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High Hopes | [Social | Marina]

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:07 pm

Marina Wulfstan
The offer was tempting. She was curious on sort of magic Alisa could use. Marina would be willing to wage that it magic on the flashier side of things. "I keep that in mind. I would be lying to say I wasn't curious at least." Today, Marina would just hold off on showing her magic, she haven't use in awhile so maybe she get a bit of practice done, before. She rather not make herself look like a fool in the eyes of her friend.

Marina wasn't surprised that system like knights and guilds could improve in their overall effective.  A problem with most systems is dealing with all rules and regulations or as her mother call it red tape."I can't argue with that I suppose. With my small amount of time here, I haven't seen any rouge mages." Marina grin slightly larger before turning into a neutral expression as she thought more about differences between here and her Homeland. So far her adjust to city life was going well though there was some loose ends she needed to take care of.

The beast master raise an eyebrow as Alisa correct her. She would have never look at the thought from that view point then again she wasn't an artist by any means. "Such an interesting view. I liking you even more. Marina said not paying attention at the other woman looking over her figure. The young girl was sad that she finished her drink. She would have drink these more often. As she wondered if she ask for second glass,  Marina would gasp at the thought of visiting the guild. It did sound amazing after all, but would someone like her really fit in?"You think so? A woman like me would probably fit in as well like a duck among a group of swans. Heh, but if you really think I fit in. I more than willing to visit the guild I have all the time in the world." She should without her family around she was by herself and if there was one important lesson she was taught it was to never be alone.

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That got her attention, Alisa could see it in her eyes, and her words confirmed it soon after. Yet even with such an offer, the girl didn't yield, not yet anyways. They already established magic might be one of the few thing Marina wasn't confident about, so maybe she want some time to prepare herself, either her magic itself or just mentally. She didn't mind waiting so a simple nod accepted that agreement. When she was ready, they show each other their magic.

Though the crystal user's curiosity wouldn't abate for even a second - it never did - and she hoped the wandering beauty wouldn't tease her too much...

"Most Dark mages try to keep a low profile... The ones who don't are usually the most dangerous.", she'd add, no doubt sounding like she was speaking from experience. Whether driven by stupidity or arrogance, the boldest among dark mages are usually caught quickly enough, unless they're powerful enough to threaten even the Rune Knights themselves.

Of course such powerful enemies haven't appeared in a long time, and even among Dark Mages Alisa knew some chose that path for reasons not too different from her own. Light and dark don't always equate to good and evil. With her drink nearing the end, Alisa picked and ate the juicy slice of pineapple stuck to the edge of her drink, before finally finishing the rest in a single gulp.

"The feeling's mutual~", she'd chuckle at these bold words and return them in kind, petting the girl's arm... Before slowly reaching her arm over Marina, inching her body closer... With her sizes and how close she got, Alisa would end up pushing her larger bust against the brunette's, enough they'd feel each other's softness and the slightest bit of skin contact outside the egdes of their bikini. Many people mentioned how Alisa's skin was her ultimate charm point, with all her alabaster smoothness, said by some to be irresistible to the touch. She didn't know how true it really was, but Marina might have a say on that...

...Yet for all her cool and modest elegance, Alisa couldn't stop her cheeks from reddening at the sudden proximity, a blush so faint one might have to look at her really close to have a chance at seeing. Mere inches away like they were now... This moment might have felt a lot longer than a it really was, a simple result her of needing to reach over Marina to place her empty drink at the side of the pool; where the waiter could get to, "...My apologies.", she'd flash an excusing smile once she'd finally done so, rolling back around to her spot, face up.

Alisa had no ulterior motives; even if she were the type to hit on people, this would be far too soon for any of that. Yet her choice of timing wasn't accidental, even if she herself might have felt such. Were this anybody else and Alisa might have probably just manouvered the raft around...

