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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa)

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) - Page 3 Empty Thu Nov 23, 2023 12:17 pm

As he spoke, he wanted his sweet nothings to sound romantic, but quoting a book would've been lazy, so he tried to be original and romantic. But with each sentence and word, his sweet little nothings became more lustful and more wanting. He wanted her. He felt he couldnt play around with the foreplay too much as he just wanted her already. As much as he teased her, he was teasing himself. He wanted to cut the chase, he wanted more. Soon enough Karisa would speak, in joyan as well, which he loved.

He would kiss her lower and lower until he reached the chest area, where he helped himself. Eventually he moved his hand to a certain region and he felt a certain moisture, he had a dark smile as he felt that. He would whisper to her "I love it when you say my name" considering she said, it made him feel 'good' reeeal good and he wanted to make her feel the same. So he got himself to work, giving her a little love bite as his hand did some magic for her. Her voice was a music to his ears

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Her hips instinctively reacted to his hand, his voice making her head tilt to his voice as if wanting to be closer, but the bite on her neck made her back arch along with the fingers of his that were at the waking core of her existence. His chuckle was so dark and attractive and it made her heart thump hard than fast as her beating heart was running as fast as it could at this point as if Thor was smashing his hammer down in anguish to summon a typhoon of thunder and storms. The storms were swirling her desires, love, and passion into one as DaeSeong was giving her body the attention it wanted, her senses the satisfaction of being worshiped and gifted. Finally, her breathing increased, paced faster till suddenly he lifted himself up, whipping off the rest of the attire to finally become exposed in front of her, hoping he was perfect to her eyes just as she was perfect in his own. When all he could see was love, lust and just him in those mirror, polished brown gems that are her eyes he lifted his fingers from her waking core and licked his finger, suckling on them in front of her to show that he loved the taste of her as much as he loved gazing at her, mostly the way she gazed at him just as intense.

He leaned down as he removed all that was left in their way to let his hand roam her supple and plush form, his fingers sinking into the softness of her skin and body. His left hand gripped her left calf and positioned himself perfectly while never gazing away from her eyes. He played a smirk before using both of his hands to grip the rump of hers that was full in his hand, towering over her with his tall, muscular, and sculpted form that was for Karisa's eyes to see. With a slow motion, the flowering commenced as the flower bloomed fully into a beautiful radiant color that dripped red against the long thick stem that connected to the flower at this moment. Karisa's head tilted back, and her mouth cried in pleasure and pain as colors were seen, sparkling in different lights. The intense tightness was felt between the two as they became to passionately motion.


The cry was like a siren that was feeling something that could only be felt once in their entire life span, fireworks that lit up every time she closed her eyes. DaeSeong leaned down, put his right thumb against her lower lip, opened it, and tilted her head to look into his eyes, those beautiful brown eyes that were only for him, that he only wanted her to gaze at him like this, full of love and life. He used his other hand to hover over the mounds that were motioning like a slow-motioning earthquake upon the earth's surface as the figure was a plushie, sweet and plump Earth on its own, the mounds being the mountains. He used his finger to roll the mammilla sensitivity to lessen the things she could be feeling that weren't what he intended. His lips claimed her mouth as their moans, breath, and saliva once more mixed, now Karisa was making sounds of pleasure, love, and sweet music with her soft, breathy, and innocent tone. Her arms wrap around his back, her nails inside as she felt it all.

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As much as he wanted to play around, this time he just wanted to get serious and feel the true pleasure. Her sounds, her voice was music to his ears. He was more than eager to expore her garden of eden and her bountiful hills. She was the mother nature he never got to explore before. And now for the first time ever he got to feel what was it like to be a man exploring a whole new world.

Granted it was less adventurous exploring and more like a different kind of exploration, where he was discovering new grounds in a different way. Infact he was discovering things about himself as well. When she spoke his name once more, he told her "I love you, Karisa~" she made him feel like no one other has and knew what to do to please him and make him feel good and actually happy?
He would leave that introvision and self reflect for another time and just surrendered himself to his own senses, briefly just doing what he remembered he read and from there he just winged it with improvisation and instinct. Out of curiousity he'd check to see how she was reacting because that was kinda really important to him too for vital feedback, so he knew how to adapt and proceed

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Something in her was clawing itself out of her. This feeling was not pleasure, not pain, but a whole new carnal feeling that was overpowering. Her eyes gazed into his eyes as she felt the fluid motion. She looked at him dangerously possessive, her fingers clawing against his back slowly, not piercing his skin yet. She knew that she was in too deep with this, her feelings, his feelings and she was going to have him as hers now and it made it more official as she spoke those words, "I love you too, DaeSeong,~" Karisa gasped softly in her sweet, soft breaths, her one hand letting go away from his back and now to his chest while his own hand was against her mounds that were sensitive. Her face Her legs went further apart as he continued on the path into the garden faster and was rougher with his own movements, the momentum causing the bed to rock in a boom boom and zoom zoom fashion.

