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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa)

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) Empty Fri Nov 17, 2023 1:50 pm

Today was a new day, and just like any other day, the joyan had to get prepared, freshed up, get dressed, make sure everything is perfect, and one morning routine later you would get a joyan ready to take on the day. He made sure his room was all tidy in his absence, because cleanliness was important. And the room was a representation of a person. And he was perfect, thus his surroundings had to be so as well.

Now, he considered what to do. He figured perhaps he could take a quest for the guild. Something rather simple and easy, so as he went out of his room and into the rest of the guild hall, he wanted to see what quests were available, although something or someone caught his eye. It was Karisa and it looked like she was reading something. With a soft smile as a devilish and mischevious idea popped into his mind. He decided to say hi to her.
By casually sitting beside her on the couch as she was reading and asking her "Why hello there. Long time no see. What are you reading over there?~"

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She hummed softly as she was listening to music and reading her romance book. The book was getting cuter and yet all she could think about were her own daydreams and story that she mentally made yet not in words. Karisa sat on the couch she slept on all the time. She had on her large light blue sweatshirt and black flare stretchy pants. Her shoes were crocs that were black and had lilac and gold colors on them. Her brown hair was in a messy bun with her separated bangs that went against her chubby face. She didn't notice anyone or anything till she suddenly saw a figure sitting next to her out of nowhere from her point of view. Her heart leaped when she realized it was Dae. She stopped her music and took off her headset. She faced him and gave a shy smile. "O-oh, hai. I'm just reading some romance slice of life story." Karisa explained innocently with her doe brown eyes gazing at him.

"What are you up to today?" She asked, trying to talk casually and normal.

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) Empty Sat Nov 18, 2023 1:35 am

Where as she was dressed rather casual like at home. He was dressed much more formally. It was the typical Blue Pegasus behaviour of always looking at your best and such, being fashionable. He had a grey suit this time, a white shirt, he still had his yellow contact lenses, because it matched his blue-yellow tie. He also still had that one earring on his ear, as well. He looked at Karisa as she took off her headset and greeted him, saying she was reading a romance slice of life story. Hmm, makes sense to listen to music to put one in the mood of whatever they were reading. For further immersion. That was cute

"Oh? Which book?" he said as he tried to peek at the cover. Though he of course also would answer her own question "I thought about doing a quest, but I think I changed my mind~ I decided to take a little detour" and so here he was. Questing can wait, this was much more fun than pathetic grunt work

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) Empty Sat Nov 18, 2023 4:14 am


Her eyes flicker towards him and then her book, shy and embarrassed, but she was going to answer anyway, "Horimiya, it's quite adorable and cute, but I also have been reading Kamisama kiss," she responds and then listens to him talk. She was oblivious to if he meant a literal detour or if the detour was after talking to her. "O-oh, mmm, I think I'm going to cook some breakfast before anything since I'm kind of hungry," Karisa spoke, but then she really didn't want to leave this spot. Not only because she was somewhat lazy, but she didn't want to leave his side, she was comfortable. Truthfully, she could lean against him and go back to sleep, hopefully getting actual sleep for once due to her insomnia.

"Maybe we can just go somewhere for breakfast?" she wondered with her tired brown eyes gazing at his eyes as she wondered what he was thinking about. This time she did get up slowly, offering her hand despite him being a little taller and that her heart was still beating nervously. At least she knew from their last meet up that they were both afraid to mess something up, they were both inexperienced so this was going to be quite the ride.

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"Ah yes those. I have read those" he then chuckles and says "I wont spoil it for you though" he then spoke how thought about questing, but changed his mind upon seeing her, prefering to spend time with her. She said she might cook breakfast, but also offered that maybe they could instead go somewhere together

"Hmmm" he closed his eyes and thought about his answer with a soft hum, before opening his eyes again to meet hers and answering "I am fine with either choice. I could help you around the kitchen if you wish. Like, what did you plan to eat for breakfast. Do you have a routine?" he did wonder what did she eat for breakfast. Oats? Egg recipes? Smoothies? Bread? Pancake or waffle? and so much more that didnt come to his mind.
"If you want I can let you rest here and make something you recommend. That way we dont have to spend money" he didnt really want to interrupt her book reading and going out just seemed so unnecessary. Besides, he had his own rather strict diet that he'd rather control what he eats; and this way they are cheaper with a meal as opposed going to some fancy or average place. Also, he did believe he was superior to others and just better. So why not show that.

