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Doom Upon All the World [SL]

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Doom Upon All the World [SL] Empty Sat Jun 17, 2023 11:21 am


She was finally going up the stairs that was leading to the little temple in the middle of the area. Everyone who was guarding it was now busy fighting everybody else. She looked towards the first person who was there waiting. He looked like some weirdo. He had short, greenish hair and his face was as pale as snow, like he was wearing too much geisha makeup. If she was her old self, she wouldn't say that this guy was giving her the absolute creeps, but now the wish that she was currently this was nothing. He looked like he would prey on little girls and that was not OK. She brought out her scythe, but as soon as she did, she saw that there were other people coming up to fight him. "Go ahead and go forward. We have this one." They said. "Now I get to fight to the mighty you. Not the show Got. Not anyone ahead. I want to feel your pretty pristine skin and capture your soul in my card to keep you forever for myself," he open mouth grinned as he chuckled, "Huu huuhuhuhuhu,".



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Her companion was about to go right at him without even saying anything, but before he could, she grabbed him by the shirt and started to go forward. She was wondering what weirdo would next be in line. "What kind of company is she keeping?" She wondered to herself, but in a little matter enough for her companion to hear. "Obviously desperate ones, such as herself," he commented. She just shook her head and continued on forward to see that her next stop was quite soon. She stood a tall woman with light and dark colorful hair, white and black. Her eyes were shining gold, just like her companions, but her eyes had kanji within them. Her smile was wicked. And then she looked at her companion. "Ah, I didn't think I'd see you," she spoke towards Ohta. "Last time I heard you were sort of... discharged from your deeds. No longer needed," she laughed, "huahuauha," she laughed again as she thought of something.



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Her companion looked at Meinu with disgust. "Nerfed... more like," he muttered in annoyance as his golden eyes rolled and then looked passed her. "Well, if you're done being in our way, we have a someone to charge and punish," he admitted. She glared and took out her weapon, "You think I'll just let you pass?! Some mangey downgraded fox god that was no longer loved?!", she started to spat nonsense as she was obviously trying to get to him. Thankfully, others arrived to fight her and distracted her long enough for them to pass on by to the next area. The next one was a boy, or man, but he looked quite young. Was this the puppet the spies were talking about? He had a large hat and his hair was a little purple and his eyes were glimmering like lightning. Was he the one causing this storm? Once she got close enough, he looked down at her and smirked.



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This little brat was going to be a little trouble. She could tell at least that much. He gave her a little grim facial expression as he looked at her. She wondered why she was going through so much trouble to ruin someone who wasn't worth her time. She was a little confused about it since she swore that he was supposed to be her enemy, but the way he was talking to her seemed like the opposite. He was only here to challenge the strongest, but she was not going to be fighting him. Why did he seemed familiar? She wanted to ask him who the creation or creator was. Sadly, he shook his head as if he couldn't answer that. Did he have strings attached to himself so he was being controlled? He moved out of the way as he looked down the stairs to see people coming up towards him to fight him.



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"Good luck up there. Even though she is not worthy of you fighting her, I will be waiting to see the results..." he spoke to her and then muttered in a quiet tone, "And to no longer feel this pain...". Shouldn't say anything to her, so she continued to go up there and finally she was on the large flat platform where she was standing. The Shogun was there looking at her with a glare. "So you finally decided to show your face to me?", she wondered. Her eyes then looked towards her companion and then gave a dissatisfied look. "I see you got your companion back yet? He seems quite pitiful compared to what he once was," she teased with a taunting smile. "And your allies, were they? Or do they just not exist because you're a lonely little girl like you always were?" She made fun of her.



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Slowly, her alley started to show up, 1 by 1. There were a lot of dialogues in between everything, but in the end she was happy to see that the Allies came through. She started to lift up her hand and swatted away as she was already going to attack the Shogun. A large and powerful wave started to sweep towards her, which thankfully hit her, but sadly didn't do much. Her and her allies started to work together to defeat them all. Whether or not it was effectful. It did not matter, as she could see that it was draining the Shogun of her powers and energy. She could not dare count how many days and times it took for this to end. She remembered when they were little kids. They weren't friends or anything, but they weren't enemies either, or well, not like this. She was that popular girl that ended up making fun of Mishiko due to her rare beauty in which ended up badly for Ayame in the end.



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Her brother was also one that made fun of her, but not in an abusive way like the sister. Once he found out about his sister's deeds, he started to shun her and he got closer to Mishiko. Her siblings appeared and protected her from Ayame and that was the end of that. She started to be hated on more, but not physically so. Planning in the dark she did as it ended up in a large war and her brother's death was her plan as well. At least half of her mentality knew this because when she 'woke' up and found out, she went insane and made sure Mishiko's human life was filled with pain and loneliness. What she did not know was her brother's soul came with Mishiko to be reborn. As they were clashing weapons, she used her long chained rope to dismember one of Ayame's arms which with the other, Ayame grabbed her gun to point at her.



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"I won't let you have this win..." she muttered and pointed at the sky. She shot a single bullet and that bullet blew up in the sky. It was confusing at first since nothing was to be seen after that shot. That was till she saw a large comet in the sky coming downward. The comet had a face on it, evil as ever with a grin on its face and eyes wide open. If anyone was distracted, they couldn't see that she was now pointing her gun towards Mishiko, but before she could pull the trigger, Ohta formed his own gun and was already doing a shot towards Ayame. His golden eyes looked tired as he glared at her. "Tsk... stupid fox," she muttered, "You could've been mine, but like everyone else... you chose HER..." her eyes teared, makeup started to run down her cheeks and Mishiko decided to take care of Ayame while others took care of the comet.

Regular attacks weren't working against the comet so the ones that had more power went up against it. Finally, as soon as they got rid of the comet, Mishiko's last hit against the Shogun made her body turn into ashes as they were then gathered by the wind. They danced upward into the sky as if the Kami were collecting it.




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