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Test The Waters [Quest|Alisa|Evangeline]

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Default on Wed May 31, 2017 7:53 am

Eva swallowed back a yawn as she moved swiftly through the crowded streets of Hargeon. It was yet another day in the port city and she had another appointment with Alisa. They were going on a quest again although this time, instead of sailing out into the open seas, they would get to stay indoors in a lab to test some sea water samples. They were going to help a marine biologist –she took a quick glance at the request- named Raina Burke. From the intel she gathered thanks to her manager that actually did come in handy once in a while, she learned that Raina was one of the most passionate people there is when it came to marine biology.

Pausing in front of a big clothing store, Eva leaned in towards the glass and struck a pose with her face tilted gracefully to a side. She wore a plain white sweat shirt tucked inside her dark blue skinny jeans along with a pair of black ankle boots. Her hair was swept to one side and kept in a single, loose braid with a white ribbon going around it. It was one of those days that she felt like dressing up a bit and despite not being a narcissist, she winked at her own reflection in appreciation before continuing down the street.

She didn’t need to walk long to bump into Raina either. The blue haired, tall woman was already carrying a bundle of water samples in her hand when Eva found her near a junction. “Raina!” she called out but the woman didn’t turn to her until Eva grabbed a hold of her shoulders. Raina was trying to pick up another bundle of water samples and failing miserably thanks to her weak hands already carrying a few. “Oh! Sorry, I guess you are one of the two people that will be helping me today,” she panted. “if it’s alright, can you carry the other bundle of water samples for me? My lab is only a couple of blocks down,” she moved back so that Eva could access the water samples. She picked it up with both of her hands and shrugged when Raina threw a surprised glance at her for being able to carry it with ease.

Raina didn’t utter a word after that as they walked to her lab. She was bus keeping an eye on the water samples so that they won’t drop or spill. Eva, on the other hand, was looking around here and there and through the thin glasses of shops just for fun. She stopped one step away from Raina when they reached a small, blue building with a dolphin shaped sign hanging over it. Eva couldn’t get the time to read it when Raina quickly nudged her towards the lab. “Quick now! We don’t have all day! When will the other one get here?” she all but asked in one single breath when she placed her bundle of water samples down and quickly took the other bundle away from Eva. “Soon”.


#2Alisa Vollan 

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Evangeline and Alisa worked well together. ...Or so she might say, but one could hardly call what they did 'work'; modelling was more of a pasttime than anything, and in that case, their little missions felt even less than that, more like friendly outings. This time they'd be cooped up indoors, collecting samples for a Marine Biologist - all the better since today was a bit too hot for the northern girl's liking. It actually got hard to see at some points whenever the sun hit her eyes, forcing the crystal mage to shield them and turn away, occasionally fanning herself along the way.

Yet wierdly enough, she coped with the heat not by showing more skin but instead doing the opposite, picking clothes she felt refreshed just from that soft fabric around her body: Despite the plunging cleavage, her blue blouse rested loosely on her torso, actually making her bust look more modest than usual. Together with the long pleated skirt and youthful headband, she displayed a different sort of grace contrasting with her usual sporty model style. All in all, her choice of wardrobe gave her far more approachable and down to earth style.

She seldom looked the part but in the end Alisa was still a teenager, if only a year away from hitting her twenties.

Now the question was, where to meet up with Evangeline. The dark haired girl had arrived a bit late, not too much, but clearly enough that she didn't spot her partner where she expected the girl to be, "Maybe they already got started...?", she thought out loud, looking around and rubbing her chin.

Scientists turned out to be busy types, always in a hurry and looking like they have something better to be doing, especially when that something involves waiting. She understood of course, nobody liked to wait, and the good people didn't enjoy keeping others waiting too. Fortunately, she didn't have to walk long: She knew where the woman's lab was thanks to having read the request, so heading that way she eventually turned a corner and came face to face with the girls she was looking for.

"Oh, hello there, both of you.", Alisa turned flashed that elegant smile she was so known for, walking up to the two women and offering her hands - another pair of limbs to help carry the water samples - and doing so without even a the slightest wince, "My apologies.", she bowed her head softly, "I trust I didn't keep you waiting long?"

"W-well, I guess it doesn't matter now.", answered the Marine Biologist named Raina, visbly overwhelmed by having two pretty young girls carrying those loads as effortlessly as big and burly moving guys might. A confused reaction that earned a stifled giggle from Alisa, yet in the end her focus was torn between Evangeline and the lab itself.. The former too had also gone for a little change in hairstyle: But instead of just adding a headband like Alisa, she had braided that lustruous blonde hair of hers rather beautifully.

As for the latter, however, it was just... Right there in front of them... Beyond those doors laid the most refreshing invention ever concoted by a human mind: Air conditionate.

"Shall we head inside?", she'd ask as cool and stoic as ever, yet the suspicious sweat droplets trailing down her face betrayed her heat, "These samples aren't going to test themselves~"

Strength is also Beauty

"Testing both samples and new clothes..."
- Alisa Vollan

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Eva wasn’t sure –or rather, she was denying- why it happened when Alisa appeared. She suddenly found herself happy about her presence. Only Eva knew too well that she never looked forward to the appearance of another person in her entire life –maybe, except for her father’s, but that was a different story. For a second, she was shocked at herself but only moments later, her attention drifted over to Alisa’s attire for the day. It was different from what she saw Alisa in during the small time she knew her but she silently praised her choice for that morning.

