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The Threat Remains: Jin (Event)

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She just got done with helping with feeding the army. She has yet to see anyone she knew personally, including her leman or would one see them as thy swain of her life? Her tired eyes looked around to see who was going to work with her for the upcoming mission. She was wearing her priestess dress with her cloak around her. She wanted to go save the people from the palace that was kept as ransom, or in other words, to make people fight for her. People kidnap families and tell the head of the family that if they don't fight for them then they will never see their family ever again. It works really well and knew that if she wanted to do something about it, she will have to do it herself. "Do we know what we're doing yet?", Ohta spoke in his Joyan sarcastic tone. His golden eyes gazed towards her and then out in the fields as he wonders if there was anyone specific, she was waiting for or if it was more of 'anyone she knew'.

He wore a long coat with different symbols on them. Each one being a Symbol of a Kami since he was the Heaven's messenger and Mishiko's Bond partner. She will either do the spying or perhaps something her partner will have in mind, whomever that may be. Her arms crossed against her chest as her tired eyes spaced off into the sky and Ohta, standing beside her to protect her as much as he could.


#2Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
Jin landed on the island of souls. A land of long battles and more to come. The small boat creaked up to the shore. His guild crest was hidden behind the armor of light that dimly glowed on his chest. He could feel the weight in the air. The dead souls that had passed away here. Warrior spirits eager for what was to come.

His boots sunk into the soft ground as he departed the ship. His helmet was cuddled beneath his arm, whip still wrapped tightly around his other hip. He moved through the land with assignment in hand. On the journey, he had been briefed slightly on the situation but was meeting with Mishiko to confirm what they'd be doing. Jin had put himself down as a healer in the initial planning but would help with whatever role was needed.

jin walked through the army. Some were ready and some weary from the journey or injured from scuffles. He left a faint whisper of healing as he walked by those that needed it the most. Mishi stood in robes before the army as Jin approached.

"Seems its the two of us," he said to Mishiko and then gave a small nod to the ever-present person next to her. He stood beside her and looked out into the army, "You've gathered a large force. You ready for all this?" He asked concerned for her mental health about everything, but he already knew what the answer would be.

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She was spacing off as normal due to the lack of sleep, but with Ohta by her side she was still awake. The moment of who she was going to do a mission or task has arrived. He glared, Ohta with his golden eyes as he still had trusting issues when it came to others. Can't blame him with what's going on. "Well, three if you count grumpy over here," she gave a light chuckle, head gesturing towards Ohta who stood in his human form. When he brought up the army, she looked at all the people who were scattering to their rightful place and helping those who needed it. "Of course... I haven't slept a year or so, if this doesn't become successful then I will rightfully die in my namesake," she responded as it was towards her title. She was the goddess of war, death and souls, mainly so. If she was to die in the human realm doing what she was meant to be the Goddess of, then at least she'll go back to the heavenly realm for good.

The sad part is that she will never be able to step foot in the Earth realm ever again if that happens. "Slumber awaits me, as I told you before, but first shall we get started?", she wondered curiously in her ghostly tired tone that was soft like silk. She saw people already get prepared and ready for their respective task. "We can go save people from the palace, help with the weaponry, do the check ups and healing to see if they can even fight in the war or the tech stuff, which I am partially against," she admitted since she wasn't really tech savvy. She was more on the assassinating and seeing if people can even commit and participate in the war. Ohta stood quiet since he had no say in this, he'd just tag along anyways.


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Jin Tatsumi
Jin gave a quick look over at Ohta. That man didn't seem to like anyone, but his presence didn't really bother the paladin. "Yeah he counts," he replied with a small smile. He still wasn't sure exactly what she had gone through. But not sleeping for a year...that sounded awful considering she seemed to be tired most of the time he saw her. An endless state of needed rest. "That must be tough. Hopefully after all this, you can finally get some." For all the healing power that he created, there were still some things he couldn't do.

He tilted his head towards her as she spoke and away from the army. He was ready to get started but wasn't sure what their task was going to be. He doubted the Ohta cared what they ended up doing. He waited as she listed the options off. He half expected her just assign people where she needed them the most, but that never really seemed to be her style as much as letting people operate at their own pace. He shook his head at her aversion to tech, "Making potions is as close to tech as I want to get. And that's just using a couple of bottles."

