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Seizing The Night II. [Toga]

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“I always loved looking at the stars when I was a little girl?” The feeling of intimacy which their new setting and casual proximity provided something which helped to disarm the dark dish and let her speak a little more honestly, Ursula Wilke had no idea how long the two of them had been listening to the echoing music but felt comfortable to share a little something about herself, and the reason behind the peculiar setting she had opted to show off as well for that matter that she thought her would-be maybe possibly beau might be interested to hear.
“My dad and brothers would go out a lot and I hated being in that big house alone, so… Looking at them, helped me to feel like I wasn't? Kinda embarrassing, I guess?” Shuffling that bit closer with a casual and subtle gesture for him to wrap an arm around her shoulders, for a moment those amethyst eyes seemed to grow misty as she remembered the feeling of loneliness and isolation which had seemed to dominate all too many of her younger years, and while she found her cheeks glowing at little at the implication that she found her first 'friends' in the stars all the same the sable stunner felt glad for having revealed that about her.

“What about you, huh? Must be a funny story that sees a boy from Joya as a knight in the Runes?” Not that she didn't have a certain curiosity about the life of the lad as well and feeling that such a sweet and serene atmosphere seemed the perfect avenue to explore such a fact, while she was a traveller to the land they found themselves in Ursula was far from as distant a one as her date had been by birth, and as such wanted to know why he had seemed to drift so far afield, if he felt up to telling her. I mean she wouldn't push him too hard on the subject, of course, but still, it felt exciting to know each other better now, didn't it?


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"Really?" Toga's voice was a blend of curiosity and wonder, his hazel brown eyes shifting to the side, piercing through the veil of night to rest upon Ursula. She, with her secret kinship with the cosmos, shared tales of solitude and celestial companionship. As the purple-haired enchantress recounted days of familial absence filled by the silent company of stars, Toga drew her nearer with a gentle arm, his smile a beacon in the dim light.

"You weren't alone in that," he offered with a warmth that seemed to echo the distant twinkle of starlight. "As a dragon slayer, the sky was always a canvas of curiosity for me. I've often wondered what it would be like to soar among the stars, to perch upon one as if it were a stone skipping across the heavens," he mused, his thoughts adrift in the fairytales and dreams that peppered his youth. Despite the vastness of his power, the cosmos remained a frontier just beyond his reach, a realm of wonder he yearned to explore, perhaps to one day dance among the celestial bodies.

"Huh?" Toga's attention snapped back as Ursula probed into his past. "Joya is a great place  for stargazers. From atop every mountain, it felt like everyone had a front-row seat the sky and if you reached just far enough, you could catch one," he reminisced, his gaze inward as he sifted through memories of youth, where the stars were not just lights in the sky but companions in the quiet moments of solitude.

"Do you want to get closer to the stars?" he asked, his voice a soft invitation to shared dreams and perhaps, a journey beyond the confines of their current reality.

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“Hahahah, that's pretty weird~? But fun…” The brow of the black beauty rising as she let the lad talk about his own love of stars and how they seemed to let his imagination get away from him and picture himself among them as he gazed toward the heavens, Ursula couldn’t help but snicker and admit that she had never really considered the idea of hopping among those twinkling gems in all the times she had looked up to them, and though she conceded the strangeness in the concept she also couldn't hate it either.
“I suppose that's how a dragon feels, huh? The stars are stepping stones for them?” Reminded in this moment that the lad by her side had as much of a dragon within him as she did her own animal and that an easy fact to forget given how calm and relaxed he usually seemed, the amused astronomer couldn't help but note the poetry in how it seemed natural for him to feel like he should have a place among those glinting gemstones in the sky given that fact, and in truth found it rather endearing that such a fact came so naturally to him.