"...Yes, I really think so~", she'd pick up where they left off, hoping Marina would keep riding that bravado of hers, however she did it. Not once did she consider the girl's boldness might run out just from the sculptress reaching over her, and she'd very much like to get to know the girl better. For now, however, she'd meet honesty with honesty, "You're beautiful, passionate and genuine.", and indulge in her curiosity some more, "Have you never though of something you love as a form of art?"

Truly Alisa liked to be challenged... But up until now she'd grown used to feeling challenged in her attempts to understand mysterious people. Though Marina was far from mysterious, Alisa still struggled to put herself in her shoes: They had grown up in starkly different envoiroments and cultures, so there was much they could learn from each other...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:39 pm

Marina Wulfstan
Marina was already use to Alisa touching her arm so it didn't took the beast master b surprise, but what happened after that completely threw Marina off her guard. They were already   close on the floating bed, but Marina didn't think the distance between them would get like this.She wanted to say something, but she couldn't think straight as she distracted by skin on skin contact that was happening between them.  Compare to roughness of her family skin. Alisa skin was just so smooth that Marina had to wonder if it should  be a crime. There was the noticeable size difference between them in the bust area, thankfully she wasn't the type to get jealous over some like bust size. The desert dweller mentally sigh as she kept her hands to herself despite wanting to know how someone skin could feel so amazing.

For as fast the moment came it ended just as fast whether she was thankful or disappointed, she wasn't sure."No need to apologise. You got to remember I sometimes had to share a room with older brothers so some unexpected contact is another thing I'm used too." Marina was shrug off the event as if nothing happen. No need to make a deal out of something minor or to make any awkward between them. Marina match Alisa smile with a friendly one of her own.

Getting back on topic, Marina felt a surge of pride at the compliments she received. It's always nice to hear them from someone who isn't related to you or by some creep. Of course the artist who bring up the topic of art which was a topic she never thought back. "What do you think?When your roaming the barren wasteland like me. Art is one of the last things you think about. Sure I love animals, but turn that in art? I never felt urge to do so." Sure she ran into works of art before, but they were generally useless.for daily survival, but since she left that life behind mostly. Maybe she could branch out into the field of art and find something that catches her interest.

"You call yourself a sculptress right? How did you get into that? Since they were discussing art, Marina was curious about why her friend would choose that form of art.

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:53 pm


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Somewhat predictably for a tomboy, Marina's skin wasn't as smooth as most girls, but in Alisa's mind this was hardly something a day at the spa wouldn't take care of. She clearly grew up under an upbringing meant to roughen and toughen her up, and even then she got this pretty... There was some saying about a flower blooming in adversity being the most beautiful, and truthfully the poetic crystal mage couldn't have found a better use for it than this girl. She enjoyed being close to her more than she'd probably even acknowledge, let alone admit, taking in all of her new friend's prettiest features in exquisite detail before finally backing off.

And Alisa was visibly glad to be right, with an amused snicker at the girl's answer, "I can imagine~"

Or so she thought anyways, but never having had brothers of her own, she just imagined it as sleeping with close friends while knowing none of them will ever do anything indecent. Closest she could think of really, but close enough in her mind.

As for the girl's answer, it was probably something she should have guessed she might say considering the harsh, survival oriented life she had. She didn't know where the cultural differences ending and Marina's personal experience began, but at that point it mattered little. Both were a crucial part of this beauty Alisa tried to understand and relate to, and sharing their views and opinions naturally lead way to that. This time, Marina's answer felt like she was thinking mainly about crafts like painting and sculpting. But to the Pegasus, such was merely the tip of the iceberg:

"Any craft or technique you devote yourself with all your heart, constantly striving to improve it, can become art. Even fighting.", she'd shrug, and then smirk confidently, running her hand over her forehead to wipe off the sweat, "There's a reason they call it martial arts~"

Clearly this was something Alisa was pretty certain of, after all she herself was a martial artist as well as a sculpress. Plus, this was the perfect example for a practical girl like Marina. After all the finest masters will never brag about having perfected their art, but constantly learn through both training and experience.

