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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa)

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) - Page 4 Empty Sat Nov 25, 2023 10:45 am


Karisa listened to his voice that sang to her heart and the chemicals in her brain. Her soft fingers wrapped around the popsicle at the bottom and continued to feel the melting of the hardness of the popsicle stick from the constant suctioning due to the pace that fastened and pressure. She blushed as he told her the three words she craved above all else and with her magic she could tell he wasn't lying, making it all the better. She loved being able to tell if one was lying to her or not. With that, it triggered something within her, making her pace faster till he would finally melt and the popsicle would be melted completely, but not as of yet.

Karisa stopped for a moment as she suddenly used the soft, pillowy, and large melons to hold the stick of it to finally finish off with the extra pressure. Karisa used her voice to tease, to tell him how perfect he was in her opinion, gazing into his dark brown eyes. Once he spoke his final words, she felt it finally. Karisa giggled softly and flicked her finger against her own chest to taste him in front of him while the rest was washed away by the pressure of the water. Just like what he did with her own when he used his fingers on her. Her brown eyes sparkled and she gazed at him. "DaeSeong.~ I love you too," Karisa spoke softly, erotically in her breathy sweet accent. Her chubby cheeks blushed, and did a lower lip bit.

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It was as if she knew exactly what he wanted, just as she adjusted herself, she used her voice to tease him, which really made his own heart flutter with joy. She giggled softly and even her mere giggle was music to his ears. He really did love to hear her moreso than... hmm yes. Though he had to admit, she really did pull out all the stops.

He looked at her as she would have a taste, he was curious what was it like. The sensation from her end to even the taste. Honestly, he did want to hear her voice, but as well as opinion as he always needed to deliver his best. Due to her giving him certain sensations, for a second he forgot they were supposed to get more cleanly in a shower.. He smiled to her as she said that she loved him too.
"Ah, my love" he spoke to her, but looking up he realized perhaps they should finish the shower.

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"Alright, alright, let's get finished.~" Karisa spoke happily and shyly in her playful soft tone of voice and a smile that was cute. With that, she hands him the things he wants for his own hair and scrubs the rest of him to help before the shower water cleans off all the soap from her hair and his own hair. She slowly stepped out first to dry off. Her brown hair was sleek when wet as it went perfectly against her chubby face which made it like a sleek bob. Due to her long bangs, it went along with her. Her big brown eyes gazed at him and watched him finish up, thinking how lucky she was while getting dressed in her sweatshirt and everything. Once he was done, Karisa grabbed his own towel if he didn't want to use the one she used.

"We should probably go eat something and talk about umm... us - nothing bad, I swear." Her eyes flickered away, reassured him just in case since they both did think negatively sometimes if not a lot and blushed more as they really hadn't made it official with words and she knew people were into the one-night stand thing. Yet she also knows that both of them declared love for one another. Karisa wanted to know where they stood and what that meant for everything else. Karisa desired to know what DaeSeong wanted and she was afraid that she was going to be too much for him because of how she really could be and will be, that and that God part of her that was more... dark.

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He nodded and takes the shampoo that he needed and washes his own hair, while she helps him out with his body. Eventually they would finish up and go to dry off. Karisa being the first to step out and he would follow her behind. He would grab a towel and hand it over to her so she may dry off, while himself would get another, he wouldnt want to drip all over the floor with the shower water.

He looked at her and her big brown eyes that gazed and watched him. He would chuckle and give her a soft kiss on the lips. Not an intense one as otherwise they wouldnt get anything done.
"I have placed your clothes on the desk, just by the bathroom entrance" he would say to her as he did fold her stuff neatly and placed it close by. He meanwhile took his own clothes that he brought and dressed up in that. It wasnt a suit like before, but rather a more casual 'im not going outside' type of clothes, something a bit more sporty.

