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Seizing The Night I. [Toga]

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It's getting late… A breath escaping the black belle as she looked up to the sky and saw not only the curve of a crescent moon above her but also a growing number of little twinkles overhead, while one of the ilk of Ursula Wilke was rarely the sort to carry a watch or other means of measuring time she rarely found that she needed it, and instead reckoned that the wolf blood she possessed and how it related to that white smile on high helped her to keep track of time when the sun went down.
All the better for something naughty, no~? Many seeming to feel a note of fear when it became dark but this particular violet haired vixen feeling more at home the more that the sky and the scene around her seemed to grow dimmer, to her there was something more magical and mischievous about the opportunities which were presented by the night which the day couldn't quite compare to, though on balance she wondered if that was in part the predator in her speaking. I mean, it was simpler to hunt after dusk, no?

Speaking of… The lilac lass certainly seeming to feel like she was on the prowl as she looked down herself and felt a shiver of excitement at what she saw, while the dress she wore was made simply and contained no leather or lace she found it none the less intriguing or alluring for that fact, and instead found the temptation inherent in the zig zagging zippers which dominated her ensemble to be quite the piece of innuendo in of itself.
Bet his eyes will pop right outta his head when he sees this, eh? The gothic gal going all out in fact both with this risqué number and what she wore along with it, not only did she wear a rather daring collar and more metal in her ears and other places than one might find in the cutlery drawer, but also something even spicier for later on. Assuming there was a chance to 'unwrap' this little gift, of course…


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As the sun slipped below the horizon, the last rays of fiery orange and red surrendered to the oncoming night. Shadows lengthened across the land as the light slowly faded, giving way to the gentle glow of the rising moon. The transition from day to night that danced across the sky went unnoticed by Tōga, who was preoccupied with other thoughts that evening, his gaze turned inward rather than upward to the cosmos' graceful dance between light and dark.

Tōga's thoughts wandered as he dressed, flickering between outfits like a slideshow across the hotel room mirror. Would she like this one? Or that? He mulled over impressions to be made and warmth to be shared on their evening together. After some time pondering, he settled on an outfit - trading his normal red hoodie for one of deepest obsidian, letting a darker overcoat drape across his shoulders. His bomber jacket shone under the light, colorful patches bursting forth from the black and grey fabric. Dark pants and shoes grounded the stylish look in urban chic as Tōga layered up, not just for fashion but for function should his friend need shielding from the night's chill. World cultures merged through his personal flair for fusion fashion. Prepared and polished, Tōga hoped his thoughtful touches would be appreciated when she arrived. The outcome relied not on appearances but connections - and he looked forward to deepening theirs.

Tōga made his way from the hotel room into the lobby, scanning the space for any sign of Ursula's arrival. She had asked to meet here before their evening together. At first he saw no one, but then a familiar scent danced past and suddenly there she was. As if conjured up by his very thoughts, Ursula appeared before him. Tōga's gaze settled upon her figure, drinking in the vision of his date for the night. His eyes traced over her form appreciatively before meeting her own, a smile creeping across his face. After a moment of taking her in, he approached with light steps to greet her properly and begin what he hoped would be a memorable night for them both.


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“Teeheeheehee~ Well, hey there, Soldier~?” The effort which the ebony enchantress had gone to wrap this unusual garment around her none too inconsequential frame all seeming to be worthwhile when she caught sight of him gawking at her, Miss Wilke could not deny that she enjoyed seeing that look of amazement and avarice that her image had seemed to inspire, and though she wasn't typically the sort who did a whole lot of dating could see that her decision here was not so far wasted either.
“See anything you like~?” Happy to play up her image that bit more as she marched to meet him and wrapped her arms around herself as she did so, the gothic gal grinned as she squeezed her elbows together with her arms crossed over one another and really puffed up the portions of her straining decolletage, and then tilted her head to one side as she teased him on the topic of his attention while lapping up every last drop of it as she did so.

“Come on, can't wait to have you all too myself, officer~?” The wolf wasting little time in showing that she was more than happy to take the lead with this romantic reunion as she well as she aimed to sweep up his hand so as to steer him toward the spot which she had selected for their little encounter, she showed no preference for chivalry or traditional gender roles as she strutted toward a doorway which she had propped open before this moment, and beyond it a winding staircase where she might claim the wholeness of his focus. Or, at the very least, not find it interrupted by anyone else…


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Tōga was a force of nature, a wildfire that could not be tamed. He lived according to no rules but his own, erupting unpredictably like a spark catching flame. His passion brought either destruction or renewal, depending on one’s perspective; he followed only his own whims, acting for no reason other than his own amusement. But in Ursula’s seductive presence, Tōga met his match. Before her, his usual uncontrollable flare was subdued, his inner light dimmed for once by something - someone - who enthralled him even more than his own impulses. She riveted him, a tantalizing mystique dampening even Tōga’s wild spirit. Where once there had been untamed fire, Ursula left smoldering embers in her wake.