Even her sculpting wasn't so different, as she'd gaze up into the sky with a reminiscing look, telling that story as she recalled it in her head, for once just concentrating on the good parts, a fresh reminder of how art and beauty truly mended her wounded soul:

"I always liked crystals and shiny things... My father was a goldsmith, so I guess on some level you might have seen that coming.", she'd start, smiling at the happy childhood memories she yet had, running around their family's shop, "He was an artist too, who made some of the most gorgeous jewelry you'd ever see. But, I didn't get into carving crystals until much later. At first I just did it to pass the time... Then I started getting better; I didn't even realize I was already an artist until somebody pointed it out.", She turned her head towards Marina, once more looking for that shining, ruby like graze of the brunette's while tracing the outlines of her guild stamp, "Somebody from Blue Pegasus."

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:08 pm

Marina Wulfstan
Marina had a doubtful look at the thought of fighting being considered an form of art."Well despite having arts in it's name. I not exactly sure how beating people can be call art, but if it's something people here view as art then I guess I just have experience for myself. Or on second thought maybe I don't. I rather not be some canvas for someone fist.""  Yet, she could guess with certain fighting styles you got learn about right form,. stances and other stuff she most likely  couldn't think of and watching or performing those actions can be art. Now the wander was understanding this art better.

"So following in the footsteps of your father a bit?" The desert dweller could envision they lovely lady beside her cover in fine variety of jewels like a queen. Though the jewels would pale in comparison to her friend. The thought cause Marina to lighty chuckle as she glance back into eyes of the elegant pegasus. A comfortable silence would  soon fall between the two woman as Marina took in all the information she learnt. Getting use to the differences between here and her home haven't been too difficult. It just mind opening on what she been. Missing out on.

Marina was about to speak again, but then froze. She didn't have any other questions for now.  This cause her to starch her head as she glance up towards the sky. She wonder how much time has pass ever since she talk to Alisa. "Anything else you would like to know? If not I think we should get out of this pool before I get too comfortable in this bed." After saying that she let out a quiet pout not really wanting to move, but she know she couldn't stay in this spot forever.

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:27 pm


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Clearly, convincing such a practical, down to earth girl of the more artistic aspects of martial arts and it's different styles might prove a herculean task. Her pragmatic interpretation got a chuckle from Alisa, and her following metaphor even more so. But that gave Alisa the perfect example to explain her view:

"It's more than just beating people, but rather how you choose to go about it: The fighting style you train and fight with is as much a form of self expression as what you paint on a canvas.", she shook her head than explained with a smile, but serious, self assured tone, "As you learn and master a fighting style, you'll naturally shape and adapt it to fit you. In time even a great master's best student can change the style enough that it becomes a new lineage, possibly a whole new style."

Most likely Marina would still disagree with her, but if she understood why Alisa saw it that way, then that would be enough for the classy Pegasus. More importantly, it felt like after so long of exploring their pasts, debating their views on art gave these two girls their most interesting topic yet.

"Yeah, i guess you can say that.", Alisa's smile widened as she rubbed behind her head than adjusted her hair, yet not exactly telling Marina just how right she was. Though not the way she imagine.

This time, she made sure to keep her emotions on a tight lid...

Though she really liked this petite nomad, they hadn't known each other nearly long enough for Alisa to hint at what other footsteps she'd been following. At this rate, it wouldn't be long until Marina earned her trust, and knowledge of her Pegasus' darker history if she so desired it, but for the time being, both girls had a similar thought:

"Not really, after all we wouldn't want to spoil all the surprises right away now, would we~?", She ran her fingers under the edges of her bikini, especially that strapless top that visibly struggled to contain her full breasts, not with all the elegance Alisa clearly demanded. The nomad's suggestion fell on agreeing ears: The sky had turned to a dimmer orange, one that all but begged for a better place to watch the sunset.

Actually moving however, that would be a greater challenge for the two of them. The floating bed and its sinful softness wouldn't let them move away so easily, the only way it could be any harder was if they were still pressed up against each other. But before the real struggle could commence, more company would join them, or rather, attempt to:

"Heyy girls~!", asked a random guy she'd never seen before, with a cocky grin and visibly straining six pack. No doubt trying his damndest to look impressive, "You beauties got room for one more?"

