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Exploding Enthusiasm [Maple]

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Rushed footsteps resounded through the forest as a hooded figure was seen holding a small sack in his arms. Flying overhead a few meters above him was the young dragon girl, who clearly was displeased. No, calling it displeased was an understatement... She was downright furious. "Hold it right there you dastardly villain!" The crimson-haired lass exclaimed, a hand reaching forwards.

"By thy name be born into existence: Mana Wolf!"

As the lass exclaimed the chant an arcane circle appeared a few meters underneath her from which a creature, resembling a wolf on the initial glance but further inspection showed traces of elemental magic, trailing through its fur like pulsing veins.

The little wolf darted after the hooded figure, serving only to make the stranger panic even more. However, this panic translated to them scurrying even faster among the trees.

Fortunately she was able to keep up with the man, hovering amidst the trees till he slowed down to hop over some low hanging roots.

"By thy name be born into existence: Golem!"

As she declared the phrase a larger magical circle erupted in front of the hooded figure, a shimmering image rapidly solidifying as a large golem towered over the stranger. The figure yelped in a panic as he tried to turn tail but her wolf caught up, pouncing the stranger and tackling him onto the ground. "No more running... You will hand over that poor baby now."

The man cried, muttering something about a flying pursuer being unfair. "What is unfair is your cruel kidnapping! To separate a child from their parents is beyond cruel!"

The man turned around to face her, his features still obscured as she watched him raise his hands to give her the sack. The dragonoid sighed, carefully picking a hold from it as she wondered for a moment: were mortal babies always this heavy?

Realizing too late that the hooded figure was smiling, the moment she opened the sack Ryuko's face turned pale. "That isn't a baby--- It's a BOMBO!"

As if on cue the Bombo inside lit up and exploded in a fiery blast that knocked her back into the air, a shroud of smoke obscuring her visage while she could feel her wolf familiar and the golem to have been cleanly erased from existence by the blast. It took all her effort to steer her body but it was too late, a painful clash with a tree making her crash downwards onto the ground with a loud smack.

"He is getting away..." Ryuko mumbled but as she tried to stand up she felt a sharp sting in her leg, likely having sprained it in the collision. At least in upkeeping her pride, the tree didn't seem to be faring much better either...


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As always nature never stirred right away and Maple was not really worried about many things, while she pondered when some one would return because she randomly was gone. She had to wonder what happen. Would they return? was this all just a dream? was she a sleep this whole this? Why was there loud noises outside?

Maple had been resting some what in her normal fashion tent set up and all. If anything all felt quiet and normal in the world around her. When the sound of what was to start where going on around her. only maybe because she was more sleepy then normal she made of been comfortable staying where she was. So much as not wanting to move or really stir at this time thus hidden away in her nature made tent. When all of the events where starting to happen Maple for a moment merely went back to sleep.

But that was not shocking as there was nothing to worry about rolling around slightly. having a wonderful dream with her interactions with the fae and even trying to remember she had a nap with them or not.

They where adorable and she did enjoy what time she remembered of them. As well in her mind at one point she kind of wanted to adopt one, Then she remembered that in fact she did not have a solid home for a fae to live in with her side form a tent she could make. As these things wnet on Maple was starting to ponder weather or not she should look out of her tent it was a pretty noisey and she had to be sure something was not going to try and eat her while she was trying to rest. This she suppose it was now time to see sunlight.



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The dragon girl felt her senses still being scrambled from the blast. Despite her best efforts the pain in her leg and the exhaustion of the chase were starting to take their toll upon her. Still, even despite all that she carried onward, staggering in the direction the now empty sack was at. She hoped to catch the trail of the criminal but it would prove to be a difficult chase now that she was injured. She had just rested a hand on one of the nearby trees, attempting to keep herself steady when she spotted the sight of a camouflaged tent. Why in the world would someone be camping out here in the wilderness of Albion?

It sounded like an outlandish idea, and for some reason, she couldn't help but find herself amused at the possibility there was someone that brave or reckless to do such a thing. However, what would follow was even more unexpected. The sight of a naked elf climbing out of the tent made the dragon girl her face turn as red as her scales as she stuttered in a panic, attempting to bring her hands to her face. "I-I wasn't peeking!"

But the lack of a solid support made her injured leg whine in protest to the pain and soon the dragon girl toppled forward, straight toward the spot the elf was at!


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This situation over all was not one that Maple would not have many problems with. she over all handed a lot of things with ease. This situation would be not exception as well. Some one just happen to find her in the woods while she was here. Not many people might not have expected to see her but she was here. But in some manner she was still exploring here.