He would walk over to the table that was by the bed and reached out for the small box and walk back to the bathroom, so he can be infront of the mirror. He would hear Karisa speak about getting something to eat "I agree" he would say as he would look in the mirror and place his left contact lens, then as he would go to place the right one, he heard her that she wished to talk about them, albeit nothing bad according to her. Before placing his other contact lens, his eyes would turn in her direction to look at her, before focusing back on the mirror and continuing his prior action.
"I understand. We have kind of rushed it. I have anticipated a more slow and methodical approach. Much like in the books you read. But I should have known real life is not a story. I understand if you are disappointed with the way we started our relationship" he was curious what she wanted to say. Again, he wondered if something was wrong, usually when they try to reassure her nothing is wrong, something IS wrong. Dae-seong blinked a bit as his lenses got adjusted so he can properly look in peace, before grabbing a hair comb to comb and style his hair as it was a mess. But indeed, as he thought before, Karisa while she had probably loved their little bed adventures, she probably also anticipated something less lustful and more romantic. He didnt really think that they didnt make it official. He thought that they did by now. One doesnt just sleep with someone and proclaim their love and just walk away like it was nothing. Sure one night stands existed, but he doubted I love you would be reduced to bedroom talk, right?
"Just a second, I am almost done" he would speak to her as he would finish up on his hair styling and skin care routine. He had to be presentable. The fact that she saw his natural eye colour and hair that was messy was already a special behind the scenes look that was off limits to anyone else. If he was to go to the kitchen and see any guild member, he had to look perfect

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Karisa finished getting dressed, as she turned a little she could see him putting in his eye contacts that changed his eyes to golden yellow and then combing his hair. She giggles sweetly and smiles sweetly with her typical closed smile. Slowly, she sways her way there and puts her arm around his neck and her hands against his chest. "I don't see the reason behind the contacts, but you're perfect to me, DaeSeong," she kisses the crown of his head and then leans to the side to kiss his cheek before listening to him speak up. Her big brown eyes gaze at the mirror to look at him from there. Her head tilted confused and cutely with a disbelief smile as he of course still thought she was feeling something negative about 'them'.

"DaeSeong..." She started to speak in her soft, sweet tone, but with love. "I know it wasn't like some Manga story, but not all stories in Manga are the same. This..." Karisa pauses and embraces him close from behind while he's still sitting, the back of his head against her pillowy bosoms. "This is our own story and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just was anxious," She continued, her eyes blinking away and then looked back into the mirror to look at his eyes. "I just want to know where in the relationship of ours do we stand?" Karisa adjusted enough to where she wasn't in his way to getting ready, doing whatever he needed to feel perfect despite him being perfect to her without it all. "I'm afraid that I'll be too much for you... you know? What if I scare you away or another side of me does..." Karisa slowly lets her hands slide upwards on his chest and off of him, backing away and gazing away worried and in doubt.

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He noticed her swaying her way over to him and then putting her arm around him, not understanding the reason behind the contacts, saying he is already perfect, which made him blush a bit as she kissed him
"It is... to stand out. Be more unique. It is an unnatural colour, more eye catching" he chuckles "I bet you wouldnt have noticed me if I was just like any other joyan" but he continued the original sentiment "I wish to become a singer and for that I must build my own image and be different from the riff raff. Style and fashion is just as important as the music and the vocals"

His now golden eyes would follow her as she spoke softly to him. Her tone was as sweet as bubble gum, still he curiously listened to what she had to say. When she embraced him and felt a certain something against him, he would blush a bit more. He would look up to her as she spoke, being too much for him "I do not understand. What do you mean by too much?" he didnt understand what she meant and what other side?

Once she backed away, he would raise his brow and look at her curiously and confusedly. He was unsure what she meant or was talking about, still as oblivious as to her more godly nature and power and magic. He didnt know what to say or even ask. He feels he should know something, but what exactly did he need to know

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"I would have, you called and talked to me first, remember?~ If you did the same exact thing, I would have still joined you at that table," she spoke with a sweet smile, but back to the subject of 'too much', her eyes were filled with concern and sorrow. Karisa had to think about how to explain something to him without scaring him away, but if she wanted a forever with him then shouldn't she be honest with him? She wondered if he would have told her about his eyes if she hadn't found out by waking up first. She licked her lips and then went to sit on the edge of the bed to look at him. "I mean, look, I..." Her brown eyes gazed away, forbidding herself to look at him.

