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Broadening Horizons (Open)

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Broadening Horizons (Open) Empty Sun Sep 24, 2023 2:17 pm

The Joyan man was in Sin. When he saw a chance to take a quest that would lead him here, he immediatelly took the opportunity. While the quest itself was meaningless and done relatively fast and with grace, the dashing joyan wanted to broaden some horizons, borders and options. He did not want to be a meager guild mage doing quests for people. He wanted to be an ententiner. A star. Someone special and Sin was the land of opportunity. He wanted to sharpen a different set of skills. And he wanted Sin because this country was culturally close to his. The fact he spoke the language was also a plus.

Today he was at the Longhe River. Mostly because he wasnt certain where to go and where to start. He needed to fight for his beliefs which wont be handed down to him if he relies on others. So here he thought what would his next move be. Sin was a good place. Though question was, what would the man do now. He merely walked and explored the land as he contemplated his actual move

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Understanding the different cultures of the world was fairly important to him; finding that there hadn’t been many individuals out of the rune knights that even had considered going to Sin he found himself boarding one of those mana ships to head that way. Come rain, sun or some stormy weather they’d get there. He had heard that it was a peaceful land and that resonated with the massive demi-god.

He didn’t speak the language, hell he didn’t quite fluently speak fiorian as of yet. There were some uses of the language he didn’t get, like when folks shortened certain words or used phrases that didn’t make sense to him.

That being said part of the reason he went here was to learn it’s culture; learn how it survived for so long and how they were so peaceful. As a demi-god that desired to be one of peace and healing, it spoke mountains to him. He hoped that the people here would be willing to share it or at least help him understand it.

He was taking his day slow, reading a fiorian to sinese translator book. There were many words of one language to one or two in the other. It was strange to him; rubbing at his chin as he went along. His ears flicking this way and that. He’d of course from time to time stop and step to one side when he saw groups of people walking his way. Not wanting to bump into them; one such group had him step to one side and he couldn’t help but notice someone that looked kind of out of place to him.

Very well dressed, an interesting hairstyle. Was he some kind of fashion guru? Thinking he might have found someone he could talk to, or at least maybe they would be able to talk to him in general he’d approach, flipping through the book and stumbling over the greetings. A few too many vowels and a stumbling over some inflections he was at least able to save the introduction but he definitely butchered the second half. The accent he spoke with was so incredibly thick, but it also very much so wasn’t a fiorian accent. His sinese was certainly... not his first language.

Hello! My name is Saturn, is it going to rain today?


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He heard some words, turning to look he clearly saw some inhuman creature. It was like a demi human but not quite. He couldnt quite pin what he was looking at. He could tell it was a male based on the voice, but the accent wasnt sinese as he barely spoke the language. It was a thick accent, but not fiorian as well. It sounded like not from this continent. But anyway, he spoke
"Pleased to meet you Saturn?" he made a mental note thinking 'like the planet?', before continuing to speak "No, it wont. The forecast said it will be cloudy, but they do expect rain in a few days."
His sinese was more fluent, it was like his 2nd language. More fluent in it than fiorian. One could mistake him as a native by his physique, but the sleeve of his suit showed the Blue Pegasus logo, showing that he lived in Fiore actually

"Is there anything I can do to help you?" he kind of wanted to get to know this fellow because they were a curious sight to see
"Ah where are my manners. My name is Dae-Seong Hyun. I am not from here. I am part of a fiorian guild called Blue Pegasus. I was on a unique quest here." he spoke and explained himself.
He didnt know how well his guild was known internationally, so he made sure to overexplain things if needed be

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Saturn stared down at the human, hoping that maybe he had said the right thing. At first he was worried that he might have said something wrong but with how rapidly the other human started talking; he heard his name and then a lot of words that he didn’t understand immediately. The giant blinked owlishly at the man’s fluent mastery of sinese. The behemoth scratched at his head, stumbling through the little booklet that had helpful phrases.

