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Knock Knock [Scarlet/Momoji]

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Knock Knock [Scarlet/Momoji] Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 5:42 am

Being told of a guild in the west that was run by one of her friends made saturn immensely curious about the home of Guardia Compagnia. There was a lot of information regarding prior members and a fair amount of the various members in it; ranging from the guild members and it’s guild master. An individual known as Tamas; however they hadn’t appeared in quite some time. Something that begged his attention further was the fact that he couldn’t find any indication of them being a guild associated with the fiorian goverment firstly. Maybe he just overlooked it; maybe they were a neutral or independent guild. He was aware of one of those; that being his sister’s home of paradise dawn.

So here he was standing with his hands hooked into his sash by the thumb and his eyes taking in the humble building that sat in front of him. It was the guild hall of the interestingly known guild. But he wasn’t invited and it’d be bad manners to just walk on it. So instead he’d stand near the gated entrance. Giving the gate a solid knock with his tail; hoping the loud sound of something striking metal would draw attention.

He wanted to meet the people that his sister suggested to him; even if it wasn’t the guild master directly he wanted to understand guilds better. What better to start than one that leaned neither light or dark? It was a good opportunity for him and the ones that remained within to learn about one another he felt.

He was wearing his usual social affair raiment of the justiciar; so he appeared fairly exotic to the folks that had never seen him. But he also came bearing gifts of sorts too; a basket with plenty of sandwiches, fruits and some veggies. Freshly bought from the market and hanging off of one of his massive forearms.

Maybe I should have sent echo ahead…

He pondered this information for a moment and then shrugged again; the little mindrache had his own host of problems really…

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