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Face Of The Past, Face In The Glass (Short)

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Face Of The Past, Face In The Glass (Short) Empty Thu Jan 18, 2024 11:57 pm

Name: Face Of The Past, Face In The Glass

Difficulty: Short

Participants: Kamui

Story: In the year X790, On a bloody evening, young Murasaki Katsuragi sliced the arm of her false father's body, cleaving not only her connection to her clan but her former identity. She took on her mother's surname again to fully establish herself as Sumire’s daughter and not Shikoku's son. Yes, no longer a son. The youth's true father, the god Raijin, had shown her what the newly made ronin has always known buried deep in her heart; she was born with the soul of a girl and, the body of a boy. Thus she also took on a new name; Kamui, a gender-neutral name to symbolize her transition, and a god-aligned one to pay respects to her divine father. Due to making the enemy of a powerful clan and the struggles of presenting as a well-educated warrior as a woman in the male-dominated country, Kamui fled her homeland of Joya and made her way to other lands

It is now the year X792 and Kamui is wandering the land of Sin, on a quest for one thing; the body she has always yearned for. She has heard of a hermit in the wilds of sin who can make a special medicine that can permanently change the physical appearance and biology of one's body, without affecting any blessings the body may have received. While Kamui is already presenting as a young woman, she longs with every fibre for this change. Thus she must seek out this hermit and fulfill her heart's desire.

Kamui's Appearance Pre-Transition:

Objective: Seek the hermit and injest their magical medicine

Name: - Hermit in a Haystack

Rank: D

Type: Good

Participants: Kamui

Summary:  Kamui searches in a small village in Sin for information on the hermit's location

Others: Dan Ah, middle aged village herbalist

  • Kamui must ask around in the village on where the find the hermit without being driven out of town
  • Kamui must either be directed to or find the village herbalist Dan Ah and convince her to admit that she is a former apprentice of the hermit by truthfully telling her why Kamui is seeking out the hermit
  • If the herbalist is moved enough by Kamui’s story then she will give the swordswoman directions to the Hermit’s abode

Name: - Journey to the Stone Forest

Rank: D

Type: Good

Participants: Kamui

Summary:  Kamui journeys through the wilds of Sin in search of the hermit and msut overcome dangers to do so

Others: None

  • Kamui must successfully follow the herbalist's directions to reach the hermit
  • Kamui’s first obstacle is avoiding the wildlife since the herbalist mentions some of them are sacred and it’s hard to tell which one, so none must be fought
  • Next, a bridge Kamui needs to cross a ravine is broken and Kamui must figure out a safe way across
  • Kamui then reaches the Stone Forest (a series of thin mountains) and must identify the correct one
  • Finally, the hermit’s home is on top of a very tall but thin Sin mountain, with stairs spiralling around in heavy mist. Kamui must go up these stairs and not stop no matter how tired she is, or else she will have to start over
  • Once she reaches the top, she must introduce herself to the Hermit

Name: Become Ones True Self

Rank: D

Type: Good

Participants: Kamui

Summary:  Kamui find the hermit and must pass a secret test to retrieve the medicine

Others: The Hermit of the Stone Forest

  • Kamui must state her case to the Hermit
  • The Hermit will try to refuse Kamui, but she must persist without being kicked off the mountain
  • Once the Hermit is convinced enough, Kamui must successfully answer this question: ‘If a ship has every part of it replaced, leaving not a twig of its old wood in appearance, is it still the same ship?’
  • Kamui must understand why the Hermit asks her this and answer successfully and gain the medicine
  • She must then take the medicine and witness its effects before leaving the Hermit’s home to continue her journey in a body she is comfortable in


Face Of The Past, Face In The Glass (Short) Empty Sun Jan 21, 2024 6:56 am

This Storyline has been approved to start.


Face Of The Past, Face In The Glass (Short) Empty Wed Jan 24, 2024 10:01 pm

Hermit in a Haystack completed!

Mission Link: Here
Reward: +30% base quest rewards and +60% base jewel rewards, +50 stats through storyline bonus, my companion and headgear.
  • 3,250 Exp
  • 40,000 Jewels
  • 2 Endurance
  • 100 Fame


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@Kamui has completed Hermit in a Haystack.

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