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Shot To The Heart [Toga]

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Little dates and things… And I said no to being his girlfriend? Gotta be more honest with yourself, Urse… A lass in leather feeling an amount of nervousness for a meeting with a boy she knew which frankly surprised her, ever since that date on the rooftop or perhaps even before that there had been at least one special little butterfly fluttering its wings within her stomach whenever Ursula Wilke had met up with the new man in her life, and in all honesty it made her feel just a twinge of guilt for how she had addressed the notion of making their pairing official. Some habits really did die hard, even if you wanted them not to, huh?

Still, it's nice having company in a place like this, huh? Especially after… At the very least feeling happy for the fact that her insistence on what was seeming an increasingly superficial casualness about her connection with Toga hadn’t put him off, and not just because of the fiery little connection she had seemed to stoke with the lad in the meantime, with the amethyst amazon standing outside of a bar which was a little more off the beaten path than most she was glad for the company really. I mean, after that awful night, it was hard not to feel a note of discomfort when ordering drinks and such on her own, right?

I wonder what he'll make of this…? Perhaps that why she made such an effort to keep him engaged even if it did make her feel guiltier and weaker for that, Ursula had no doubt that the feelings within her ran deeper than needing someone to watch her drink and such but perhaps it was also why she put in that little bit extra oomph into what she wore. Case in point the corset and denim and fishnet stockings and then the biker jacket she wore over it all, her outfit screamed trying too hard without trying too hard, but she liked it, and hopefully he would too~?


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Under the tranquil cloak of night that draped serenely over Santalicia, a solitary flicker ignited the dark canvas with a vibrant burst. Bright amber-brown eyes cut through the silence, their gaze steady as the quiet enfolded the dragon slayer like silk, his footsteps echoing softly through the deserted streets. Drawn by a mix of excitement, curiosity, and a hint of bewilderment, Toga ventured into unfamiliar territory, his emotions painting his expression as vividly as the colors of an unseen palette.

It had been several nights since the moonlit picnic with Ursula—a night that had draped the hillside in flirtatious whispers and intimate glances. Since then, an awkwardness had settled between them. After sharing a deeply personal moment, Toga had asked Ursula to be his girlfriend, only to be gently declined. The rejection initially stung, yet he understood her reluctance. Their relationship was accelerating too swiftly, especially considering the dramatic circumstances of their meeting. It seemed natural, then, that hesitation would shadow their burgeoning bond, as inevitable as the celestial dance of the sun and moon.

Despite this, Ursula's desire for his company was undeniable. Draped in a baggy white hoodie and a checkered overcoat striped in shades of white and gray, Toga's striking appearance mirrored the luminosity of his fiery hair, contrasting starkly with his black pants. As he neared the bar, the crescendo of laughter, conversation, and music drew him closer, guiding his steps.

Upon entering, Toga began, “Hi, Ursula-cha—” but his greeting faltered as his eyes met hers. She stood there, as always, impeccably dressed, her attire revealing just enough to tantalize yet maintain an aura of mystery. Since that pivotal night, his perception of her had transformed. He had thought it impossible for her to appear more radiant, more enticing.

He was mistaken.

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He's so cute…! Unable to do much to supress the way in which the corners of her mouth curled when she saw her date stunned into silence at her appearance, the effort of binding a less than cooperative corset around herself all seemed worthwhile when the lavender lass saw Toga's eyes widening and words faltering, and aroused an excitement from Miss Wilke which few others might have seen.
“Heeeyyyyy~” Beaming back toward the blushing boy and skipping toward him in a manner which seemed to scream of her feelings for the fuchsia haired fella even if her mouth could not, the voice of the violet vixen was soft as she sprang forward and greeted him, both verbally and perhaps in manners which might have raised a brow or two in the stuffier parts of town.