"The truth is, things that have to do with my past and myself, I have this whole nother side of me that I have locked away inside me and only comes out when certain things trigger it.", Karisa starts and tilts her head as she thinks on her wording. "What we did today, and your scent even, it lures both this me and that other me out," She coughs and blushes more while admitting the fact she's addicted to his scent. "So I'm half of a god, birth-wise, and the part of me is more 'passionate' about whoever they claim as their soul-bound partner so to say, you in this case aaaaaaaand..." Her eyes gaze anywhere but at him at this point as her hands clench the sheets of the bed. "When I say 'passionate',  they are envious easily, wrath and somewhat aggressive, possessive, clingy, and in a battle that part of me is a different story. On top of that, it's really draining to control it. That part of me has only come out once before I mentally and magically locked that part of me within, but my love for you and your scent, your voice... everything that I feel so addicted to unlocked and broke that lock, so I'm afraid that that part of me will eventually scare you and make you... not want to be with me, or have a life with me and... I..." Karisa felt breathless at this point as tears fell from her eyes, being vulnerable. "Sorry, I... I didn't mean to talk so much..." she breathed out softly.

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He chuckled "Oh you say the nicest words" he still doubted she would've been with him if he was an average guy. But he let it slide, he didnt want to go into what ifs and could've would've should'ves. Now they moved onto the subject of what she meant of too much. He looked at her curiously as he awaited for her to explain herself, her body language was concerning him as it looked like she felt fear or sorrow or worry. Generally feelings not pleasant. The fact she didnt want to look at him only raised more red flags with how she was behaving

She spoke of this 'other side' of her that exists. He was trying to grasp and understand what she meant. She spoke of what they did today that it lured both of her sides. Even his own scent. He couldnt help but grin upon hearing that she loved his scent, he very much liked and approved of that. But he did wipe that grin soon enough to get serious and listen to what she had to say as it was important.

Karisa spoke how she is half of a god by birthright. He looked at her with a look at says 'oh how cute you are'. The man had such a huge and massive ego at the size of Earthland himself, that the presence of an actual demigod didnt phase him at all. Dae-seong was not a religious man, he was an atheist, rejecting any and all religions. Because why would one to worship a god, when you already were a god? Gods dont exists as beings. There was only power. And one with the most amount of power can call themselves God. It was all about power and attitude and lastly ambition. 2 of 3 things Dae-seong had. Which in his opinion also made him a God.

The other part which kind of worried her was that she was possessive, which was actually touching to him. He wasnt really scared or detered by her. The term soul bound was meanwhile the most unique thing he heard and wanted to know more about it. But not right now at this very instant as there were more pressing things. After all, his beloved was worried and scared about driving him away, after saying such lovely things how she was addicted to him. He couldnt let that honesty and addiction go unrewarded. Granted she was already blessed with his genes enough, so it wont be a carnal and lustful reward, but a more verbal heart to heart reward. She opened herself up to him. And if they were now soul bonded, she was gonna deal with him, because he wasnt your typical uwu human either.

He patted her head "Oh do not apologize Karisa. I appreciate your honesty. And for being a cutie as you are. A soul bonded cutie, I shall reward you with honesty of my own. So sorry to say, after this, you will be stuck with me, whether you like it or not, because you're mine~" he spoke and pretty much gave her a black and white clear cut answer that he wasnt gonna be one time thing and that wasnt scared away by her possessiveness and godhood

"So in order to do this correctly. I will first then address the possessiveness 'problem'" problem being a word in air quotes because it wasnt really "A little known fact about myself is that quite a few people back in Joya, quite a few of those mortals viewed me as a sociopath. It is because I lack empathy towards people. I feel nothing. I read romance novels to learn how to behave so I can fit in and be normal as opposed to enjoy them as you would. So why do I say this? It is because I wish to become a celebrity. I love music and the adoration of people. But you see, I see humans as tools. A means to an end which make me feel good. You on the other hand, you are the only being alive that actually made me feel something. Before L O V E was just another word I could never pronounce. And yet, here I am. With you being one of my many firsts." first kiss, first makeout, first girlfriend, V card. All that "And you will be the last, I can assure you of that. So in regards to possessiveness. You can rest easy as any other human, demi human, mortal or immortal being is just never on my radar" he takes her hand and kisses it "But just know, that I am also like you. Not prone to sharing. And I have ways to make my problems go away." there was a definite darkness to him that had shone for a brief moment before he went all chipper and happy

"Now since I have told you my own little dark secret. You are stuck with me~" he happily exclaimed and then pounded the other subject, the godhood part "As for the thing you prior said. Well, I can only say that we are a match made in heaven then, because you had a knack for finding divinity" he says with a playful wink

And with that Karisa learned probably the less graceful side of him and was stuck with him whether she liked it or not. Some people in his home country saw him as a Sociopath. A man marked with a lack of empathy, a self-centered disposition, a disregard for social norms and ethics, a propensity for using charm, lies, manipulation or outright violence to get his way, a reckless and impulsive streak, and a heart black as pitch. The whole reason he was sent to Fiore, so a watchful guild master would turn him into a better man.
And while his familys plan didnt work precisely, it looked like he did find someone whom he did genuinely care about. Two most unlikely people from two completely different backgrounds.