He actually looked good with his sculpted body and beach tan, yet his timing couldn't be worse. Alisa was completely enthralled by the beauty lying down next to her. Though she returned the smile as she scanned the newcomer head to toe, a single returning glance at the pretty brunette vanquished any doubts before they could even take hold: if she was gonna share a cramped space with Marina, she'd much rather it were just the two of them...

Defenitely not with someone else she didn't even know:

"Not really.", she answer, shooting down the offer with her most elegant smile, "Don't worry, you'll have it all to yourself in a few moments."

Of course, any appreciation she might have had for the man's looks faded once he failed to understand it the first time:

"Come on, don't be like that~", he'd answer, his grin not fading in the slightest.

Alisa sighed.

"See what I mean about talking too much?", completely ignoring the guy's insistence, the artist instead turned to Marina, looking like she was finally given an example of what she commented on earlier. With this, she paddled away from the him and towards the edge of the pool.

But much to her surprise, a splash behind her showed the guy had actually dived in. Was he seriously coming after them?

Alisa sighed again...

She had dealt with such unwanted advances in a myriad different ways in the past, but oddly enough Marina seemed to lack that problem despite her beauty and confidence. The raven haired girl was actually curious to see how the other girl would deal with it, assuming this guy was really as pushy as he looked like...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:49 pm

Marina Wulfstan
As the two of them were making their way out of out the pool. Marina would consider what Alisa said about martial arts. She could understand how someone like Alisa could view it as an form of art. Yet at the end of the day, Marina still thought of martial arts as way to beat people up with some style add in. Still it was something Marina could possibly be into or maybe she could apply that thinking to her love of animals somehow. She wasn't sure for now, but if she finds a hobby that gets her interesting in art, Alisa would be the first to know.

Marina learn many things from hanging around her brothers and one of those lessons was that a group of attractive women will draw the attention of me to them like a moths to a flame. Marina held back a sigh as she examine this random  dude. At least he was good looking, but his timing was awful. At first, Marina thought the guy was going to leave them be when Alisa rejected him the first time, but of course guys didn't like being turn down. The beast master had to admit she did like someone who was determined, but not today."Okay. I can see your point. Wait is he really?" Marina couldn't believe this tool was actually trying to swim after them.

Usually her brothers would have dealt with guy by now, but she was on her own. "Stop the boat or erh, bed." Marina find herself quickly getting annoyed with this man. Once the bed, Marina watch as the guy caught up to them with an unimpressed look on her face.

"Now then ladies, how ..... As the nameless guy was speaking, Marina quiet him down by placing covering up his mouth with her hand and laugh. The guy just look at Marina with confusion on his face. Marina continue laughing as her free arm lazily wrapped around Alisa waist for the time being. Closing the space between them.

Marina laughter stop as she glare at the man. Her annoyance with this idiot noticable when she spoke."No. You will not join us, dude. You want to know why? You're barking up the wrong tree. I have no desire to touch you. She not interested in you either.  Put two and two together, your smart enough to know you don't have a chance. Go away, unless you want to become intimate with my foot shove up your ass. " The guy did notice how close the two women where and the clear disinterested look on Marina face. His eyes widen in shock as a lightbulb went off. He swore under his breath for his seemingly bad luck.  That glare from Marina was making him uncomfortable. There were other, but less attractive woman he could try to get with. He didn't said another word as her move away from them, his pride hurt.

Once the dude was away from them Marina would scoot away from her friend."Ugh. Lucky my brothers weren't here or he wouldn't have got away injury free. Anyway, I hope you didn't mind the close contact, but I just had to make clear that we had no interest in him. Guys are stupid and have to be blunt and direct with them. " Marina didn't have as much experience as Alisa when it came to unwanted advances, but she hang around her brothers and saw how women rejected them.

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Predictably, the beast master was just as exasperated as the sculptress at the sight of this presistence. Determination could be attractive in the right circumstances, but right now really wasn't one of them, especially not this way: "Yeah, I really think he is...", Alisa shook her head as the guy kept swimming closer to them.