There was one thing that caught his attention though. "A rescue mission huh?" he shrugged and put slipped his helmet on. His eyes flickered to life through the eye slits with the power of the sun god that lived alongside his own soul. "That seems to be a more immediate need. Lead the way Mishi," He said and nodded at her. The darkness ruler of the underworld and death with the ruler of the sun and life. How poetic.

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She chuckled softly and shook her head, "Don't mind him, he's super protective. I'm sure it's not personal," her eyes flashed towards Ohta and back at Jin. There was no reason for it to be personal, unless Ohta was jealous of things that have happened or what may happen. Mishiko couldn't put a finger on it and went along with it. "Oh? Yes, I heard if we succeed, they have a larger surprise for me I suppose" she rubbed her eye a little bit and yawned softly. Jin didn't want to do the tech task and instead seemed interested in the rescue mission. "Of course, I'll gladly lead the way," she replied as she knew exactly where the palace was.

She looked at Ohta and nodded, "Can you stay to make sure everything is okay? You will be able to communicate with me faster than anyone else," she insisted and questioned. He couldn't fight back even if he wanted to. He had to accept it, so he sighed and gave a side smile, "Alright, be careful," was all he said. Of course, there was more he wanted to say, but not in front of him. Nothing of course bad, but he has yet to express anything.

With that going on, Mishiko and Jin started on their trail towards the palace. There were things she was wondering about, but she wanted to keep this professional. "I hope we can get at least the location of them so while we're fighting the full-on war, many more can be saved," she felt like there were many people that needed to be saved. The sky was clear, some clouds, but they could still see the sky right now. The air was a little moist, but it was not humid. The coolness made her feel at ease as the heat ceases to exist. Her tired eyes were getting more and more tired because of it though. The touch of soft wind against her did not help at all as it felt like a fan. "Ah... the breeze feels so amazing," she spoke sheepishly and let her arms out as she wanted to feel young, spirited and careless once more. She wanted to feel just a few seconds of it, but with Jin around, she trusted him. He wouldn't betray her, would he? She put her trust in him, enough to let her eyes close for a mere moment. It could not be said for many others. She stopped and frozen for a second as her eyes opened, remembering where she was, what was happening, and it was back to business.

Her arms crossed against her chest as they continued on the road back to the city where everything was in ruins. Finally, at the entrance all the horror of the ruined city and dead was seen.



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Jin Tatsumi
"I assumed not," Jin replied and at least hoped it wasn't personal. They had no real interaction between each other. Jin tilted his head with a curious squint of his eyes, "They? And a surprise for you?" He hadn't asked many questions and just assumed that it had something to do with the deity entanglements she was a part of.

Jin was a little surprised that she decided to have her companion stay behind. It felt as though they were all three going together, but fewer people would make sneaking around easier if it came to it. The paladin just turned to look in the direction that they were headed in while she spoke to the man. It was nice to be able to travel with her again. It felt a little like old times again. Only they had grown so much since then. Those previous obstacles felt so small now.

Jin looked back at Ohta before with sincerity in his eyes, behind the helmet, "I'll look after her. Don't worry," he spoke earnestly. The paladin walked alongside her as she led the way. it was a silent walk at first. Where would they even begin to talk?

"Yeah. We'll save as many as we can. You have any idea how far this goes?," he replied, heavy with the thought of just how many more people had been taken and used by this war. "War is so tiring," he added. No questions that ran through his mind found their way out to ask her. Finally, he looked over for a moment, lips parted ready to ask a question when he caught her with outstretched arms. He held back his question which turned into a gentle smile at seeing a more carefree glimpse of her.

He turned to walk backward with his hands resting on the back of his head. "It's a nice moment of calm for sure." He replied as if they were young adventurers again. The small whisper of serenity was short-lived as the city unrolled before them.

Jin turned around to see death before him. He just shook his head. It wasn't as impactful as it once was for him to see such a sight, but still put a weight in his heart. Bodies were strewn about in horrid fashion. The roads were in disarray aside from one that twisted toward the center of town.

The clatter of equipment could be heard faintly in the distance. "What's our plan of attack?"