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She listened to him talk as it was his turn. She got comfortable and tried to hold onto her own heart and sanity due to not knowing how this would turn out. At first, he was telling her that she shouldn't apologize and she was a 'cutie', making her blush even more when he brought up the bonding of their souls. He finally started to share about himself, warning her that she was stuck with him whether she liked it or not, making her heart flutter. Her head turned to look up at him finally, her big brown eyes shimmering with love and more as he was being possessive himself. Whether or not he noticed himself being was unknown. She listened to the words he was saying, about him being viewed as a sociopath, the things he lacked, including feeling nothing at all. Her head tilted as if thinking about each thing carefully, hearing him also say how he read romance novels to learn things.

Karisa was wondering in her thoughts that if he felt nothing, why her? Why did he say he loves her? He then hears how he thinks of humans as tools and means to an end, but loves music and wants to be adored and be a celebrity, even seeing himself as a god, a god complex. He then talked about 'love', that she is his first, and will forever be his last, causing her to have the sweetest, yet bashful closed smile one could do, blushing. Her hand was taken as he kissed it, gazing into his eyes fully. Her heart was beating so fast, her breathing was soft and yet loud like a purring sensation of feeling affection, and the heaviness of the intense love and passionate feelings in her heart.

Listening to him finish his confession and facts about himself, she took the hand that was in hers, bringing it to her chest where her heart is, not caring that was her large breast. "I'm so glad. I was so nervous, Daeseong..." Her voice was soft, almost above a whisper as her eyes gazed at his, standing up while keeping his hand on her chest, going in now for a kiss, expressing that she loves him, that she wants to be stuck with him, as he was now stuck with her. Her lips parted away from his as she looked into his eyes, "You're my first love, my only love and you too, are stuck with me for as long as you live, even when you become a star in the sky... I shall gaze at it, claim it once more as mine, as you are the brightest and most handsome perfect star in the galaxy.~" Karisa professes her love, letting her head not rest into his chest, basking in his scent and warmth.

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He took his hand and brought it to her chest where her heart is. Granted if you ask him there was more than just the heart, but he heavily enjoyed the soft contact so he didnt mind. She spoke to him with the softest voice ever, saying how nervous she was, before leaning in for a kiss, which he gladly welcomed because he was on the same page as her. He wanted to kiss her too because she deserved that love.

Once their lips parted, she spoke how he too was her first and last and only. "Oh Karisa~" the only person who accepted him for who he was. Someone who made him think he was not flawed at all. Not a careless monster but a loving being. Perhaps there was hope for him yet. And all he needed was her. He pulled her in to embrace and hold her.

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Karisa nuzzled into his chest and felt his arms wrap around her, holding her. Her eyes closed to enjoy this feeling that she never wants to let go. She whispered softly, "Shall we go eat together now, æ min elskling?" she wondered as she loved being this close to him, clung to him as when they finally went apart, she clung onto his arm, his arm between her soft bosoms while going into the kitchen area. "What shall we eat?" Karisa asked Dae happily and smiled small, but enough to give off warmth. Her sparkling chocolate-brown eyes gaze into his eyes and then forward, her head leaning on the shoulder while clinging. She ignored anyone else as she didn't care at this moment because he was the one who got her attention at the moment. Karisa wondered what they will make or will she make? Did he want both of them cooking or will she cook since he made breakfast?

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He nodded to her as she asked him would they go and eat. He also loved how she was holding him as they would leave the room to eat some dinner. The two would make their way to the kitchen, as she asked him what they would eat, he would think for a moment "I usually like to eat healthy, I am not as adventurous as you as I am sort of... pedantic what I eat" although he knew she was a huge fan of food, he did consider about her own health benefits as well.

Yes sure she was a bit of a plus size which isnt bad, but still, he was a bit of a health nut and would like if she too includes some health in her snack. Like not make a hard change of diet, but maybe slowly introduce her to it. A gradual shift, so she can enjoy her usual meals that she loves while also maintaining the healthy alternative. Besides, he was fairly certain that a healthier diet also means a higher libido. He was pretty sure he read about that once.