Alisa will need to probably get new walls, or stronger walls if they weren't made of cement or hard material. Daeseong was solidifying his dominance at the moment as he synced their heartbeats and bodies connected, making him move his hand that was on her mounds to now taking her hands in his, pinning them above her head so her body was all to view with nothing in the way. His eyes trained on the goddess sculpture that was in front of him, devouring the body with his eyes before meeting them back up to look into her eyes.

"Now you're mine, Karisa," He spoke darkly in his heavenly and hoarse tone. Karisa gazed at Daeseong, enjoying the things he was doing, feeling her body motion, taken primally. "Yes, DaeSeong, as you're now mine," Karisa spoke in a possessive, soft, and yet coolly chill way as if the darker Karisa was becoming one with the truer Karisa at this moment, feeling the rough abandon that Daeseong was giving. This powerful bond was connecting us in more ways than just mere physical as Karisa was moaning like some wanton succubus possessed, her wide hips motioning outward as you were inward, matching the beating of our hearts were the moans that we shared that spun the threads of devotion, true love, and passion for another. Their entwining dance, their fingers in a hold, she started to express complete and total surrender as their scents and sounds mixed with each other's in perfect song and fantasy.

Her fingers gripped onto his tightly while her hands were still pinned above hers, her gaze intense and full of love and lust. Her breathing was soft, but fast and heavy as her body continued to motion with the dance Daeseong was roughly giving towards her surrender and the power of his weight against her own. She smiled at him with ecstasy and love, an open smile for once while she breathed heavier and faster that matched his own as well as his movements.

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This was the time when fantasy, magic and fun came to life. The time he went from a boy to a man. And the time he really went rough and stopped holding back. He soon heard her reply and for a brief second wondered if this was official, were they a couple. So much for taking some slow build up. They both just went in hard for this.

Speaking of hard, its definitely probably the name of the feeling he felt. He didnt know how to define the pleasure or pain he was feeling. It was one of those feelings or both at once. With a dark chuckle, he spoke how she was now his and to his delight she accepted that and said that he was hers as well. Well, he certainly enjoyed that. The two used this moment to become one. He'd listen to her orchestra of music, her divine voice that he loved to listen and that he would only so occassionally match, though sometimes it was hard not to be vocal himself. As much as he himself would love to be silent so he can listen to her, sometimes he had to express himself with sound when she made him feel so good

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Her smile was full of euphoria as her eyes watched him fully, her fingers gripped onto his hands tighter that were pinning her down onto the bed and sheets. The wall was pretty damaged, but none of the two cared as their hot voices sang to each other, their sweat mixing and dripping, the room becoming a steam room of passion. Karisa spoke some dirty words of passion, submissive and to get him more going. DaeSeong increased the momentum to impel out of impulse, his hands gripped onto her hands tighter, intertwining their fingers tightly, his heart racing with a burning fire, matching Karisa's as he finally lowered himself as he continued to feel the complete sync of each other, becoming one matching twix.

Karisa's breathing was very heavy and soft and her pupils were fully dilated as she looked at him. She spoke of words about how she was so happy they found each other in a submissive way, going with the flow of this as she could feel his primal and animalistic motions getting even more rough as if he was going to the finish line, but so was she. Her whole body's fluid motion, each crevice and contour was against his body. "Mmmm~ DaeSeong," She whispered hotly in her soft and breathy voice, her pitch higher than normal due to the high she was feeling from this. Finally, he slowly let go of one hand from his own, gripping that hand with his hand that was still above her head to grab both of her hands. His free hand trailed down her side, fingers sinking into the softness of her body till it found the nub of the core, causing an instant shock of pleasure for her as he was feeling the high start to complete.

