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Seizing the Night III. [Toga]

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“Whew…! Now that…” The breath of the buxom beauty most assuredly taken away by something and the other, Ursula Wilke couldn’t help but take on a long and heavy breath as she let herself catch up with the moment, and in doing so perhaps allowed her paramour a moment to not only collect himself but also look over that fair skin now coated with the shine of exertion even in the crisp moonlight.
“Was a damn tasty cherry~?” Not that a girl whose blood ran deep with that of the frozen north ever felt much of the cold and as such the combination of hardy breeding and lingering biochemicals providing her with the perfect cocktail to endure the chilliness for a few moments more, she sank into the space next to her lover and hummed as she confessed that she was more than happy with how her night had turned out, among other things.

“Teeheehee, how are you doing, hm~?” Not that she was concerned wholly with her own satisfaction of course and as such feeling an equal or perhaps greater interest in the reflection of the figure she had just frolicked with so free-spiritedly, those amethyst eyes settled on the face of her delightful date as she began to skirt her fingertips around his stomach and chest, and basked in the aroma he gave off as well. After all, lovemaking did provide such a cornucopia for a lupine lass like her to drink in, didn't it~?


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A deep exhale broke the stillness, a precursor to a tranquil silence that enveloped him. This pattern of breath and pause wove itself into the fabric of the night, as Toga lay grounded, his gaze lost in the vast, star-studded tapestry above.

In the aftermath of an ordeal that tested the limits of his endurance, he found himself not in a state of triumph, but in a profound sense of completeness. The evidence of their union, a mix of sweat and the remnants of their fervent encounter, adorned his body like a map of their journey together. His labored breathing served as a dual symbol of his vulnerabilities and his strengths, a balance between being overcome and emerging victorious.

"I'm..." Words seemed inadequate to capture the essence of the moment, the intense fusion of heat, desire, and a serene aftermath where passion and tranquility converged. Struggling to articulate the ineffable, Toga finally found a semblance of expression. "At a loss for words," he admitted, his gaze shifting from the celestial to the earthly, landing on Ursula, who lay beside him, her skin glistening with the evidence of their shared experience.

"It's beyond words," he confessed, the simplicity of the statement belying the depth of his emotion. "It felt perfect," he concluded, a sentiment that resonated with the purity of their connection, unmarred by the need for further explanation. In that moment, words were superfluous; the perfection they had shared spoke volumes on its own.

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“Perfect~? Well, a girl does her best~!” The loss of words the lad had suffered seeming to speak far more than any words he could command when it came to what they had shared together, Ursula couldn't help but snicker as he paid her such a high compliment for the moment, and though she gave a playfully bragging response to it the dark dish felt a quiet sense of pride in the spell she had cast over him with the sweetness they had enjoyed.
“Teeheeheehee, especially when they're as cute as you~?” Certainly feeling rather disarmed by that earnest and endearing nature of his even if she usually tended to go for guys with a little more flash or wicked intent than this one, the violet haired vixen had to note that she enjoyed how their connection felt more 'even' in light of her greater sense of experience and perhaps control over the situation, and as much so relished the chance to dote upon him as well, which was evidenced by the little giggle she gave before leaning over and sharing her pillow pout with her lover once more. It was nice having a dragon in the palm of her hand, no?

“Now, I'd say I've earned this, hm~?” Not that she intended to abuse such privilege or at least not beyond what any other girl might have done, the black belle beamed as she felt a little of the warmth which had been left within her seeming to ebb that tiny bit and sought to amend that fact by a little act of lending, and so seemed to roll away and hop to her feet with the chic hooded shirt which Toga had worn to the occasion in her grasp and every intent of claiming it with her own scent.
“What do you think~?” Humming happily to herself as she lifted the item up and dragged it down her frame to hide her rather generous degree of exposure before beaming to herself at the result, after allowing those amethyst eyes to run over herself almost covered by the new item Miss Wilke flashed a grin toward her man and did a slow turn to show herself off, keenly wondering what he might make of her temporary act of theft and bobbing her brows all the while as she did so…


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Beneath the expansive, nonjudgmental canopy of the night sky, Toga found solace in the closeness of Ursula's form against his, their bodies melding in a seamless harmony that felt as natural as the celestial bodies above. In this secluded haven atop the hill, with the city's lights twinkling below like distant stars, he wished for the moment to stretch into infinity, though aware that even an eternity might not suffice to fully savor the depth of their connection.

"I know I may not be the most experienced guy," Toga confessed, his voice carrying a mix of earnest curiosity and a tender concern, rather than any hint of embarrassment. "But I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me!" Toga struggled to articulate his thoughts, lacking the vocabulary to truly convey his meaning. As this was his first time sharing a bed with a woman, he couldn't differentiate between "good" and "fun." To him, her pleasure and elation should radiate through her smile, aligning with the way she moved, twisted, and turned, coupled with the soft melodies that poured from her mouth during their nighttime dance. He hoped that she understood the sentiment behind his words.