When she hear some words spoken to her when she came outside it almost seemed as if it was not of right away worry to her. If anything while seemingly falling over Maple did catch her and keeping her in place for a moment patted her on the back."What are talking about peeking? I have enough covering for the most part."Maple said in her some what accented fiorian.

Then she would make sure she stayed on her feet and was stable." Do you need to lay down for a while? I was going to just keep this tent up as a home base, while i am exploring here."Maple then wait for an answer because it was better to wait and see what would be mention to her about it.



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Hearing Maple's words the dragon girl smiled sheepishly, trying her best to let her embarrassment fade away while she let tried to communicate back in the Fiorian language. "T-true... It was just because you were camping in such an unexpected spot and even despite having decent coverage that your beauty might have made my arrival seem like it contained ulterior motives."

As she finished explaining herself, Maple's suggestion for her to lay down for a while did come a bit unexpected, but not entirely unwanted either. "To be entirely honest, I injured myself while chasing a fugitive earlier, so I could use some time to rest and recover in a safe environment if you would have me? My name is Ryuko by the way~ or just Ryu for friends or whoever likes to make short names even shorter."

She smiles sheepishly at the last remark after while waiting to hear Maple's response.


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Over all this seemed like thoughts Maple did not even have at the time. Maple seemed to just be happy and content with the things going on as it was at this time."Does everyone assume they have ulterior reasons for things?" Maple had to ask most likely because it was not the first time she had heard something like that in in some manner before. Maple had a different mind set over all. A bit more different the most people that could be over all.

This was a bit less clothing she would wear in towns or cities but a bit more then when she was with some one she was comfortable with."I was camping here to learn a few things, I was looking around with some one so I might go look for them shortly to see if they have disappeared or not."Maple did had some things she could go do.

So her plan was pretty simple."Well Ryu, Go nap. I will return after I do a few other things. After all I should get something eat."Then Maple simply guided this woman into the tent and just left her there. It was for the most part good and well made, it seemed Maple did sleep on the ground with a really comfortable laying of grass underneath. But that was what was all seemingly in there.

Maple seemingly was not gone not too much longer time wise after. Merely stating before she left."Time to find something eat, Maybe set up a camp fire."So far she seemingly left this woman to nap. To the sound of russeling trees Maple seemed to be gone for now, Not realizing she did not mention her name to this lady yet. Over all continuing the oddity cycle normal of her.



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Ryuko nodded her head lightly in response to Maple's words, seemingly more than willing to accept Maple's offer to rest a little, and so she did, following Maple into the tent and for a moment seemed slightly bewildered that Maple would be going out again, but seemingly it would be for only a short period of time and she would return later. As a result Ryuko was left with her thoughts as she was simply resting comfortably on the soft blanket of grass, turning onto her side she thought for a moment.

"To think someone would be camping out here in the wilderness, she really must had been very brave to do so." Indeed, the wilds of Albion weren't exactly the safest place for a camping ground, as such it showed a certain degree of courage from Maple, or maybe she was super strong and confident in her skills? Pondering about it she turned around onto her other side and muttered softly. "Strong or not, she also looks very beautiful, I almost mistook her for a goddess." Closing her eyes she allowed the visage of the woman to resurface in her mind. There was something about her that felt different, and it wasn't just the size of her pillows. No, there was a certain womanly beauty to her that felt different. And then she realized something of even more greater importance: "She didn't even give her name yet... so for now she shall be... Pillow goddess." And with these words the dragon girl dozed off into a peaceful slumber.


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It was risky out here Maple was very aware but the wilds where home to some one like Maple she knew how to move around safely, however keep in mind she knew how to hide in trees and move around in them. Thus over all Maple had made herself able to live in nature with out much problem she was just learning to adapt other ways the forests. What she was doing during this stage of one napping for the most part could be considered magic or a mystery but it would just be able to be pieced together while she returned

Maple had managed to get a few animals to capture for meat, Even some fish it seemed over all she was just gathering things she knew was safe eat rather then picking at vegetables since random plants she did not know was risky and could kill some one. So it was just time to eat various meats. After removing the things they where not desirable to eat. These were skills Maple just over the years she had managed to pick up how to skin, remove entrails and remove the bones animals herself. All and all not a horrible thing.

By the time this new person woke the varying smells of cooking meat and fish over a fire would filling the air like Maple had put herself to work while some one slept. This was normal to anyone who knew Maple if they did not know well they would be in for an interesting experience. The only thing she lacked was seasoning, she did not remember if she had any with in all of her things or not and she was a bit too lazy to look through her things at this time. So this would make due for now.



