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Wouldn't Waste a Second (Karisa)

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Karisa instantly motioned her hands in an 'it's okay' way. "No, no, I don't want pity, I just wanted to give out more facts since it had to do with the answer," She spoke anxiously and shyly, making sure to smile closed mouth as she never opens her mouth to smile. Karisa then listened to his last one, her eyes gazing away so she could concentrate on his three statements. The first one made her blush and suckle in her lips as her heart was beating. ' That has to be the lie, right?' Her heart was thundering more than Thor's hammer upon the Icebergian Country. Her brown eyes flickered to gaze into Dae's eyes and then away as she then thought about the other two. She didn't know his magic, his magic was the one thing she had no idea about out of many.

Could he be into comedy? "Mmm, well, I don't know your magic so I'll go with that one," Karisa gave a small smile and took a sip of her drink. Her brown eyes gazing into his own eyes that were, right now, golden-yellow. Karisa wasn't sure which one was truly the fact as her insecurities wouldn't allow her to believe that the first one was right.

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He had no problem switching the topic, maybe to a normal onlooker it would be an unnatural speed to which he'd switch from sympathy and concern to a random guessing game topic, so he had no problem saying his 3 sentences, one in which was him blatantly asking her out.

Once she made her guess, he chuckled "Oh you cute little angel." he said as he softly and slowly took her hand and looked into her eyes "Its the first one. I am asking you out" he'd lift his other hand to her to demonstrate his magic, which was light element instead and he used it to conjure up a flower of hard light. Light elemental in nature, but unlike natural light it was more... physical and tangible instead. Once he demonstrated his magic he dissipated the flower construct into a few sparkles of light that faded away. His magic was more for showmanship than combat. It was showy and fancy. It could be lethal if he wanted to. But because his main goal now was music and showmanship, its why his magic was focused that way more.

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Her eyes widened and sparkled while her chubby face blushed brightly red. She felt shocked, of course, she would since she couldn't believe someone would ask her out on a date. Was this finally her own slice of life, Romance Manga story? Is this the start of it? Or will it turn out like Tokyo Ghoul or some other Manga where a date goes horribly wrong in the end or later in the story? Of course though since Karisa was a sucker for romance and he seemed really truthful, she nodded, feeling his hand twining with her own soft silk, warm hand. Their eyes gazing into each other's, "I-... Are you sure? I mean, yes," She was flustered about this as her mind and heart were having war with each other with logic and emotion.

'Wait, did he call me a cute little angel?' Karisa thought and blushed more if she could, her breathing felt breathless but was soft and a little heavy as she felt nervous. She hated that she breathed heavily because sometimes breathing annoyed people. It was an odd thing to hate, but people will be like that sometimes. She watched his magic and then smiled more, "It's pretty.~" She spoke softly and cheerfully. Her eyes then look at his, "I... I don't know what to do after being asked on a date..." Karisa spoke to Dae, her heart still beating.

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He chuckled softly whens he spoke are you sure and then yes. He loved her reaction, her blushing, her body language, facial expression, everything. He simply loved the reaction to it. And of course the compliment to his magic. But now she asked what does one do, after being asked out. He merely relaxed and finished his drink, before saying "We continue like normal. You wished to play never have i ever, or something along those lines. Why dont you show me how its done, much like the truth and lies one"

Besides, he needed to actually think about the date. They could see a movie, if she was into that or go out for a dinner. Some outdoorsy activity. Or if she's into doing that today or another day. But for now, if she was excited, best to ease her into the fact that she has a date and just let her relax. They can get to know eachother more. Maybe she will look at this game in a different light now that he asked her out and has shown an interest in her.

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Karisa tries to calm her nerves as she tries to think about this as another day, but it's not since he was her date. Was this counting as their date? She nods towards him wanting her to start the game, thinking of something as she wondered if she should make the game more towards what dates would ask. "Okay, well usually it's more fun with more people, but let me see..." She spoke innocently, thinking as she then gazed at him. Something in her felt controlled, as if her 'friend' was giving her a push, "Never have I ever been with anyone before, - that is my fact, if you relate, you if at some point in your life has done the action that the I said must drink. If you haven't, you then say something you have never done and I drink if I have. so on.~" Karisa explains as she waits for him to drink that says he has been with someone, who takes his turn, meaning he has never. Karisa's 'friend' who was her magic was now half in control to help her nervousness, but to anyone, no one would tell the difference. She blushed and looked at him, waiting.