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Karisa chuckles lightly and smiles at Dae. "Oh no, this is my third time reading Kamisama and then my second time reading the other one, but thank you for not being a spoiler.~" she teased and giggled sweetly, her eyes lighting up to the playful gestures between the two that almost felt natural. "Mmm, I do like boiled eggs, fruit, and french toast... Oh! I love hashbrowns." she speaks in thought out loud to him. Karisa couldn't believe that someone was offering her to make something for her. It made her feel warm, but also paranoid yet she knew trust needed to be built and yet she flung that out the window at the first sight and the first sound of him like some excited animal, but not to where she'd make it that obvious.

"Oh! If you're sure, I'd love that," Karisa told DaeSeong with her lids half-closed and her smile small yet both filled with joy and appreciation as her eyes shone by the guild hall lights, your appearance and gaze being the only things being seen by her despite her book in her hand.

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) Empty Sat Nov 18, 2023 2:50 pm

"Oho. An avid reader I see. I am more of a one and done kind of person when it comes to certain literature" unless theres a plot twist that warrants a re read if it has hints and clues. But cheesy romance novels dont typically earn a re read from him. Not unless he really feels like he needs to learn or understand something.

In regards to breakfast, he offered to make her some, because it seemed less of a hassle for him to make her something. Where as going out just seemed a bit lame. He doesnt mind going out for coffee or lunch or dinner. But breakfast seems too much. Once he heard what she liked for breakfast, he smiled and took off his suit coat and placed it on the couch so it doesnt get dirty from any food making.
"Very well, I shall make something with that in mind." Boiled eggs, fruit, and hmm yes... the last one was more minstrel style of breakfast making, which he was less familiar with
"I'll be back soon" he said in a sing song voice as he made his way to the kitchen to make her breakfast. But only a bit more joyan

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Karisa's eyes followed him as he was removing himself from beside her. The tired brown eyes mirrored his existence as she turned her body where her front part was against the couch to watch him like a curious animal or child. She felt anxious about being cooked something by someone, but she couldn't believe a man was cooking her something. It made her heart race as she watched still. She no longer cared about her manga or music as her full attention was on this man who became her friend within a day. She watched him take his suit coat before fully going to the kitchen which was literally not far from where she was at.

Her eyes quickly darted to look at his suit coat and then back at him. Her mind went to wanting to smell it like some weirdo or someone who really was into the scent thing that comes from the animalistic and paranormal races as that is how those types find their mate or one who they are solely made for. She felt strange, Karisa felt like she was really weird and now she felt awkward for wanting to, for thinking it and enjoying it. Deep inside she was crying with turmoil and judgment. Karisa had no words to say and just wanted to enjoy something new to her, something she had never experienced.

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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa) Empty Mon Nov 20, 2023 4:13 am

One might think he is a weirdo, but when it comes to senses such as scent, he was meticulous in making sure he was perfect. In all ways. Including scent. Sure he'd wear cologne, but again he'd make sure his scent was perfect for any occassion. Granted he was a bit of an egoist and thought his own natural one was already amazing, and so only had strong perfume when he knew he'd work out a lot or sweat.
Perfectionism aside, he'd roll up his sleeves as he entered the kitchen and thought for a moment what meal to make or what she would like.

He wasnt really the generic type of person and didnt just want to make a simple meal that so basic and vanilla. He wanted to put his own spin in it. His own flavour, metaphorically speaking. Again he mentally repeated the foods she liked, so he could make something with elements of those. He focused in on the egg. Ok it wont be a boiled egg, but it will be an egg. He went to the fridge where he left some leftover rice. He wanted to make Gyeran bap, because it was a breakfast you could make in 5 minutes. And so, Karisa wouldnt really wait for long. Boiled egg tends to be lengthy to make. What, you need like 10 minutes for it to become hard boiled? She'll probably starve to death by then and they do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Gyeran bap is satisfying dish. A fried egg with rice breakfast dish. All you need is egg, leftover rice, butter, soy sauce and sesame oil. Ready to enjoy in less than 5 minutes. So he made sure to make the dish. Steamed rice mixed with a fried egg, soy sauce, sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds in a bowl. It would be done soon enough and presentable enough for the lady. Which he would make his way back to, so he may serve her her breakfast. He didnt use any toppings because he wanted to show her the basic recipe as is, before going any 'fancier'.
Anywho, he made his way back to Karisa and gave her the breakfast
"Bon apetit" he said as he rolled down his sleeves and took back his black suit coat with had a blue pegasus embled on the upper sleeve near the shoulder