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Waking up from her slumber the dragon girl couldn't help but catch a whiff of the various scents drifting through the air. And soon would crawl toward the exit of the tent, peeking outside as she was still lying on her stomach. "From enjoying a nap to enjoying dinner. Are you sure you're in the right place?"

Climbing out of the tent the dragon girl stretched her arms into the air, happily inhaling the various scents once more while her tail swished back and forth in excitement. "Mhmm~ Instead of being an adventurer traversing the wilds I'd presume you more to be the type to be able to make their partner one hell of a lucky dragon~ or was it duck in the saying?" She brought a hand to her chin and pondered for a moment. "Either way~ Thank you for letting me enjoy some rest. Which does remind me about the fact I have yet have the luxury of learning your name~ Unless the title 'Pillow Goddess' suits your liking~"

Ryuko snickered softly at the jest as she took a seat beside Maple and inquired. "So~ Did you find what you were looking for?"


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If anything one could never say Maple did not know how to treat a guest, Even if it was just in a tiny tent make of wood and leaves from magic. But over all this dragon woman learned that Maple was in fact made to live and go out through the woods pretty commonly. Maple still in summer season so to say could not help but excitedly joke."Yes, After all this is how i lived most of my life. Just everyone else comes and goes." How Maple could say that with a bit of glee might be just because summer was always a odd one of being overly happy. Or the meat smelled really good.

But she would continue the conversation."Believe or not, I mostly live outside of most common towns and places. I live my live up until recently by making tents and catching what food I know is safe to eat."Maple slowly revealing she was a hippy or a forest roamer. She might look innocent but to think she could do things this quickly might be a good sign that this was just some one a bit different, The elven blood in her was going to good use.

She asked a good question thus the summery spirit was she was in just said."Yes, I found the answer that in fact the person i seemed to be looking for just seems to have vanished...ashame, But nothing I can do that this point people come and go."It sounded off putting to have it said to happy and casual but maybe that was just Maple's life some one always was around or just leaving not too fair after. In this case the pillow goddess was just a sight to behold on her own.

But her name was at least simple."I go by the name Maple."It was not her full name for it was something much longer but most of the time she never had to use that name.



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So Maple usually lived on her own among nature? That was an interesting thought. It reminded her a little of herself in the sense that Ryuko was a wandering spirit, going where people needed help. However, as she listened to Maple's explanation Ryuko's shoulders dropped, feeling sorrowful just upon hearing it alone already. To think Maple had been waiting all this time for that person to return, just to have them vanish on her. It sounded so heartbreaking and tragic.

Perhaps it was for that reason her body reacted on its own, a sudden swift motion as she attempted to gently wrap her arms around the woman, and lightly rested her head on Maple's torso, or rather the soft clothed pillows. "Don't worry Maple! You're not alone!" She lifted her gaze, a sheepish smile lingering on her lips as she continued. "I'm just like you in that regard~ I've always been akin to an outcast among the gods, and I don't really fit in among the mortals because of my heritage. So we can stay together! Then two alones become a 'no longer alone!'"

Indeed, it sounded like an innocent declaration, yet she pondered for a moment. "But if I don't go~ you can't go either~ I honestly dislike being alone, and having to go back to that would be an awkward feeling for sure."

And with that decision made she lowered her gaze again, nuzzling lightly into the woman's cleavage. "I can't help but notice: you really got this feeling to you that makes me feel so comfortable and at ease~ As if all my worries sink away~"

Yet realizing what she had just done she jolted upright again, her cheeks turning a crimson color. "S-sorry... I let down my guard just now..."


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Most people might have considered this situation a warning for being around Maple, just vanishing logically meant that either something horrible happen or Maple was just being left behind for a reason. But Maple thought that because in some manner she was always treated slightly different from other people even from the people in her family she actually cared about.

Maple seemed to not mind being hugged it seemed if anything over all was a comfort for her at this time. Almost merely forgetting the fact she felt a fairly strong bond. But alas maybe it was just another ruse most people did with her at times. She did not assume this of who was gone but, alas for now she had to maybe come to terms with what was going on. Maple was a woman far too loyal for her own good way.

So she smiled as she hugged. So far she seemed pretty comfortable with it."It isn't a horrible. flaw to have. I do not mind that idea of currently just sticking together. it might be for the better at this moment."It seemed over all the plan was pretty simple in that way. With out worry just stick together.


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Ryuko shook her head lightly, her cheeks still scarlet. "While I'm glad you think it isn't a bad flaw to have, I should still remain considerate of your thoughts and feelings as well." Although while she said that she did start to snuggle back against Maple, her tail swaying lightly behind her with innocent excitement.

