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Therlin Mapleshield

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Name: Therlin Mapleshield

Age: February 2nd X596

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Robosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Dhain Dwarf

Ethnicity, Mother: Dhain Dwarf

Class: Adventurer

Race: Dhain Dwarf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy-Tail

Tattoo: Right upper-arm

Face: illyasviel von einzbern - Fate/Stay Night


Height: 1.3 meters.

Weight: 43kg

Hair: white

Eyes: reddish-pink.

Therlin can be quite easily described as a young dwarf who would easily be mistaken as a young human child. In her mortal disguise she retains the same look she had when she was still alive, having long white hair and reddish-pink eyes. Perhaps due to her nature, she tends to always walk around barefoot, rarely ever bothered in the slightest about the terrain she walks in, and wears a large red overcoat that comes with a large, braided tassel that is attached at the front, with a white fur hem at the bottom. A large, white pompom tends to dangle from the top strap, while on her back a hood is attached to the coat with pointed ends, often resembling cat ears to onlookers. Underneath this overcoat she wears a beige sweater and white clothing.



A genius plagued by her childish mindset. Therlin might be one of the dwarves of legend, but her youthful nature has made her far more cheerful and outgoing than most might expect from a dwarf.

Despite her easy to get along with nature, the lass is often prone to geek out when something involves technology or craftsmanship, which she adores immensely. As someone who spend at least two hundred years honing her craft, she tends to show a wisdom and finesse that is unfitting for her age, often talking and acting more like a master crafter instead of a young mischievous child.

However, events saw her blessed, or perhaps cursed with the nature of Lichdom, something that has been akin to a double-edged blade to her. While she previously saw no true reason to return to the world of the living when her terminal illness claimed her life, a second chance at living has made her value the lives of these she care for immensely, to the point she might show a overprotective mindset toward them.

  • Cayde-69: The name of her precious Golem, its sacrifice has made her prioritize finding a way to bring back the mighty Golem once she has succeeded in collecting the necessary ingredients.
  • Family: Although not related by blood, since her parents died during the sieges of the deep, Therlin seeks to some day have a family to belong to.

  • Violence: Not that much of a surprise, as a Lich Therlin often has to be careful to be able to maintain her mortal disguise, lest she'd cause chaos and unrest with her presence. Unfortunately violence is a pretty good way to make her lose that focus.
  • Vegetables: Why does she need to eat them when she won't grow anymore anyway?

  • Building a Legacy: Despite the fact her kin are now considered akin to folklore told to dwarves, Therlin seeks to someday accomplish something that will set her apart from these mighty legends!

  • Dying: It hurts! Especially when your body comes with a respawn timer! Did you ever stop to consider what dying repeatedly feels like? No? There you go-
  • The monsters of the Deep: While she is uncertain of what happened during the final sieges of the Deep, Therlin dreads the thought the monsters might surface upon Earthland someday...


Strength: 1

Speed: 9

Constitution: 10

Endurance: 9

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Mechomancy

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Enhancement: to be decided later
Magic Description: Mechomancy is considered an offshoot to the classic Golemancy that used to be practiced by her ancestors. By combining the creation of Golems with technology one is able to create what are essentially mechanized summons!


There are many stories that build up the collective of tales that form Earthland's history. But one likely can't deny the fact that some of these tales are cut short by such brutal events. Therlin's story is one such thing. Despite being born during the glorious age of the Dhain Dwarves, the young lass was crippled by a terminal illness which saw her agespan rapidly reduced. It was an illness that rarely happened among her kin, one that slowly petrified the body, but even then Therlin was a lively and excitable soul who spend every day as if it was the most precious day she could experience. Whether it was studying Golemancy in her atelier, or learning the art of craftsmanship from her elders, Therlin truly believed in the joy of being alive, although when the monsters from the deep threatened to invade Earthland and the majority of the dwarven clans prepared to flee to the surface, Therlin remained alongside the others. It wasn't as if she had thrown away her life, nay, if anything she had once confined to one of her Golems that she desired to be given a second chance at living a healthy life, but that reality wasn't that kind, so she wanted to give that kindness to others by giving the people who fled to the surface a chance to live.

She still remembered it as if it was yesterday. Her body had already petrified to the point she was wheelchair bound, and yet her Golems and fellow dwarves fought valiantly against the spawn of evil that encroached from the depths of the planet!

But it was a battle she never saw the conclusion to. In the end during one of the final sieges Therlin's illness had progressed to the point her entire body had turned to stone, and her last words: I'm happy that my last moments are spend among these dearest to me. caused something peculiar to happen.

Some suggest that the very first Golem made by Therlin picked her body up, and its visor was leaking mana, as if it was crying. While the other Golems used their remaining fuel to help the other dwarves fend off the waves of monsters, that particular Golem rushed to the girl's atelier where a secret only they knew lingered:

There was a phylactery, or at least one that was almost finished. Attempting to follow the instructions his creator had penned down the golem attempted to transfer his creator's soul into the phylactery, but with no success. Perhaps something was missing... some sort of power source? Realizing this the golem used his own energy core to fuel the ritual, watching as his master was turned into a Lich. The golem gently raised a hand to her cheek, making sure not to damage the bones as Therlin could sense the message he was trying to convey: Gratitude at being able to see her one more time, and a plea:  a plea for her to continue living, to experience the second chance she granted to others.

As a result Therlin, having discovered the remaining Dhain dwarves had sealed their way to the surface, ended up taking the escape route of these who came before her, swearing she would find a way to bring back her Golem.

Discord: Lewdingway

Brone - Champion of the Dwarves


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This character is approved for roleplay.

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