Lurching toward the lad with amorous intent and aiming to wrap her arms around his neck, now that they had opened the proverbial floodgate that night on the roof Ursula felt no qualms about offering him a taste of the indigo colour upon her lips with a kiss, and neither did she feel much reason to refuse him the chance to feel that only too emphasized curviness of hers pressing against him either.
“Wanna finish that thought before, or after, we go inside~?” Still amused however by how he had seemed to stall in the middle of a sentence however and teasing him about that fact a moment later, both the brow and the head of our heroine seemed to tilt as she called attention to that fact, and with it did she show a sense of mischief and enthusiasm for her evening which she could never succeed in supressing…


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An infinite divide seemed to stretch between them. With each step Toga took, the distance halved, and then halved again in a relentless sequence, as if he were chasing the horizon. Despite her being in his line of sight, she felt worlds away. The old adage suggested that a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step, but what of a journey toward the infinite? What bridged the expanse between longing and the boundless? Fate, it seemed, was the answer.

Ursula moved towards him, her steps light and laughter ringing in the air, her smile as pervasive as the atmosphere itself. Toga found himself enveloped by her presence, rooted to the spot as the gulf of infinity rapidly closed between them, leaving nothing but opportunity and intention as barriers.

Their lips met in a kiss, and Toga could think of nothing more than reciprocating this sweet gesture—and so he did. As they connected, he shut his eyes, savoring each moment, longing for it to stretch into eternity. Instinctively, his hands found her sides, his fingers tenderly tracing her voluptuous curves, exploring them as he had that moonlit night on the hillside not so long ago. The touch was both familiar and thrillingly new, a paradox wrapped in a single moment he wished to linger in.

W-what?” Toga murmured as they finally broke their kiss, his expression a blend of confusion and awe at Ursula's earlier words, momentarily forgetting his own amidst her captivating allure. “Let’s go inside, and we can continue the conversation there,” he suggested with a soft smile, his laughter trailing off as he offered his arm in invitation for her to hook hers through. The night promised to be eventful—a welcome prospect. He needed it.

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“Wow… Those hands keep wandering and I might wanna skip the drinks and go straight to the dessert~?” The boldness which was shown by her beau sending a little spark up her spine and certainly speaking of his enjoyment of her ensemble far more loudly than any words could, the violet vixen eased away from the kiss with a few wicked words of her own in response to his venturesome mitts, though did little to discourage their route other than offer such playful chiding.

“Come on~” Not that she intended to give him much chance to follow up on how she was threatening him with a no doubt good time and instead sweeping his hand into hers as she marched toward the door of the colourful venue she had chosen for their get together, Miss Wilke cocked her head gently as she urged him to indulge their date and grinned as she did so, while wondering just what he might make of the locale beyond them.
“Ooouuuu, looks like the table is free~?” Thrusting herself inside without hesitation and revealing a somewhat worn and perhaps drab interior in doing so, folk seemed to gather around and mutter to one another in a mix of mirth and discontent as the lupine lass looked around herself for some form of entertainment, and soon after seemed to chime with excitement when she saw a felt surface beyond a few of the groups which for the moment seemed to be unoccupied. Though no longer, if she had anything to say about it…


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Ursula was a siren in every sense—her allure not merely skin deep but woven into every syllable she spun. With her purple tresses cascading like a royal cloak and a smile that could ignite the coldest heart, she stirred the air around her into a maelstrom of desire and intrigue. Her beauty was both a gift and a riddle, her wit sharp and her poise chaotic, crafting a dangerous allure that was more intoxicating to behold than to engage. To Toga, she was a paradoxical potion, as much a poison as a panacea, embodying freedom and passion in a dance too mesmerizing to look away from. In his eyes, she was unparalleled, a singular gem that defied duplication.

Despite his yearning to explore every curve and hidden valley of her voluptuous form, Toga found himself smiling resignedly as Ursula redirected his gaze towards the bar she had chosen for their escapade. "After you," he offered with a suave tilt of his head, letting her lead him into the dimly lit sanctum of their evening. As they entered, the bar gradually revealed itself, bathed in the glow from assorted fixtures overhead.

The air was thick with the scent of smoke and the hum of conversation, laughter percolating through the haze. Toga's amber eyes, alight with a mixture of awe and curiosity, scanned the surroundings. He had never before set foot in such an establishment—a pool hall alive with the clatter of balls and the casual chaos of cues awaiting the touch of eager patrons. Spotting Ursula securing a table, he navigated through the crowd with a gentle caution, a warm smile blossoming as he joined her.

"So, how do you play?" he asked, his tone ripe with genuine curiosity. Unfamiliar with the game but keen to learn, Toga's eagerness was palpable, especially given the chance to learn from her.