As Ursula rose, her silhouette bathed in moonlight, Toga's gaze followed her with an adoration that was both profound and simple. She draped his hoodie over her, the fabric enveloping her form, a gesture that spoke volumes of their newfound intimacy. "You're welcome to it, but," he paused, rising to stand before her, the moon casting his figure in a soft glow.

"This is mine," he declared, reaching for her, his arms both strong and gentle as they wrapped around her waist, lifting her up. He positioned her legs to wrap around his waist, holding her securely in place as he gazed deeper into her eyes than ever before, his golden-brown amber hues searching for infinity within her amethyst windows.

"I wager this is the best prize, anyway," he smiled, his words carrying the weight of his affection and the profound connection they had forged in the midst of their passionate embrace.

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“Heeheehee, don't worry… I had a lot of fun too~?” Perhaps it only natural that her pink prince proved to need a note of reassurance regarding his performance, in all honesty one of the reasons which Ursula had savoured the chance to enjoy a 'cherry' had been the opportunity to make him her own and yet even then she had to admit that he could have fooled her into thinking he had more experience than he let on anyway, and as such was happy to giggle and confirm that she had plenty of satisfaction from their intimacy as well.
And I don't think it will be the last time, either~? The sable siren also certain that his was a treat that she could certainly feel herself enjoying again as she looked toward him with the moonlight and shadows highlighting all those well-wrought lines which made up his body, the ravishing raven couldn't help but nibble her lip a little at the sight, and sensed that she would be making good on such presumption sooner rather than later.

“You…!” Only further encouraged in such thinking when he seemed to put that newfound confidence of their connection to sweep her into his arms and perhaps a little surprised by the feeling of comfort and stability she was offered as such, Miss Wilke wasted little time nor effort in wrapping her thighs around his waist and squeezed them tightly as she straddled him, and flashed at him with a grin and a gaze which showed the wildness of her wolf blood rising to the surface once more.
“Ahahahaa! Careful, a girl like me is hard to tame~?” Her pulse hammering in her chest meanwhile as she wrapped her fingers around the back of his head and neck and allowed the spirit of the moment to encourage her to indulge urges which were building with surprising pace, Toga's comment on possession only seemed to bring out that more defiant and rebellious desire within the gothic girl, and as such she growled as she clung to him and lunged for yet another kiss, though this one showed more wickedness and animal desire as she snatched at his bottom lip with her teeth and tugged upon it encouragingly…


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As Ursula melded into Toga's embrace, her legs encircling him in a secure clasp, she became an anchor, her body a testament to their shared trust and desire. Toga, with a strength that was both protective and tender, adjusted their stance, ensuring her comfort as he cradled her closer, one hand firmly supporting her while the other hung freely by his side.

"Tame you? Don’t be silly," Toga whispered, his voice a soft caress against the backdrop of the night. "I like you as you are; just as wild and free as you want to be,” he continued, his smile a reflection of the mutual choice they had made in each other. His gaze, drawn to the celestial dance above them, found a parallel in their own earthly entanglement—a cosmic ballet witnessed by the stars.

With Ursula's form still pressed against him, Toga's expression was one of contentment, a smile that seemed etched into his very being. She, wrapped in his hoodie, and he, adorned only by her presence, stood together, bared to the elements yet cloaked in mutual warmth.

"Dragons and wolves --- we’re meant to go where we want, with whoever we want. But, if you want someone to fly alongside you --- well, I’m here for that,” he mused, the moonlight casting a silvery sheen on his pink hair, adding to the ethereal quality of the moment.

Leaning in, his smirk playful yet inviting, Toga teased, "Are you afraid of heights, beautiful?” His question, light and teasing, sought to challenge and invite her into even more shared adventures, their bond a testament to the freedom and exhilaration of choosing to explore the vastness of the world, and of each other, together.

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“Ohhhh, really? Welllll… I can't say I hate the idea of being a bad influence on you~?” The lupine lass left with a grin when Toga assured her that he had no intent of taming her but rather allowing her to run as wild as she wanted, though Miss Wilke might have liked to say the same of how she might try to impact him she could not honestly deny that she might just be a spirit of corruption when it came to someone who was a brave and pure knight of justice, and admitted such a fact in case she hadn't made that rather obvious with the risqué manner of seduction she had already showed him. Though really, he had seemed all the hungry for it, no?
“When they're as cute and sweet as you are, I can't help but want to dye them a little in my own colours~?” Certainly seeming to sense from the rapidity of how they had built upon their bond that they had more in common than one might have guessed of a member of the knights and the party girl whom he had rescued from disaster, perhaps it was the knowledge of the magic he possessed and the influence it had over him or merely the way in which she had seemed to tempt a wilder side from him in their fun, but either way she knew that these still waters hid some rather delicious depths for her to enjoy all the same.

