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Mage and the Beanstalk [D Rank]

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Mage and the Beanstalk [D Rank] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2023 7:01 pm


Takaokitsu had finally left Joya, and why he decided to go as far north as humanly possibly into Fiore was beyond him but that is where he ended up. He eventually ended up in the city of Orchidia, one of the few major cities that he had been to outside of Joya. One of the things that Takao learned quickly was that people were not quite as nice to him as they were back home, but that made sense. None of them knew him as Takaokitsu, Son of the Shogan of Joya. They just knew him as... well some guy. Well hopefully one they they would know who he was based on the good deeds he has done for this country, so he could get stronger and come back and do the same for his.

As he wondered through the surrounding area, he eventually found what appeared to be a massive beanstalk going all the way into the sky. After asking around about this he was eventually lead to a man named Nilan. “You came for the request to knock the thing down did you? Well good, the reward is humble but the work shouldn’t be too hard for a strong looking man like yourself? I just request to pass a sample of sap to one of my Knights by the guild so they can look over the specifics. We’ll clear out just in case we get in the way.”

Well that request seemed simple and easy enough, as Takao walked back to the bean stalk and after borrowing an axe from a farmer nearby, spent the rest of his time cutting down the large beanstalk, cutting it so it landed deeper into the forest and away from anyone, hopefully. Taking out a small vial he kept for writing, he dumped out the ink and then got the sap before turning around and returning for his reward.

WC: 317

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