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He nodded as he listened to her explain the game. Albeit he took a minute longer to grasp it. So if he was right then players take turns listing potential experiences they've never had. If someone has done the action in question, they take a shot or a sip. If no one has done the action in question, the person who posed the query takes a drink. He gave another nod as he understood. Right so
"I have not been with anyone." he said, agreeing with her fact. He was the single ready to mingle type. Never really being with someone. So Karisa is the first. Funny enough, he was a lot more inexperienced with relationships. A lot of the confidence is pure bluff and poker face and him assuming control of things so he can be actually confident.

Now it was his turn. What has he never done, he would ponder as he would gaze up as he was thinking and remembering "Never have I ever.....drank an entire bottle of wine" he shrugged as he really couldnt think of stuff he didnt do. So this was the best he could come up with. The game was a lot more reverse psychology for him where he needed to think of things he DIDNT do rather than things he DID do. It was surprisingly harder to think of stuff than he anticipated

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"Of wine?" Karisa thinks and chuckles as if she wasn't a huge wine person. She took her cocktail and took a shot of it since she had never done that. The taste of wine was really bitter to her and she didn't really like bitter or sour things. She had to think of something else. Was he going for more subjects of casual and should she continue with her plan of asking less casual things? Karisa's 'friend' was thinking for her as she bit my lower lip. Would she be seen as bad if she went through the route of being more confident? She was drinking, so it did bring out more confidence. "Never have I ever kissed anyone before," She blushed and looked away as she was yelling mentally at her Takeover for asking such an embarrassing thing.

Karisa swore she could hear her takeover God chuckling, only she could hear him. Her brown eyes gazed at her galaxy-colored drink as she wondered how far was her 'friend' going to go and will she ever recover emotionally as she felt flustered about the questions, but it was mainly because these are things she really wanted to know, but normally would be shy to ask.

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"Oh?" he said as he heard her line "I have not kissed anyone." he then ponders about his own fact. Perhaps make it more romantic himself. So he should delve into his romantic inexperience perhaps. Though before he did say his line, he wanted to ask her but do you want to. Although he swallowed those words because it didnt seem appropriate to smooch during a game. He thought the best and most opportune kiss moment was in the evening. Before they go their seperate ways. Which in this case will be her in his bed

Because he will make her switch places with him and take the couch. He felt she deserved a bed considering how she said she slept. He needed to have a word with Alisa about that or maybe if she wants to maybe share his room and he could get her another bed? Kinda seems too soon to sleep together before their first date. Its called jumping the shark.
"Never have I ever... made out with anyone" he spoke and continued the game trying to keep it romance themed. Since he was never in a relationship and never kissed someone, he of course didnt do anything beyond that

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She looked at her as she was wondering what his response will be. Has he ever kissed anyone yet? Is he as inexperienced as she was? Well, her Takeover God was here to help her out since she was shy and didn't want him to feel awkward yet Loki didn't care, he's going to do this anyways and make her say things that she deeply desired to know. After hearing from him that he didn't kidd anyone before, she then heard about making out. She remembered from reading the manga that making out and kissing was the same thing but making out how to do with more touching the person's body and it was more intimate than just kissing. She blushed really hard as she thought about the manga that she read that had all that plus more things that she was not proud of reading. She did accidentally one time if not several read a manga that had a lot of things that she did not normally read about. It made her feel funny and it was intense.

"I.. I have not." She spoke softly, more high pitched than normal due to her thoughts right now. Her heart beating like constant thunder. She could feel Lokis play at hand. "Never have I ever slept in the same bed as someone non-platonic..." She obviously meant in general but also intimately.

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He chuckled softly and took his own sip since she never did that too. Soon enough saying her own thing. "Neither have I~" indeed, he has not. He was just as new as her relationship wise. Only he managed to carry himself as more confident.
"Never have I ever,....confessed to someone that I love them" again he went the romance route, since he was never in a relationship, he never really got to confess that he was in love with a person. GRANTED, he never actually fell in love before, so that wasnt an issue. He was a guy married to success or the ambition of fame and success. That he never really opted to look into dating. On contraire, he did reject people back in Joya. Mostly females, but a few males here and there. He just focused on his skills. Yet, Karisa was one of the people that caught his attention. He wondered how come and why.

