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Steal The Relic (Alexandre)

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#1Go D. Drakkon 

Steal The Relic (Alexandre) Empty Thu Aug 24, 2023 7:33 am

Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon was out drinking again and while he was doing this, he had found a specific paper come straight to him. It would seem like Herman had found him and wanted him to take on a job. When he had read through the outline, he would laugh a bit as it would seem like this man wanted to create chaos within the island. He was fine with that, and he hoped that he wouldn’t be going to this job alone. He would push away from the counter he was drinking, and he figured that he would go find Alexandre. The barkeeper that was there would sigh with relief because he didn’t understand how someone could drink so much this early in the morning.

The Devourer would make his way out of the place, and he would start heading in the direction he had last seen Alexandre. He would hope that he was still there as he walked through the streets. He was moving from side to side, but he never lost his balance and fell. Luci was on his shoulder without a problem as he was smoking his cigarette. The two of them were a messy combination. Still, his nose was good and he would soon be able to find the man he was looking for.

He would walk in Alexandre’s direction and soon enough he would spot the man of the hour. Drakkon would wave his hand with the paper in his hand.

“We got a job to do. Take a look at it, it doesn’t seem that hard to do.” He said to Alexandre.

When he got close he would hand it to him and he would wait for the man’s reaction because the scumbag was their client again.



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He wasnt really keen on doing these with Drakkon. He hoped to do them as soon as possible and hopefully the guy can find someone else to pester. He was walking through the streets and also drinking. He considered where he could train his magic while he was here. Somewhere remote was good. Although his nose would catch a scent that a certain someone was coming over.
"Hrm" he grumbled a bit to himself as the other one would approach him and fill him in on their quest. He looked at the paper and frowned when he saw it was a Herman job. He rolled his eyes and gave the paper back to Drakkon. He hated this quest already.

He didnt give Drakkon much of a reaction, instead he merely decided to walk over to the other annoying man. Yeah, ever since he fought Drakkon, he sort of didnt actually want to do anything with him. He sensed Drakkons earlier secrecy that gave him a bad feeling. Only later to know he just wanted to use him and take his power. It just didnt sit well with him one bit. Safe to say, he wanted to avoid both him and Herman and Luluhawa Island.


#3Go D. Drakkon 

Steal The Relic (Alexandre) Empty Fri Aug 25, 2023 7:28 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would look at Alexandre and it would seem like he didn’t spear at all. It would seem like something was bothering him, but he couldn’t really tell. He would rub the back of his head as he didn’t care for it right now. They had a job to do and honestly, he was going to do it without anything getting in his way.

They were going to the chief’s Hut and he would take his helmet and he would put it on. He didn’t want anybody to see who was stealing from the chief, if he did get caught of course. The two of them would make their way through the town of Halawai. Drakkon would follow Alexandre as it would seem like he wasn’t in the mood for teamwork.

“So, do you want to be the lookout or do you want to get the artifact? I know you did it last time, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to do it again?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

Luci would smoke his cigarette as he could feel the tension coming from that man. Drakkon couldn’t but that was because he was intoxicated, while Luci was just smoking at the moment.

“I think we should move through the alleyway. That way nobody could trace two weird guys moving around their Chief’s home.” He said to him as he suggested that, but wasn’t sure if Alexandre would listen.

Drakkon wondered how many jobs they would have left to do on this island. They had done a lot, but he wasn’t sure how long he would keep coming to this place.



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The Ice cold Dragon Slayer was annoyed as the air around him became more frigid. Since when did Drakkon talk so much? He was fairly sure the guy was usually quiet before and all about booze and babes. Why did he have to talk. In any case he'd get the artifact. Lookout meant he'd have to actually talk to the guy to warn him
"I'll get the artifact" since he already did bullshit like this before, why not do a repeat. He was sure this would have more annoying trouble. Its Herman. And the bigger the heist target, the more troublesome the quest. He knew that much.

And they just gone thru the trouble of gaining the chiefs trust. He hated this. It just felt shitty. He'd glance at the cigarette smoker who probably got the hints more so than the drunken fool. He facepalmed as he thought of the fight.
"How could I have lost to a fool like him" he thought. The guy was a drunk fuck. Granted he'd be a hypocrite if he said he didnt get drunk from time to time himself. But not when going on this stupid work.

