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Deadliest Catch 1

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#1Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:18 pm

Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon had returned to the North as it was the place where his journey started, but right now he wanted to do something different. Yes, he wanted to tackle the neutral quest that went around Luluhawa Island. Luci had been here before, and he was surprised he was back here again. Still, in the end, he didn’t care for it. This was the Dragon Slayer’s journey and he would do things his own way. He would make his way to the ports and he was looking for the ship that he was supposed to get on. It wasn’t a hard thing to do as it was the most unique color there was. When he found it he would step on board and everyone would look at him.

He never warned them he was coming on board or anything, but he would hold out a piece of paper and would wave it around.

“I’m here to take on this job. Can we be on our way, so I can kill this thing for you guys?” He said to them as he waited for something to happen.



Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:18 pm

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#3Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:26 pm

Go D. Drakkon
The captain of the ship would walk over to Drakkon and he would take the paper. He would look at it and he would see his handwriting on it. That was when he knew it was authentic and he would keep it.

“Alright set sail boys. We got a monster to catch.” He shouted out loud.

The crew would hear this and they would start setting sail and making sure everything was fine. It wouldn’t take long, but the ship would start moving and it would start moving away from the docking area. They knew where they were going as they knew where the beast enjoyed being.

What they didn’t have control over was the weather, and it would start changing soon and fast. While they continued to sail through the waters, it would go from a calm one to a treacherous path with the tropical storm that came unannounced.

Drakkon would just allow the water to fall down on his face as he was upset that he didn’t bring an umbrella.


#4Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:49 pm

Go D. Drakkon

He would shake his head as he didn’t do anything. The people here would work their best as they were moving around. Drakkon would just walk to the ledge as he was trying to figure out when the fighting would begin. This would be the first time he had fought any sea monster, but the powers that he had obtained gave him so much for such events. He couldn’t wait to try it out and he would soon see something rising up from the waters. It looked like a gigantic octopus was roaming around now that the storm was out. It would take notice of the ship that was trying to navigate through the storm, and it would start making its way to the ship.

It saw potential food, and Drakkon saw a potential fight to start. He would snap his fingers and a magical circle would appear in both under him and above the incoming octopus.


#5Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:52 pm

Go D. Drakkon

It was then a purple crow would come out and it would fly straight to the octopus. When it collided, a huge explosion would occur from the hit and it would numb the legs of the octopus. The octopus couldn’t do anything as it would fall into the water. It would stay afloat as Drakkon would look at the captain of the ship.

“We can get close to it now. It won’t be able to do anything for a bit. By the time it's able to move again, I will have taken its life, and you guys will be able to take it with you to shores and sell it for whatever you want.” He said to them.

They would look at him and then they would hope that he was right. The waters were treacherous right now, but they were skilled enough to navigate through it. That was when they got too close enough, and Drakkon would shake his head.


#6Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:56 pm

Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon would unsheathe his katana and swing his arm away from his body at the same time. He would be able to launch his second spell. There would be one magic circle that would appear behind him and a huge dragon would come out from it. It would head to the octopus dealing more damage to it. Of course, he wasn’t done as he had to make sure to finish the job. He would use his Yamato to deal the final blow. He would swing his blade and a bunch of dimensional slashes would appear around the nonmoving octopus and it would scream and cry out from the pain it had taken. It was then that its head would fall to the water now as it had been defeated.

Drakkon was impressed with his power and he would sheathe his blade. This was perfect and he couldn’t believe it. There were still, however, more dragons for him to slay and absorb their powers.


#7Go D. Drakkon 

Deadliest Catch 1  Empty Mon Sep 11, 2023 1:59 pm

Go D. Drakkon
The crew would look at Drakkon, and then they would look over to the octopus that they were hunting. This man had done a lot with such a little time. It was actually scary with what he had done, and they would scream and cheer for what had happened. They would make sure to keep the ship steady, so nobody could go overboard. While doing this, they would get the net to catch the octopus and after they had it, they would make sure to secure it tightly, so it would be able to go with them until they reached the shore of the port they had left.

It wouldn’t take long for them to arrive, but it would have been faster if it wasn’t raining. When they got there, they would dock their ship, and the captain would make their way to Drakkon. He would smile at the man and he would be glad that he got on board his ship. The captain would hand over the reward, which Drakkon would take and leave to see if he could find something else like this to do today.

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