Her name escaped from his lips as their names sang from each other's lips like a duet of hot breathing. Her face distorted into complete submission to the pleasure given as he whispered something in her ear that made her instantly surrender to the release that was building up, as he felt it finally. The tightening of the flower around the thick and long stem that was stuck in place, water shot up the stem, as it moved into the petals of the flower, becoming full and finally hydrated with satisfaction. Their bodies lay next to each other, or on top, still not apart as their breaths slowly, but surely calmed down from the intense dance that was now over. Her eyes though, never left his still as all she wanted, was to gaze at him and to stay like this.

Well, till she gets hungry.

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He would briefly glance at the wall, getting mildly concerned about the crack and the precarious course of action he was doing. He was unaware of Karisa's power and what could possibly happen. But that brief concern did not deter him to please his new girlfriend and tending to both her and his own needs. Her own sounds were music to his ears, especially every time she said his name, it pleased him but also motivated to do more, making him use all his animalistic stamina to make sure they both feel rather well

Eventually their own orchestra of sounds would reach their grand finale, just as all good things would come to a close. And he sure felt it when it comes to Karisa's special flower. Indeed, he felt very very good. Probably like never before. And only just now did he feel like... himself. During this whole venture he felt like a possessed spirit. He never felt this way or acted this way. It was new to him. But now as their bodies would lay next to eachother he gained some clarity and lucidity. He would let Karisa rest and profess his love to her once more. But now he needed to regain his own breath because he was certainly out of it. He smiled softly as he noticed Karisa's eyes locked onto his own. He wondered if she was feeling tired or actually, he wondered what was she feeling. He never actually thought what happens next in stories.

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It was finished, the final of the infamous FTB as Karisa and DaeSeong gazed at each other. Her eyes now gazed at him tiredly, despite him doing most of the work if not all. She chuckled softly and quietly at the thought and blushed immensely as she realized what just had happened. 'I, did I just?' She felt her heart try to calm down, but it was hard like she made him and how she took it. Karisa snuggled closer to him to feel his body, to make sure it was real, her head on his shoulder, her arm around with her hand against his naked chest, feeling the muscular sculpted lines and the beating of his heart. She yawned softly as sleep was swooping in like a crane. Her eyes were feeling so heavy, "I love you..." She murmured softly and sweetly in her breathy accent before finally falling asleep completely in his embrace that made her feel safe and loved.

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She snuggled closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder, he kissed the top of her head and let her rest. Once he was sure she closed her eyes, he would reach over to the nightstand to take the contact lens case, he would try to open it with one hand, pry it open with his thumb, basically do minimal movements as to not disturb Karisa. And once open, carefully take off his contacts and place them in and quickly shut the case closed and place it back next to bed.

He heard a murmur of Karisa as she spoke in her sleep and he softly chuckled and replied "I love you too" after which he would finally rest as well. He really didnt expect his day to go this way, but he didnt mind it. It was a new experience and a damn good one as well.

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Unknown Hours Later

Karisa, due to her insomnia, woke up a lot and couldn't really sleep through one whole setting. She had a nightmare, one of her past as she thought about the things that she went through to get here, in the arms of someone she found as perfect, hers and her inner self would do whatever it took to keep it that way. Her eyes flickered and still felt the warmth of DaeSeong, his scent that was addicting. Her arm would wrap fully around to keep a possessive yet soft hold so she didn't wake him up. She was now addicted to everything about him, his voice, his touch, his scent and the way she gazed at him - no, not the color, although they had a beauty to them, she'd love them no matter what they were. Karisa made sure that he wouldn't realize she was awake already as she studied his face when asleep. It was so peaceful, handsome and she really wanted to play with his hair.


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While Karisa was awake, he was asleep. It was the exhaustion of some actions he did that left him feeling tired that he slept like a rock or something that was a solid sleeper. He didnt feel Karisa wrap her hands around him or anything as he was sound asleep. When it came to dreams, well, its nothing that he would remember. He usually didnt recollect his dreams or nightmares. Although due to him sleeping rather peacefully it was safe to assume he was not one with the nightmares

So unlike Karisa, he would wake several hours after her, where he'd slowly go to open his eyes and look around him. Yes indeed he was in his room, but then he remembered what he did. So he'd see Karisa by his side, who was already wide awake.
"Oh. Hello there?~" he spoke with a soft surprise of a tone as he didnt expect her to be awake. What was even the time? He thought back to the begining of the day. He prepared for the day, saw Karisa, made her breakfast, after that they played games and drank and after that they... yeah. What time was it? Evening? Middle of night? A new day?! Safe to say he was a bit time disoriented

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Between the several hours that it took Daeseong to wake up, she went back to sleep off and on, waking up every hour or a couple of hours at a time. She gave up on the last twenty minutes that it took for him to wake up. She was sure that he wasn't going to sleep any later than another hour, right? Her chocolate brown eyes gazed at him and her fingers trailed against his torso as she finally saw his eyes, they were dark brown. She was surprised but gave a sweet, loving smile nonetheless. "Afternoon, DaeSeong, it's about six in the afternoon.~" Karisa spoke softly, quietly as she leaned to kiss his jawline, and lifted herself up a little, still exposed, and kissed his lips lightly, caressing her soft warm lips against his before lifting herself up and then sliding off of the bed, no commenting on his brown eyes since maybe he doesn't like his eye color.