"hehe~ This is the first time I'm ever staying with someone~ You see, because of my father's reputation most are cautious around me, while at the same time, those who are Kami like my father tend to look down upon me, so I always just stayed on my own till now."

However, despite the sad nature of her tale it seemed the dragon girl was still quite cheerful. "But these days are forever gone~ Now we'll always be together~ And even should we become super old someday I'll still find a way for us to stay together forever~"

A sheepish and innocent smile lingered on her lips as the dragon girl playfully flopped her head sideways down onto Maple's lap as she spoke. "I wonder~ Is there anything else you like doing aside from camping outside settlements?"

As she inquired she couldn't help but feel herself truly getting at ease, forgetting the earlier worries that lingered in her mind. Was it merely because of Maple's presence? Or was it something more special about her?


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It seemed over all there was varying amount of new life experiences for her, Maple already pretty far in life. But she had a chance for a pretty far a long life. But being part elf was it really that far in life was a good thing to ponder. But that was things to ponder into the future and not over all something in the present to think about at the time."Were you worried about being around other people?"Maple asked simply because she was curious at the time.

But Maple seemed to be in her own world so to say. She was friendly and i some manner helpful but she was never in tune to the normal life of towns and cities. Maple just did her thing doing her life. What did she do with her life side from this?"Well I am mostly use to life in the woods, so i hunt, forge, deal with plant related things....about it really."Maple did not seem to know how to explain much else at this point side from that. but at least she was trying. It did seem to leave Maple slightly puzzled how else to explain these things.



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Ryuko went silent for a moment, showing she was considering the question Maple asked her with a serious thought behind it. It was finally after a moment she turned her gaze upwards, although it seemed like she was looking more at the ceiling of leaves and trees of the forest, the sky rather than at Maple. "Frequently. Despite the fact my birth was only made possible because of an oath, to become a champion of the weak and innocent, I always felt like an outsider no matter where I went. Although it might not show when I am so eager to help these in need, I frequently feel myself haunted at the thought of: what if nobody needs me? What if nobody likes me, what purpose do I have then?"

She smiled weakly, closing her eyes as she mused softly. "Kinda pathetic for the legacy of Shinryu to have such thoughts, right? And yet it have been worries that haunt my every step."

She chuckled softly, attempting to dispel the gloomy thoughts from my mind. "I see~ So you mostly been occupied with skills gained from the wilderness~ Survivalism, herbalisms, hunting~ Useful skills to possess for sure."

Meanwhile all she had going for her was her unusual origins...


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Maple still seemed not phased this matter at all. Like it was not something she ever considered in her life to be a thought. Or that was Maple projecting her own general ponders yet again in front of her and it was never anything too apparent."Sounds better then what my starting of life was."Maple simply said in kind of careless way.

But if they where sharing stories."I am a half-elf born of an affair that almost broke an entire family a part...Most of them tried not to treat me different, But the signs where there."One actually admitted to wanting to get better with her behaviour to her later on."I eventually abandon all of them to be on my own." But Maple seemed if anything okay and had done well for herself.

But it was not her focus in life it seemed, she didn't think about that stain of being the oddity cast out child. It lead her to be a really interesting person. At least she thought so."Who needs to live in a town when i can just live where ever I want with out worry."Maybe at this point Maple's problems is she got so use to be that oddity that rather fearing being rejected she just never tried. It was easier to over come that disappointment that way.



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Ryuko listened attentively to Maple's words, her gaze shifting to Maple's face as she heard the half-elf reveal her own origins. To think that she was born from an affair that had nearly torn her entire family asunder... Although she couldn't come to imagine the feeling due to the fact both her parents and uncle Ryuujin had always dotted upon her, she could understand the feelings of alienation. After a moment of careful consideration, the dragon girl shifted upright and gazed back at the fire burning. All it took was a small huff of her to turn the fire into a small bonfire, illuminating the place as darkness had started to settle in, and without any warning she shifted her weight against Maple, attempting to lightly topple her onto her back. "Perhaps~ but now you can be anywhere you want without worries, because we are together now~"

She leaned down against Maple's body, her hands gently descending along the side of the half-elf's body and rested on her waist. "No disappearing~ no need to worry about being considered an oddity~ To me you'll be Maple, the mysterious and sweet-scented pillow goddess who was willing to keep me company in this cold and confusing world. And that will never change~"

As she gently leaned forward, her face only a few inches away from Maple's own. "and I'll be your Ryuko~ So you'll always have me at your side~" Squeeze squeeze... finding her hands having made their way to Maple's breasts she gave them a teasing squeeze after which she added. "Although such words might sound like an empty promise, a word from my kin is akin to an oath, breaking it is serious business~ Not that I would ever even want to do that- you're too soft and snuggly for me to want to ever get away from you~"


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It seemed to bring her some comfort and Maple seemed content. After all it seemed maybe times like these it showed that people out there where different much like the world did show her all of the time. Thus Maple would explain how she settle as she did."I have settled mentally with my problems. I don't assume as horribly people would judge me about things not with in my control."however she seemed comfortable, With most things going on.

