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Hermit in a Haystack (Kamui Storyline Part 1)

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Hermit in a Haystack (Kamui Storyline Part 1) Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 5:48 am

Link to storyline here

Year X792, in the land of Sin. Just outside of the Laoshi Forest, a mountain range of stone pillars, a wanderer approaches a lone village. This unisex-appearing person is wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a veil trailing behind them. They wear dark robes with red and golden ornaments. To the casual observer, this person's clothes, while odd, are not too unusual in these lands. But a keen observer, or a well-educated and traveled one, could see the person wearing robes of more Joyan style. Then they would notice the katana sheathed at their hip, the sharpness in their violet gaze, and loose hair of similar shades.

This person is Tsunagi Kamui, a ronin and fugitive of Joya. And she has come to this remote mountain village for a reason. All her life, Kamui has known that she was a girl. That being born a boy was a mistake, possibly a punishment sent by the gods for being born a bastard, cursed to always live a lie.

WC: 169


Hermit in a Haystack (Kamui Storyline Part 1) Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 5:49 am

But then upon finding out she was the child of the great God Raijin, his daughter by his own words, Kamui knew that instead of a curse, her current body was simply another challenge for her to overcome. So she came to this village, chasing rumours of how she could overcome this challenge. How she can become her true self. A woman in mind, body, and soul. Somewhere in the mountains ahead of her lies a hermit, a master of magical medicines. She had heard enough claims of his miracle, his potion ability to change her physical appearance and biology but still retain her father's gifts. With only the return of her mother and the blessings of her Father, Kamui wants more than this medicine, but the yearning for it was more poignant than ever so close to her goal. But first things first. She must find the hermit. Thus she must question the villagers.

WC: 156


Hermit in a Haystack (Kamui Storyline Part 1) Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 5:50 am

These people were wary of this flashy stranger, to the point of refusing to speak to her, to Kamui's great frustration. She realized with a bit of horror that small talk and diplomacy may be needed, weapons she is shamefully ill-trained in. But still. It was for a worthy cause. So while she could not bring herself to smile, Kamui made herself polite and respectful to these villagers. That, and the flash of gold finally brought her to the person she needed.

The closest to a hint Kamui could get was the villager's directions to speak to the local herbalist. Thus the young woman sought the herbalist at her house and noticed what she assumed was her working in the garden beside the hut.

The woman looked up at the visitor in surprise, then wariness. "Hello young man, how may I help you? I am. Do you need a healing potion?" The middle-aged woman says politely, despite her fear. Kamui on the other hand feels her skin crawl at being mistaken for a boy and has to resist the urge to scowl at the woman.

WC: 189


Hermit in a Haystack (Kamui Storyline Part 1) Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 5:52 am

"I am Tsunagi Kamui, a woman." She announces proudly, a tinge of acid in her voice. "I hear I am to speak to you to achieve my quest in finding the famed hermit of the Laoshi Forest?"

Dan Ah blinks in surprise for a moment before composing herself, looking coolly at this foreigner. Only her shaking dirt-stricken hand gave away her fear., making the medical grass in her hands quiver with her nerves. The woman denied any knowledge of the Hermit. Kamui angrily called her out for the lie. This went back and forth for a while until Kamui took an angry step forward, causing Dan Ah to flee into her hut. Realizing she made a grave error, the young woman quickly rushed behind the herbalist and put her foot in the door before it could be closed. "I deeply apologize." Kamui blurts out before her pride gets in the way. "Please hear me out."

WC: 156


Hermit in a Haystack (Kamui Storyline Part 1) Empty Thu Jan 25, 2024 5:53 am

And so Dan Ah looks on warily from the crack in her door as Kamui tells her story, how she was born into the wrong body, how it had made her suffer, and why she was seeking out the Hermit. She ends it with practically begging Dan Ah. "I do not want to live another day like this. Not while salvation is so close." Kamui says quietly, eyes filled with self-loathing.

To Kamui's surprise, this works, and the herbalist slowly lets her into the hut. "I was once the Hermit's apprentice." Dan Ah says. "And I believe you. You deserve at least the chance to change. So listen closely because I will tell you only once, and you must follow all of my words exactly. This is how you may reach my former master..."

With that, Kamui was filled with so much hope she nearly prayed in thanks to her Father. She was almost there.

WC: 158
TWC: 828

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