it had any meaning beyond a simple tattoo, "I'm a Mage for hire in the Blue Pegasus guild... And a sculptress in my spare time. Though you're right, I do work out a lot too.", and another wink, "You should join me sometime~"

She left out her side job of course, after all 'I'm also on a quest for vengeance against a dark guild' is hardly something to tell somebody you just met. But she intentionally left out which which of the three option she was inviting Marina along for. Though she couldn't help quirking her brow and rubbing her chin; no matter how much she thought about it, she just didn't know whether other countries but Fiore had the same system for Magic users, "Had you run into Mage guilds before visiting Fiore?"

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#22Marina Wulfstan 

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Now it was her turn laugh at the thought of some animal trying to run off with her drink. Only someone who isn't skill at the art of beast master would let an untamed animal handle such a task. "Please. It could easily be done.
I will find such a bird and train it to serve drinks. It might take a few tries and maybe a good few knocks to the head, but it's doable."
While her statement could be taken as a joke she was serious in her ability in taming and commanding animals.

She would triwl the straw around in her glass as enjoy everything about this day as her eyes focus in on the tattoo on Alisa waist.  Guild? Blue Pegasus? She never heard of them until now. She really needed to learn more about how people operate here.",. Also her friend was a sculptress . That was interesting, but not unexpected. After all  it was like Marina said earlier, Alisa look like woman who was talented in multiple areas. Marina lightly laugh as she rested her head on her elbow. "Sure. Why not. I guess I should balance out all this lounging around I been doing with some working out." Yeah, she wouldn't have a problem with that at all and for the mage question. Marina took a moment to think about it.

"Mage guilds. Not that I can recall. Sure I ran into magic users before, but they weren't part of any organization like a guild. They mostly were loners or were leaders of a gang.  Nasty people magic users can be and personally I'm not a huge fan of magic, but I know a few spells. My mother made she sure of that before I left. What a pain." Marina wouldn't mention that she had trouble learning magic for now, yet it was clear that she didn't enjoy using magic. Also there was the fact she lack a companion despite being a beast master. Thankfully she hasn't ran in trouble. Marina would sigh at the thought as she finished the last of her drink.

"So. Blue Pegasus?   Marina would ask wanting to learn more about this guild.

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"And I'll be your first customer when you do.", she chuckled, but as amusing as the girl's comment was, Alisa couldn't help but sense a different level of confidence when the girl talked about handling animals, more confident than Marina's usual. For the most part, she always had that playful hint when she bragged, and never allowed her cockiness turn into arrogance proper, "...So you actually train animals huh?"

Alisa would lean into the nomad girl some more, visibly intrigued. She'd met some beast masters before, but this one was by far the prettiest. She didn't

know them all so well as to judge which one was the most interesting, but Marina would defenitely be pretty high up there just as easily. Of course at that moment, all those thoughts paled in comparison to all the wonderful ideas of things they could do together next time, enough for Alisa to fully turn on her side as if leaning on a lounge chair, facing her petite friend in full:

"It's a date then~!", she tease, brushing her hair away from her face and behind her ear and shoulders, before sipping some more of her cocktail.

She hear about how the girl had indeed never run into mage guilds, not even that many mages as a whole. Predictably in a place where magic wielders are rare, some end up leading criminal organizations. Some things never change, regardless of whether you're in Fiore or the desert, and hearing this would make Alisa's lip twitch, that almost imperceptible sign of scorn she only seldom hinted at, "We have the Rune Knights to take care of mage outlaws, but granted Light Guild mages are normally civilized people.", she'd comment, "Though I wouldn't mind seeing what magic you learned on a faraway land."

Yet the moment Marina's conversation shifted from her experiences with mage criminals to her own guild, her face visibly lit up with admiration, as if the sheer memory of her guild evoked the kind of feelings you'd get from admiring a grand masterpiece, "As a guild we believe in the beauty of pursuing our passions to the fullest, how that in turn makes it artful.", this last part was her personal philosophy, "Of course, favoring grace, style and refinement has a way of making one appreciate the beautiful sights life has to offer...", she couldn't help but gaze at Marina at this last sentence, but for the most part the brunette might easily notice the abstracted look in the sculptress' eyes, how Alisa could ramble on to no ends about this topic.