“Heeheeheee, not so much as I'd say no to a little spell in the skies, if that's what you're offering, Mister Dragon~” The gothic girl found giggling soon after when next he seemed to question her tolerance for high places and in fact the fox rather enjoying them really, there was a sense of peace and privacy about the lofty spots in the world which she rather enjoyed, as tonight had evidenced. Just as much wondering just why he had asked however and given his status able to draw some rather amusing conclusions, she could only imagine what kind of fun they might have if they took flight, especially given their state of dress or lack thereof…


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In the swirling currents of change, Toga found himself not just evolving but truly transforming. The past months had seen him rise from the nascent stages of his dragonic prowess to the lofty heights of an S-Rank mage, securing a prestigious position within the Rune Knights, second only to the general. His journey had enriched him with power, fame, and a subtle influence that stretched far beyond the tangible rewards of wealth and status. Yet, for Toga, these accomplishments paled in comparison to the true quest of exploring the vastness of Earthland and uncovering its hidden wonders.

His magic, once a mere extension of his will, now unveiled depths of his being previously shrouded in mystery. With each new mastery over the elemental flames, Toga discovered a burgeoning confidence within, a transformation catalyzed further by his serendipitous encounter with Ursula. Their connection, blossoming rapidly into something profound, offered him a clarity he hadn't realized he was seeking.

"There's nothing wrong with the girl I like rubbing off on me," Toga mused, the word "like" rolling off his tongue for the first time. He couldn't help but wonder how Ursula felt about this verbal confirmation of his affection.

"Good, because I want to treat you to something special," he said, turning his head back to their picnic setting, a messy, sweaty reminder of the sensual dance they had shared. With a whistle, a brownish flicker shot from his bag, soaring through the skies like a shooting star before slowing its descent and levitating just in front of the couple. Now stationary, frozen in place, Ursula could see the blurred object in its full, feathered brilliance—Toga's Birdman's Cape.

"Do you trust me?" he inquired, running his hand over the cape as it extended itself fully, reaching an impressive six feet of feathery splendor, its surface as smooth and soft as satin. If she acknowledged him, Toga would gently lower her body onto the cape, which felt more like a magic carpet, before jumping on behind her, his legs cradling her waist as his toes reached out towards the tip of his flying instrument.

"Don't worry if it gets too cold up there," he said with a smile, and before long, the two found themselves slowly lifting upwards, leaving the hill behind as they gradually ascended towards the clouds.

"I'll keep you warm," Toga promised, the perks of being a fire dragon slayer evident in his confident grin.

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“Ahahaha, I bet you don't, naughty boy~?” There seeming to be no way in which Miss Wilke could hear such ripeness for innuendo and avoid it, the black belle beamed as she twisted the comment which Toga had made about her influence into a decidedly literal sense, and teased him for it. Though, given what they had just gotten up to, there was certainly some truth to the idea, no~?

“Whoa!” That said the sable siren seeming stunned as he let loose a high pitched bleating breath in a whistle and summoned something she did not expect in doing so, for a moment those animal senses of Ursula seemed to flare as she smelled something that seemed like a bird and saw something lurch through the air, and she would be a liar if her heckles weren't a little bit raised by the presence, if only for a second.
“Wow, interesting pet~?” The face of the fox sharpening as if she expected an eagle or something to swoop down upon them but then relaxing when she realised that this was not only not a predator but rather something which her lover had called for, after a breath of relief the black belle reached out a gentle but steady hand to touch the item, and smiled just a little as she felt that silky, feather-soft surface it possessed.

“I mean, you're my hero, right~” Still finding her pulse racing however when Toga asked just whether or not she trusted him, in spite of how startled she was the truth of the matter was that she did indeed have a lofty degree of assurance in him, and in no small part due to how they had met really.
And a super one at that, from the look of things~?” For that reason the raven shaking her head with a smirk and beckoning him onward with whatever he had planned, she wrapped her arms around her man tightly and winked, all the while feeling like their evening had taken a turn to something akin from a story book and loving every moment of that fact…


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rewrite to sound more cohesive, fluid and creatively written: The first obstacle, if you could even call it that, had been overcome. Her flirtatious, though soft smile acting as an acknowledgement of her trust in the dragon slayer, Toga smiled brightly as Ursula accompanied him on the plush, though soft feathery back of his Birdman cape. The avian instrument levitating in the air, dipping slightly before returning to balance as the added weight forced it to ripple in comfort, adjusting to the new weight.