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“Haha, wow, this one is new to you too, hm~?” The brow of the black belle lifting when the boy asked her how one played the game toward which she had been drawn, as she continued to lift and compare the various cures to see which of them were best suited to their aim Miss Wilke couldn't help but chuckle at a revelation which she had not entirely failed to predict and yet still felt surprised by, and trotted up alongside him when she was done.
“Maybe I should get you to make a little list of your cherries, so I can pop them all~?” Resting her hand upon his shoulder and lowering her voice as she remembered the last little 'first time' they had shared fondly, the violet vixen lifted herself up and forward enough to let him feel the warmth of her breath against his ear before she showed how open she was to his experience, and then giggled and shook her head as she readied them for their game.

“It's pretty simple, first you choose your weapon~?” Once more returning the two most acceptable looking shafts of timber to each of her hands and offering out both for him to decide between, Ursula beamed as she waited upon his choice and bobbed her brows, and rested her rump upon the edge of the table as she did so…


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Normally, Toga might have donned a whimsical smile, drifting through the world with an air of casual naivety that could embarrass others. Now, although his smile was ever-present, his self-awareness sharpened; he was keenly attuned to his own shortcomings, areas of ignorance that had previously escaped his notice. Far from feeling humiliated, he was driven by a desire to grow, to improve himself for her. He saw himself as a reflection of her, and if he couldn’t keep pace, he’d commit to learning, to training himself as best as he could. So, when he asked Ursula how to play the game, his clumsy grin revealed more than simple curiosity.

"Haha, well let's save that list for later," he suggested, his eyes traveling across the green felt of the table to meet those of the purple-haired enchantress. "I'm afraid it'd be too long to cover on this date." Neither had used the word "date" to describe their recent outings, but it slipped out effortlessly now, feeling surprisingly natural. He realized what he had said only after the words had escaped, and he chose to let them linger, curious about Ursula's reaction.

"Hmmm," Toga mused, eyeing the two cues Ursula held. She playfully referred to them as weapons, and though she surely meant it metaphorically, Toga took it quite literally. He sighed, half in jest, "Would my sword work?" His eyes sparkled with eagerness, misinterpreting her words but excited by the idea of blending his skills with a new challenge. Always ready to test himself, the thought of using his actual weapon to engage in a new kind of battle was thrilling, even if he had entirely missed her point.

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“That might depend on how your game goes~?” The of the black belle peaking as her date asked about the notion of deploying a rather literal weapon in the contest, such a query seemed to cast the vision of the vixen toward some of the rougher looking fellows who seemed to be frequenting this fine establishment for a moment, and after assessing their bar room brawl potential Ursula nodded and confirmed that there might just be a time and a place for such an armament. Especially with how they seemed to be looking toward them, in fact.

“For now, you use this to try and shoot your white toward the other balls…” Pushing one of the cues into his hands however as for the moment she elected to focus on pleasure rather than what might just be inevitable business, Miss Wilke hummed as she scooped up the cue ball and rested it onto the felt before leaning forward and making her bridge with one hand and lining her slender staff upon it a moment later.
“And get them in the holes~?” Letting loose with a gentle shot which seemed to ricochet from one cushioned 'wall' of their table and then connected with a stray ball to send it in turn spinning toward the pocket in the corner, the lupine lass lifted herself back up with a grin and a wink as she showed off what one could do with a little spot of planning and placement, and then nodded for the lad to take a turn on his own to get used to the game as she took up a cube of chalk and began to polish the end of her own implement gently…


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Toga, not naturally inclined toward the nuances of wordplay, earnestly took Ursula’s words to heart. He wasn’t one for twisting language; his background was humble, his expressions straightforward and heartfelt. Lacking the artifice for deception, Toga approached conversations with a candor born from simplicity rather than guile.

With a smile, he accepted the cue, examining it with curiosity. "We used wooden swords like these for training back in Joya," he remarked, his eyes alight with excitement as he equated the cue with the wooden kendo sticks of his training days—tools for honing swordsmanship, for slicing, cutting, and defending. The cue’s purpose was decidedly less dramatic, intended for a game rather than combat, but Toga, inexperienced in the recreational pursuits beyond his homeland, was fortunate to have Ursula as his guide.

