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The Holy Grail P1[Long]

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The Holy Grail P1[Long] Empty Thu May 16, 2024 5:43 pm


Seven Magus vying for the grail, seven heroic spirits fighting a war to see their dream fulfilled... Yet only one pair will remain at the end!

Name: The Holy Grail

Difficulty: Long

Participants: Therlin + potential others

After a hint about a famous dwarven champion having been sighted sees Therlin travel to Caelum in search for the whereabouts of this champion, the young Dhain Dwarf finds her search come up empty-handed when it is revealed that the champion disappeared into one of the Void Caverns.

However, against the advice of the others the young lass ends up chasing after the champion, and soon finds herself trapped in the void! However, fortune favors the bold, and Therlin finds herself in an area that has been cleared already of possible threats. Yet not all is as it seems as an enigmatic wisp guides her into the depths of the castle where a relic of a foregone era awaits...

4 A-rank quests and 3 S-rank
1 Legendary Coupon

Try to find the famous dwarven champion
Upon finding herself in the void, avoid getting into trouble by chasing the mysterious wisp that will hopefully lead you to safety...

Lore Impact:
- Therlin's presence in the void and the excavation of an ancient historical relic leads to an ancient magus ritual known as the Holy Grail War to be reignited.
- In an attempt to discover more about the relic, the spirit that guided her to safety and how to participate in this mysterious ritual Therlin will need to interact with several important individuals to survive the events up ahead!

Required Progress:
The equivalent of 15500 words or 4 A-rank and 3 S-rank quests.

The Holy Grail P1[Long] Illyasviel-von-einzbern-fate-grand-order-thumb

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This storyline is approved to start.

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