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how do you admire (me)? [FPHS Peep Show - Saturn]

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how do you admire (me)? [FPHS Peep Show - Saturn] Empty Sat Jun 22, 2024 1:16 am

A hurried rabbit with her head down. The nipping air of cold that fought back against her - daylight turning darker with the passing of the time the two had spent talking and on their mission earlier, bringing chillier winds and the sunset at her shoulders - did little to slow her scurry, naturally resistant from the harsh setting of her homelands: but it equally did little to stifle the burn on her cheeks, each gust whipping it brighter until her hands are forced up to cover it. Aaaagh!

She buries her face against wiry fingers, pushing her glasses uncomfortably into it, and her ears betray her with the way they twitch and flop atop her head. She's a blur only picking up past the remaining passersby with a similar - if very differently born - inclination to hers, heading as well to the hot springs or other nighttime attractions as orange bleeds purple. They turn to watch her as she passes, though she navigates her way deftly through any bodies in her way and finds herself at the springs entrance. She stands there, panting - unbeknown to Saturn's desire to follow her while also not discounting the possibility. She didn't care. She didn't care about anything. Aaaaagggghhhhh.

She ruffles up her expression, peeking out from between her digits disgruntled, and she resembles a rabbit lifting its head from the snow. Hers is russet shaded and topped with one ear perked and the other dangling to the side from the stress of it all.

At least something was bending under its weight. She wouldn't! She had full control of her faculties and that awful, awful thrum in her heart, and the way it parts and hisses through her teeth and is bit down again with a heavy sigh. "Okay." She starts. Okay. She takes another breath, fingers pulling at her coat already, and walks steadily into the building and the waiting waters beyond.

We catch up with her again as her layers fall beneath the coating of steam, furs first to go and begetting the thin layer of her own own that fluffs along her shouldertips and the plush of her thighs. She takes light, hare-like steps, as if she could go bounding off on any - and her hair is released from its braiding, falling sunsettia down her frame until it stops just above the small of her back. Her glasses are set to the side, useless in these new boughs. Her tail gives a twitch, losing its tensed puff to weigh with the moisture of the air, and she breathes in the warmth to lose herself inside of it. "Okay ...," she mumbles, disappearing behind the fog and into the open bath.


how do you admire (me)? [FPHS Peep Show - Saturn] Empty Sat Jun 22, 2024 6:29 pm

The cold wasn’t something that bothered him very often; with the fur he possessed and his sister being practically an ice demon the behemoth was able to keep his head up as the wind fought against him. Every movement felt hampered in one way or another and his worry for Tatya was worn clear on his face. There was a tint of redness under his eyes; not from the cold but from an earlier warmth that refused to go away. He could hear a voice ahead of him; he was sure it was hers but with a gust of wind making him pause the demon rubbed at his face with one hand. What was he doing?

That question only came to his mind as he genuinely wasn’t sure; Tatya had run off so why was he going after her? He felt his heart ache to that question; honestly he was concerned about her. Concerned why she suddenly stopped in their shared musical dance; wondering if he had done something wrong. He’d adjust slightly and just breathe out; trying to calm himself down. He was riled up a bit; he could feel the redness spreading. It wasn’t a surprise; something deep down had always wanted to reach out to the right people. Maybe she was… He’d shake his head as he passed by a few people. He asked regarding Tatya and they pointed him towards the spring.

She did want to wash up; he hesitated for a moment. Did he give her space? Was this something that he should be doing? He was already behind in realms of understanding and realms of trying to figure out what to do about all of this. As he got closer to the spring he noted that there was a bit of a bustle here or there. He’d enter into the spring, looking about. Not realizing how close he was to Tatya. He felt himself mumbling; where had she gone?

He let out a soft sigh; chasing her was probably foolish. But the aching was something that he had never felt before. Rubbing at his face he needed a moment to calm himself. Maybe he should wash up too? Let his mind clear; let the springs work their magic on him. He asked one of the workers if there was any springs that were free or open and they told him of one. He didn’t even notice the clothing that tatya had set aside, didn’t even notice the difference in the fog.

His clothing was easy to take off; it was designed in such a way to be easy to work with. He folded it neatly and put it away in the little venues that was set for it. It took a moment for each, but as the luxurious clothing was parted from his body; his furred body was growing damper and damper by the moment. Letting it be very obvious that while he was a furred and friendly teddy bear practically… Underneath? He was strong, had a well toned and muscled body. He’d shake his head a little bit; feeling the mane bounce around with the weight of the water.

Relax… she’ll be okay…

He found himself mumbling and sighing as he stepped into the spring. The fog collapsing around and behind him as felt the water take to his ankles. Very quickly it went up to his waist and he’d go to find himself a nice little set of rocks to lean back against. Feeling the stress work its way out of his body the massive demon exhale slowly. He could feel it working into his bones and further yet? He could feel it helping with his stress almost immediately. He’d adjust and put a towel on his head, leaning back further with a heartfelt sigh.