It helped with maybe about every three words and he was absolutely sure that he was butchering even that. With the other introducing themselves… Saturn perked up after a moment. He recognized the name of the light guild from fiore. The rune knights had a list of all the current light guilds. He knew of fairy tail and blue pegasus. There were a few other that were evading him for the moment. He was certain that Dae-Seong Hyun was the individuals name but… He’d stumble through some words in Sinese, hoping that the other would understand.

Don’t speak… Sinese. Very. Well. Ah. Looking for… M-a-p.

The demi-god stumbled through the sentence like a drunk man stumbling through a fish sale in the downtown markets. Knocking over practically ever stall and probably knocking over a few people too.

Trying- Best. To… Follow. New. Lan-gua-ge

The terms were a little easier to get the more he was hearing someone else speak it around him, he was a smart cookie and was going to pick it up rapidly. Some of the words were easier and some were harder. He’d scratch at his head. There were a few things he felt like he could iterate better. He was pretty sure that the inflection on his name meant they weren’t sure if that was it. After a moment he realized he could share his guild too if they were for Blue pegasus.

Rune. Knights. What… Quest?

He was stumbling through the language still, but he could tell a few words apart just from instinct and understanding fiorian a bit. Once you realized the connections they were even easier to piece together than expected...


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He managed to understand the man was struggling with the langage so he nodded "Do you speak Fiorian? Caelish? or Joyan?" he said as he swapped a few languages to see which ones would resonate with him. Hopefully one of those he'd understand and be able to use to communicate.

The Blue Pegasi didnt see that he was carrying a translator or read what was on the cover since Saturns appearance was quite unique and captivating maybe? He just wanted to figure out what was he.

It was true that Saturn spoke with him. But he preffered to first discover what language can Saturn use before continuing what he said. Dae-seong understood he mentioned Rune Knights in some way. Map too and the word quest. From those words, the joyan would figure Saturn was a Rune Knight on a quest and in the need of a map. But he'd rather not jump to conclusions if he can help it

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Saturn’s instant relief was plainly visible when DaeSeong spoke fiorian. It was the one language he was somewhat fluent in. He was still learning everything regarding it and maybe starting a new language so soon wasn’t the best idea. But he also felt that it was a good idea to learn every language he could. Or figure out a way to communicate with everyone regardless of the language.

Fiorian is the language I’m most familiar with. Spoken at least. Trying to learn Sinese by just reading these what words mean what or using them like this was not easy.

Saturn sighed a little bit; even his fiorian had a heavy accent that was certainly out of this world. Though he’d put the book away in one of the many pouches on his waistband the smile on his face didn’t even waiver this entire time. Even when he was struggling with the Sinese.

Let me introduce myself again; My name is saturn. I’m a rune knight. You said you were on some kind of quest?

Saturn knew that shaking hands or giving bows were the way that people often paired up with introducing themselves. Feeling the former was a little bit too impersonal he’d offer his hand for a shake. If they took it great, if they desired a different way of greeting that was fine too.

Dae-Seong Hyun out of Blue Pegasus right?

He wanted to know if that was actually their name and guild; or if maybe they had mixed up the fact they were in a different guild. He had to admit there were a few words he had caught when they were speaking Sinese but it was like… one out of every three or four he felt? The amount of differences in the languages between the cultures and countries was fascinating. The person in front of him was also fascinating; well dressed and fluent in at least four or more languages if these words they spoke after the fiorian were… well other languages. Which just intrigued saturn more.

"Don't think I've ever heard someone speak those latter two languages. What were they called?"


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The thing spoke to him
"Ah I see. Though learning from Sinese is probably the worst way to go about learning it. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn on Earthland. So going from an easy one like Fiorian to Sinese is a jarring task." he spoke in a polite and instructional manner.

The creature introduced itself as Saturn who is a Rune Knight. Ah interesting "I said I finished a quest hence why am I, a Blue Pegasus guild member here. One quest took me a bit far away. But because I am profecient in the language, that is why I was chosen. It was a bit daunting considering I am a lover not a fighter, so I needed to be creative"
When the Saturn spoke of his name, checking if he understood it, Dae-Seong nodded

Next he asked of the other languages "This one is Caelish. And this one is Joyan. Which is my homeland" he switched between languages just to verbally illustrate which language is which, rather than to show off.

