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Repairs for the Trainee's

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Zendreyu carried a familiar ache to himself as he left the arena. A long set of shops were settled nearby much to Zendreyu's relief and flickering determination. He would not go back to House Tilon for repairs so he would have to endure the repairs himself.

After a brisk walk with Magnus a forge stood out to Zendreyu. There were sets of armor and weapons brilliantly displayed just inside a natural stone wall where they were all fitted into well-made nooks.

Repairs for the Trainee's The_re10
With a sense of urgency Zendreyu walked inside to find 3 red headed
green eyed women working the forges and very burly dwarf working amidst vibrant shimmering rainbow flames in the main chamber of the smithy. As Zendreyu prepared to speak the dwarf stopped hammering whatever ores he was smelting and turned to look at Zendreyu,
"What brings you to our forge youngling? You smells of blood magic and steel."

Repairs for the Trainee's Red_ha10

Zendreyu briefly rubbed Magnus head before standing straight and presenting himself as cordially and professionally as possible.
"I am known as Zendreyu, a lesser known descendant of House Tilon. I come to ask for your help to repair my life bound armor. I understand this is an awkward request as it is a part of me so I cannot remove it without special circumstances. I request that you make the repairs while I wear it in manifestation. I will of course pay your fees."

Jahsuun looked at Zendreyu with interest, "You do understand that you're asking to physically melded like armor. Very few living beings can endure that kind of suffering. I cannot guarantee you will be able to endure the pain. I have repaired living armor before but never while it was being worn. Brea, Bonnie, Betty let's test ourselves and see how tough this youngling is."

Unlike the dwarven Jahsuun, his daughters were half human allowing them to grow tall and muscular yet age like dwarves. The triplets responded as one, "We are ready to prove our mettle Dah"
Master smiths, I am Zendreyu lesser known descendant of House Tilon from the land of Sin.

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Zendreyu motioned to the dwarven master smith that he had a unique problem. "Master Smith, I have a problem that requires a bit of handling. My armor is bonded to my body so I cannot just take it off to get it worked on. I have come to request that you process my body along with the armor. I believe that is the only way to repair it since my injuries from the military weakened my body too much."

Jashuun's eyes glazed with energy as he looked over Zendreyu, "I see, you would have to endure the hammering and heating on your own flesh to make the armor emerge. This type of armor fusion is very rare but used to be a staple for warriors long ago when those who could not use magic would have their bodies tempered to allow them to exceed their mortal limits. Since you served in the military you are used to pain and enduring that which others will not. I will use your suffering to teach my daughters some of the ancient ways. I will get a table ready for you. THIS WILL NOT BE PLEASANT. Bonnie, Brea, Betty, ready your hammers and heat up the cauldron using the old elemental oils."

The table was prepped to restrain a man that would soon be in the throes of agony. Betty heated a large cauldron with elemental oils that could filter into flesh and reinforce bones. Brea strapped Zendreyu face down to the table then rotated the entire table so that the damaged portion of his armor would emerge when struck with the phasic hammer by Bonnie. As they prepared the elemental oils Jashuun charged his phasic hammer before handing it to Bonnie. "When you strike with the hammer we are focusing the energies to mend the armor but unfortunately we have to go through his flesh to do this so you have to transmit the energy through his flesh. Although he may have to suffer, this Zendreyu can take all the blows you young ladies can muster."

The girls took turns over the next few hours mending the armor all while bruising and battering his flesh. He should be screaming but Zendreyu simply held a grimace and focused his mind to let the pain flow into and through his body.

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