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"Haven't you noticed ...," she sings under her breath, her voice soft and mellow - playing her fingers over each other and then up the length of a leg she lifts sightwise out of the pool of water, trailing the back of her knuckles over the slim skin & fur that makes up her little rabbit's feet. Her eyes softened, her expression unburdened, and her eyesight clear and cutting as aquamarine through the veneer of fog; despite the lack of her glasses, betraying the way she clung to wearing them though her obscura had 'cured' her nearsightedness upon being cursed. She'd blink lazily, her lips falling in a contemplative droop before parting in a bill that continued the song. "That I'm a ...,"

She had heard the song under the breath of a boy in passing earlier in the day, briefly lingering in the perfume of his calming aura before soldiering on to where she wades now. It had stuck in her head, humming off her tongue, and it was a better sound to lose herself in than the one she had just broken away from. So much had happened in the short span of time of this late afternoon, bleeding already to a coming night ... and she sighs, her breath joining the mist in a part that fills its space again to coat her in sweet dew. This was supposed to be an easy contract. Where was her target now? She had become waylayed in her tracking ... and it was all Saturn's fault, the big lug bumbling through her day and taking it over.

She sinks beneath the surface of the water, blowing frustrated bubbles with what could only be a pout displacing the ripples. Bbbbbbb. Stupid Saturn. What was his problem? Why was he, a Demon of his strength and presence, ostensibly previously a Demi-God in his own right -- why was he like ... how he is?? Lithe hands snaked through the water to tug her ears back, pulling them under only to release them in a sudden right that has them flapping against the spring and speckling waterdrops everywhere. The sensation, its vibrations, lulled her to close her eyes, popping her lips out of the warm wave that rolls over them.

And that song ... the music they shared, she could still feel the tint of his magic at her fingertips and in the hollow of her throat. It made her clear it, then swallow, trying to stifle that strange feeling. She had never used her mimicry like that before. A parlor trick. A harmony. And his emotions ... how he had felt ... then she could taste something else, bitter and acidic on the tip of her tongue, and she flicked it off with a dart and tsk. Her hand splayed across her cheek and ran up, into long auburn tresses, and tugged nervously. This was why she didn't deal in emotions. If knowledge - like his magic - satisfied her innate curiosities, something wholly Tatya's own: then feelings - like whatever Saturn had been - goaded a more unnatural hunger. Her eyes burnt behind her lids. She starts to count backwards from 10. 9, 8, 7 ... another deep breath ... there, girl, it's okay ... here, rabbit, rabbit ...

"S-star ...," she mumbles in a finish, a solid three seconds of solace and respite from the chaos -- and then her ear twitches, fluttering its wake in the pool, and she darts upright. She forgets herself for only a moment, spinning about in place, and the drift her body had taken in her supposed relaxation had transposed the middle of the springs and revealed a figure on the other side. "Saturn!?"

Her body covers itself, staring the man down with abject confusion beaming her eyes wide open. "Why are you here!!!?"

how do you admire (me)? [FPHS Peep Show - Saturn] IfKvBbS

lonely girl, you are my world, and i could be anything you need ♧

how do you admire (me)? [FPHS Peep Show - Saturn] Empty Fri Jun 28, 2024 2:07 am

Saturn felt the aching throughout his body start to wane as the water worked its magic on him; the warmth was something he enjoyed with reason just like the cold was. The feeling and sensation of water mixing with his fur all across his body. Easing him into a state of relaxation and a steady breathing. He felt the laziness start to edge into his being and he’d watch one of his hands float on the surface of water with a small smirk. His tail making little currents in the water near him as it wagged in a slow yet steady fashion.

He had given chase to tatya without thinking, not yet realizing that maybe it was best for her to have space of sorts. That she’d probably run across him again and they could talk with one another in earnest. He didn’t want to press her into things that she wasn’t willing to. His hands eased onto his lap and he’d lean his head back. The towel running down across his face for the most part. Clinging to his muzzle and letting him exhale softly through the muffled sensation of having one such there.

He could hear other people nearby, hear people chitter in the distance. It wasn’t anything that really bothered him; he was content. He was happy; in his element. The softness of this water and the warmth made him start to relax out into the world. He’d breathe out slowly; a soft groan of content running off of his teeth. A soft echo. The two of them had… He had never experienced someone sharing their emotions the same way he did with others. It tugged at his heart and the aching that was there was beyond something he was experienced with.

His hands curled around his legs and he’d adjust a little bit in his seat before letting them rest using his elbows, they sat easily and weren’t bothering anyones space. However he could feel the distinct presence of someone nearby. A hand coming up to pull at the towel; he had a moment of where he was allowed to see the familiar auburn hair; those ears and then- he’d blink, noting the distinct surprise.

Wait they were.

Saturn’s head tilted to one side; he didn’t stare at her in such a way that you’d expect. There was concern and curiosity across his face; albeit some redness now that they were together again and he’d breathe out. Adjusting a little bit and turning slightly; he knew some people could be embarrassed like this. Giving her the ability to cover herself without his eyes piercing through her.

W-when you ran off I followed but lost track of you; so I came here and… well asked for their larger baths cause I take up so much room and they pointed me to this one… I didn’t know you were here Tatya…

He’d mumble shyly, rubbing at his face with one hand. As he started to rise out of the water it was clear how the water interacted with his fur. He was well muscled, athletic, strong and the way that his fur sleeked down was due to its natural shortness. He’d probably puff out if he were to dry off at all. He didn’t want her to feel like he was intruding, one leg coming up on the edge of the spring to help pull himself out.

I ah… can give you the spring to yourself; it’s err… not- ah..

He felt himself stumble and he’d be halfway out of the spring before he’d just sigh and sink down again. Almost completely submerged with his ears, part of the top of his head and his towel barely just scraping the top of the surface. His words bubbling quietly.

...Mrph… I bet the fog is the reason I didn’t see you in here… would have… gone… to a different one to give you space…

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