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Karisa wasn't sure what to really say about not confessing love because she really hasn't really felt love before so she doesn't even know what the word really is. She could feel it but she wouldn't know that it is love that she was feeling. "I haven't either," shebgave a warm smile as her brown eyes gazed at her drink.

The only love she has felt was perhaps friendship and from the God that is her magic. Karisa felt truly something different for Daeseong, but wasn't sure what it was, but it made her desire and feel things she has never felt before. It was why Loki was enjoying his mischief of making her say these things. Because these are the unexplainable things she deeply desired but didn't know consciously,  only subconsciously. She blushed hotly at the thought of being confessed,  of having her own manga story. She had to calm her emotions down though before 'she' takes control. "Never have I ever..." she paused,  gulping as she tried to think of something,  anything to distract her from her current thoughts.

Loki knew Karisa was frozen in anxiety and her heart was exploding with emotions,  the alcohol and him being in front of her,  his hand still twined with hers of all things from before. "Never have I ever done anything romantic or anything two people would do..." she felt dumb about saying it like that but her mind was really not there.

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He did enjoy the time and the game with her. But he had not anticipate that it would take a rather romantic turn. It made him wonder, should he in turn make it oh so much more romantic. Once she made her own statement or question. He softly chuckled and spoke "Neither have I~" he has done nothing remotely romantic. And honestly, he had no romantic never have i evers. It seems both were at this romantic stalemate of no experience or knowledge. But with their game, the alcohol and these unknown feelings they both possess. He thought it was perhaps a time to try and attempt a move a tad bit closer to the lady in question.

It should be his turn to make a never have I ever. But truth be told, he had no sentence in mind. But what if? Well, it was time to be bold and stupid. If he asked her out in their last game, then in this one he had
"Never have I ever... kissed you~" indeed, he perhaps thought it was the right moment to throw that offer on the table. They could, right? Would she be into that?

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She was still feeling this unknown heat in her heart. It was enough to burn the ice that her biological mother put within her, but unknowingly to any, anything could bring it back by ten folds if not careful. Both of them had emotions, unknown yet strong, new to it yet only knew things by books and manga. Karisa finally listened to his last one, well more like, wait, was he wanting to? Her eyes glistened with passion, her heart was clawing itself out to satisfy this unknown thirst and yet she tried to hold back.

She felt her lips move, "You have not... yet," her soft, gullwing bow lips spoke softly. Her lids closed half way as she looked at him rather passionately, rather due to these unknown feeling or the alcohol, she was definitely feeling something and Loki was going to not let her runaway no matter what her anxiety tells her.

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"Neither have I~" he spoke softly as he moved closer to Karisa, cupping her cheek and made his move. He looked at her perhaps longingly, passionately or... lustfully? He was not sure why he was so brave and quick in his approach. Perhaps the alcohol and gaming affected his logical mind and made him do rash moves.

Soon enough he closed the gap between them, slowly and steady. Until they finally made contact with their lips. Soft and gentle at first, at least from him, before it became more firey and passionate. Perhaps lustful was the word as he had no idea about love, but he knew of lust and its biological needs. Hed wrap his other arm around her in an embrace as hed kiss her. At his point he just followed some weird instinct he didnt understand, his eyes were closed and he would just enjoy whatever this is

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Karisa kept watch, the air starting to get thick from just their gazes and intense drunken feelings towards each other on top of their current ones. There was no one around, the silence beside their breaths and occasionally the sound of things outside. The feeling in her body was almost painful because of the heat, the feeling of her fear, and her desires fighting each other. Her mind was screaming at her, scratching at her to leave, to fall back, retreat, but the other part of her wanted to walk up towards DaeSeong, allowing him to approach with his own being. Her insecurities and past, like a child on their knees crying in the corner as they feared history repeating itself, the dark history that created a part of her that has yet to be revealed.

