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A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya]

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#26Michael Winters 

A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 08, 2024 3:07 pm

Michael Winters
"Hah, you're really quick on the draw there to beam at me. Cool your jets there Sunshine" Toga never fails to be all bright and smiley and Michael while appreciating that enthusiasm wouldnt mind if it was reeled back or curbed a bit.
Anyway, upon Toga finishing his own drink, the two would be off. Where? Well none exactly knew. Michael as he walked through Astera would sniff the air to see if he can catch the scent of someone familiar. But nothing came to mind. So where to go

"Got any plans where to go or what to look at" he asked Toga as he walked with his arms crossed. He was recovering, yes. But he was much less friendlier and going back to more being his true self. Something Sofia and Alisa would call a 'bad boy', so more of an asshole who stirred trouble and looked the part. As opposed to the more neat looking Blue Pegasus boyo he was with that suit and only a bit of a rough attitude.


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"I'll calm down, if you liven up—deal?" Tōga jested, a glimmer of hope shining through the sarcasm. He longed to see sparks of Michael's old light resurface from the darkness shrouding his spirit. Tōga had tried reminiscing over adventures, wandering crowded streets, celebrating small progress—but solutions must be mutual. So he offered a playful bargain between brothers: he would temper his exuberance if Michael uncovered some luminous memory to sustain him. A fair trade to slowly rekindle Michael's inner radiance, which Tōga felt sure still smoldered inside, longing for air and care to shine again. Even the faintest glow would suffice tonight.

"Honestly, I've no clue - maybe a magic shop or clothing store?" Tōga declared brightly as they meandered Astera's lively streets. "I could always use another red hoodie!" A perpetual grin lit his face, committed to saturating their daytime outing with as much zeal, adventure, and discovery as possible to buoy Michael's spirits. Yet Tōga also needed to restock provisions for his long solo trek home. The lengthy journey here had depleted his traveler's reserves. Now was the perfect chance to resupply while showing his friend the wonders and goods unique to Astera's sprawling marketplace. Each twisting alley and cluttered stall brimmed with the possibility to either lift their mood or aid Tōga's travels. And of course, he remained ever watchful for flashes of vibrant red amidst the market's rich tapestries. No righteous dragon slayer's wardrobe could boast too many hoodies!

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#28Michael Winters 

A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 18, 2024 4:21 am

Michael Winters
"I was never a lively guy like that. Im more the chill type. Aloof and shit." he told Toga, just in case the Dragon Slayer didnt notice it. He was friendly, but not your energetic happy go lucky shounen hero boy. He was much like his appearance described him, a quiet guy and a smartass troublemaker who did bad shit. Its not like he rejected Toga's offer. But he was just never that beaming as Toga. He was more quiet and introverted, only he'd hide that with not shyness but open hostility when meeting new people. The reason he was good to Toga was because he was a Blue Pegasus guy meeting a Rune Knight. And the only reason he was in Blue Pegasus was because he was kinda bribed. Well, lets say the hot babes won him over. Otherwise he prior to that mocked the girly Blue Pegasus guild. In his mind he gave the prissy guild a bit of testosterone it was clearly missing

Now as the wolf would ask the Rune Knight where to go, the guy replied that he didnt know, magic shop or clothing store. Michael shrugged and said "Im taking your lead here" whether it was a magic store or a clothing one was fine by him


A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 22, 2024 12:34 pm

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Tōga said lightly, brushing off Michael's weak protests as he continued walking purposefully onward. Michael trudged alongside, halfheartedly trying to deflect Tōga's cheerful invitation, but his friend would have none of it. "So long as you're having a good time, that's all that matters," Tōga declared, clapping Michael reassuringly on the shoulder without breaking stride. Michael had changed, no doubt - he was but a shell of his former spirited self, his personality dimmed and his outlook bleak - but Tōga could still detect a faint glimmer of hope deep inside his friend. And where there was light, however faint, there was still a chance to nurture the flickering flame back to life.

"Magic shop there is!" Tōga declared brightly, immediately setting off and plunging deeper into the unfamiliar city, Michael trailing reluctantly behind. They meandered from shadowy alleyways out into bustling main thoroughfares and back again as Tōga navigated haplessly, his natural sense of direction failing him completely in these unfamiliar streets. Truthfully, it took them far longer than it should have, lost as they were in a tangle of narrow lanes and crooked byways. But Tōga strode on undaunted, his enthusiasm undimmed. Fortunately, the townsfolk, charmed by the eccentric pair of wanderers, kindly steered them right whenever they were completely flummoxed about which way to turn. Thanks to many a gentle nudge in the proper direction, the two friends finally arrived, more by happy accident than design, at their destination - a tiny, cluttered shop tucked away on a crooked side street, its faded sign proudly proclaiming it to be the Magic Shop Tōga had eagerly sought.