He then asked
"And what brings you to Sin, Saturn the Rune Knight?"

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Odd… that’s how I learned how to speak fiorian. But to be fair a lot of the people i learned from motioned a lot with their hands and talked a lot slower. I thought it was a bit harder, they have about eight words for duck I think. How did you learn it Dae-Seong Hyun?

There was a momentary pause and then he realized something.

Do you have a preference of being called a certain way? I know some like shortening their names or preferring Sir or Mister Or the like. Or Doctor.

He figured he could be a little more polite to someone that was being so nice in speaking in such an instructional manner. Reminded him a bit of the librarians that also helped him learn fiorian written and spoken. Hearing that the other was here because a quest took him out here. It made sense. Quests were like that sometimes. He had heard at least. Given that he didn’t really think he had done one. Could you count capturing a drug dealer as a quest?

Profecient in the language, a lover and not a fighter. That made sense somewhat to the massive demi-god. A flick of the ear, two then three. Hearing the difference in languages he’d mumble a bit and write down the two languages in a little notepad, stashing it away for later. He’d have to pick up some materials to learn the others. Or find a tutor for both. Three if you count Sinese.

You’re fluent in that many languages? That’s impressive. Joya? Where’s that? And homeland? What took you from there to go and join a guild out of Fiore if you don’t mind me asking?

What brought him to Sin? The knight paused for a moment; he’d look to his hands and set his expression to that of determined happiness. Well he was always seeming happy with his smile but this one wasn’t what you’d expect. There was a gentle and caring softness to that determined essence.

Sin is a well known place of peace, a kingdom that has seen so much of it that as someone that prefers healing and peace over other forms of dealing with situations… I wanted to learn from the culture. To understand how they manage to be this way and what makes it so different from the other cultures. I am a Demi-god without a destination. So I choose my own and chose healing and peace. The rune knights wanted to facilitate that so here I am. I still don't know what they mean by demi-god though. Seems kind of strange.

Saturn’s warmth in this manner was easy to see and his shoulders even seemed to relax a bit. He’d stare down at Dae-Seong for a few moments and then rub at his neck.

They also have food I haven’t tried too and I uh… well. I like to eat.

Saturn admitted somewhat shyly; seeming somewhat out of sorts for that more personal reason. He had practically demolished a few fiorian restaurants and almost ate them out of their supplies for the week. Though being able to pay for it given that he was part of the knights the group was still very worried regarding it.


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"I am joyan. So my mother tongue. And it is much more similar to sinese which made it easier to learn. Our letters or characters are much more similar. Sevese or Boscan or Desierto are the harder languages for me. So I do not speak them" he explained that his origin determined how he handles languages. Caelish, Fiorian, Stellan and such are easier to learn if you are from that area and Sinese could be hard. But for a joyan, Sinese is one of the easier languages to learn.

He then asked if he had a prefered way to be called, Dae-seong thought he meant nicknames, but the guy proceeded to give him titles. Part of him wanted to say 'your highness' or 'your excellecy', but chose not to. Instead he assured the Rune Knight that he had no specific preference, all he cared about was mutual respect.

Now he asked where was Joya. He took a moment to think, before speaking "Ok, so you have Fiore. So along the south east, Fiore shares a sea border with Minstrel. Now if you travel there and keep traveling east from northern Minstrel, you'd eventually cross the land border into Joya."
Next he asked was why was he in Fiore
"My family thought Fiore would be better for me to grow as a person and attain skills. And just as I left for my trip to Fiore, the war happened. The rest is history. Anything else?"

As he spoke why he was in Sin, Saturn would reveal that he was a demi god. The joyan had no reaction, or if he did, it was rather minor, after all. What is a god to a non believer. Dae-seong was atheist, he didnt believe in any godly figure or demi godly figure. It was all a sham to him. It was another reason why he was not in Joya. The new ruler Mishiko, hasnt really won him over. He's not quite convinced.