Her brown polished gem eyes that had shone from any source of light glistened and mirrored him and him alone as she saw him come to her closer. Her chubby face was painted color so easily that it was red as a tomato from the intense heat she was feeling and alcohol. Karisa's gullwing lips were naturally pink-red as they gave a contagious smile that made anyone feel welcome, and for Dae's case, it was a sweet paradise of emotions. Once closer, she could smell his strong scent that only got stronger once he was a few inches close, his hand that felt warm against her rosy, hot, soft cheek feeling sensual. Just his touch, his words made an instant stream of desire go from her heart to her lower desires that she had no idea what it meant. Karisa's mouth became dry instantly at this notion. Her head tilted to the movement of his hand which felt like a cloud to her. Karisa could tell he was wearing cologne but also could smell the natural part of the scent when she breathed from her mouth in a quiet suction of the air. He's smelled her natural smell of flowers and the smell of earthy seasons of fall, winter, and spring. The intensity of her emotions at this moment was suffocating as if she couldn't breathe. That was till she saw him finally going in for it, causing her eyes to close to fully witness what it was like to kiss, to feel something other than the painful emotions that she hid so well.

It made her more breathless, his lips felt so warm, and the feeling of his lips on hers made her feel like liquid love was going down her throat and bloodstream, into her heart. It made it pump up more blood than before. She gasped softly as she felt his arm go around her ample soft waist to pull her close, surprising her and making her large plump chest squish a little against his own, feeling their heartbeats sync perfectly as their lips caressed each other. Finally, her arms wrapped around his neck, one hand on the back of his head, fingers twining with the strands of his short hair. Her other hand squeezed a little on his neck to deepen the kiss between the two. Slowly, the two began getting more passionate in the kiss, their mouths opening to taste each other's breaths, their tongues dancing, tasting the alcoholic drink she made him. She gasped softly and breathlessly as her hand slowly slid off of his head and down to his shoulder and finally to his lower back. Something within her was feeling darker, but she couldn't stop this and she knew it'd be dangerous if he stopped it now that the Karisa within is getting a taste.

"D-DaeSeong..." She moaned softly, sweetly, and in her breathy accent against his lips as her eyes opened only for a mere moment before going in more. Her sinuous and chubby, soft body pressed against his with no space between them as they exchanged saliva and mixtures of the alcoholic drinks they both drank earlier. Usually, Karisa would be insecure about her weight now, but for some reason between the alcohol, the intensity of the passion, and DaeSeong himself, she was made to forget at this moment about her weight and the insecurities themselves. Slowly, she dragged him with slowly to the point he wouldn't notice till finally, her back was now against the wall to keep a better balance. Karisa's inner sinful being that was locked deeply into her soul could never have enough of this and now her doors were unlocked and opened for this moment, this day, for him and him alone and no one was going to take him from her now.

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The thing was that he didnt stop, he thought she was gonna be the timid one to back away and end the kiss. He didnt really anticipate her going all in. Pretty much just as him. The booze made him much more forward acting, tasting every bit of her essence, which also tasted of that cocktail from before. Considering she made it, it made him wonder was it like a love potion as well, because he forsake any precaution he normally had and just... enjoyed this.

Listening to her moan his name awoke a certain feeling he didnt know he had. But whatever this was. He loved it and was addicted to it. He definitely wanted more of this... of her. He then noticed that her back was against the wall. Did she drag him there? It didnt matter, it just meant he could be more... intense and hungry in his approach. Though he wondered how far could he take it. This kiss they had, it started to become more then a kiss. Which harkoned back to the earlier game where he said that he never made out with anyone. And now, he used this opportunity to fix that as he would hold her and kiss her

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Karisa's thirst was far from quenched. Was this because of something she has yet to discover or was this just her true deep desire? Perhaps it was because he was making her feel desired and loved and nothing gave her such euphoria as him right now as his scent, his taste, and the feeling of his hands even just around her waist made her feel pure happiness and pleasure. When her eyes closed, she felt the feelings twice as much as her senses could block off sight and enhance the others. Karisa wasn't experienced, not at all, but her instincts were pretty intense as she subconsciously knew what to do. Her soul could feel the other Karisa trying to come out, to break fully free to let them tear into this man's soul and completely make him hers. Karisa couldn't let that version of her out, no, she'd possess him, cling onto him, and she feared that her other version would chase him away because of it, because of that dangerous side that'd kill for him, because of him. No, she wouldn't allow it despite how strong these feelings were. Despite thinking that, she knew it would be futile after many things happen, or barely anything at all in other people's point of view.