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Karisa continued to watch him, the smell of the food now taking over any other scent that was once there. The smell of soy sauce was a little overpowering but in a good way since food. She listened to the sound of the cooking, the sound of him making some noises while he was really into it and she just found it adorable as her brown eyes just watched him, her head resting on the back of the couch as she did. She was so used to having to cook for herself or go to some cafe or even a restaurant to get something cooked for her. Seeing him done, she positioned herself so she was sitting on the couch now, her head turning to see him hand her the food. Smiling warmly and simply she looked at him directly, gratefulness. "Mmm! Thank you, DaeSeong. It smells wonderful," Karisa then slowly takes a bite and enjoys the first taste.

She knew she wanted to add crushed peppers, but she enjoyed his cooking the way he made it for reasons of her own. Her eyes flickered to look at him and then at her food. She was self-conscious about people seeing her eat since she wasn't quite the lady when it came to food, but this time she would eat a little slow and enjoy each bite till she was done. "The food is amazing.~" she complimented. After being done, she slowly got up to go clean the dishes with the magical dishwasher cause this was a magical world. Karisa turns and looks at him, leaning over the countertop island. Her chest was over the counter with her arms on top of them as her brown eyes gazed into his own eyes. "So what would you like to do today?" She auto asked without thinking about her words.

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He smiled politely and nodded as she thanked him and complimented the smell. He sat on the couch beside her, but gave her the space to eat in peace. And he took her book to see where she stopped. He gave her a glance and just then their eyes met. He just gave her another smile and continued to look at the book. To him staring at someone eating was weird and uncomfortable. It was weird being watched when you eat. But it was also odd and unfathomable to him to stare at someone eat. So he merely sat by her and read her book as she ate.

When she spoke of the food, he looked up from the book. "Ah thank you. I am not much of a chef or anything. It is just a local recipe from my home country. Or well more province or region. Not quite the same as rest of Joya." there was more to it of course, but he refused to elaborate any further. Instead he allowed her to eat in peace.

After she was done she slowly got up "Hm?" to clean the dishes and use the magical appliances. She turned to look at him and then asked him what did he like to do today "Hmm" he leaned back in his seat, resting her book in his lap as he thought about it "Well, I can always do work some other day. So, we could spend some time together. What are you in the mood for, hobby or interest wise" he did want to get to know her more through her own passions. Last time they did something he liked. Singing and such. He wanted to dabble into whatever she was into

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Karisa didn't want to pry on the subject since she did remember him leaving Joya. She did not know the exact reason nor did it truly matter, but she then thought of something. She listened to what his opinion was on what they could do today and it seemed he wanted her to choose. Her eyes gazed away in thought as she tried to use her head. She knew the time was before five right now, but she didn't truly care. Slowly, she got up patted down her pant legs, and adjusted her sweatshirt before putting her hand on her hip. "Well, how about I do some mixology, and we can play a little game at the same time?" She wondered curiously as she was unsure if he'd drink with her, but it was the first time she could think of without having to leave the guildhall.

If he agreed, she went over to the bar counter and knew Alisa had a lot of options since Blue Pegasus loved their fancy parties and she put in her own special bottles. She leaned over the counter there now and gazes at him. "Mmm, we can get to know each other more. We can play 1 truth, 2 lies or we can go right at it and ask each other questions. You don't have to answer anything if you decide not to though," Karisa gazes away anxiously and then looks back before ducking under the counter to grab things.