"So, what do you usually eat for dinner?" he would ask her. He was sure he can make his own meal, but he doubted he could make something for her. Lightning doesnt strike twice and so on and so forth. He doubted he can please her taste buds twice, especially considering his lifestyle

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Karisa loosened her grip as she felt an unknown feeling spread across her body that was unexplainable while listening to him talk to her. Was it because of the choice of words he said? When he spoke about 'as adventurous' was he actually saying that he didn't like how she ate? What did she eat? What if he didn't like her appearance? She kept on looking as if everything was okay, while inside she felt conflicted as she was assuming things, thinking darkly in a sorrowful turn. Suddenly, she hears him ask what she usually ate for dinner. A part of her was afraid to answer, ' What if he pretends to accept it?' she thought. Her eyes gazed forward as she was now in the kitchen letting go of his arm and giving a smile that was fake, but was so real for everyone else, including him since everything she did made everyone believe her, a curse yet a gift from Loki. 'What if I'll never be perfect to him because of my health and weight...' she thinks once more. "A garden salad, chicken teriyaki, and rice. I do enjoy some fruit on the side though," Karisa spoke softly, not gazing at him, keeping up her now facade, searching through the fridge.

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She smiled to him as she spoke and he nodded. She said a garden salad, chicken teriyaki, and rice. And also fruit on the side. He did nodded as he listened to her until he stopped and blinked. As something clicked to him
"Cap" he thought to himself and then looked at her and noticed she was avoiding her gaze

He flashed back to their conversation about their favourite foods as they first met
"I like to have a healthy diet. So basically anything that's not fried or fatty. No sugar. I rarely indulge in sweets. But mostly no. I do however eat fermented foods daily like Kimchi, Miso, Tempeh which have been found to help boost gut health and can include pickled vegetables such as cabbage. More chicken and fish, less red meat. Which kind of explains why I am at a seafood restaurant. So basically that kind of stuff"
As much as any human, he would adore the generic sweet and junk food. But for the sake of his physique and health, he opted for a healthier diet.
"What about you?~" he playfully would ask her back

She lightly chuckled and moved a strand of hair behind her ear, "I like pretty much everything. There are only a few things I don't like, but it's a texture sort of thing, but I'm willing to try anything," she gave a light smile to him. She wondered about the gut health sort since she's in need of that, but that can be for another time, if there is one. "With that, I may add, I don't really have a healthy diet, but then that's also why I look like this," her smile lowered, but a small side smile stayed.
Leaning softly against the back of the chair, she tried to think of her favorite things, "Favorite foods though, I do love spicy types of foods, even if it's bad for the stomach lining, fruit smoothies are amazing and a really good salad. The kind with meat, a little bit of low fat cheese, croutons and dressing. Sometimes I love adding a boiled egg or two with it," she just realized she got really into the conversation and her eyes squinted shut. "So-sorry, I didn't mean to talk a lot..."

Back to here and now he thought to himself
"So wait... I was thinking of something and she looks uspet. Bt it wasnt the first time this happened. But before it would work to my benefit" he thought to himself. His mind thinking, can Karisa read his mind... his intentions. He rubbed his chin as he pondered. This time he didnt use joyan for his mental voice but fiorian instead
"Karisa, if you're here, I think you're the sweetest cinnamon roll on the planet. And I would love to look once more in your eyes that remind me of a smoky quartz. I wish to see you smile" he didnt verbally say this, but mentally. Just to test his theory if she was a mind reader to test her body language and reactions
He didnt say anything verbally as he just kept his gaze on her and studied her intently

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Karisa was thinking a lot, to her left she could see her Takeover friend within the shadows who was sitting, no one else could see. It was in truth, she was using her ability to telepathically read things that had to do with her and a specific target. Her eyes corner for a split second before back to the fridge. Her hand gripped the handle of the fridge tighter as she started to take out some chicken that she marinated from yesterday, and some vegetables and closed the fridge. Suddenly, she could hear him, not just hear him, but her ability for telepathy as DaeSeong was her target to listen to because he was all that mattered to her.