Her soft lips continued to caress his lips as their tongues continued to dance, her right hand sliding now towards the opening part of his chest as she slipped it in, feeling the lining and sculpted parts of his pectoral area, gasping at the feeling of it now. She'd never felt a man, her nails trailing with her touch to leaving a massaging cool touch in her wake against his pectoral. Her left hand was on his shoulder and to the back of his neck once more to massage that area while their kiss was passionate, and it was as if they were sharing their DNA with another through their saliva, the taste to her added with the scent she smelt from him was like a pure drug that made her eyes roll back behind her closed lids. Her nails would finally be on his waist, grip a little possessively as her heart was beginning to open more, her desires spilling out like a flood of sweet pure emotions mixed with the desire to feel loved, and accepted, like she was the only one he wanted. To finally feel lifted and saved from the darkness of her world and past to let her know that she did deserve love and someone after all.

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He pretty much accepted this was beyond a kiss and a true make out session. He loved it and yet he still craved and lusted for more. He never felt these animalistic and carnal feelings before. The sensation of their lips and tongues connected, her own taste and essence, her touch on his skin. And yet, he wanted more. As he held her in his embrace and was kissing her, he felt something.

He opened his eye, just one eye that curiously gazed down as much as it could to see what did he feel. Mmm, it was her hand near his waist. Did she have the same train of thought as him. Considering they both had or lacked the same experiences, it felt that both were equally curious about how much this can go. This feeling of high, this strange and addicting and wonderful feeling. He'd open his other eye so he could look at her and only so briefly break the kiss to speak "Room. Now" yeah this wasnt a request. He would kiss her once more and slowly start to guide her to her room, for some true privacy

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Karisa felt so warm purely, so hot with desires that felt dangerous to her. Finally, the next thing happened as she felt him leave the warmth they had created with their touch and lips. Her eyelids opened slowly to see him gaze at her, making her gasp quietly and her heartstrings be played with like a harp. The way he was gazing at her made her feel more heated and passionate about what was going on between the two. His next two words were not questioning, but demanding and ordering which her heart instantly reacted to following and submissively going along as she wanted this. Before he led her to his room, she felt him kiss her once more as if for safe measures. Just in case of some unknown reason that is beyond her and she didn't care because she loved it.

Their fingers were twined like lovers, making her gulp, her brown sparkling eyes shimmer in a sweet high of aphrodisia. Her breathing increased from the anticipation of what would go on in his room as that is where she assumed they were going due to the fact that she didn't have her own room. Karisa's chest motioned due to size, her brown hair and bangs were a mess as she was trying to keep up with his taller form when he walked as his legs were longer than her own. Her heart increased more at the remembrance that she was going to be his first of everything so far as he was hers. She licked her lips, still tasting from his kiss as they finally got to his room.

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He would lead her to his room, and upon entry shut the door, with a slam. The times of gentleness were passing as now pure lust has taken a hold of him. Perhaps this is what he is like when drunk? Perhaps, now he merely led her to the bed and pushed her so she can fall on the soft and roomy and big bed. He would soon join her, albeit being on top to assert his mascline dominance.

Maybe in the stories things would go more romantic and gentler, but he wasnt a romantic and gentle type. He liked, no, loved it rough. Led by true instinct. Although a part of his rationale would give her one more question or an out if she didnt want him, though the way he was positioned and holding her, nerely digging his nails into her so she can stay. Well, it was clear what he wanted. He wanted her, right here and right now. If they were being eachothers first, he wanted it to go all the way, behind closed doors. Still, he asked, just in case she got cold feet, because if he didnt well...
"Are you sure you want to do it now my Little Dove?~ Trust me, this is your last chance to say stop, because I feel ready"

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Upon thy permissions that were put upon thy Mantel, thou it commence

Karisa was led into his room, door opening, now shut and most likely locked due to no interruptions. He swung-twirled her in front of him as she was at first behind him when he was leading her here. She gasped softly from the surprise gesture as she looked up now into his eyes. She could feel and see the desires and passion coming from him, the heat that they both shared for each other as if not only their heartbeats, but their everything was now in sync. He pushed her on the bed, surprising her, but sweetly she chuckled as she trusted him truly at this point after all that had been done. Karisa's fingers Her breaths were still a little heavy due to the weight of her chest and body, the making out session they did in the hall, and now on her back as the weight of her large chest was going against her heart, putting pressure.