“Kinda? I suppose us wolves just like to chase shiny things~?” Rolling onto her side as that show of sweetness seemed to mean that she found the boy an even more enticing sight for the moment than even the glittering image of all things celestial, the lupine lass wore a wide grin as she looked to the face of her date and let loose a breath of happiness, before admitting that she always felt more inclination toward hunting things than she did running among them.
“Or… Something tasty~?” Perhaps showing that fact as she lifted a hand to brush his cheek and then eyed his lips with her teeth biting into her own, the dark dish couldn't help but drift nearer and nearer to that pout of his as she felt a hunger building up inside her that she simply could not ignore, and would seek to satisfy with a sudden shooting motion as she sought to share their very first kiss in a moment she had seemed to have been waiting for ever since she first laid eyes upon him tonight…


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"Weird?" Toga echoed, his voice weaving through the night air, tinged with a blend of bewilderment and intrigue. Under the expansive night sky, a tapestry of stars stretched infinitely above, each luminary a delicate brushstroke on the universe's dark canvas. Earthland, under this celestial gallery, transformed into a masterpiece of divine craftsmanship, captivating Toga's gaze. He yearned not just to behold this beauty but to partake in its creation, dreaming of the day his own strength would allow him to soar and paint his legacy among the stars.

As Ursula shared her affinity with the wolf spirit within her, reveling in the earth's scent and the thrill of the nocturnal hunt, Toga found a resonance in her words. "Sometimes, the pursuit is as exhilarating as the catch," he mused, his voice carrying a warmth that mirrored the soft glow of his cheeks under the night's embrace. His attention, captivated by the violet-haired enchantress beside him, noticed the subtle shift as she drew nearer.

"Ursula-chan..." Toga's breath hitched slightly as Ursula closed the distance between them, her presence enveloping him before she claimed her place in his lap. Their lips met in a moment suspended in time, a kiss that wove together the essence of magic and gravity, igniting a cosmic dance within. This first kiss, shared under the night's watchful gaze, felt not just magical but transcendent, a celestial event marking the birth of new stars within the depths of Toga's soul.

"Definitely tasty," he whispered, his arms encircling Ursula's form, drawing her even closer. Emboldened by the night's magic, Toga initiated a second kiss, this time with a confidence spurred by the intimate connection they shared. Under the cover of darkness, their bond deepened, a testament to the night's enchanting power.

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“Mm-mnnnn~” The lips of the lilac lass curling as she heard her date murmur her name in such a cute manner and then return her kiss with a fervour that she did not quite anticipate, even Miss Wilke found her breath hitching as the boy wrapped his arms around her in a fashion which was gentle and tender but also firm in all the ways she liked, and as such she couldn't help but purr as she slid her fingers deeper into that pink hair to grip him that bit tighter to her. Lost in the moment and allowing the edges of her nails to dance across his scalp as the sweetness of their first kiss seemed to give way to a second only too quickly, a feeling of mischief seemed to spread through the black belle as she licked at his lips with her velvety tongue and tried to breach the defences of her 'pinkie pie', and all the while wondered just how he might react to the cool metal stud in the middle of it when he felt that as well.

“Hehehehe, you think so~?” Sufficed to say that the sable siren was left that little bit breathless when finally she had a moment to peel away from the lips of her lover, she nuzzled that pout playfully as she questioned his assertion about the taste of their kiss, and arched her brow as she did so. Though, all the while Ursula couldn't help but feel that playfulness within her growing and growing as she had him here before her like a quivering lamb, awaiting some manner of salacious slaughter.

“Have you… Been with a girl before~?” Certainly not missing either how the boy seemed only too happy to follow her lead as it were and taking advantage of such a fact to roll them so that she could climb atop that slim but strong frame, in that the fox found herself wondering about just how much experience he had in these sorts of areas, and smiled as she questioned it before dipping back in for another kiss soon afterward. Not that she would frown of course if she found out that he was her first, but rather, actually quite liked the sound of that really…?