Drakkon spoke more which just annoyed him. But he kept his cool and just shrugged to Drakkon as a form of a reply. Honestly he didnt care. The sooner he does this the better. He started to wonder how many jobs they had to do here and if he really had to be the one doing it with Drakkon. He was sure he can take other people to do this


#5Go D. Drakkon 

Steal The Relic (Alexandre) Empty Mon Aug 28, 2023 6:59 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon could see him and he could see the annoyance running throughout his entire face. He would chuckle because this old man was still upset with what he had done in the training dome. He understood that he had lied about why he wanted to fight Alexandre, but in the end, did it really matter? In the end, it wasn’t like he lost his ability to use magic or anything. He would shrug as he heard the man say he would get the artifact. That meant the drunken fool would just have to be on the lookout. He was fine with that anyway as he might have found it harder to find what he was looking for.

Luci would glance at Alexandre and it would seem like he was giving Drakkon a cold stare. The drunk man knew that Alexandre was upset with him, but he didn’t see that. The demon would just scuff as he found it funny. I wonder what he’s staring at Drakkon like that for? He thought to himself.

It wouldn’t take them long to get to their destination, and when they got there, Drakkon would move to the back of the house. When they were here last time, he remembered that there was a window always open toward the back. When they got there, it would still have seemed to have been the case. He would look at Alexandre and he would nod as he figured the man would go inside and get it. Drakkon would lean on the wall he would close his eyes and use his nose to smell if someone was getting closer to the hut or not.

“Do you think he’s still angry about that?” He asked Luci when Alexandre had gone inside.

“Probably, you didn’t tell him what you were up to until after the fight was over. I meant granted he should be happy you told him because you could have stood quiet about it, but I guess give him time, maybe?” He said to Drakkon as they waited for Alexandre to get the relic, so they could be on their way.



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He was a drunken fool who never got the point. Yes he was upset about the fight, but he was much more upset about the motive and the secrecy. It discerned that he had a lack of trust in his comrade. He could've been open about it and he would've oblidged or thought about it or prepared much better. Hell even if he was silent and oblivious to his motives it would've been better. Because ignorance is blissed. Now he just feels used because his power was taken or rather copied without his consent. That guy was no comrade, not even an ally, nor a friend. He was nothing but a nuisance. Drunken fool is all giggly and happy like a school girl and its taking great deal of restraing for Alexandre to do his task and not just attack Drakkon here and now. For an Ice Dragon Slayer, he felt very heated but also very betrayed. If he can help it, this would be the last quest he takes with Drakkon. He'll talk to Yuurei about it. He doesnt want to be teamed with this guy.

Now though he was working on this damned quest. And for Herman of all people. If he could, he'd kill the guy on the spot he hates him. One of the most annoying employers ever. He snuck in to the chiefs hut and was able to identify the relic. Slowly walking and tip toeing, he'd find the relic, which was easier to find than the artifact from that one time. Most likely because the relic was in an obvious shrine. Alexandre takes the relic and sneaks his way out slowly to Drakkon. And as he was about to hand the drunkard the relic. He'd notice that the two were seen by a nosy kid. And before Alexandre had a say in anything, the kid would scurry off and call the guards.
The elder dragon slayer facepalmed. A bit to harshly. He was THAT frustrated.

Soon enough the guards would come and the two would have to fight them off. Not only that but even the kid wanted to put em up. Alexandre though clearly not in the mood just froze the kids feet in place and if the kid wanted to whine more, he'd just freeze his lips shut.
Anywho, with the kid out of the way. He can turn his attention back to the adult guards. Granted, they could make a hasty retreat too. Though part of him knew that Drakkon would prefer a messy fight. He hated this


#7Go D. Drakkon 

Steal The Relic (Alexandre) Empty Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:17 pm

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would rub the back of his head as he heard his words. He would shake his head as he figured Alexandre would get over it, but that wouldn’t be the case. The situation he was going through with this man was different than anything he ever experienced. He would shrug his shoulders as he would wait.

“Eh, I think the old man is crying about it too much. I did betray his trust, but man needs to get over it. He’s old enough to be a father, the least he could do is understand youth. At least I told him, but it seems like he would have wanted me to lie through my teeth.” He said to Luci as he would just continue to wait for him.