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She shakes her head to reply to his question about the knowledge of how far. Now that everything was into ruins, the distance was a little off. Presently, they looked at the horror that the Shogun has left. She could smell the decay and she wanted to jest about being the Goddess of Death, but will that be too soon? The woman sighed and she thought of different ways this could play out. Were there people who stayed behind to protect a bunch of people in the dungeons? There was a possibility that they were sent off else where and there was no one in the dungeons. Her mind hated all this thinking, this was Ohta's job as she didn't mind just doing to killing, saving and protecting or someway to save and sneak around. The actual planning was a pain in her butt.

She didn't show any expression as they were surrounded by dead people. It wasn't that she did not care or had no feelings on it, but revealing how crushed she was wasn't going to do anything. Saving the people so this doesn't continue to happen will be the better solution, right? "We can sneak in, kill anyone in our way or something you maybe have planned?", she just gave a third option since she liked the number three. She thought about it for a moment as she sighed, reaching for behind to grip onto the metal handle of her scythe. "I suppose we should kill them all so on our way out, the ones being held in the dungeon will be safe," she spoke in her ghostly tone. Her eyes looked dead inside as she didn't want to do this, but she knew that the samurai who are staying behind to watch them are doing this on their own free will, unlike the samurai who are fighting in the actual battle.



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Jin Tatsumi
Jin noticed the blank expression on her face as they moved through the fields of dead bodies. After all, she was a goddess of death and they had both seen their fair share of something close to this before. Jin stepped around the dead with his expression hidden beneath his helmet. He tried to look beyond them and see what threats were waiting. The living were the ones that mattered now. Nothing to do with so many that had passed away.

"Unfortunately with this thing above my head, sneaking isn't an option for me," he said and tightened the fittings on his armor. "I'd say we go straight through the front door but that may tip them off on the inside." He looked back at his comrade. In his mind, they had come here to kill them all anyway.

"We'll need to kill them all if we don't want more people to end up here again. Or risk having them regroup somewhere else and be a problem in the future. I can distract them at the front gate," he pointed over his shoulder with his thumb. " Which should give you enough time to sneak in before they can do anything with the people that are captured. We can meet in the middle on your way out?" he spoke with the last part being more of a question to see if she was alright with the plan. If she was then Jin would wait for her response and then move toward the entrance.

As he would draw closer, the sun symbol above his head shined to draw more attention to himself. A samurai revealed themselves at the entrance and dashed forward yelling for Jin to halt. Without a word, he pushed forward. "It would be great if you would all just surrender," he asked. Light flickered off the katana's blade as the samurai drew it from its sheath. The cold steel slashed Jin's arm sending his blood into the air.

Jin rotated his hand to see the trail of blood leaving his arm. Light sprang forth from the sun symbol and covered Jin and the samurai. Life force poured into Jin and the cut sealed shut. The samurai moaned and collapsed to his side. The thud of boots and clank of swords rose from the dark path that led into the dungeon.

"Here we go,"
he said hoping that Mishiko would be able to find a way in.

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Her eyes were looking at Jin as she had a lot of questions in her mind. Her heart was screaming for some reason, but there was not a lot to say anymore. She knew their paths were going in so many places, some were different. She huffed a smile and nodded, "I'll sneak through them as you distract. I trust you," she lastly spoke before pulling up her hoodie over her head, going invisible. Her attire made her silent, invisible and easily the best assassin one could be, well besides not being the fastest. She will have to get there one of these days. She had forever to get there. She was gazing at him, the silly sun as she was the moon. It pained her because she knew the sign of such a fate for them. She gave a slight smile as the ones that were guarding started to run towards the brightness.

She lowered her eyes and looked at him one more time before going into the palace. She hoped he will be okay. She was not going to attack as there was no point. They could not see her, Ayame would not have prepared these fools to sense those you cannot see. Her tired eyes looked around as she tried to find a way to figure out where the dungeon stairs were. She heard some noises coming from not far away. She silently went towards the corner of the hall to the next one and listened. "Heard there's some trouble in the front. Some crazy guy with the sun," the guard told the other. "You don't think...", he was saying as they started to run for it. She watched them run past her as she shook her head at them.

The sun for us was the symbol of Amaterasu. People feared her, even Ayame and as a human, any will fear her power. They weren't going against her though she knew Jin was still someone who could take care of these worthless scum. They willingly went against the Kami, followed the Shogun with her views. It sickened her, but she had a job to do. Swiftly, she turned to see they were standing by the stairs that led down to the dungeons. Due to that, she started to go down the stairs. She was met with no light, but thankfully she was able to see in the dark. So many cells were down here. The smell was making her stomach upset as she could smell rotten flesh, blood and body fluids she didn't want to name.