"Ooooh!" he exclaimed as Ursula poised herself at the table, her movements seductively precise. He nearly lost himself watching her. With a practiced pull of her cue, she launched the chalk-tipped weapon forward. It struck the white ball with a sharp crack, sending it hurtling into the triangular cluster of balls. Like a miniature cosmos birthing anew, the balls scattered across the felt, each trajectory spelling out potential triumphs and mishaps.

"Nice shot!" Toga applauded, his understanding of the game nascent but growing. Eager to mimic her technique, he positioned himself beside her, emulating her stance. He thrust his cue at the white ball, but to his chagrin, not only did he miss the other balls entirely, but he also sent the cue ball rocketing off the table and into the wall, where it embedded itself.

Blinking in bemused surprise, Toga turned to Ursula and asked, “Did I win?” His tone blended hopefulness with a dash of playful innocence, awaiting her verdict on his unconventional play.

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“Ahahaha, worth remembering if you don't take to the game~?” The temptress tilting her head a little as her beau likened their instruments to practice weapons, Ursula could remember her brothers trading hits with their own pieces of timber when they were younger and seemed amused to imagine her new man doing the same, and frankly felt it might make a nice little bonus activity if they needed to better their entertainment.
Or if things get spicy in here too…? Still feeling a little bit too aware of the looks they seemed to be getting however, so far the locals seemed intent on merely leering at them, but she knew that the cues might prove a decent difference maker if they wanted to take things more in hand.

color="#8909de"]“Ahahaha, a little more gently, cowboy~?”[/color] The lass left to chuckle however when her beau sent the ball shooting from the table and perhaps doing more damage to the brickwork than she really wanted the ownership aware of, she was only too quick to scoop the snowy sphere back up and set it upon the table, in front of him, and then leaned in good and close to offer him a taste of tuition that seemed to stimulate her senses in all kinds of ways.
color="#8909de"]“Think of this like a lady, and you're taking her… Where she needs to go~?”[/color] Certainly not failing to notice just how good Toga smelled to her this close but focused upon the task at hand of the moment, she rested her hand on top of his and practically pressed their cheeks together as she helped him draw their cue back and forward a few times, speaking with an almost seductive tone as she let him feel the soft deftness with which she seemed to slide and flick it before sending their 'lady' on a course to clip another of the balls on the table…


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Toga scratched his head, running lightly tanned fingers through his distinctly pink hair, chuckling in slight embarrassment. He watched as the cue ball continued to spin rapidly into the wall, rotating in place until its momentum ceased. He had hit the ball with enough force to pummel stone, which spoke volumes about the sturdy construction of the bar. He hadn’t meant to hit it so hard, and he hoped Ursula knew that. He’d do better next time.

As the bar patrons continued their conversations, some leaning in and leering from their seats, standing positions, and corners of the bar, Toga merely smiled. While some seemed uneasy with their presence, there had to be a few who welcomed them with open arms. Toga saw their discomfort as resentment. After all, he was at the bar with the most beautiful woman around—Ursula. By her attire, she was also the most gifted in physique. Her outfit lingered in his mind, and he couldn't help but imagine what she might look like without it. Perhaps he wouldn’t need to rely on his imagination later tonight.

Huh?” Toga inquired, listening closely to Ursula as she spoke in a seductive yet instructive tone. He smiled as she drew closer, watching intently as she aligned her hands with his, their bodies connecting side by side, cheek to cheek. She leaned in, helping him place the pool stick to the cue, rocking it back and forth in a comfortable manner. Her hand guided his towards a more acceptable stroke.

You’re quite the teacher, Ursula-chan,” Toga said, a flush of red lighting his cheeks as he smiled charismatically at the purple-haired temptress. She navigated his hands with her own, lowering and aligning the pool stick to the cue ball. With a gentle push, she knocked the white sphere into one of the colored ones—red—sending it toward one of the pocket corners and down the dark hole.

I’ll be sure to be as gentle with you later,” he smirked, his eyes twinkling with playful mischief.

Her presence was intoxicating, her every move deliberate and alluring. He savored the warmth of her body pressed against his, the way her hair tickled his cheek, and the intoxicating aroma of her scent. The bar, with its bustling patrons and vigorous atmosphere, seemed to fade into the background, leaving just the two of them in their intimate bubble.