Maybe she was just dealing with the sadness of other things going on in her life.Then she casually patted Ryuko on the butt while she seemed to be enjoying herself."Do you just grope strangers with out regard?"Maple had to ask because even if she was comfortable with it. It was silly with how out of no where it was. So she would just make sure Ryuko was thinking.


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Feeling the playful pat on her rear and the teasing question Ryuko's cheeks flushed up lightly in embarrassment, although comfortable enough not to withdraw her hands. "Not at all~ First and foremost: you're not a stranger to me anymore Maple~ And something like this isn't done without any regard."

As she leaned upwards to straddle Maple's waist she raised her hands lightly above the half-elf's torso and continued to explain. "Groping the pillows is a delicate gesture that requires technique and finesse. You see~, For example, the decision of whether to squeeze with the fingers first or apply gentle pressure with the palm of your hands is already an important choice to make at the very beginning~"

As she spoke she lightly cupped Maple's pillows with the palms of her hands, getting comfortable feeling their soft shapely form in her hands as she resumed her explanation. "And then the delicate touch to show affection and get the owner of the pillows excited~ It is a delicate craft that requires a lot of skill and dedication."

She remarked teasingly as her fingers started to squeeze, but rather than taking things further she playfully allowed her upper body to squeeze down onto Maple's own, snuggling onto her as she spoke softly. "But for now I just want to relax with you and enjoy your company~ letting all my thoughts and worries flow away~"


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Over all she was still use to the situation even if she jokingly questioned about it. Some one else was equally as handsy with her and over all maybe at this point with how Maple viewed it maybe it was just a sign of affection she had just gotten use too by people. However Maple being the type she was she was not stupid enough to just do this to strangers. But she seemed to think of it as a fine art. Different and interesting to hear of if it was viewed in that manner. So she had to ask now.

"You seem well practice and versed, how many other ladies have gotten this treatment before?"Maple could not help but laugh about it. Because it was a pretty fitting thing to ask considering how she explained it."After all you do seem pretty good at it." This was most likely either an expected question or an unexpected question. After all did she just find over all pretty women and just do this to them commonly? Or was it just she claimed all of this to put up a good front? but in the end Maple seemed pretty content no matter the case.

But if that is what she wanted Maple seemed fine with it."But if you just want to sit here for a while, That is fine with it."Maple seemed content with the idea and staying here for the moment. What else happen might good to question but she seemed to not want to leave right now.



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Ryuko's face turned scarlet at the remark, turning her face so she was burying it into Maple's stomach to hide her blushing face. "n-nobody... you're the first one I did this to..." Ryuko explained as she continued to feel her heartbeat increase. However, she decided to reveal a little secret soon afterward. "I actually only tried to mimic a certain scene from one of these comics my father's attendants once left behind."

With that clarification out of the way she smiled sheepishly and looked up at Maple. "For now I'm content just sitting here and enjoying your presence~ I think if I tried to squeeze your pillows any more I might overheat, even as a half-dragon..."

Ryuko admitted shyly, a hand gently reaching for Maple's own, seemingly in an innocent gesture of wanting to enjoy some innocent handholding. "B-but was I really good at it? I-I mean I'd be glad if you enjoyed it..." She whispered the last part. Clearly it seemed Ryuko was the flustered type when it came to being commented or questioned on her more lewd ideas, but overall she had kind and gentle intentions in mind. Really a kind lewdling~


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So these where all just things she made up in her mind? interesting. Poor Ryuko would have to hear Maple mention that as well."Oh only for me? I consider myself lucky in some way but also makes me think you were left alone to think of so many things."Maple did laugh about it slightly. After all one seemed so sure about her theory she assumed she had practice it. Over all it seemed at least Maple was good enough to laugh about these things to a fair amount.

Maple was not always so cruel about these things, just knew how to some what laugh about these things when she was opening up."Touch is generally a good sign of affection, Most wait to know a person a fair amount."Maple was teasing her but seemed over all she had been find staying where she was cuddling with Ryuko.


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