She soon saw him climb into bed right after, hovering now on top of her as she saw him gazing at her eye to eye, his golden-yellow ones. She wondered if that was his real eye color or not, but as of now, she will just mirror this man with how he looks right now. His hair was a mess as he was tilted the way he was, looking down at her like she was the only one on his mind, his desires as it mixed with her own pot of him being the only one on her mind and desires, truly sharing. She listened to him speak, asking her if she really wanted this, finally realizing where this was going to take them, this was finally going to be their first, together. Her soft, silk and warm hand went up to caress his cheek, feeling how flawless and soft it was, the sculpted jawline of perfection to her while her eyes enduringly gazed more into his face, his eyes.

"I trust you, DaeSeong... I know entrusting you with my first will not be misplaced as you are fairly exchanging your own as well," Karisa spoke in her breathy accent in a softer and sweeter tone than normal due to her heightened emotions and desires that she was feeling. She wondered how he'd be, if he was more romantic, rough, or the other types she had read about. "My bright star in the night,~" She spoke romantically and lustfully, rubbing her thumb against his cheek before letting it slowly slide down to his coat that goes with his suit, and tugging it as if gesturing for him to take it off. He smirked and took it off, her soft fingers then unbuttoning the rest of the shirt before having him take it off to reveal his smoot, sculpted and muscular torso as her fingers slid against each lining of his chest, studying and worshipping his chest with her fingertips and nails. She now only saw that it was fair that she'd do the same, letting her own top be taken off slowly, revealing the large mounds that are pillowy and handfuls, hidden behind her lacy black and lilac bra. Her head turned away shyly, blushing as she never has felt so vulnerable before as she hoped that she looked okay to him.

Before much thought could be processed. Karisa felt his hand grip her ample and soft flesh starting from her wide hip, grazing upward against her squeezable waist and then over her stomach and pressed down a little as he leaned in, kissing her in a bruising and passionate kiss as he couldn't hold it in anymore. The sight of her unleashing his animalistic and carnal desires and seeing her like this made it more important for him to claim her as his own as he couldn't hold back anymore in these inner thoughts, and feelings and maybe it was the alcohol's doing. They exchanged breaths and their tongues danced as his hands roughly made sure every inch of her upper body was loved, felt desired, and to make her know that he loved every inch of her as he felt her own hand feel his body.

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He didnt know was this the alcohol at this point anymore or was it finally him giving into some urges he himself locked away. He actually believed he was gonna be mr.Forever Alone, single and ready to mingle guy. The idea of relationships never entered his mind, it was not his fancy. But something changed and he didnt know what. But now, behind closed doors, he felt he could finally explore the more animalistic, lustful and carnal side of himself.

Indeed, he never really did this with anyone. Only going off some books to gain about basic knowledge of lust and making love or procreation. But he saw that there was no way to think and logic this. It was pure and raw animal instinct. He knew clothes needed to go as they were in the way. And he knew what he had to do to please his little 'dance partner'. He was glad that Karisa wanted this as much as him. Her words were really sweet though, too sweet, because he knew he didnt deserve those kind words. But he didnt care about that now. All he cared about was pleasure. His and her own. He finally got to feel and experience things he never felt. Like the touch of a females body in certain areas. The experience no book or story could describe.

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This poor soul didn't know what he was getting himself into as the more he goes, the deeper he's going in terms of her heart and soul. The darkest part of her soaking all this up like Spongebob that was left on the beach to overly dry out and die, but now finally has the liquid substance of his love and touch quenching her. His chest felt godly and made her feel safe - to her, her body felt so soft and comforting to him. Their lips devoured one another passionately in a ravishing manner as if two star-crossed lovers finally found each other as if two pieces of a soul were finally complete, but this was more than desires of the count of physical, this was emotional and above all else. Karisa finally slowly and was sneaky about taking off her own bottoms, left now in her lacy bikini bottoms and the bra that matched in color and design.

Her hand was now on his waist, feeling his hard body with her soft hands that then went to his stomach, upward towards his chest in a slow motion with her nails. DaeSeong's hand was on now on one of her large, pillowy breasts as he squeezed he possessively, making so one of his knees was now between her large thighs, the other against one of her legs as if sandwiching a single leg. Their breaths mixed with the other in ecstasy of simple pleasures. As one was on her chest, the other one was now at the back of her head, twining his fingers through her brown strands of hair, pulling her towards his lips deeply. He didn't know what these feelings were, they were intense and making him go wild. Was this passion? Love? Lust and the alcohol or all the above? Karisa on the other hand knew all she wanted was to keep him forever as she felt his possessive hands on her body that were a little rough, but made her feel desired by him, making her gasp with the feeling once he did start grabbing her one breast. Her soft lips parted more hotly as she breathed intensely, her body naturally motioned upward, forgetting about his knee, but now feeling a rush of hotness shoot up her entire body as she felt his knee not expecting the pleasure from it.