After what felt like an epic journey wandering the tangled streets, Tōga and Michael at last arrived at the promised magic shop, tucked away on a quiet lane. As they crossed the threshold into the charmingly cluttered little store, Tōga's eyes grew round with wonder and delight. A cornucopia of arcane treasures dazzled his gaze - jars of glimmering potions and strange ingredients crowded the shelves, alongside stacks of crumbling leather tomes overflowing with mysterious knowledge. Crystal orbs glowed alluringly amidst piles of intricate tools of the magical arts - exotic wands, engraved daggers, celestial navigation instruments. Rolls of scrolls bound with strange runes jostled for space with intricate jewelry glinting faintly with enchantments. The richness of this magical bounty left Tōga speechless, scarcely able to believe such a cave of mystical treasures could exist in such an unremarkable back-alley shop. He strode forward reverently into the rather haphazard array of wares, unable to resist running his fingers over bottles and knives and gems as Michael trailed behind, gazing askance at the oddities surrounding them.

Look at all this stuff!

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#30Michael Winters 

A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 27, 2024 4:20 am

Michael Winters
Michael nodded as he understood Toga's gesture. Well he was starting to feel better as the distraction was working. So the two would go on to find a store. After a bit of walking and exploring, Toga would exclaim that theres a magic shop though in a weird way
"Ok reverso" because Toga spoke in a reverse gammar or sentence. But nevertheless out of curiousity followed him in te small store.

There were all sorts of things and Michael didnt know how to take it in as he didnt know magic and spells. It was all foreign to him. He took out his knife and looked at it "Hmm" he wondered if he could sell his blade and get some money. He highly considered it. But he sheathed it when he decided this store wasnt the one. He wanted to make good cash and he doubted this place would give him that. Perhaps he needed to find a mage and make a deal.
"Oh uhm... this place is interesting. I just dont know where to look. Sorry"


A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 31, 2024 1:49 pm

Chuckling lightheartedly, Tōga responded to Michael's tease about his verbal misstep. "Hahaha, my bad, I was talking before I could gather my thoughts," he admitted openly, unfazed by his blunder. Ever optimistic, Tōga tended to brush off barbs, sarcastic or otherwise, maintaining his customary cheer and patience. He knew Michael likely didn't mean any harm by the quip - it was merely an amusing observation. Even when met with negativity, Tōga had a knack for taking things in stride, deflecting comments meant to sting. While he could sometimes speak prematurely in his eagerness, he refused to let slip-ups or ridicule dampen his spirits.

With boyish enthusiasm, Tōga's brown eyes danced across the rows of magical potions lining the shop walls - vials and bottles of every hue glittering under the low light. "That's the wonder of a place like this," he mused aloud. "You can start anywhere and end up everywhere in this kind of store." His gaze lingered on a particular azure elixir, contemplating who might benefit from its mystic properties. Perhaps General Kon could use an imaginative spark - or his whimsical friend Lumikki, a mood boost. Maybe, just maybe, there was a tonic or tincture perfectly suited to help ease Michael's burdened mind. The possibilities swirled through Tōga's thoughts like gathering storm clouds, exotic and ripe with potential. Where to begin this adventure? With so much mystery bottled up on these shelves, even he could not predict where he might end up. But the not-knowing was part of the enjoyment.

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#32Michael Winters 

A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 1:18 pm

Michael Winters
He nodded to Toga, but honestly he didnt know where to look. Sure the store was whimsical, wonderous and magical, but he wasnt. He couldnt use magic. Toga could use it with his fire. Or Lumikki with her ice. He was just himself. The only thought in his mind was the idea of selling his knife here to get cash. It was really tempting. Michael considered it but figured a weapon store or a general store seemed better fit for selling his weapon. It was a thought for later.

He remembered this kind of store when he was younger. He never got the appeal since he couldnt use magic. He also remembered Alisa telling him he can use magic via items. But those things seemed fake and not personal. Michael imagined magic as part of you, kind of like how his transofrmation was just him. Magic was an extension of you. And store bought stuff just seemed fake. He glanced at Toga to see how he was holding up


A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Tue Feb 06, 2024 3:03 pm

"See anything you like?" Tōga called out from across the store, his gaze still fixed on the expansive wall of potions that appeared to expand the longer one looked. There was a potion for everything imaginable: restoration, healing, explosions, conjuring - any desire or need could be fulfilled with these elixirs, available for the small price of a few jewels per bottle. Jewels served as currency here in Earthworld, a world where magic itself was a valued energy source to be freely exchanged. It was remarkable how easily one form of power could transform into another in this realm.

"Maybe a few potions would serve me well," he murmured, lightly stroking his chin with a finger as he contemplated what to do next. "Taking on more difficult missions will likely require some extra healing support on hand."