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"That does sound fun. It is something we both do as a hobby." he liked the idea and joined her over to the bar area. She mentioned that they could get to know eachother more and he nodded. She mentioned they could play 1 truth 2 lies or they can go and ask eachother questions
"I have not played 1 truth and 2 lies. How does one play that?" he considered taking that option since he never really played that game. Plus it would give Karisa something more to do, like explain the rules of the game. And put her in a position where she can be more confident of herself and her skills where she is teaching him something.
He would be sure to learn how that little game was played so they can enjoy it together.
"I must say though, I am a light drinker. Do not expect me to consume too much beverages. I do love making them though" he clarified once more. He was sure he said it before, but just in case Karisa forgot, he repeated it. Considering that last time they went thru so much, he wasnt sure what stuck, especially since before she got to sing her song, she tried to get herself drunk for that extra confidence.

He did play it off back then that he didnt notice it, but he did. He was glad she didnt get wasted before on the stage and gave a heartfelt perfomance, he appreciated the heart and soul put in the music. Rather then just get sloshed and wasted and black out. Like if that happened he'd just have to fling her over his shoulder and carry her. Not really graceful, but would get the job done. But that was then and this is now. He was curious to play this game of hers. He wondered if he was imagining it right

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Karisa looked at him and thinks on how to explain since she was bad at explaining things. "Mmm, so you say three things, right? Like an example would be; I love Lilacs, Orchids and white-blue lilies, being the first thing. I hate the color of gold and black, being the second thing and then I've traveled to all the countries before. You will then guess which one is the truth out of those three things. If you get it wrong, you'll take a shot or a sip, or we can just say 'That was wrong'." She giggles softly and smiles at you. "So for example, now it's your turn to pick which one you think is the right truth about me and I'll say wrong or truth, and then you tell me 2 lies about yourself and a true fact. Also, make sure to randomize the truth and lies so it's not in the same order all the time," She continued. She finally takes out a few bottles and then takes out some glasses.

"Is there a specific type of glass you like more to drink out of?" Karisa wondered softly while also waiting for your answer. She didn't expect him to drink a lot, but she was hoping that he wouldn't mind if she did since she could handle enough and knew when to stop. Her heart was beating as she enjoyed that he was accepting her and these hobbies even when she knew he liked mixology too. Her big brown shining eyes gazed towards him while she started to mix her own drink from behind the counter and also the one she was making him.

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As Karisa explained the game, he'd nod "I see. So you make 3 statements. 2 which are false and one truthful one. And I must discern the truthful one. If I get it wrong I must drink" he spoke as he repeated the rules of the games in his own words, purely to see if he understood the game so Karisa could correct him if he got something wrong.

So since she said he can pick among her 3 statements which is truthful, he thought about it for a moment. "You traveling to all countries is false. So its between flowers and colours" which is more likely though. He scanned her appearance with his eyes. Head to toe he'd look over her to scan the colours of her outfit and accessories. But then in his minds eye he also did so to himself, considering she liked him. So surely she cant hate gold and black. His contact lenses were yellow, almost like gold. And they did have lovely long gazes into eachothers eyes. Also his suit too is the colour. Surely she must like flowers "The truth is... You love Lilacs, Orchids and white-blue lilies" he said his guess. To which he awaited if he got it right or wrong.

As they played the game, she'd ask if there is a specific type of glass he likes to drink out from. "No, I am not picky, my darling" he answered her, but he didnt really want her to understand the last few words, so he switched to sinese, because it was similar to joyan but different

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"Correct, that is how you play it," She smiled sweetly as she grabbed a cocktail glass. Her eyes were gazing at her own movements, grabbing different bottles, and pouring a specific amount in each. She grabbed a few things from her special dresser under the counter and then finally poured things in. The drink has a special black cherry liquor that makes the drink as black as the night. She then added elderflower cordial with gold shimmery luster dust as it swirled in the black liquid, creating stars and swirls as if within the galaxy. She remembered him ordering a tequila sunrise, thinking he liked sweet drinks just like she did, but she wanted to make one that made her think of him, but she wasn't going to tell him that.

Karisa listens to his answer and giggles sweetly, smiling as she makes her drink. "Correct, those are my favorite flowers. I love nature a lot, but I do love those the most." She gave a lighter smile and blushed as she was wondering what that word meant, the one in Sinese. "Your turn to tell me something now, my star in the night~" She playfully spoke while making her drink, speaking her ancient nordic language.