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Toga and Ursula found themselves walking a tightrope, a line so thin and transparent that even the keenest eyes would struggle to discern which side they stood on: playful or lustful. Their first kiss had been shared, followed by a second, each one building upon the feelings that had blossomed since their initial meeting. Toga had transformed from Ursula's savior to her protector, and now, something more. He had crossed a threshold that many couldn't return from, and at this point, he had no desire to go back to the way things were before. The path they were on now, and the journey they were about to embark upon, was the only one the dragon slayer wanted to pursue.

As Ursula straddled him, the warmth between her thighs enveloping his core, Toga savored every moment, every second of their connection. Their eyes locked, her deep purple orbs drowning in the amber pools of his gaze. She leaned down, their mouths connecting as their tongues began to dance and tangle in a passionate embrace. The metal orb adorning her tongue became a new fixation for the dragon slayer, its foreign surface igniting novel sensations as they explored the darker aspects of their kiss, lubricated by the saliva they shared.

When Ursula's inquiry pierced the air, Toga found himself at a crossroads of confession, his cheeks aflame with the flush of earnestness. "Huh?" escaped him, a shield momentarily raised against the vulnerability of his admission. "I mean… I've kissed before – but nothing like this," he confessed, his voice a whisper against the backdrop of their shared breaths. The depth of Ursula's question, probing for a history yet untold, left him momentarily adrift in a sea of introspection.

"But anything beyond that?" The pause that followed was a chasm, bridged only by his next words, "No…" In that moment, Toga laid bare the truth of his experiences, or the lack thereof, a declaration of his uncharted heart. In the silence that followed, their connection, now more profound, was a beacon in the night, guiding them towards a future woven from the threads of their newfound intimacy.

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“Ohhhh, my cherry boy really is a cherry, hm~?” The flushing of her fuchsia fella something which Ursula couldn't help but bite her lip at to behold, it was like the cherry upon well what seemed to be the cherry, which was a fact that she far from hated and showed that with both the smile she showed and the way in which she nuzzled that cute pink hair.
“Heeheehee, mmmmm… I like the sound of that~?” Perhaps some girls wanting a figure of greater experience but if anything the lupine lass feeling that the way that their situation was escalating was something of a prize for her, she couldn't deny that she only wanted to claim him all the more for that fact, to mark him as her own in a way which he was never going to forget. Damn was she going to set that bar high, hm~?

“You seem like the sort of boy who would wait for the right girl to take him all the way~?” As such the gothic goddess only making her tone all the more kittenish in the light of this revelation and laying her knees either side of his hips, Miss Wilke smiled as she let those deft digits wash over the back of his neck and scalp and continued to share sweet and tender kisses in-between gazing into his eyes, and revealing that she held a certain respect for his discerning discipline as well.
“Do you think I'm the right girl~? I'd hate to push you into something… You didn't want~?” The sable siren certainly seeming to sense that their situation was going to escalate and perhaps making no secret of her intention either, all the same she eased back for a moment and let those amethyst eyes rest upon his as she questioned whether he wanted to take that step with her, or not. I mean, she was definitely in the mood to continue, but it felt especially important to ensure he was too, right~?


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Caught in a whirlwind of confusion by Ursula's cryptic remark, Toga hovered in a limbo of silence and bewilderment. "Cherry boy that really was a cherry," the phrase echoed within, racing through his thoughts as he grappled with its meaning. The revelation of his inexperience had somehow woven fruits into their dialogue, leaving him to untangle the metaphor. As realization dawned, his cheeks flamed with the understanding that he, indeed, was the metaphorical cherry.

With Ursula comfortably ensconced in his lap, Toga shifted subtly, ensuring she could nestle into her preferred position. Under the celestial tapestry of the night, they found themselves enveloped in an intimacy magnified by the cosmos itself.

Admitting to his unique status, Toga reflected on his past. There had been fleeting romances, and he had once known love in Joya, where he believed he had found his other half. Yet, the intimacy of sharing a bed had eluded him. Since departing his homeland, the pursuit of adventure had consumed him, relegating personal connections to the background. His journey had been singularly focused on discovery and mastery, seldom pausing to contemplate the sacrifices made along the way.