Tōga gulped as Ursula purred if he liked what he saw – and oh, how he loved it. "Mhm...Y-You look...amazing," he managed, fighting to suppress his more primal urges for formality’s sake. His chivalrous Joyan roots compelled polite manners, though his gaze yearned to drink her in. As Ursula ensnared him close with her embrace, her siren’s scent overwhelmed what self-restraint remained. Like a moth to her flame, the nearer he drew, the more desperately he burned for her intoxicating presence. She threatened to ignite him wholly aflame should he let control slip – yet already she had sparked embers of longing he strained to ignore. So close, so consuming, he scarcely trusted himself at all...and still, the temptation to taste the fire proved a sweeter siren song than cold civility could hope to sing.

Words failed Tōga as Ursula purred the temptation - to have her all to himself tonight. Spellbound by her siren song, he could only nod, still consumed completely by the vision she presented. Her scent, the way she moved, imagining how she might taste...every detail of Ursula enthralled him utterly. As she led him away - sequestering them from prying eyes to a more private venue - he managed at last to find his voice: “I’m yours tonight too...don’t forget.” A promise whispered low, binding him to her whims as readily as she bound his senses, fogged his thoughts with desire. She had caught him in her web - yet as she drew him deeper into sweet seclusion, no struggle crossed his mind. If she wished to make a feast of him there in the shadows, he would beg that privilege. Ursula had him well and truly snared, and Tōga could not bring himself to resist.

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“Haha, not looking too shabby yourself?” The sable siren certainly enjoying the continuing reverence which she seemed to receive from the soul who seemed spellbound by her choice, though Ursula was happy to lap up his attention she felt it worthwhile noting the attention he had paid to his own image, and her appreciation therein.
“ Apparently Rune Knights can clean up nice, eh?” Carrying himself with a street style that she wouldn't have minded having on her arm more often, the one disappointing thing about seeking seclusion for their date was the fact that she couldn't see the faces of folk who were weighing them up as a pairing, though compared to what she had arranged such bitterness in this sweet moment was akin to a drop in the ocean.

“Ohhhhh, and I plan to take full advantage of that fact~” The pro's of having Toga all to herself seeming to more than outweigh the con's from where she was standing or more accurately climbing, the raven relished the chance to see him in a setting where he didn't need to worry about the airs and the graces and the sense of duty inherent to his position, and was looking forward to seeing just how much she might get to see that few others did not.
“Taadaaaaa~!” Case in point the gothic gal guessing that few might have seen just how much the lad might have lighted up for them when being spoiled and as such happy to show off as she brought them out of yet another door and revealed a little paved patio which sat atop a building, in the middle of it she had laid out a dark blanket on which they could get comfortable and a basket with refreshments as well, and since she was an old romantic she had laid out a few candles around the place as well. Though really, the treat for her in all this was seeing how he felt about it…?


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The crimson on his cheeks glowed as brightly as the moon each time Ursula offered him another kind word, her affection eliciting an ever deepening flush. "Hahaha," he laughed bashfully, "I wanted to impress ya. You dress so nice all the time, I figured my old red hoodie and jumpsuit wasn’t appropriate hahaha." Tōga subtly poked fun at his own simple style even as his blushes revealed just how much he enjoyed basking in Ursula’s attentive presence and artful attire.

Tōga let out a contented sigh as Ursula led him through a series of doors, emerging at last on the rooftop of one of Santalicia's many skyscrapers. The altitude was dizzying, but the fresh air revitalizing. He inhaled deeply, taking in the panoramic view spread out before them - the city unfolding below like a tapestry woven from stone, glass, and steel. From this vantage point, perched together atop the towering heights, the labyrinth of urban life felt strangely tranquil. Tōga squeezed Ursula's hand gently, grateful she had brought him to glimpse this oasis of solitude hovering amidst the metropolis.

"Wow! You did all this?!" Tōga exclaimed, his brown eyes widening as he drank in the sight before him. A picnic blanket lay draped across the rooftop, dotted with the gentle glow of candlelight. The flickering flames cast a warm aura over the assortment of refreshments and accentuated the inky hue of the night sky behind. Tōga felt drawn into the cozy scene, the candles' golden light dancing in harmony with the silver beams of the watching moon. He sank down slowly, basking in Ursula's thoughtful gesture. Glancing back up at her with awe and appreciation, the candles' glow now reflected in his smiling eyes. Their soft radiance and the beauty of the starry sky above paled in comparison to the joy of sharing this moment together.

Tōga's smile radiated warmth as he patted the empty space beside him, his eyes brimming with invitation. "Come sit with me?" he asked, voice gentle yet hopeful. The candle flames seemed to glow brighter in anticipation, their flickering light dancing playfully in reflection of Tōga's own eager spirit.

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“Looks like we're both dressing to impress then, hm~?” Never for a second doubting the sincerity and sweetness in his effort to make her smile with how he had dressed himself, Ursula couldn't deny that they had something of a common spirit when it came to the fact that they were both wearing something for the sake of the other more than themselves, and found her pulse quickening that little at the feeling of excitement therein.
“So, what DO you think of the dress~?” Not that she wasn't happy to return plenty of that focus back to herself and for that reason electing to highlight the unusual and ready to disassemble number which she had chosen for herself, though that almost wordless gawking she had already been given had become a special little moment in of itself for the lupine lass she still had to poke him on the issue once more, if only for the fact that she suspected that she might once again render him a blushing mess for it. Not that such an outcome hadn't been the exact reason she had worn such a risqué number, of course.