Drakkon would take the relic from Alexandre, and it would seem like someone had spotted them. He had a smirk on his face as he kept his helmet on. The Demi-God didn’t want to destroy the area around him, but he was going to take out the guards who had come to arrest them. He saw Alexandre take out the kid without a problem. He would take out three of the guards as he figured he would give his partner someone to fight. He would create three Dragons with his spell. They were Arcane dragons as they rushed to the guards.

The guards would see this, and they would be hit by the attacks and would fall to the ground. He would look over to the last guard though, as one of them had stood conscious. The Devourer would run straight to him, and he would smack the man with the hilt of his katana. This would send him hitting the ground as he looked over to Alexandre. Once they were done here, they could return the relic to their client and get rewarded.



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Indeed, he was not in the mood for this. He might as well have this as his last quest with Drakkon. If the guy did not understand the importance of trust between comrades, then there was nothin to talk about. Now there was just work to be done.

There were guards they had to take care of. He saw some people charge him, so he tapped his foot on the ground and froze the floor around him. Making it slippery and well. Uncontrollable speed plus a slippery floor means the guards that charged him just wooshed past him and crashed elsewhere.
Next there were these other guys and he just decided to use his own magic in the mix. Glacier Dragon's Frost Breath. He takes a breath, raises his hand towards his mouth and released a large quantity of frost from there. Using his frost breath to take care of some of the other guards.

Indeed, after Drakkons match, he has trained his spells better. Last time he didnt get a chance to use it properly. A situation hasnt presented itself. Not to mention he had a few memory issues. But with a bit of introspection and recollection, he remembered his lost arts and was able to put them to good use. Granted these were his basic spells. He had more where that came from. But for these guards this was more then enough. He didnt need to go crazy with magic. Taking care of these guys was easy enough. And with the other oaf that was quote unquote 'working' with him. This battle was a cinch.

So taking care of the guards and the stupid kid, all that was left was to go back to that Herman and shove that artifact up his ass and be done with it. Well, he was glad Drakkon had the relic, otherwise Alex would've commited violence against their contractor


#9Go D. Drakkon 

Steal The Relic (Alexandre) Empty Fri Sep 08, 2023 9:32 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would see that Alexandre had handled his part of the fight well. This was good to see as it would mean he was getting stronger. That was good for him because it would mean eventually he would have more spells to take on his own.

The Dragon Slayer would watch him finish him his fight and when that was done he would walk in the direction where they would find Herman. He would hand him the relic that Alexandre had stolen, and their client would examine it. When he saw it was the real deal he would have a huge smile on his face. He was glad that these two had done this for him. Drakkon wouldn’t take off his helmet, and he would see that Herman would hand them both their rewards for their work.

Drakkon would take his reward and he would put it away. The man was annoying, but at least his rewards were always true. He would leave the area as he needed a drink and time to enjoy himself before taking on another job.

180|1414[50% wcr]


Steal The Relic (Alexandre) Empty Fri Sep 08, 2023 10:45 am

The two would go to Herman and Drakkon would hand the man this stupid relic and the two would receive a reward. From here on out, the quest was over and the two would be able to go their seperate ways. While he didnt know about Drakkon, Alex for sure knew he was gonna scramble. The main thing he would look into was to just get off this island so he could have a talk with Yuurei

The sooner he leaves, the better. He realized that he was not ready to work with Drakkon, that he was too upset at him. Too pissed. And Drakkon too nonchalant and not understanding about the issue as well. Not to mention him always being drunk and too intoxicated to even care about anything. Which Alexandre was sure that the guy doesnt really care about anyone or anything. Just his own selfish needs. The guy was like this location. An island. And thus, he believed it was better if the guy does the quests on his own or without his help. At this point, he's just being used to get rewards. Sure Alex gets them as well. But he has principles, as well as the notion of camraderie and teamwork. He wasnt that cruel to just use someone and toss them away. Perhaps he was too empathic and caring. But if he wants to redeem himself for the crimes he commited. Drakkon was not the way to go. Perhaps, before he leaves the island, he should get the relic back to the chief. Either way, Alexandre should focus on doing good


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