She gave her a smile, a half fake, half genuine one. “Hey, Alisa. You got here in the perfect time. Raina-san here,” she nodded towards the blue haired woman that closed her eyes for a second in acceptance, “was just about to tell us what we are supposed to do”. Raina moved forward at this and grabbed one bundle of water samples before moving carefully towards a large apparatus set up on top of a long, clean, white table near to the center of the small laboratory. The lab contained other apparatuses and vials and test tubes of all shapes and sizes. Some had various colored liquids in them while some of them were left empty. A few of them, placed to a far corner, was dusty and once Eva strained her eyes a little, could see small cracks over the surface of the glass. Eva would never truly understand these things even if she wanted to; she groaned at the thought of what exactly she signed up for. While she got good grades to show off in front of her father at one point, she easily threw them away once she entered teenage to chase after her great passion of dancing.

Raina must have picked up on her disappointment soon enough because with a shake of her head, Raina quietly grabbed a refractometer from a neatly kept cupboard and handed it over to Eva. “One of you can check the salt while another can check the degree of pollution with me,” she quickly added, giving Eva the eyes to move over to some corner and start her job. And, she picked up on it quickly enough, too, since she swiftly grabbed a few of the sea water samples and walked past Alisa –not forgetting to wink at her as she did so- to a corner where she took up the least room in the lab. She didn’t think she would need much space to simply drop a few drops of sea water into the machine and check the amount of salt in it, anyway.

“You too,” Raina turned to Alisa this time. “Just follow my steps and don’t drop anything,” she spoke, her voice plain but strict. “The people in this town doesn’t understand why aquatic life must be protected. They don’t get how important the sea is!” she huffed while gathering the materials she would need. Eva noticed that Raina was starting to get a little ranty, something that her manager warned her against. But she was almost done with her part of the job so that was Alisa’s part to take care of. The only gesture Eva made to let Alisa know that she was already aware about this was simply sticking her tongue out at the sculptress with a playful smirk.


#4Alisa Vollan 

Default on Wed May 31, 2017 11:06 am


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Ah, air conditionate... It was still pretty hot, but at least now it was bearable, pleasant even with a cool, gentle draft giving her goosebumps as it caressed her bare skin, a much needed comfort against this dry summer day in Hargeon. What a wonderful feeling, almost as relieving as hearing she didn't keep them waiting long, "Good to hear.", she answered Eva as both classy mages focused their gazes on the scholarly scientist, "So, what are these tests...?"

Indeed she was yet another busy scientist - easily confirmed as they set the samples down on the table - hurriedly explaining what they were supposed to do with the least possible explanation to let them all get working on their jobs. It was almost amusing, though some people found it frustrating. Not Alisa though, and from the look on her face, not Evangeline either (though she hardly looked excited about this). She said she wanted one of them to measure the salt levels and another to help her with the pollution itself, the latter of these tasks apparently required the greatest variety of equipment:

"Indeed, there's more than one kind of polution...", Alisa crossed her arms and nodded - judging from the amount of equipment out ready to be used Raina wanted a full battery of tests - then finally moved one hand to her hip. Now science was far from the girl's best subject, but she understood enough to know what she was supposed to be doing, especially once Raina put it into words. Though once again what made this interesting wasn't the job itself, but rather who she was doing it with: The way Eva suddenly walked past her with that playful wink almost earned her a little blush. But did it really...? It could have just been the heat... That said, it didn't stop Alisa from continuing her comments with something a bit more poetic, smiling as she met the beautiful blonde's gaze the whole way, "...More than one kind of purity too~"

"Huh...?", mumbled Raina, raising an eyebrow at Alisa, the praising undertone directed at Eva completely lost on the logical scientist, "What are you going on about? Come on and give me a hand out here; I'm sure we won't be seeing any purity with how much garbage these people throw in the water."

With one last chuckle, the artist complied, following the scientist's directions and pipetting drops of water onto an especially prepared tablet, containing an array of colored tests. Just by looking at it she understood what it was meant to be used for: The colors would confirm or deny the presence of both different contaminants, as wells as possible pathogens.

"If any if any of these five tests change color, call me right away, it means the water just went from polluted to biohazardous...", she warned, pointing to five slots initially colored red, yellow and blue, "I mean really, don't people know that pollution just breeds disease...?", and then kept on rambling about different strains of pathogenic bacteria

Ali's test wound up taking a good bit longer than Eva's, not because it was harder, but due to how long she had to wait before she could see results and report them to Raina. Sharing those playful looks with Evangeline helped her through the boredom, with the crystal mage giving her the occasional wink and chuckle until their boss told her to focus.

She had to do this on more than one occasion, not that it stopped the two models: Truly, far more than the air conditionate, the nicest draft of fresh air in here was named Evangeline.

As for the tests themselves, none of the results looked as bad as Raina made them out to be, easily noticed by how often people swam in Hargeon's beach and rarely caught skin diseases or anything of the sort... In the end she thanked them for a job well done with a handful of jewels, but not before offering yet another job opportunity...

Strength is also Beauty

"Testing both samples and new clothes..."
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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