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Dae-seong gave her a sweet smile, he was genuinely happy he managed to deduce her truth. But now that he got an example. He needed to think of three sentences, three statements. " Number one, I love the thrill of battle. Number two, I am a perfectionist and a workaholic. Number three, my natural eye colour is blue" he gave her two lies and one truth. It was a bit hard what to tell her in this format. But he imagines she could guess the truth, that he had a work ethic considering he wanted to actually do quests before seeing her on the couch. Although even the lie about the eye colour would reveal to her that the yellow or gold isnt his natural eye colour, just in case she believed that. But she would probably know joyans typically have darker coloured hair and eye colour and he was one of those typical boring people, hence why he made sure to dye his hair and use contact lenses.

He playfully chuckled when he heard her speak icebergian or what he deduced was icebergian. He wished he could of known what she said. But if it was anything like what he was saying, he had a vague idea that they could be giving eachother pet names.
"Does this mean we are like a thing or a ... romance?" he mentally thought to himself in his own little thought  bubble as he really was daft at what point does something become an official relationship. And is it too fast? Thoughts for later, although personally, he didnt mind. He liked Karisa, he likes the way she looks at him and speaks to him, the way she acts around him. It was... perfect~

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She was making her drink and smiles while thinking. She was blushing at the nickname she called him as it was something new, different for her. Her eyes flickered to look at him and then back at her drink. She took a sip and thought of his turn. She was thinking about her time with him and then the things he has said. "Mmm, perfectionist and workaholic? As the truth." She wondered and smiled sweetly. She'd wait for him to talk, answer, and once he was finished, Karisa was going to think about her next one.

"I love sour foods, I've had a shadow friend all my life that comes from my unique magic, and I have 3 siblings.as the last one." She spoke and took a drink, ate some fruit while gazing at Dae. She wanted to go deeper lore about each other as she felt this was a good time.

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He actually giggled in a cute manner "Yes, that is true. I like to bury myself at work. Most of my hobbies are just my job aspirations." he was happy she guessed it. He loved how she was perceptive. Perhaps the way they encountered eachother gave it away or perhaps he wanted her to guess so he gave her an easy one and not something she couldnt possibly know.

Now it was her turn to speak the statements, he thought about it and tried to deduce it the same manner as if he was a detective. He believes he didnt see her eat sour foods. He couldnt remember what they ate together as the memories of their bonding stuck out more to him than the actual food to go. So it was either siblings or magic
"I will guess that the magic fact is the true one." he doesnt remember her mentioning siblings. Though it gave him an idea for his own statement. Maybe he should reveal that factoid. Or maybe he can flirt with a truth. Or maybe both. He enjoyed their time together a lot. Truth be told, his fondness grew for her as time passed. She was a good one. Definitely deserved a bit more than a couch. But for now, he needed to think of his lies for her

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Karisa blushed as she listened to him giggle, it was enduring and she felt warm to hear it. She used to be a working addict but with her own things. She wondered what he was going to say, and which one of her questions were real. She enjoyed her alcohol as she took a few drinks of hers. She hoped Dae liked his, at least a little bit. What if he didn't? Was her skills wrong? She swore that she made it similar to the drink he ordered at the Karaoke club. After he answered, she gave a small smile, gazing into her drink which was also a little dark, but more blue and had swirls of pink, blues, and purples. On the side of the glass was a fruit that was shaped like a flower.

"Correct, my magic is one I've been born with and the shadow that follows and watches over me is a fragment of the God that I can take over." She sighed and gave a small smile, drinking her alcoholic beverage, and thinking about her past. "He was there for me when I was going through everything in my past. The only thing that has kept me sane, really, despite what God he is," She chuckles lightly and finally looks up at Dae with a warm, light-filled, and sweet closed smile while tilting her head a little to the side. Her brown eyes sparkle with life and shines from the lights around them.

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He would sip his own drink, but he was much more into the game to even think of drinking. He curiously listened to her as she explained her truth. It was unique, but he wouldnt question it. Doesnt like the idea of some imaginary like friend observing him. And with magic its oddly real?

"Ah my turn. Number 1, I have visited the country of Iceberg. Number 2, I have a younger sibling. Number 3, I am gifted in the art of drawing" a relatively easy one. He never visited Iceberg and he wasnt much of a visual artist as he focused on music more. So the truth was he had a younger sibling. While his little sister does look up to him.... he doesnt give a shit. He really doesnt care about his family, he cant benefit from them anymore. So they were of no use to him.