Mishiko started to look for some keys, but seeing there were no guards she decided to use her strength to release them all. She took off her hoodie to reveal who she was. Tourches started to light on their own to reveal a guard. A single guard who ended up regretting his choice that day. People attacked, murdered and were like zombies till he was no more. "We need to go, someone else is out there helping me get you free," she started as they followed. People started to question about their loved one that was still out there fighting. "Don't worry, you all will be safe and we'll pardon them from punishment once this is over," she promised.



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Jin Tatsumi
Jin looked back at her at the final words that left her lips. 'I trust you.' Even after all this time. He couldn't help but wonder why she had reached back out to him. Things were different now and he wasn't really sure how she felt. It seemed that something lingered in the air unanswered between them, but now may not have been the right time to pick that up. He nodded back at her.

He turned to look for her one more time as the guards marched forward. She was nowhere to be seen which put a smile on his face as he knew she was already fast at work and those people would be safe in no time. Jin returned his gaze to the battle as the first few already fell to the light that emitted from him.

"You do not hold the power of our GODS!" A guard yelled, furious that someone would dare appear to hold the power of the sun and their deity. "And who are you to stand against us," the guard added, with a hand on the hilt of a weapon. More men poured out at his flanks to support him.

Jin loosed the whip at his side, "I don't care about your gods. Your plans or rulers. I'm just here because someone else hates you. And I support them. It's just unfortunate its you. And if we are talking about gods. Let me show you the light of RA," he said with a cheeky smirk unseen behind his helmet. The solar disk flared brighter above his head and the whip flung freely.

Their blades shimmered in the light of RA as golden orbs burst around everyone. Jin hurled beams of enveloping light around the men and into the pathways behind them. The power weakened their blows and sapped their life. dozens crowded around with blades ripping toward the paladin. Jin walked through the onslaught, taking one blow after the next and letting the light heal him along the way.

He moved through the guards and down into pathways. Samurai jumped out and Jin let their blows land, ignoring them until the radiant light vanquished them. For all the power that his newfound magic possessed. He was still lacking the mana to keep up with it. He decided to reserve some, in case the prisoners needed healing.

Fighting stuff

He finished the journey with fist and whip. Swords clashed with his armor and body as he met the guards with kicks and headbutts. A trail of his own blood was left behind from the wounds he had taken and healed along the way. He cared less about saving their lives. If a blow killed them or not, he kept moving forward, until he was nearing the dungeons.

He leaned against a wall to catch his breath. A long exhale came from the paladin as he eased his shoulders a moment. "Maybe I should be more careful," He leaned off the wall as a blade stabbed into his mechanical shoulder. Wires sparked, and his shoulder opened to vent an exhaust fan into the samurai's face. The distraction was long enough for Jin to whirl around and knock the man out.

End of Fighty stuff

He saw another Samurai dart down the hall toward Mishiko's direction. Jin gave chase and the two clashed. The samurai's sword caught fire and slammed into Jin's shoulder. The paladin latched onto the man's shoulder and pinned him to a wall. His readings reported the man was way stronger than the others he had just fought.

"This way is blocked!" Jin yelled hoping Mishiko would hear his strained voice holding the warrior back.

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Everyone looked at her and looked now determined to go. All they could grab to defend themselves and each other was done and finally followed the Goddess of Death to life, ironic most will say. They went up the stairs and went towards where Jin was. Surely their battle will be done by now, right? Her tired eyes were slowly shutting, 'Not right now...' she thought as her vision was getting blurry. Due to not sleeping for so long the woman gets episodes of vision blurriness. How long will she suffer from this? Hopefully, after her long rest, she will wake up. She could see a man standing there and saying something. Their voice was muffled for a moment till it cleared up. As they were getting closer with hope of this being over she heard his words.

She stopped and turned to look at the people. Her eyes wandered for a different way and before the enemy could see them, she turned and guided the people down another path. The place was getting cold now that there was no one to live here. Breaking down, paths being destroyed as the wrath of the Kami were striking. Her damn family won't give it a break. She was doing all she could. Her head turned to look at the people to make sure no one was bieng left behind. The last thing she needed was for someone to be left behind and end up dying on her watch. Another soul to capture. Her eyes rolled at the thought. Finally, she saw the door to the garden and saw a guard there. He looked strong, but was he stronger than her?