“You like it~? Heheheh, and you haven't even seen the best part~?” The sable siren surprised however by just how elated she felt when the lad seemed to approve of the preparations she had made for him and as such beaming as he complimented the space, while many and perhaps even most might have thought that spending no small portion of the night on a blanket atop a roof it was in many ways the ideal way for Miss Wilke to better introduce herself to the new man in her life, and she had a little surprise waiting too, right?
“Don't mind if I do, Mr Himura~” Not least of all seeming to prize the feeling of privacy that they were given even in a spot like this one, the ebony enchantress was only more emboldened by the fact that they were blessed both with a feeling of discretion and a wonderful viewscape overhead which she was happy to show off as she not only slipped into place next to Toga, but encouraged him to enjoy it as well by next reclining to look up toward the heavens and gesturing for him to join her as well…


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Ursula was a sensual temptress, who knew how to use everything at her disposal to make Tōga crumble in every great way imaginable. The outfits she chose, and how they accentuated every single curve, dip and bump her body had to offer was otherworldly, and how her words lured him right back to looking when he tried to politely look away; she donned something, and wanted to make sure it was received. Tōga couldn’t help but give her what she wanted.

With a mere trio of words, 'I love it,' he painted the world anew, his brown eyes settling gently upon her, even as his visage lit up anew, blazing brighter than the sun itself. This radiant transformation came as Ursula hinted at a spectacle yet unseen by Tōga—the allure of her attire, which was provocatively minimal. What more, indeed, could there be to unveil? His response, a mix of naive eagerness and bewildered intrigue, 'Oooo! What’s the best part? I wanna see!' betrayed his cluelessness. The subtlety of her implication soared gracefully over his head, yet somewhere in the recesses of his mind, sparks of understanding began to flicker, igniting thoughts unspoken.

Ursula gracefully took her place beside him, and in a moment that seemed to fold time, he found himself reclining on the picnic blanket, his gaze wandering from her to embrace the night's sky—a tapestry woven with a million stars, stretching beyond the moon's embrace. "This is already a great night, and it just started," Tōga murmured, his smile unfaltering as he lay enchanted by the celestial panorama above. Beside him, Ursula's presence was a comforting anchor, and without thought, he drew closer, until their shoulders touched, a silent testament to their growing connection under the vast, starlit dome.

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“Teeheehee, it's not something to see, per se~? Just gotta…” The black belle unable to resist a little snicker as her date seemed like an excited little kid at her suggestion of greater surprises waiting therein, while she had plenty to reveal for him and that just the reason behind the mechanism of her dress if things went well, for the moment Miss Wilke was happier to reveal one of the more understated gifts offered by their venue, and as such the vixen lifted her finger to her lips to urge him to quieten down and be patient for what was to follow.
“Hear that~?” The corners of her mouth seeming to curl upwards as she did so and on the wind one able to hear the sound of what seemed to be guitars and the like tuning up ready for a session, one of the reasons for which the ebony enchantress had chosen this locale was the option for acoustic transferral, and their ability to have their evening scored by a rock concert which was going on in the background. Close enough that they could listen as they looked at the stars and such, though not so much that it might overwhelm their moment either.

“I think, sometimes a quiet night with the right company can beat any kind of epic event~?” As such the sable siren feeling rather pleased with how everything had come together, she couldn't help but hum as she settled into position and looked up to those twinkling gems overhead, and then looked toward the boy who had joined her and threaded her fingers into his gently with an ever present smile upon her face, and a wondering within whether he would be surprised to discover that a lycan lass like her enjoyed sharing something sweet with the right soul than something spicy with many others…


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Tōga gazed longingly at the blanket of stars above, his fingers intertwined with Ursula's as they lay shoulder to shoulder on the hillside. The lively rock music from the concert below echoed in his ears, but his fiery eyes were fixed on the distant, twinkling heavens, the untouchable wonders of the universe calling to him. He was a dragon of flame and earthbound might, yet he yearned to soar among those stars. Though his wings could never reach so far into the galaxy's glittering expanse, Tōga's soul stirred with dragonfire dreams of exploring cosmos unknown. With Ursula's comforting warmth beside him, the endless possibilities of the night sky fueled his imagination as the music fueled his spirit.

Though his fiery dreams pulled him skyward, having his feet planted on Earthland with Ursula by his side was the greatest prize Tōga could hope for. "Yes, a quiet night could be deafening, with the right person," he murmured, a tender smile crossing his face as his gaze lowered from the moonlit heavens. Meeting Ursula's eyes, Tōga gently brushed her cheek with a kiss, the galaxy's splendor paling in comparison to her beauty. No cosmic voyage could replace the joy of this quiet moment together. The stars in the velvet sky may tantalize his dragon spirit, but the star in his arms outshone them all. Here with Ursula, basking in her radiance, Tōga found the belonging his spirit sought, a feeling as wondrous as any world in the distant stars.

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