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Old Friends [EPIC]

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Old Friends [EPIC] KyfH6YT

Name: Old Friends

Difficulty: Epic

Participants: Saturn

Story: Echo and his people have for as long as they could remember have been hunted, sold and taken from where they belong. They have grown weary, tired of running, but they are too weak to fight. They ask for help, they beg, they weep, they sob, they curse their very existence.

They ask saturn for a place to belong. They ask for him to take care of them somehow, they ask for him to give them a home. He has no such place to give them. He has no such home that would fit their life and less so he has no idea where he could turn to give them one.

But instead he can do something better. He can give them hope. He can fight for them, he can show them what they can do. He can be their knight in shining armor. No.

He can be their Justiciar of the Damned.

Rewards: Storyline Companion + Mindrache Colony Island [Will be paid for through the storyline jewels and any excess or required funds will be taken out of pocket or placed in pocket depending]

Objective: Help Echo and his people create a home, a Mindrache colony they can live in.

Lore Impact: The creation of a Mindrache Colony as its own board on site. Strong ties with dwarves and elves due to their long lived nature and with echo [Saturn's soon to be storyline companion] as their diplomatic advisor.

Name: Stained Glass
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: After a few attacks on their caravan the mindrache come to saturn and his companions for help due to the last time they were assisted by the group. Tension is high and they are pursued still...

Non Player Characters: Mindrache caravanners and a group of mercenaries

Objectives: Protect the mindrache from capture while also listening to their dilemmas.

Name: Forecast
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: Discuss what to do with the mindrache, what they can do and what saturn can do for them. Some of the mindrache don't like the suggestions and get a bit rowdy.

Non Player Characters: Mindrache caravanners

Objectives: Talk over what steps can be taken by the mindrache to protect themselves, some of them don't like the suggestions.

Name: The Spine
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: Training a group of mindrache to defend themselves; overseeing their armaments and using his Rune knight connections to get them weapons and armor.

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache trainees, Rune knight armorers and a few rune knight trainers.

Objectives: Train a group of mindrache and get them armed.

Name: Coasting
Rank: A

Type: Good
Summary: A few quick messages locates them a potential site to work at creating a base of sorts. A place they can call home, does it seem too good to be true?

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache caraveeners, guards and a few bandits.

Objectives: Travel to the site of the potential base for the mindrache, deal with the bandits at the location.

Name: Vanishing Point
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: A few mindrache have gone missing during the commotion and raid on the bandit hideout. Where could they have gone?

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache captives, Bandit leader and a few cronies. A pair of mindrache guards that are a little too go getting...

Objectives: Defeat the bandit leader and rescue the captives.

Name: Traces
Rank: A

Type: Good

Summary: A contract is found among the bodies of the bandits, a contract for them to capture the mindrache en masse and ship them to an unknown point. Saturn and the mindrache leaders discuss their next moves.

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache leading council, a few mindrache guards. A surviving bandit.

Objectives: Figure out the next steps, interrogate a bandit. Read a contract.

Name: Cut Apart
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: The mindrache council stands divided, some want to stay as caraveneers, others are tired of running. Tensions are high, many come to blows and some others get tired of decisions being made for them. During the high tensions a new advisor rises and saturn is able to use his connections to find something... greater for them to pursue.

Non Player Characters's: Rune knight contacts, Mindrache council members, Caraveneers and guards.

Objectives: Try to reach a general consensus of what they should do, use the contacts to find a location for them to stay long term or perhaps make one. Convince the mindrache leaders to unify rather than stay apart. Echo takes a stand.

Name: Dormant
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: After a long and intense day of talking the council and their members have deemed it necessary to take a break. But just because they have begun to rest doesn't mean others will. They quickly find members of theirs vanishing again, prompting some to wonder if one of their own are leaking details...

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache councilers, Mindrache populace and a surprise faction makes themselves known.

Objectives: Protect the mindrache and deal with the faction.

Name: Gateless

Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: With their leaders missing the mindrache are now in turmoil. They don't know what to do with the wisest among them missing. They look to the one person that can help them...

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache civilians and guards.

Objectives: With the council now either dead, otherwise disposed of or now kidnapped Saturn and his companion echo must rally the hope of the mindrache.

Name: We All Become
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: Too long have the civilians stayed idle, too long have they let their hands gone punished by outside forces. With the council gone and two instances of leaders rising up among them it's quickly apparent what must be done.

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache guards and civilians.

Objectives: A powerful militarization effort is made among the group, latent mages, warriors and the like step up. Those with crafting experience start on something new together.

Name: Tangent
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: The group of mindrache start a ritual to pull something out of the realms of forgotten tales, with the ramshackle guards and mages now working under echo and saturn they make effort to help the group as best they can.

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache mages, guards, civilians and crafters.

Objectives: Defend the ritual site.

Name: Paper Boats
Rank: S

Type: Good

Summary: Out of the realm of the forgotten does a massive landmass be drawn out, crashing into the water and creating waves threatening to sweep people away. With mindrache and saturn capable of flying any captors and other problems are quickly dealt with. All that's left is clearing out the islands from any lingering threats from the forgotten realm.

Non Player Characters's: Mindrache colonists and their various work forces. Some twisted behemoths within the island.

Objectives: Clear out the island with the assistance of the mindrache and their advisor echo.


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This storyline is approved to start.

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