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The choices we make [Maple]

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The choices we make [Maple] Empty Fri Feb 02, 2024 11:30 am


It had been only shortly after the fateful events involving the Dragon League Conflict and the conversation she had with her father in the aftermath of everything. For a while, Ryuko had been contemplating the information she had learned. How would she come to terms with the secrets that were exposed to her? However, there was one thing she had decided on, a choice that she felt would never change no matter the circumstances, and as such Ryuko had decided on an appropriate way to express her choice. She knew there was a holiday approaching that the mortals tended to celebrate. A festive occasion where people expressed their love for one another.

It was for that reason Ryuko had invited Maple on this adventure: A Valentine date. Although she had dressed up nicely for the occasion, going as far as hiding her dragonic features as a means of drawing less attention toward herself, deep inside she knew today to be special. She wanted to make it special because there were things she wanted to tell Maple. Promises she wanted to make and... to show Maple that even if she was the Oblivion Dragon, no amount of destruction she'd cause would change that part.

"I wonder... Maybe I should think of an appropriate time to say it. Just exclaiming 'I love you!' from the core of my being might make it resound through the entirety of Caelum, it isn't exactly the most romantic way of saying it. Then again knowing her she'd likely say it would fit me so well..." Ryuko snickered softly as she waited for Maple to get ready.

Although their encampment was near the wilds of Albion, Ryuko had chosen a small but cozy village in the Isle of Erin for their date. Small but close to nature, making it perfect for this event.


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How special could to make things become in this world, it was one of many pondering with in the many spread out thought she had. That and she was still feel a wee bit slow. But the season of winter did a lot of things to a person and she was just having to ride it out. But over all it seemed at least everything was over all pretty quiet

But here Maple was in some manner waiting for Ryuko since it she was left somewhere waiting for her to return. It most likely would not be that long Ryuko was good at making sure Maple was not left alone for long periods of time. However the travel was nice to no longer worry about. Maple could just linger about and sleep or relax a bit more, she had kept her word and not just ventured off into the wood yet.


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Sometimes miscommunication can happen, although it clearly was a first for the dragon girl. She had been waiting on the outskirts of the encampment they hade made, even trying to dress up nicely for the event but when after a while Maple didn't show up the dragon girl started to ponder. Why was Maple not coming out? Was she still too sleepy? Well her winter mode did made her more sleepy than usual, or perhaps she was not in the mood for an activity like a 'date'? Or maybe she got stood up! Maybe Maple went to hug someone else instead, actually no that sounded outrageous. And as expected when she finally gave up on waiting and went back to their camp to check on her Maple was right there, looking as if she had been waiting for her instead.

The dragon girl's tail swished lightly behind her, a playful pout on her face as she spoke. "Darling~ Although I don't mind the comfort of our homely accommodations, I was expecting you to come outside, after all a date doesn't feel that different from the usual if you just end up tempting me to snuggle with you the entire day~ I mean- not that I'd mind that."


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It seemed Winter Maple did not realize what was going on, She had been if anything clueless. If anything between the time of waiting and while Ryuko started walking over Maple seemed to have started trying to function some what. Stretching since she figured no one else was around she was talking about naked as often as she did when alone or at least with Ryuko slowly walkng about thinking if she forgot something with in that day

casually walking about towards Ryuko's voice after hearing her speak, After all it did seem she did forget something and now she was interested in learning what happen. So thus while it all connected a naked Maple finally realized she was suppose to actually be on an outside date with Ryuko. What else did she do? Well she prepared herself. After she did one thing."Oh? did i forgot about that..I am sorry." Then Maple walked over hugged Ryuko and kisses her a few times, Then magically like Ryuko was use too clothing form leaves just draped over her. Then she merely held on to one of Ryuko's hands and waited for them to go because it was what she assumed it was time to go.


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What a clever technique, not only did the sight of a naked Maple briefly make Ryuko pause, still trying to get used to the joy of nudity that Maple brought with her, the moment she walked over and embraced her, the kisses that followed helped melt away any semblance of frustration she might had felt earlier. Meanwhile as Maple gently held onto one of her hands Ryuko started to gently guide the half-elf out of the camp. "Well~ I do know that winter tends to be a bit of a difficult season for you to focus, but you're here now and that is all that matters~"

As they walked along the path leading into the village Ryuko gestured toward the nearby tavern, having already scouted ahead earlier. It was a peaceful and homely place and the food was both delicious and fair of price. But there was something else the dragon girl wanted to deal with as well. "Say Maple~ Have you ever thought about wanting to settle down with someone? Like you know... not needing to worry about them disappearing on you or something? Just... the idea of building a future alongside you has been tempting me for quite a while~ Not just because my father has been wanting to meet you... but because I love you tons as well so..." Her cheeks flushed up lightly as she awkwardly scratched the scales on her cheek with her free hand. "At least if you don't mind that? Well, I mean... not that it would become much different than before but-"

The dragon girl paused, her face turning scarlet as she went to face Maple and exclaimed. "What I'm saying is: I want you to become my wife!"


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One would have to ponder, was asking Maple in this state a good idea? Maybe yes maybe no but then again. Even if she was the way she was at this time. Maple was still herself. Her wishes and desires did not alter that much between seasons. It seemed to have captured Maple's attention at least she seemed to actually be listening. So in return it seemed Ryuko got Maple's attention and she was looking intently when she heard the question."I have considered with the right person."Maple answer part of it eventually. Because well she did need to answer her.