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“Oh, I just plant seeds, and see what might grow~?” For some reason the comment about her being a good teacher seeming to make her cheeks flare for a moment as she did not know what to make of it, having developed the habits of a lone wolf it was strange to imagine her shepherding and educating others, and though she knew he was only being playful with the matter Miss Wilke felt a little off guard as she returned a joking but perhaps dismissive reply.

“Not toooo gentle, I hope~?” The fox seeming to roll with the proverbial punches much better however when her beau assured her that he would show the same tenderness to her later on, the ambition in Toga's implication was certainly something which drew a grin from the gothic girl and prompted her to turn her head and lay a little of that glossy colour upon his cheek, before growling breathily into his ear as she reminded him that she was more than okay with him getting a little lively at that point. I mean, they did both have a bit of an animal within them, right? Might as well indulged that.

“I'm going to grab some drinks, while you warm up, kay~?” That growing confidence which he showed also leading her to suspect that these would be no idle threat either and almost making her want to skip ahead to the main event as it were, she could not deny that the closeness and the way in which his form seemed to saturate her senses was something she could hardly ignore, and so instead elected to duck away before they ended up on the table themselves with the intention of getting something to quench the thirst she suddenly felt. Though, not before cracking his rear just as he went to line up his next shot, of course…


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"As gentle or as rough as the moment demands," Toga replied, his words dripping with a seductive undertone that danced upon the tip of his tongue, each syllable carefully chosen and deliberately delivered. Raised primarily in the untamed wilds of Joya, the dragon slayer's social intelligence was not his most refined attribute. While he possessed empathy and emotional intelligence in abundance, the ability to navigate the intricacies of social settings, to engage in witty banter and calculated conversations, was not his forte. Having lost his parents at a tender age and with the dragon who had trained and raised him now seeming a lifetime and light-years away, the boy had been left to his own devices, forced to prioritize matters other than social graces.

Yet, as time passed, Toga had grown and developed, honing his weaker areas with the guidance and support of others. The art of seduction, the intricacies of flirtation, and the exploration of more carnal desires—these were the lessons Ursula had taken upon herself to impart, and Toga was an eager student, determined to apply every ounce of his newfound knowledge to please her in ways she had never experienced before. Though his attempts at flirtation sometimes came across as forced or hurried, the underlying message remained clear: she was his sole target, the only prey he sought to capture in this tantalizing game of desire.

As Ursula's gentle nudge caught him off guard, Toga watched with a soft sigh as the cue ball he had intended to strike veered off course, his aim thrown by the sudden contact of her body against his. A smile played upon his lips as he rubbed the back of his head, a light laugh escaping him while he repositioned himself for another attempt. With Ursula off in search of drinks, he knew he had precious little time to improve his skills at the pool table before her return. "Just you wait, Ursula-chan..." he whispered to himself, his focus narrowing on the green felt surface and the vibrant array of balls scattered across it, his eyes darting from one to the next as he plotted his next move, determined to sink one of the striped balls with the white cue.

"One day, I'll beat you at this game, and when I do, I'll claim a little prize for myself," he snickered, a hint of mischief coloring his tone, a delightful departure from his typically pure intentions.

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“Thanks so much~” The task of getting something to quench her thirst something which was simple and yet still a bit unnerving given what had happened relatively recently, though she did her best to hide the fact Ursula still couldn't help but to watch the figure from behind the bar like a hawk as he opened up a couple of cold bottles and passed them to her, and felt relieved when she was able to offer him those slips of paper in exchange for them.

"Boy oh boy, he's making you get your own drinks?
A piece like you should get her hands on a real man~!
Howsa bout you trade up, baby~?"

Barely paying attention to her surroundings in fact as she did so nd instead taking a moment to scent the bottles for sign of interference as had become habit, it was to a mild sense of surprise that she found herself being leered by one of the same fools who had been eying she and Toga ever since they had entered, who now had his chest puffed out and a crooked smile cast toward her, as those eyes did all the talking his vocabulary could not manage.