She could hear him now thinking about - well, it was more him testing if she could hear him. Should she say something and reveal that this was one of her abilities? She blushed at his words, the cute nickname and it made her heart quiver with feelings. Of course, the hopeless romantic and lover she is, she slowly turned her head to look at the floor, then at him, her eyes mirroring his reflection. Karisa gave him a tearful smile, 'Sorry, I didn't mean to read your mind sometimes... I just always like to know what you're thinking...' Karisa thought and telepathically responded, but now feels ashamed a little. She swiftly turns away from him and turns on the oven as she prepares the meal. Karisa puffed her chubby cheek, embarrassed and shy, 'I...there's your once,' for some reason she felt now anxious despite her blushing and pouting after she let him see her gaze at him 'once'.

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She blushed which confirmed that she was a mind reader, but soon he heard her voice, in his mind. He noticed her brief look to him and her tearful smile that she soon turned away from him
"Listen, I dont mind if you hear my thoughts when we bed. But if you want a fulfilling relationship you must learn to trust your partner and give them privacy. Prying into my mind. My core being; sends me a message that you do not trust me. And I dont want to think in another language just to block you out" he mentally replied

He exhaled as he soon approached her. Embracing her from behind"Ok. Stop whatever you are doing and ralk to me" he would say and turn her around to see her face "Why are you sad?" He assumed because she pried his mind and probably saw or heard something she didnt like. He had to solve this

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Karisa stopped linking with him even though with the bonding, she couldn't help it sometimes. Her mind would be so much on him that it was going to do that without her wanting to. Just like moments ago when all she could think about was 'Was he thinking about me?' and hearing his voice, his thoughts were just there. While her eyes gazed at what she was doing, it was short-lived, feeling him embrace her from behind, hearing his voice that was not his thoughts. Her brown eyes were met with his golden-yellow eyes due to him turning her around to face each other. Her eyes reflected his whole image as if she was gazing into his soul and being.

"I... don't worry about me being telepathically linked to you, I'll... remove that part of 'it'." Karisa started and gazed away thinking to herself. 'It won't happen again...'. She had to try to say something, but she was so bad with words when confronted on her feelings. "I'm sad because I fear of..." She swore she had an easier time saying this in her mind, but she couldn't do it anymore for him. "I want to be perfect in your eyes as you are perfect to me, but I feel like I will never be the way that I am without changing who I am..." Karisa spoke quietly and looked up at him finally with a frown.

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He placed his hand on her cheek, just to give her comfort but also to ensure she has eye contact with him
"Love, you do not need to fret about being perfect to me. I love you the way you are. You see, the thing is. You have read my thoughts, but thoughts tend to be fickle. That is why people think before they speak or have ideas that they in the end, end up dropping. Reading ones mind may cause you to jump to a conclusion. But by the time someone confronts you, they would have had a change of mind and heart and come to you with something completely different. As what you think that you are not perfect is not true. Because you are. And I never consider changing you the way you are. Changing and improving are two different concepts. I always work on improving myself and erasing my faults. I always strive to better myself, otherwise not improving or changing, it causes stagnation. And you fall behind as others move on. Change is both positive and negative, depending how you look at it. Change is inevitable. The Karisa I love, is the one here deep inside" he said pointing to her heart "It is as the people say, beauty is skin deep. I hope that ... ended up quelling your worries."
After that he decided not to have a big dinner, he decided to have something easy like a simple sandwich. He sort of lost apetite with all this talk about change. He didnt like the idea that her reading his mind caused her to be sad and take something she probably didnt enjoy to eat, just to please him.

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Karisa listened to Daeseong and it was a lot of explaining. She listened to his words though despite her mind going all over the place. She understood that reading his mind was a bad thing and she felt bad about it, but at the same time, her past really was making her want to do these things. How could she trust so easily? She was taught that humans use each other for anything, everything as she was once used as well. Her thoughts were darkening, but suddenly felt her heart being pointed at. Her eyes fluttered and she looked into his eyes still as he kept it there with his hand that she almost could fall asleep. So what he was saying, did that mean he loved her personality and still saw she was perfect on the outside too or was she perfect only inside? The oven beeped and moved a little to put the chicken in the oven. Karisa sighed softly and half-closed her lids, resting against his chest as they stood there. "I... thank you, and sorry for reading your mind, I just have a hard time controlling it sometimes when mostly I think of someone and think 'what are they thinking'... and it happens. I'm still not used to these abilities of mine despite me having them since birth," Karisa looks up at him with a tilt of her head. "Well, I better finish cooking my food," She continued and wondered if to do some sort of affection or not because she didn't want to smother him and him not like it.


