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West To Central

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West To Central  Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 5:48 am

Kon had vanished or rather no one had seen him for a minute; the message was clear when it arrived to him that he was needed back at the central headquarters of the rune knights. Biting his lip as he read over his orders the rune knight felt his heart drop as he saw a different symbol on his letter than his usual one. It was strange to suddenly get a promotion out of the blue but he wasn’t going to argue with it. This put him on par with Toga with the rune knights.

Saturn wasn’t the slowest individual and after letting his body descend further into his demonic heritage he had found himself speeding along the terrain with ease. Kicking up and over the foliage as he whistled for his mount. The white wyvern never gave him it’s name but he took it as though it simply wanted to serve him in a capacity as a scout or mount. With the white wings and a friendly screech saturn kicked off of a tree, hooked one of the offered talons before flipping up onto the massive beasts back.

He had to get to central quickly lest he miss a meeting that was beyond important. The wings of the wyvern flapped once, it’s tail coiling and the two of them shot through the sky. Leaving behind a trail of torn clouds, branches ripped from their trees and frazzled birds at the massive weight that shifted through the air…


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