“Trade up? With you punks? Nah if I wanted a pussy I'd find a girl~?” Scoffing at the very notion of waltzing away with any of them even if she wasn't here with someone who had done no end to earn a place in both her good graces and her heart too even if she might not admit that, all that Miss Wilke could do was arch her brow and curl her lip with displeasure, before dropping her own bomb upon them and waltzing her way back to the pool table with a noticeably pronounced swagger within her step…


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Tōga appreciated the time spent with Ursula, for dull moments were a rarity in her presence. Her wit transformed even the most hum drum sentiments into thrilling escapades, and her charm and womanly wiles were the instruments she wielded to shape the world to her liking. So skilled was she in this art that even waiting for her could be an entertaining respite from life's usual normalcy. Thus, when a tall, brutish man approached her at the bar, Tōga merely observed with casual interest, curiosity rather than resentment guiding his gaze. Surely, the man knew she was here with someone, and the Lycan was not one to shy away from her ambitions or tolerate those who dared to stand in her way.

When Ursula verbally battered the giant, Tōga's laughter rang out, drawing the attention of the unfortunate snob's entourage. "Hey, kid! What're you laughing at? You're lucky there's something wrong with your girl, or she'd be at our table with us, hahaha," a skinny, twig-like man with a beard thicker than his body taunted. From across the bar, Tōga winced, the stench of the man's breath and the plaque coating his teeth assaulting his senses.

"Nah, she wouldn't go for someone as weak as him, or any of you for that matter," Tōga replied, his words devoid of malice, simply an honest truth born from his observations of someone far stronger than anyone in the tavern. It wasn't jealousy that fueled his words, but a perceptive understanding of Ursula's strength. With that, Tōga turned back to Ursula, oblivious to the grumbles and plots of lethal intent brewing among those he had unintentionally slighted, their incensed glares following the dragon slayer as he focused on his lively date.

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"The hell'd you say, brat?
Who the hell do you think you're dealing with~?"

The comment made by her comely companion seeming to do little to diffuse the situation really and at the very least one having to take solace in the solidarity shown by their would-be adversaries if no other feature seemed to redeem them, as another of them got stung by the comparably gentle barb which Toga unleashed more of the group seemed to raise their heckles and speak up in defence of their cronies, and it seemed that this confrontation was rapidly reaching a point of no return really. And someone in the room suddenly felt seized with a spirit to kick it all the damn way.

“No idea… I don't tend to pay much attention to different kinds of garbage~?” Perhaps some part of the wolf within Miss Wilke taking rather significant exception to how they seemed to disrespect and attempt to threaten her mate, the temper of the temptress seemed to bubble and the hairs upon the back of her neck bristled along with it as the buddies of the brutes lifted from their seats and looked toward the gang angrily, and she ran her tongue across her top teeth as she gave a snarling and sarcastic response to their query. Though even as she did so, she was flexing her fingers and finding their tips turning into claws.

"You bitch!"

Not that the fools knew exactly just how much they were biting off here but the black belle happy to enlighten them, wildness seemed to flash in her gaze for a second as one among their number seemed to lash out with a swatting backhand toward her for her cheek, but compared to what she was used to fighting it seemed slow and sluggish. Able to duck backwards and wrap her mitts around one of the cues they had been practicing with earlier on, Ursula responded in kind as a harmless hand flew through the air in front of her, and then swung her new tool wildly as she aimed it's heavier end right for the idiots ear…


You're afraid of a big, bad wolf~?
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Ursula was a force to be reckoned with, a paradox wrapped in purple. To Toga, she was a charmer and a temptress; to her adversaries, she was a ruthless predator, her presence a blend of poise and chaos that could unsettle even the fiercest of warriors. Thus, when a burly man approached her only to be sharply rebuked, Toga couldn’t help but smile from the sidelines. This brash behemoth would soon learn his lesson, and not at the hands of the dragon slayer. Ursula, the formidable Lycan, was fully capable of handling her own battles.

As Toga tuned out the surrounding chatter, his senses sharpened to the other elements around him, though his attention snapped back at the eruption of a harsh expletive aimed at Ursula. Some words ignited fires that could only be extinguished by confrontation. The man’s face reddened with anger as he spat out the word "Bitch!"—a direct challenge that vibrated menacingly in the air.