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#34Michael Winters 

A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Fri Feb 16, 2024 10:17 am

Michael Winters
"Ehhhh" he didnt know how to answer him and as he was thinking about what his answer would be, he cut himself off when he noticed potions. "There are potions here?" he'd ask as he saw the potions and tilted his head. He considered maybe getting some, but hesitated as he did not want to spend his earnings on potions, but rather something that would be more special for Lumikki. She deserved the best.

"Mmm, missions yeah."
he crossed his arms and looked at Toga "So what kind of missions do you do? Anything interesting happen on your end?" he asked as he started to speak more to Toga and open up. Going back more to his more mellow and 'old' self as Toga would know. He still had scars, metaphorically speaking, but at least he was healing. Though now he wondered what to do. Maybe he should consider buying the gift for Lumikki. Their something special


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Tōga's brown eyes glinted with excitement as he gestured eagerly to the towering wall of potions beside him. "Check these out!" he exclaimed to his friend Michael, his gaze dancing between the colorful bottles and his companion. Tōga meandered happily along the extensive selection, like a child let loose in a candy store. He plucked potion after potion from the shelves, proudly displaying each curious concoction before quickly replacing it and moving on to the next. The store held a myriad of magical mixtures and remedies for every ailment imaginable. Tōga bounced merrily down the aisle, enthusing about the potions to Michael as he gave a rapid-fire showcase of curios and marvels. The wall of wonders seemed endless, sparking awe and eagerness from Tōga with every turn.

"Honestly, the Rune Knights have been working me to the bone; ever since I ranked up, it's been strict confidentiality and grueling back-to-back missions," Tōga sighed, shoulders sagging at the recollection of the tedious tasks since his promotion to the elite nearly-generals circle. It was admittedly an honor, considering his youth and short tenure, to already stand one rung below head command. Yet the vaunted glory rang hollow when balanced against the mind-numbing reports and covert infiltrations that shackled each excruciating day. Where were the righteous standoffs and justice served? Instead Tōga moldered at a desk scribing meticulous observations, or worse, endured the company of entitled bureaucrats and posturing politicians. Still, he brooded with pursed lips, both accomplishment and duty compelled him, though he ached for the days when battle set his blood racing.

But I’ve been adventuring a little more – seeing more of the world, making some other friends here and there.

He pauses.

I even met this really cool mage named Lumikki! She’s pretty powerful and has helped me out a lot. I guess she’s a big deal around the world.”"

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#36Michael Winters 

A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Fri Feb 16, 2024 12:15 pm

Michael Winters
Toga gave him rapid fire answers which did overwhelm him. Michael couldnt follow and just tuned out and asked another question. The next answer was something he could react to. "Why not like...drop out if they work you to the bone. Are you sure its worth it?" he couldnt imagine him being a Rune Knight, it was the antithesis to everything he was as a person.

Though Toga did also say he had been adventuring and has even met Lumikki. Wait? Lumikki? His Lumikki?
"You met Lumikki? The little bird demon girl who controls ice and is part of Paradise Dawn, Lumikki?" yup, he sure knew who Lumikki was. There was only one Lumikki, but on the off chance there was another, he had to make sure that they were expicitly talking about the one.

He was now curious on their encounter and her helping him. He wondered what did he miss


A World-Beating Heart Rumbles [ft. Maya] - Page 2 Empty Tue Feb 20, 2024 7:45 am

Tōga let out a soft laugh as Michael asked why he stayed with the Rune Knights, a wistful smile playing on his lips. "The work is tough at times, but it's what I asked for when I got promoted," he chuckled lightheartedly, though in truth he knew he was overextending himself. Joining the Knights was the only way Tōga saw that would allow him to travel as extensively as he yearned to. No job could keep him contained in Era for long before wanderlust would spark inside him, kindling his desire to explore the farthest reaches of the world. The Knights gave him that mobility, dispatching him across distant lands to handle guild affairs, his role letting him discover new places and experiences. "But I like it, and they've treated me well," he added warmly, his expression softening with fondness for the group that enabled his roaming nature.

Tōga's face lit up as Michael finally responded with interest about someone named Lumi-chan, seizing on this glimmer of positivity to connect with his depressed companion. "Yeah, that Lumi-chan!" he exclaimed eagerly, excited to find common ground with Michael in this girl they both seemingly knew and cared for. Tōga wondered if this shared affection might be the link to draw Michael out of his bleak mental state. "You know her too?" he questioned, hoping this mutual acquaintance could form a bond between them. Perhaps she was the key to lifting Michael's spirits, someone special they both cherished that Tōga could utilize to guide his new friend to brighter frame of mind. He gazed at Michael keenly, waiting for more details on how Lumi tied their lives together.

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