Some men were pretty slow at understanding, but even those could be driven away with just a bit more effort, and unlike how it sometimes may seem, she hardly ever had to resort to violence. But Marina looked like she had the shorter fuse of the two girls. Alisa was ready shoot him down again if need be, but it appeared the brunette had other ideas. Alisa did what she asked, paddling the opposite direction and bringing the floating bed to a half, watching to see if the foreigner would succeed where the native had failed.

And her strategy was really unexpected, but highly promising - with Marina suddenly pulling Alisa close - not to mention incredibly delightful: She rather enjoyed the desert girl's supple form.

Though faintly surprised at the sudden proximity, she immediately understood the brunette's plan and played along, wrapping her arm around Marina's shoulder, her nails would tickling the bare skin like one would a lover's. Truly, that was the only apt description for the way the Pegasus held on to the pretty nomad, pushing her pliable chest against her torso, her eyes steadily narrowing into a wanton look the longer she stared at the girl. And the nameless third wheel? The only attention Alisa paid him were occasional glances while the smaller girl gave him a talking to.

She'd reach close enough to rub her cheek on Marina's luscious brown hair, close enough the girl might feel her warm breath on her face everytime Alisa exhaled, "Trust me, you really don't.", she'd give him one final push away, her smile fading somewhat as she looked into his eyes, just as two fingers started idly walking around Marina's midriff, "She's quite strong~", and with this statement, she turned her amorous gaze right back to her pretend girlfriend and giggled softly.

And indeed she was: Being this close allowed the martial artist a decent appreciation of what fitness Marina had beneath her softness. ...But luckily (or not), the guy wasn't slow they'd have to kiss to drive the point home, and soon left. They needn't cross any thresholds reserved for proper lovers; whatever relationship they might have in the future should be nurtured and left to blossom on its own time:

"Well played~", she'd praise the moment the guy was out of earshot, chuckling as she threw her a wink. A comfortable look on Alisa's face, completely devoid of awkwardness or embarassment, should quickly appease the Marina's concern. She get her hands off Marina once the guy turned around in search of greener pastures, "Some more so than others, though it looks like your three brothers gave you all the insight you could ever need."

Honestly, Alisa had driven suiters away like this before, but she'd never have thought of doing it if not for a particular girlfriend she had at one point. And with this random encounter over with, she paddled away to the shore and lifted her lazy body from the floating bed, offering Marina a helping hand before smoothing out her hair. The table she occupied earlier still had her stuff here she left them, though Alisa would pull up the lounge chair and turn it into a proper chair: They had slacked off enough for one afternoon.

"...This sunset... Looks rather beautiful, wouldn't you agree?", asked the crystal mage, sitting down and crossing her legs gracefully

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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High Hopes | [Social | Marina] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:38 pm

Marina Wulfstan
Marina nodded her head in agreement. "Indeed, living with three brothers does make it a little bit easier to know how a man. Despite being overly annoying I guess he wasn't that bad looking." Still Marina was sour about the encounter,  but oh well. As they finally got off the bed and back onto solid land, Marina wonder why she choose that route to get the guy to back off. Well she could have use more physical means, but she didn't want to get Alisa or herself into trouble. Also it was fun to pretend that her new friend was her girlfriend. Another experience that she never had at home. Maybe Fiore would be different, but for now she had other things to worry about.

With assistance from Alisa, Marina was out of the pool and follow Alisa to a table, but Marina wouldn't take a seat as she stare at the sunset."Yeah and as much as I would enjoy watching with you I have to get going. I lost track of time and I have errands to take care before it gets too dark." Marina would wave goodbye to the Pegasus mage as she found her shoes laying around beside the bar. Before heading into the changing rooms, Marina would glance back at her friend and shout. "We should hangout again if we run into each other again. Maybe do something artsy. "

Several minutes later, Marina was back to wearing her normal attire as she left the pool and made her way deeper into town to pick up items.


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