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Both had an inner darkness, each manifested in its own way. Completely driven by lust to pleasure his partner and to feel that sensation back. If they were meant to complete one another, she was the soul to his otherwise soulless body. For a fleeting moment, he'd glance away from his 'work' to her eyes, just to see how was she holding up or rather how was he in performance. He remembered one trick from a book that involved a knee at a certain area so he tried it out. Her breath, the hotness, the pleasure. It was divine, little did he know, how he was more right about the feeling than he ever thought

As he would pleasure and kiss his newly beloved, he'd trace kisses to her neck, until he came over to her ear where he would whisper sweet nothings in joyan. Due to the amount of pleasure, it was hard for him to speak in a foreign language.

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Her eyes gazed into his as he left her lips, she could see so many things in his eyes, but not the words that go with them. Karisa wished she could read his mind, and hear words from his thoughts, and unlike him, she could literally speak in his mind without actually speaking from her lips so no one else could hear them. She also had the ability to absolutely connect so she could hear him respond to her. Karisa wondered if perhaps she should do that, but then suddenly she gasped sweetly making her saliva-glossed lips open erotically, feeling his knee rub against her clothed delicate area between her plushy, pudgy thighs, her head tilting back, her eyes shimmering with sparkling lights. Her chubby cheeks were pink, her hot breath never having time to stop as the pleasures kept coming. His lips were now felt against her neck like butterfly kisses worshipping each inch of the neck area, his one hand still working on her body as it was on her plump, bra-covered breast till his hand then had enough, going behind her back to rip it off, letting them spill out and all it's glory.

Karisa felt his lip caress her ear lobe as he whispered sweet Joyan words that she was glad she could understand, "My beautiful little angel. I'm getting so addicted to you and your presence,". He paused as his hand that tore the bra off went up her exposed chest and to her cheek pressing it softly and possessively cupping it to gaze back deeply into her eyes, "I want you. I need you..." His words were in a heavenly, satin, and hoarse. His hot breath tickled her ear and neck. Her heart and body were having an orgasmic feeling from his words alone, his knee and simple touch of her cheek that was full of possessiveness and love. Her brown eyes could never leave his as if he was possessing her attention, mirroring his reflection as her breathing was a little intense from these overflowing new experiences. "Become mine," DaeSeong spoke once more in his hoarse, heavenly, and silky tone as he lowered his head to claim her lips once more. His hand that was on her cheek now went down her mounds, down the soft, ample contours of her stomach, and finally at the core. He stopped there, lifting his head to gaze at her with his feelings, she gazed at him with full fiery passion and love.

She realized he wanted an answer, a gesture, anything to give him permission as he ached to have her, unknowingly she was aching for him just as bad. Karisa was lost for words as this was new for both of them, their knowledge only from books, manga, and instincts. She smiled happily, a real smile that was full of happiness, her eyes glistened with small tears as if she were the emotional and sensitive type. Slowly, she lifted her one hand to caress his cheek, her thumb rubbing softly, "I'm glad we feel the same then, my shining star," she spoke back in her soft, breathy, and sweet tone in Joyan. She then saw him smile, for her in whichever way he did as he claimed her lips sweetly once again, tasting her lips before going lower towards the mammilla where he then claimed. Her gasp turned into a sweet innocent moan that was breathy like her accent, her head tilted back. "D-DaeSeong.~", her mouth became dry at the pleasure as his hand that was waiting for her permission finally slid down and massaged the waking core that was heating his hand and causing it to feel moisture. Her head motioned left and right at the first pleasure she was feeling, this warmth that was devouring her body and heart, feeling now out of control. He chuckled darkly before lifting his head to her neck, finally whispering in her ear once more words of passion before finally biting down into her neck hard while his fingers and hand were at work. The sounds from her lips were like siren calls to his heart, soul, and desires, releasing her voice, not afraid to be heard no longer.

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