...But she also had enough self awareness to understand Marina might not be interested in all of that philosophy (not right now anyways), so she instead skipped to the part she might be interested in, flashing that confident smile, "In Blue Pegasus, everyone's ideals of beauty drive us to greater heights, so much we're one of the three strongest guilds in Fiore."

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Marina nodded to answer the question that was pose to her. "Why yes. Since I don't care for magic much. My family have me learn how to tame animals. I have a better talent working with animals then I do spell casting. I could show you my magic with animals, but I sadly don't have one at the moment. Uh" Marina admitted with a hint of embarrassment in her voice. After all a beast master without a beast is like a bite without teeth... useless. "Sure I can show you my magic, but it's better if I didn't have too. I mainly use it for healing and at the moment my magical healing is all that impressive at the moment. " Marina would shrug, Her main focus was on being a beast master and magic was mainly use in support of that since she can only use it for healing and defensive purposes in order to help her beastly companion in and off the field of battle.

Marina did notice the expression play across her friend face as she mentioned magic users she ran into. It was hardly noticeable, still Marina didn't put much thought into it. Maybe Alisa was just one those 'For great justice' people. Which meant Marina better not mention some of the raiding she and family had to do to survive. "Ah. Well it's good to know this land has a system to keep outlaws mages in check. Don't know how effective that would be back in my home of open desert where everyone likes to fend for themselves."

When the conversation shifted towards Alisa actual guild, Marina interest peak as Alisa went into detail about her guild. Blue Pegasus must be held in high regard for her artistic buddy.  If Marina was putting the information together the guild had to one of high standards and mannerisms.  "So in short. You're part of group of good looking artists who kick ass and try to be perfect? And here I thought my family was odd." The desert dweller had to laugh a bit at the statement she made. These guild certainly sound interesting if they were anything like the Pegasus guild.

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Randomly meeting a desert nomad all the way out here was surprising enough, but Marina also had her fair share of tricks up her sleeve. One of them was taming beasts, and another a kind of magic this crystal mage most likely had never met before, "You're just full of surprises aren't you?", giggled the amused Alisa, immediately noticing how this lack of animals under her command prompted the only hint of shame she'd ever seen in this girl, "Oh, you don't have to... But if you show me yours, I'll show you mine~"

It kept the Pegasus wondering just how many talents would she have hidden up her sleeve. But she was confident the girl would at least consider her offer if nothing else. She didn't have to do it now, though, Alisa could wait. She was a patient girl after all, so she'd leave Marina stewing on it for now.

"It's not nearly as effective as it should be here...", with a soft, uneasy frown got her point across, Alisa confirmed the nomad's unasked question with a simple nod, "I understand some outlaws only follow the sole path they have left... But if this system reduce unnecessary death, that alone proves of it's worth."

She had to wonder just what kind of troublesome situations Marina could have gotten herself into in her time in the desert, but if anybody could speak

from experience, it had to be her. Alisa wasn't as naive as assuming such a natural born survivor to be a saint, not when she herself had reaped more lives than she'd have liked. She could only hope whatever sins Marina might have commited had been done out of survival and not sport or sadism.

This girl didn't really feel like the cruel type, that was enough for this light mage: She'd remain wholly accepting of Marina, her elegant smile never fading whenever their eyes met.

Her opinion of Blue Pegasus got a graceful, but heartily amused laughter from the cool beauty. It's astonishing how everyone gets a similar, tourists or locals alike. Well, it's pretty close to the truth, "That's what most people say.", she pointed out, covering her mouth before correcting, "Still, I wouldn't say perfect.", Alisa corrected with a shaking her head; even though she was fully aware she could only speak for herself and not her guild mates, "For an artist, believing you're perfect is the same as admitting you can't get any better... That's just my opinion, others might disagree."

She raised staw to her mouth and took a long sip of her drink, her eyes following the brunette for a while, slowly scanning down her sinuous body and then back up, with a barely noticeable curl of her lip mentally confirming what she was about to say next: "Though you should visit our guild hall and see for yourself.", she winked, "I have a hunch you'd fit in~"

There's more to being beautiful than just looking the part. A genuine passion and a drive for self improvement are the real magic...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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