That's why people normally change themselves, right? She slid off of the bed and opened his private bathroom door to start the shower, blushing and thinking about how lucky she was feeling, but a part of her was scared that this could go away any second. She was going to lose this and her darker God half clenched onto this love and human as they saw DaeSeong as their meaning to keep on going, their reason for being free from the locks that the human part of Karisa mentally kept them in.

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"Good afternoon. My... I was just thinking about what time it was" she really did know just the right thing to say. He blushed faintly as she kissed his jawline because now he wasnt as lustful and drunk as before. He was more self concious about what they were doing. The two kissed eachother lightly. But this time the kiss was much shorter and reasonable. Funnily enough, it was how he imagined his first kiss.

Once she got off the bed, he stratched a bit, his arms and back as he looked and noticed what was beside his bed. "Ah" he thought to himself as he remembered. He then looked towards Karisa who had the same idea as him. Shower. Pretty much what he wanted. Well at least she would have a plethora of shampoos and shower gels and body lotions to choose from because he was VERY pedantic about his hygene and appearance. The only problem was well... it was all stuff catared for men. Mens shampoo, shower gel etc. She may come out of the shower smelling like him funnily enough.
Dae-seong considered joining his lady. But then he remembered, two people as a couple, in a shower. Things tend to get passionate again and would end up being a sequel. Which not that he'd mind, but he wanted to control those primal urges and be a better man. Not be a slave to lust. He always had self control, so what happened?

He sighed and shook his head. For now he laid back in bed as Karisa would shower, he would await her, but also look around his room, to make sure it was spotless and tidy. He noticed their clothes, which werent tidy. So he got up from bed to throw his clothes in the laundry bin, while taking Karisas clothes and neatly folding them and placing them on the desk that was near the bathroom entrance. Meanwhile he went to the closet to get clean clothes so he can wear that after his own shower. Once again, he would glance at the bathroom door.

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Karisa went into the shower and saw that it was pretty large, but she wished some things were there that were not. She smiled softly though as she wasn't picky. This wasn't supposed to be some five-star hotel. Her brown chocolate eyes that were big gazed at all the things Dae had in store. He had so many shampoos, soap, and things to take care of one's body. She was a little jealous. Her eyes searched each one, feeling a little lost. Were there some things he wouldn't want her to use? What if he gets mad that she used something she should not have? Her heart was beating quickly, breathing was a little heavy as her anxiety was reacting to this problem. Her hand slowly reached for one thing but stopped and brought her hand back to herself, then did the same to another.

Her eyes lowered in shame and sorrow as maybe she should have left and bought her own or gone somewhere to shower and come back or maybe not come back. Her eyes watered, her lip bit, but her tears wouldn't have been seen due to the shower as the water waterfalled against her brown medium hair, face and her supple, chubby, and motherly form, skating downwards against the contours of it.

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He noticed that Karisa was in the bathroom for a while and he wondered if she was ok. He approached the bathroom door and lightly knocked "Are you ok, Karisa?" of course his decency to give her privacy was short lived as he would open the door to peek his head to see and make sure she was alright. Absolutely no ulterior reason for peeking in on a woman having a shower. He wanted to make sure she didnt slip and hurt herself. Toootally no other reason.

"Karisa?" he repeated once more, this time sounding more concerned. Since she was in the shower all he could see is her silhouette which he saw was more sorrowful as she held her head down in shame. Usually when you shower you'd keep your head up so the water wouldnt go into your eyes. He frowned a bit as he wondered if he did anything wrong
"I hope you dont mind, Im coming in" he'd speak as he'd announce his presence and he would approach her

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Her thoughts were so loud she couldn't hear the door being knocked, her mind was distracted and in distress, but thankfully not in despair. The world would not want Karisa in total heartbreaking despair. Many will probably wonder what will happen, but no one but herself knows. Suddenly, her heart leaped as she heard her name once more, but she saw DaeSeong come in, her eyes widened in surprise as she didn't expect him to come in, seeing her like this. "D-Daeseong... I'm sorry if I'm taking so long I..." She fumbled anxiously in her soft, sweet, and breathy tone. She then saw him come in, her face blushed, her soft lips parted a little, and her head tilted to look into his dark brown eyes that for some reason made her feel more intense love. It was as if she finally got to see the real soul of him within his real eye color.