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He smiled and softly kissed her to make her believe that he really was fine with it. Mistakes happen, although something she said caught his eye or ear. She was not used to these abilities, despite having them since birth
"See this is the perfect example of what I mean by change and improvement. We can work on that. I am sure that being able to control your power would bring you happiness, no?" he asked curiously

But once she needed to finish her food, he'd let her as he'd focus on his own. He would wonder about his next actions. He didnt want to make her feel upset or unwanted. Funnily enough he didnt want to smother her either, hence why his kisses werent really sensual or passionate, but more like playful cute pecks. Because love was not all about lust as far as he knew. Though he would ask her "Are you ok though?" because he was still concerned they hadnt hashed things out

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Karisa smiled at the kiss, feeling his warm lips, and smelling his scent was something she enjoyed, with that she just embraced him and let it stay that way for a moment. There was no lust, just pure feelings of feeling my body against this own, the warmth, the feeling of their hearts syncing and she wanted nothing more than to stay like this forever, but knew they could not. With that, she sadly let go because she knew they had to make something to eat. Her head tilted cutely and gave a sweet satisfied small smile. "Yes, I'll be okay. I just..." She looked down and then back up at him. "I just need to realize that even if I want to hear the good things you think of, it's not okay to read your mind specifically because," Karisa starts and gazes away, blushing, "Because I love you and you're important to me more than anyone else so far could say... so I need to trust you as well despite my past," she spoke shyly and softly, turning now to go cook the rice and get the other things ready.

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He smiled and nodded and was glad she understood his sentiment. For a balanced relationship they need to trust one another, otherwise he'd also need to have mind reading powers. Usually psychology people think that those who are paranoid are often the ones projecting their own insecurities onto their mate. But psych stuff aside, he wanted to focus now on their dinner. He made himself a simple sandwich and would eat it as he thought of some verbal topics to talk about, but honestly nothing came to mind. He didnt know what to say or do to fill the time. Do they just eat in peace. He didnt know really. Though he knew he might need to ask someone for advice about this stuff. Romance stuff. Alisa seemed the best bet considering she's married and has kids. Sure there was Sofia too, but... personality wise he figured Alisa was the wiser bet.

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Karisa hummed softly and once the oven was done, she mixed more teriyaki sauce with it, plus some spices as the broccoli mixed, grilled onions, and finally poured them onto a plate. Afterward, she grabbed some cooking gloves and started to cut the chicken in teriyaki slices, placed the rice bowl next to it, and finally grabbed a serving for herself. She sat down and slowly started to eat anxiously because she didn't want to be judged if she ate messy or too fast. Karisa cared how he thought of her. She stayed silent while eating and once she was done, Karisa put away everything, cleaned the dishes as always, and leaned her chest against the countertops as she gazed towards the windows, gazing outside from where they were. Her mind was thinking a lot. He'd know what she was thinking if he didn't tell her not to do telepathy. Her smile though was small, yet enough to know she was alright at least.

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Truth be told when it came to eating, he too was not really pleased with people watching him eat. So to eat in peace he kind of looked away from Karisa. Nothing with her, but he always felt the sensation of being observed while you eat to be unpleasant. He assumed she wanted that privacy as well. The most he said once was "Bon apetit" and focused on actually finishing the meal

Once they were done, he would offer to take Karisas dishes and go and wash them himself, he told her she can do something else, wash her teeth or just chill and rest while he does the work. Granted Karisa could join him in the dishes as well as to dry them and return them to their place if she wished to assist. But Dae-seong while he would appreciate her help wanted to spare her of the work. He felt he should do the work while he can

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"O-oh, let me help you at least," Karisa spoke softly and anxiously as her soft, silk hands would dry them and return them after being told that is what he'd want her to do. She suckled her bottom lip. Karisa didn't want to be seen as lazy or as someone who doesn't help out with anything, plus, she wanted to generally be close and do things with him even if it was something such as dishes. Finally, once that was done and over, Karisa waited for him to be done and ready as she leaned against the countertops, watching him. The thought of what they would do next was making her get a headache as she was honestly found just cuddling and falling asleep again. Going out shopping was also an option, but she was thinking maybe that could be done on another day. Wait, was she officially moving into his room? She wasn't invited or anything so she wasn't going to assume such things.

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