She let the chain slide down her arm that had her dagger attached. Sliding against the ground she whirled it and opened her hand to rope towards the guard. The kunai penetraited the guard in the chest and brought the body to her. Once it was in front of her she used her scythe in the other hand to incapacitate the guard. Mishiko let the body slide off and now on the ground. Sure the citizens were shocked, but not scared of Mishiko, thankfully. Light embraced them as they got outside. There was an exit here, but now she wanted to wait for Jin. Her eyes gazed at the exit and saw Ohta there, standing. Her eyebrows arched, "I felt you needed me," his golden eyes gazed away and spoke nonchalantly.

"Take these people to safety. I need to go back to Jin,"
she instructed. He nodded, but the people looked at her. "It's okay, I trust him with my souls - people," she didn't know how to read it, but swayed her hand for them to go. Finally, they left and Mishiko was on her way to see if Jin needed help.



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Jin Tatsumi
The man pushed himself from against the wall. The steely glare from the warrior cut toward Jin. The guardian's home had been invaded and his reason for being challenged. The sword ripped free from Jin's arm smearing blood on the ground that dripped from the tip of the sharp weapon. A brief flash of light sealed the wound that Jin suffered from.

As the healing magic soothed the injury, the guardian slammed his palm against the wall. A surge of fire traced lines around the hallway and rushed downward. Rustling boots clamored toward them from the end of the stream of fire. An alarm system of magic alerting others to their presence. Jin drove a punch into- the guardian's gut doubling the man over. The warrior drove his sword into Jin's leg, leaving the paladin to grumble in pain through clenched teeth.

Fire burst from the sword and slammed Jin to the other side of the hall. The warrior charged but Jin slipped and dazed the man with a punch to his jaw. More soldiers poured into the hall now. The paladin looked toward the direction that Mishiko and the rescued people had gone. They couldn't be permitted to pass. That's what he thought...but something else flickered in the pits of his mind. A less valiant voice tarnished by the world brewing silently. A careless whisper.

The soldiers joined their captain as Jin stepped between them and the path outside. He stared at his hand that flickered with light magic. Fire danced in front of him. "My curse...life for life," he said softly to himself as light flooded the tunnel as the forces charged. His most powerful healing spell illuminated the hallway. He felt the life drain from his attackers in mere moments. The light cleared away in specks of floating wisps. All that remained were the bundles of lifeless bodies on the ground. No visible marks of fatal battle wounds. No faces twisted by poison or plague. They were simply...void of life.

Jin's arms dropped to his side in silence. Looking at the death he had brought. Years of war had finally turned the soft-hearted paladin into...

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Mishiko left the people in good hands as she wondered where Jin could be. Was he still at the main gates where they entered? Her tired eyes looked about as she went forward. She could just turn into a bird and fly to find them, but she feared being shot by the enemies in fear of being some messenger bird. She could smell it now, death, the blood, and Jin. Her ghoul senses knew his smell as she went closer. Bodies were surrounded and the area had blackened marks on the marble, carpet and everywhere one could see. Once she saw him, she frowned. He looked defeated in her eyes, was it a mistake to bring him with him? "Jin?", she questioned. She didn't want to engage too quickly towards him since he could still be in his mode of battle, so she gently walked towards him. Once she got his attention, it was time to go as it was time to continue the war. Rather or not he was coming with, was up to him.


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Jin Tatsumi
He looked out at the lifeless bodies. Searching to see if he still felt anything for them but couldn't find it. They had stood on the opposing side of a war, and this was how life carved itself out. In his concentration, a faint voice broke the silence. Mishiko called out his name softly. The paladin blinked beneath his helm and turned his head to peek over his shoulder to see she was here alone. Hopefully meaning that she saved the rest of the people. There was a question in her tone though. Looking briefly back at the messy hallway...she had not really seen him like this before. Even in the battles past he avoided so heartlessly taking lives. But it had always been there.

"Are you alright?" he asked, quickly checking if there were any wounds. "Sorry, you had to see this. You've never seen me in war before...It makes me a little...colder."

He took his helmet off and stepped beside her. A smile found its way to his face, but behind his eyes lingered the distance of conflict. "We should get moving. It's probably still not safe here."

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