But Ursula's presence marked a departure from the norm. As her fingers wove through his hair, Toga found his own hands drawn to the violet strands of hers, their gazes locking between kisses. "Ursula-chan…" he whispered, a declaration of newfound clarity in his voice. "I was waiting for you…" In that moment, Toga's admission was not just a confession of his past but a testament to the transformative power of their connection, under the watchful eyes of a thousand distant stars.

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“Well, your wait is over, Toga~!” Perhaps a liar if she said that some wicked and likely wolfen part of herself didn't enjoy seeing him there all bewildered and blushing as he caught onto her intention, the sweetness of the moment only seemed to grow as the lad spoke of how his wait had been for her all along, and as such Ursula couldn't help but smile and lean into those lips for yet another smooch, though she didn't remain there for long.
“And lucky for you, I dressed for the occasion~?” Gently pulling those hands of hers back and aligning those deft digits with the toothy fasteners which held her unusual garment together, though the violet haired vixen hadn't wanted to pressure her valentine given the situation and the newness of their connection she felt a private sense of joy at being able to unveil the fulness of the ensemble she had worn today, and could scarcely wait now that she had been given the go ahead to unleash its splendour upon her one man audience.

“Let's seeee…” The wicked wench as such grasping the head of a zipper and then the next and smoothly but slowly unravelling those binding ties to reveal more and more of her frame, though the process was sedate even Miss Wilke couldn't help but bite into her lip as she stripped away the softness of her outer layer, and beneath it revealed glistening and glossy darkness which covered a provocatively small portion of her frame.
“What do you think~?” Wrapped only in strands of jet black PVC with equally shiny steel clips to hold them together and at most three areas of 'tactical expansion', the pale flesh of the fox seemed to glow in the moonlight as she leered at the body beneath her, and then began to drag her fingertips up her frame sensuously and seductively to fully highlight all which had been revealed…


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Under the midnight sky's blanketed veil, Toga and Ursula found solace in each other's presence, their flesh and time intertwined. In this moment, frozen in the fabric of the universe, an instant and an eternity seemed to merge into one.

"You did?" Toga mused, his brow lifting in curiosity as Ursula flirtatiously mentioned she had dressed for the occasion. Had she foreseen this moment? Could she read his mind and understand how she had redefined his perception of a woman, creating a new masterpiece from the contours of his past experiences? As the woman who remained perched on his lap moved one hand to the silver zipper that held her attire together, Toga's cheeks flushed, and his lap warmed, anticipation growing within him... and beneath her.

"Ursula-chan..." He breathed her name for the second time that night, his words calm and slow, flickering into the night sky as Ursula pulled down on her zipper. The fabric parted, revealing porcelain skin that shimmered under the moonlight, a sight meant only for his eyes.

"Beautiful..." The word escaped his lips, a feeble attempt to encapsulate the vision Ursula had unveiled before him. Her curvaceous body dipped and curved in all the right places, the scant string concealing the smallest portions of her most intimate areas, allowing his imagination to fill in the rest.

Toga's hands, drawn as if by a magnetic force, found their place upon her hips, their touch a testament to the gravity of the moment. "Just beautiful…" The word barely escaped him, a feeble attempt to encapsulate the vision before him. Ursula, in her unveiled glory, was a vision that transcended beauty itself, her form a symphony of curves and whispers of shadow and light.

"I've never seen something... someone... so breathtakingly beautiful in my entire life," he whispered, his voice laced with awe and reverence, a testament to the ethereal beauty that Ursula embodied in this moment, forever etched in his memory.

The events that followed would redefine Toga once more, a new awakening that reshaped his desires and yearnings. Ursula, in her infinite wisdom and allure, would bestow upon him a gift he had never known he needed, but now found himself elated to possess. What had begun as a simple rescue had blossomed into a kiss, a tender moment that ignited a passion within them both. From there, their journey led them down a path where only the imagination could explore, a realm of sensual delights and emotional connection.

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