This is Birdman Cape – I came across it on some of my travels and I’ve never really used it before,” Toga said, rubbing and petting the airborne cape that acted more as a carpet, as if it were an animal or pet like the purple-haired beauty suggested. “But there’s no better time like the present, and no better person to use it with,” pink hair fluttered in the night air as the cape soon elevated, starting it’s ascent as it carried the two deeper into the night sky.

As the purple-haired lupine wrapped herself deeper into her embrace with Toga, the man smiled. Had it been for added security or comfort as the two ascended, closing the gaps between the hilltop and the sky? He didn’t know. Regardless, as the air cooled, and the lights, once bright, turned more into sparkles the further they got from them, Toga felt more at peace.

I’m happy I met you,” Toga exclaimed, bearing nothing more than Ursula, who he used as garbs to conceal his otherwise naked body as they continued to elevate, the dark and purple of the night not sitting above them, but now around them as clouds and breezes encircled them. She donned his hoodie, the only article of clothing she had as well and as Toga looked down, he made sure to lock his ember eyes with the deep amethyst of her own.

The Birdman cape acted as the most divine vehicle, soaring gently through the skies, high above the sleeping city of Santalicia, the cape carried through and around the hillside formations that seemed to slip and slope through the city. They’d catch the drift and breezes as they passed along buildings, street sides and through the towering constructs as they made the city theirs, flying and soaring through as they dipped towards the earth, only to elevate back to the heavens.

This may seem…. Sudden,” he whispers, still sitting behind her as his lips just touch her ear.

But.. uhm…” he struggles, blush hitting his cheeks once more, though invisible to the woman.

Would you like to be my…. Partner?” that was the term, right?

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“Hahahaa, whoa! Seems like a loaded question when you have me at your mercy like this~?” The sable siren unable to resist the urge to snicker a little in spite of the sweetness and the shyness she was shown as Toga asked rather a pertinent question regarding their relationship, Miss Wilke shook her head as she pointed out that he had rather a significant advantage when it came to getting what he wanted from their current circumstances given he was the one in control of the cape, though did so playfully enough that she hoped he saw the faith she had in him despite the joke she made. Not that she didn't consider his query worth answering, even if the response was something of a complicated one.

“Honestly though, I'm not really one for labels…?” The violet vixen settling and lifting one of her hands to gently rest upon at least one side of those glowing cheeks gently and supportively, Ursula could not deny that matters of boyfriend and girlfriend and 'partnership' as he called it were things she tended to avoid for the most part, and frankly didn't want to give him some false impressions about their budding romance in spite of the rather significant deed they had already done. It was best to be clear, in her experience.
“But, if it helps… I'm not seeing anyone else, and not planning to any time soon either~? I'd… Like to see where this goes?” Not that she didn't appreciate the sweetness he had shown her ever since he met her and at the same time having little intention of finding someone else right now, the lupine lass could only hope that the interest she had in letting this little 'seed' they had started between them grow and eventually bloom would be enough of an answer for now, even if it wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear…


You're afraid of a big, bad wolf~?
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Beneath the celestial audience of stars and moon, Toga found himself momentarily lost for words, enveloped in the vast silence of the night. The anticipation of Ursula's response had left him vulnerable, open to the myriad possibilities her words could weave into the fabric of their shared moment. Among the countless outcomes he had envisioned, he was unprepared for the reality that unfolded.

"Ah, I see…" His voice, a soft echo under the expansive sky, carried a hint of disappointment as his gaze fell, the pink strands of his hair casting shadows over his eyes. The world seemed to pause around him, the cool night air brushing against his skin, until the warmth of Ursula's touch broke through the chill, her fingers gently tracing the contours of his face. Lifting his eyes to meet hers, Toga offered a faint smile, a mixture of gratitude and subtle regret coloring his expression. "I guess I was kinda brash, huh?" he mused, the breeze mingling with his words.

Feeling Ursula's hand still upon his cheek, Toga's own hand found hers, their touch a silent conversation. He leaned into her warmth, finding solace in her presence before gently pulling back, a renewed sense of clarity in his gaze. "I guess there's no need to rush anything," he affirmed, his voice regaining its strength as he looked towards the moon, its light a silent witness to their exchange.

"We can still do the stuff we did earlier, right?" he asked with a playful smile, the twinkle in his eye suggesting that their intimate connection remained undiminished by the momentary vulnerability. Despite the initial disappointment, Toga understood that their bond extended beyond mere labels or expectations, and he was content to let their relationship unfold naturally, cherishing the moments they shared together under the starlit sky.

Titles aren’t really that important,” he braved his next words. “Not nearly as the memories you make with people,

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