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The night that rocked [Private/Michael]

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 The night that rocked [Private/Michael] Empty Sat Mar 30, 2024 8:02 pm


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It had been long overdue... Though Alisa and Sofia were polyamorous, few held such a special place in each of their hearts the way Michael did. Though Alisa's lifestyle often took her far from the Guild, her heart was always close to home and those waiting for her back there. It felt like months since she and Michael had some time alone just the two of them, and today, she planned to rectify that. Apparently, a certain Caelese band was touring in Fiore, and Alisa bought two tickets. Sofia was staying with the girls tonight, so the two of them had all the time in the world to just... Indulge in one another:

"Mmm~... He should be here any moment now.", she mused as she put the finishing touches on her makeup, running that vibrant, luscious red lipstick on her pursed, pouty lips, admiring her reflection as her heart fluttered at the thought of the date awaiting her...

It had been so long since she'd gone to a concert... She and Sofia were more the adventurous type, who'd travel to far off locations and explore new sights. And the last time she took a lover on a date... Heavens~... Was it Marina? That was almost 10 years ago... The last decade had been quite hectic huh? All the more reason why Alisa dressed up to the nine today, standing in front of the mirror with her wide hip cocked to the side, those long, shapely legs adorned by tight, form fitting leather pants, alongside a sleeveless red sweater faulting her firm, hefty underbust... She wasn't holding anything back tonight, and as soon as Michael knocked on the door to her room, he'd get to see just how serious she was~


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 The night that rocked [Private/Michael] CyhFjWA

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