Instead of looking towards the past, he would look towards the future. Which now was Karisa, as he would lock gazes with her, waiting to see what she will say or guess. He wondered though, what can be his next move. Part of him wanted to gaze back at the book she was reading to get some stupid tip or idea. But alas it was unavailable. He would have to improvise. So where to take her out

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Karisa listened to his turn as she was trying to think on which one would fit him. Iceberg was realistic, but for him, there wasn't much in Iceberg that was truly worthy of visiting besides the culture itself. He didn't seem the type to want to go to a place like that, despite that being her Home Country. The younger sibling was also something that could be really true and so could the art of drawing, but her eyes started to scan and then remembered his hands and how they felt. There was also the fact that he was more of a singer, not a painter or drawer of most parts. "Mmm~" She playfully hummed and giggled anxiously in hoping she didn't get anything wrong. "Is it the Sibling part?~" Karisa asked softly and sweetly, her brown eyes gazing into his eyes with a blush on her face out of embarrassment due to her thoughts.

After Dae answered, she knew it was her turn, so she took a drink. It was making her feel really warm inside, but she knew how to still be a little logical while drinking. "Alright, let us do one last one and we can move onto maybe direct questions or 'Never have I ever'." She spoke and then tried to think of something. "I love the water life, including the animals, but have a fear of dark and deep waters, second one, I've never had a head injury, third one, I've read every romance manga there is," She spoke and smiled. She felt like she should make the last one a hard one without giving any clues. Sure normally she would have used this opportunity to do a cute, romantic, or some other bit in this last turn, but Karisa was too oblivious to even her own feelings a little bit. Karisa giggled softly and smiled at him, leaning her head on her hand as a rest.

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He observed her with a soft gaze as she would try to guess which of his statements were true, eventually settling for the sibling fact. He spoke "Correct. I do have a younger sister" it seemed the best truth, it was a false fact with her, but a true one for him. Beside Mimi was the visual artist in the guild, not him. He enjoyed her blush and her rather cute gestures as he'd sip his drink, she was adorable.

Now it was her turn to speak the facts and as he listened to her last round, he thought to himself, it seemed tough as he had no clues to deduce it, so he had to go with a blind guess "I am guessing the third fact is the true one" reading romance mangas. Since she read the books. Mangas dont seem far out of the realm of possibility. Curiously he'd watch her as he'd think of his own last little fact, as well as the never have i ever game. It was all so fun

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Karisa listened to him and she was glad she got it right, but she knew that since her last one was a little hard, his might be too, whichever you take. The glass went against her lips to drink the rest of her drink before pouring more for herself as she was enjoying this more than she should or maybe it was just because she got to gaze at someone she actually found attractive, both inside and out. Karisa wasn't going to do anything of course since she was romance dumb nor did she think he'd like or even, All father forbid, love her. She felt like she didn't deserve love despite her name's meaning. Once he guessed, she gave a smile, didn't want to make him feel any negative feelings.

"Incorrect.~ I wish, but no, it was the first one. I love water animals, I love the feeling of water, I love swimming and I take a shower once to twice a day, but I'm," She paused and frowned, "I'm afraid of drowning, dark deep water and it's not something I'm proud of..." Karisa revealed a vulnerable fact, if not multiple since she didn't know how to not be an open book. "Also, I've had a couple head injuries, not proud of those either," She jested yet serious as she giggled and drank some of her beverage.

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"Oh my, I should have guessed since Hargeon" but he didnt think the location itself would be a clue. To which Karisa would reveal more about herself, more serious stuff. Stuff, he didnt know how to empathize with really. He didnt really know how to react. Concern was one thing people expressed at bad stuff, so he visually, expressed that. With his face, while trying to find the words to express some sort of sympathy "Ah well... I am sorry you went through that" he mentally berated himself for the dumbest most political move ever. He hoped this was enough for her, he doubted but it was the most he could do.

"Lets try to move onto something nicer. Ok, so my last round. Number 1, I want to ask you out on a date. Number 2, my favourite literature genre is comedy. Number 3, my magic is lightning elemental"
he came up with rather stupid lies, but he figures she can guess this one, since he figures he can step up this relationship and see if it goes anywhere.

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