He then realized the animal wanted to eat. Again, he thought for a moment and pointed behind himself with his thumb "I passed an area which has some food if you wish to go there"

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I’ll admit that it’s difficult for me to tell where someone is from. I suppose just not being familiar with cultures or different kinds of humans lends to that. Huh so there’s even more languages…

Saturn seemed surprised to hear that; his ears standing up a little taller. His tail wagging a little bit and he even seemed to brighten even more. With the other affirming that they had no specific preference the demi-god nodded his head. He’d just call him by his name then.

That sounds like a really long distance to just travel on your own… wow.

Saturn perked up a little bit as the other explained further why he left his home; his family wanted them to grow as a person and attain skills? That made sense. Kind of the same way that the rune knights wanted Saturn to learn more from various cultures. The demi-god pondered a bit. He remembered the war; what he had heard about it.

What does your name mean?

Saturn didn’t seem bothered by the lack of reaction; to him he didn’t even really know what it meant to be a demi-god. Even more so without a purpose. He just knew he wasn’t that old and there was a really good explanation as to why he was here. He’d lean to one side as Dae-Seaong pointed past him with a thumb.

Oh that sounds like a good idea; are you hungry?

Saturn was going to invite them along; he had a lot of questions but if not that was fine. As far as meeting a stranger on the side of the road this had been a very pleasant experience. Saturn had a few other languages to jut down in his little notepad too; so many different cultures. There was also another country he didn’t recognize. Minstrel. The world just kept getting bigger to him!


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Saturn asked hima bout the meaning of his name. "It comes from two words. Dae meaning 'big, great, vast, large, high' combined with seong meaning 'completed, finished, succeeded'. My surname Hyun means 'dark' or 'mysterious'." He looked at Saturn curiously and said "Why did you ask?" it was an uncommon question and common people would not know the meaning behind their name. It just so happened that he knew, because he was well educated.

In regards to food, the demi god asked him if he was hungry. And while he could go for a meal he said "No, have to maintain a strict diet. I cannot eat what normal people do"
He decided to be truthful and tell him why he would rather not eat. He wanted to maintain a healthy physique and diet. So any junk food was a no go for him

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...Your name is fascinating.

Saturn would admit bluntly; for names to have multiple meanings and come from different cultures was something that maybe he didn’t entirely understand. He would never have made that connection if he hadn’t been told. When the other asked why he asked well.. Saturn rubbed at his neck.

I am… unfamiliar with many cultures. Many words. Still. So To learn I ask. Thank you for telling me.

Upon the answer of the other he’d nod his head; he wasn’t going to force the other to go and eat if they were trying to take care of themselves! Saturn pondered what he could say and then eventually just nodded again.

Well Dae-Seong it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for answering my questions. If you have need of me or see me again don’t be afraid to say hello!

He’d give the other a curt bow, pretty sure that this was the way that you were supposed to say goodbye here? Before warmly smiling and heading down towards the street towards where the restaurants or stalls that the fine gentlemen had told him about.


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"Mmm, I am bred for success~" he merely says. Being a perfectionist who loved his name and everything around his image. He didnt mind the bluntness of Saturn as he was sometimes emotionally dull and only cared for himself. Though Saturn was a curious case, how he did not know many things. Some were understandable and some were not.
Dae-seong nodded as he was thanked and heard about not knowing all cultures and such "Understandable" now if he believed in gods or demi gods, he'd be less understandable. But an atheist who believes that only he deserves to be a god, he took it as no one was as perfect or knowledgable and willing as him.
Sin, was a lovely nation and a lovely end goal. His first goal was to achieve stardom and be a singer that is loved by the masses.

In regards to food, he declined the offer to eat as he wanted to maintain a strict and healthy diet, so he couldnt eat any random junk just because it was close. The Joyan nodded "Well, I guess we will see eachother some time at Fiore, Saturn of the Rune Knights. Farewell" he bid his farewell as he took it as Saturn was going his way, so he made his leave.

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