Her eyes and head turned away and let her body lean against the wall, her hand on her other forearm while it was covering her large breasts. "I... I don't want to waste your stuff and I wasn't sure which I could use... I..." her lids closed halfway as her beating heart was feeling a sharp pain.

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She started to apologize to him for taking long. He noticed her blush, which in turn caused him to do the same as he was aware of the state they were in. His eyes were focused on hers as he tried to decipher if she had any regrets being with him. But all he saw was intense love from her eyes. She was probably the only one who could see some warmth of emotion in his eyes. But his emotions aside, he wanted to see why was Karisa saddened

Her eyes and head turned away and let her body lean against the wall, her hand on her other forearm while it was covering her assets, he blushed more and looked away so she wouldnt be uncomftarble. He heard her speak which caused to smile and softly laugh as he relaxed and gently spoke "Is that all? Well... Allow me to help, if I may" he spoke and looked back at her from the corner if his eye
"I apologize for not having female items. I dont usually" he was a bit bashful when it came to certain stuff but now he noted that since he was sharing his room, he might need to make some adjustments

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She saw him blush, it was cute, and charming even as she wondered if he could perhaps not mind her body, even come to like it or will he found it as a flaw that he'd deal with or try to change it. She knew that her eating could be a problem, her health made it harder to lose weight and the last thing she wanted to do was not eat the foods she loved. With that in mind, she was interrupted as she heard him respond about what was causing her distress. Her eyes shimmered and looked into his dark brown eyes, slowly getting more comfortable as her arms slid a little away from the other that was covering her bosoms. Her head tilted slightly and cutely as if confused. Not about what he said, but he was apologizing for something he would never have in here anyway.

She gave a comforting warm smile out of the feeling of relief due to seeing his reactions. He blushed, chuckled, and offered to help. Her eyes studied in body language to make sure he wasn't forcing himself to say and do these things. "N-no, no need to apologize. You've never had a female in here so I didn't expect you to have anything feminine, plus... I don't mind using anything you have. I just," Karisa paused and finally stood straight to look up at him. Her hand wanted to move, to touch his back that was so tempting, his body was calling out to her, and that made her mind go back to what happened and to her insecurities about herself. Of course, this was all happening while they were standing in the shower exposed and inches close. She just wanted to feel loved, to be accepted for how she looked yet how could she desire that when Dae was so perfect and she was not?  

This turmoil was igniting and stabbing inside her chest and body with both pleasure and pain, such confliction. "I... DaeSeong...?" Karisa's voice was more high-pitched than normal due to her conflicted feelings. "Y-you..." she spoke breathly as if escaping from her chest, "You don't regret anything we've done and said, right?" She asked for reassurance because of how flawed she was, how flawed she felt and she wanted nothing more than to love each other, to accept each other, to be forever as she'd give him the world if she could. Karisa had no clue why she felt this way, maybe it was the God side of her that made her feel this way, or perhaps it was because he was the other piece to her soul.

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He approached her to help her shower, so he joined her, but still before doing much hed listen to her as she sounded so conflucted. Stuttering at first before speaking ger mind. He was standing behind her and silent for a minute as he thought of an adequate reply
"I do not regret anything. I thought you were the one with regrets, hence why i was relieved when all your woes were boiled down to what shampoo you wish to use" he spoke as he briefly rested his chin on her shoulder and hugged her from behind, before kissing her neck
But he did promise to help "Come on. Let me help you" so he took some body lotion which would be good for her skin and scent probably. And he would gently rub her body and all those hard to get areas, as well as those easy to get areas. He would siftly whisper to her to relax and let him handle everything. Saying she would be a clean angel in no time. As well as sprinkling more kissed to her. He would make sure this was the best shower she ever had

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Karisa watched as he was now behind her, his chin on her soft wide shoulders as she then felt his arms hugging her around her naked form. She was glad to hear that he did not regret being with her, of doing what they did many hours ago. Suddenly, her eyes watched him get some body lotion, and soap to wash her skin as he used his hands to feel her body completely, cleaning every contour, and crevous of her body. My hand lifts as my head leans back against his chest, closing my eyes to enjoy his simple pleasures of washing up in the shower. Her mouth opened to gasp softly and even sang a little softly when he was hitting certain spots, sounds that were sweet, and like a siren whispering hotly in his ear. It was lovely and she finally turned to look up at him, gazing into his dark brown eyes.