From his spot under the pool table, Toga was poised to spring into action against the towering patron who dared insult Ursula. However, he halted as he noticed the purple-haired vixen confidently closing the distance, cue stick in hand, poised like a swordswoman.

"Ooooi!" Toga couldn’t contain his delight at the scene unfolding before him. His eyes gleamed with admiration for Ursula’s swift handling of the situation. Yet, he quickly turned to the aggressor's comrades, who had earlier taunted him, unable to let Ursula monopolize the thrill of the skirmish. "She can't have all the fun!" he declared, launching himself into the fray.

With a fluid leap, Toga bridged the distance, landing amidst the group of inebriated louts. What followed was a chaotic tangle of limbs and curses, Toga’s vivid pink hair the only clear marker of his presence in the tumultuous melee. As the fight escalated, it became evident who held the upper hand. The instigators found themselves overwhelmed, outmatched by the crazed dragon slayer and the fierce Lycan, proving once again that provoking this pair was a grievous misstep.

Que -- Bar Fight!

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Knew these creeps would be trouble from the moment I set eyes on 'em! The stick swinging stunner certainly feeling little surprise as their date seemed to devolve into the bar room brawl, Ursula let loose a sigh after seeing the shot she sent with her cue knock the idiot off balance, and then stepped forward to drive the sole of the boot she wore as hard into his gut as well for good measure.
No sense crying over it though! More than wanting to bury those bestial claws into the buggers if she was honest but reckoning that a disagreement in a bar was not really worth the room seeing and being stained by redness, for now the fox opted to use her improvised weapon over the tools which came so naturally to her, and was hardly disappointed by either that fact or the turn that her night had taken.

“Hope ya save something for me later on, lover boy~?” Instead seeming to feel something of a rush as she raced to the side of her pink haired paramour and swatted with her adapted stave in order to knock away someone who was trying to get the better of his back, the gothic girl couldn't help but grin as she called to the lad and reminded him to keep a little in the proverbial tank later on, and then eyed up the next 'prize' on her hit list.
“You know how I get when my blood's pumping!” Showing a surprising adeptness with her weapon in fact and whipping the item around, frankly a fox who was used to hunting bounties was more than accustomed to fighting in places like this and it showed as she lashed out at the leg of her next would be adversary, all while continuing to tease Toga with the promise and incentive of what just might happen next…


You're afraid of a big, bad wolf~?
- Ursula Wilke -

credit to nat of adoxography.


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In the thick of the chaos, Tōga nearly missed Ursula's words, his adrenaline surging as he dove deeper into the fray. The dragon slayer was a whirlwind of energy, each headlock and punch adding to the growing pile of defeated challengers he left in his wake. “H-huh!?” he exclaimed, his eyes wide with surprise and cheeks flushed with exertion. He popped his head up from a cloud of dirt and dust, his figure momentarily emerging from the swirling maelstrom of bodies around him as he searched for a moment of clarity amidst the tumult.

Should we really be talking about that now?” he blurted out, a hint of a blush coloring his tone. Tōga 's combat dance was a fluid series of moves; he wove in and out of the melee with the grace of a seasoned fighter, pausing sketchily to dispatch another adversary before slipping away to reconnect with Ursula. “But still! I’ll make sure to save some energy for you, Ursula-chan!” he called out over the turmoil, his promise cutting through the noise of the brawl.

Despite the unlikely setting—a bar brawl swirling around them—Tōga 's devotion to Ursula remained unshaken. Mid-conflict, he reassured her of his intentions, his words a playful yet earnest nod to the "energy reserves" she hoped he'd maintain for their later endeavors. His assertion was both a flirtatious acknowledgment of their intimate connection and a candid admission of his willingness to meet her desires, no matter the circumstances.

Springing from the heap of combatants, Tōga quickly sized up one of the men he had previously engaged. With a deft motion, he grabbed the burly fighter by the collar, his muscles tensing as he prepared for the next move. In a display of sheer strength, he hurled the larger man across the room. The brute's body flew like a missile before crashing spectacularly into the center bar, his back slamming against the shelves laden with bottled drinks. The impact sent glass shattering in a spectacular cascade, bottles tumbling and spilling their contents as the crowd momentarily paused, the sound of breaking glass punctuating the ongoing disorder.

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