It seemed almost like weird illogical talk that no one had ever spoke to her before, It in some manner Maple almost started to seem confused over hearing this."But, I consider it this an almost impossible dream over my many years in life."One did have to think of how Maple just merely lived in the woods and maybe risked people tricking her in some manner. To get something form her in some manner, But thus Maple almost seemed to think of it awkwardly. She never considered herself marriage material. It seemed odd to her.

It was awkward in some manner because it was almost like Maple was unsure how to take all of this information and she was trying to figure out what Ryuko wanted to say to her."Wait...I am fitting for such a thing?"Maple seemed to almost be even more unsure about herself.

Then it all entirely hit her. Ryuko wanted her to never be alone again. Not left behind, something she almost expected with Esperia but now some one else fitting that missing piece. She almost seemingly didn't answer. Then merely went and seemingly hugged Ryuko again but almost tighter then any form of casual hug."If you are serious then your answer is yes."Maple seemed guarded about this because something she figured would be something that could never happen or people just would leave as quickly. She felt like it was something she was trying to trust could happen But the varying kisses from Maple after saying yes might have made Maple's point she was willing to try even if she was unsure and had faith in Ryuko.


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So Maple had considered it, if she had met the right person for it. Of course, as Maple continued to explain her thoughts on the matter, expressing how it seemed like an impossible dream for her, something she wanted but felt she could never reach, the moment that followed and the insecurity Maple expressed made the earlier embarrassment fade. The sudden intense hug spoke book chapters for her: The intensity, the way she held her so close felt like Maple was wordlessly conveying her worries: Don't let go, don't leave me. It must had been a painful memory to bear, and yet Maple was willing to answer her. The sudden kiss that followed felt like it melted the dragon girl's heart, and while she slowly felt her hands wrap around Maple to hold her tightly, the kiss was responded in kind: one filled with such passion and affection, and as their lips finally parted she gazed straight into her eyes. "Yes you are fitting for such a thing~ you're the only one I ever want~"

She gently broke their embrace, her hands reaching for maple's own as their fingers intertwined in a tender handholding. "Just like our hands now, our lives are intertwined my love, from now till eternity I will be with you, and nothing can ever change that."

She smiled gently as she leaned in to kiss Maple's lips a final time. "Now how about we go and have ourselves a nice meal~ I mean I wouldn't mind hugging and kissing you here as well, but I feel our camp is better suited for such a loving moment~"

A playful wink was given by the dragon girl. "And I was very serious in my earlier statement~ you're the one I want as my wife Maple~"

And with these words she pondered if they should continue toward the tavern for their meal, or if Maple had any different ideas~


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If anything maybe this open up Maple in a way most other people might not expect the normally carefree and happy Maple. The always happy with the around world her in the woods and not thinking about much else person she was. But here she was getting emotional over something because it was not expected and turning into something she felt was only for ever going to be a dream.

But then again the sign of what people knew of her past just lingered. Maple was the one left out of a lot of things, a slight stain some of her family's eye for things she could not control, Things entirely where never in Maple's control and doing that in which effected her most. It was almost like she never thought people could care about what she wanted in life because she was just this random half elf that no one wanted.

Yes holding Maple's hand helped here but something seemed to have shook her in this matter, While Maple might have for some reason she merely just put her head on Ryuko's shoulder and seemingly as the quiet moment passed. Started crying she couldn't hid it either she was crying. There was no way to hide the fact she was trying. Maple would most likely settle her emotions down eventually but it seemed like she was crossing a barrier she never expected too currently.


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When Maple gently rested her head on Ryuko's shoulder the dragon girl went silent for a moment. With no experience to back up what would follow, it was only natural that Ryuko would end up being shocked when Maple began to cry. At first she was about to scold herself mentally for making someone as precious to her as Maple cry, but then her mind calmed down enough to consider that the tears being shed might had been tears of joy? She gently rested a hand onto Maple's back, caressing it gently to let her feel more at ease while crying. Sometimes it was simply a thing people needed to do: to be able to express how you truly felt without being judged for it. Finally she gently raised her free hand to Maple's chin, attempting to lift her face lightly up as she sealed the half-elf's lips with a tender kiss.

"You are worthy Maple, the only one worthy for this. And if you still deem yourself as insufficient enough then..." She paused for a moment, thinking on what to say next when a mischievous grin emerged on her lips, leaning in to Maple's pointed ears and whispered softly. "How about we have sex tonight? Then I'll have no choice but to take responsibility, right? Not that I wasn't planning to do that either way! I got to be a proper partner! My father wouldn't let me hear the end of it if I did anything less than make you the happiest you'd ever been~"

She smiled softly, recalling a certain scene from a comic and knelt down like a certain charming individual from a certain story... "So please smile Maple~ a smile better suits my goddess~"

She might had been a dragon, but she was also a dork... Maple's dork.


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In some manner Ryuko's efforts would pay off, Maple was just working out a few things. Ryuko was trying her best and in some manner what rewards she was already getting form Maple saying yes to marrying. It seeming Maple being considered worth had been if anything a shock she should have expected eventually but maybe almost assumed she had not expected it so quickly. These where things Maple needed to hear apparently because no one really had told her before."I am sorry, It is just unexpected." Maple had eventually regained her composure, Sure her eyes were still a bit red and she was still a bit teary but she was settled for the moment.

It was an interesting offer, Maple in some manner had not really spoke about such habits, because over all it was something that she never really thought about needing to do. Years alone kind of just kept such needs away. Unless she had happen to have been in the mood and some one was not gonna run away from a lady who pops out of trees."Oh? you have experience in such things? I know most people look at an odd lady in the woods and have no interest in such things."Leaving it vague but Maple has done it with a small number of people, to it was long enough ago that she couldn't remember their faces or names.

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