"Daeseong..." Karisa spoke his name lovingly as the water fell on top of them and there was an extra shower head that was connected to the ceiling part. She loved how his hair was just long enough to cover his forehead when it was wet and just enough for her fingers to comb through it. She then grabbed some body wash for him, and finally, she started to let her own hand and used a cloth that was soft to wash his chest, scrub his back, and then the rest of his body as her eyes never felt to gaze into his eyes. Slowly, she was now on her knees in front of him to wash the rest of him. Her brown chocolate eyes sparkled as her soft lips smiled at her warmly as the water fell on them both.

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Once more she would use the magic word which was music to his ears. He would gently wash and touch every crevice to make sure she was clean and to make sure she felt good while he was doing it. Eventually she grabbed some body wash for him, and finally, she started to return the favour for lack of a better term. It felt nice with how she did it. He would look at her lovingly and pepper her with a few more kisses

He watched her as she was now on her knees to was tje rest of him. He would eye her curiously, reaching to run his fingers thru her hair. Gently and briefly massagimg that scalp to make sure everything was nice and clean. Granted he didnt know her hair type yet and what shampoo was perfect for her. He would guess that for now they share. He watched her as she was down there helping him, calling her his beloved

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Her eyes fluttered as she felt her hair being massaged, almost washed as one of her weaknesses was for her hair to be played with. A hot breath of air escaped her lips as she tried to fight this instinct she was feeling. Was this normal? She tried to think of the weird manga she read one time, the one where she learned a few other things. Her eyes gazed up at him and then couldn't help but smile at him and the fact he was calling her 'his beloved', making her feel loved, and wanted. The feelings she had never felt before, in any way one could think till she had met him. Not just in this heating passionate way, but also as if she was in an empty dark room, a hand reaching out with it being his to take her away from the darkness and into the starry night. That was when she put the sword in the soft warm stone just like in the manga, putting the sword fully inside the stone that felt hot, warm, and sticky glossa.

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He was begining to learn so much... about himself and what he liked. In this case, the position both were in as he would look down to her. Running his fingers through her hair, gently washing or massaging her scalp, almost as if he was petting her. And soon she did something he honestly kind of hoped she would do. And he felt real good about it.
"Oh Karisa~" he would speak almost as if its a moan.
He still held her hair as he wondered what to do. But so far he figured following his instincts hasnt failed him now, but the way now she was working with him. Well, now he was the one that felt like he was in heaven and he was the more vocal one as he probably discovered his new favourite thing as funnily enough, he hasnt actually read any manga about this human experience

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Karisa read too many different types of manga and books, some made her blush more than others. They taught her some things since she never had anyone to teach her anything, well, besides her shadow friend who was actually her Takeover. He would just teach her the basics of human emotions and make it easier to communicate. Her magic though made everything in her mind into reality for her as Karisa was able to create illusions. This though? This was far from illusions and the sound he was making as she was doing this was magical enough, singing to her ears, making her work harder. If she was willingly going to choke on a banana, this would be the part where she was. Totally not a pun for a fourth wall event that happened. Karisa closed her brown eyes for a moment as she was sucking on the popsicle, tasting the flavor with her tongue, speeding it up as she could feel the melting of her actions in his voice. She craved it, loved it and it just made her all so more addicted. He was hers and knew now she was going to get stronger to keep it that way. Her beautiful brown eyes shot up to look into his dark brown eyes as he petted her.

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He was in heaven and she was helping him make quite the orchestra of sounds with her technique. But as he was experiencing what could possibly be best described as achieving Nirvana, he noticed something was missing. Listening, he could only hear himself. And while Karisa did something that was amazing and too good for words. He discovered as much as he loved this pleasure he was feeling. He preferred the sound of her voice to accompany his own. It was a lonely orchestra of sound without her soprano. An incomplete melody. And if he had to choose between this pleasure and the voice, he realized that he much more prefers the sound of her voice. As much as he loved this what he was feeling now, he imagined he wont be doing it any time soon. So he was use this one time to his upmost pleasure.
"I love youu~" he spoke

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