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Lost among the blue (Open)

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Lost among the blue (Open) Empty Tue Jun 06, 2023 12:25 pm


It was something she still had to get used to: the act of not using her psionic powers to trick people. After all, ever since the events in the void Esperia found herself irreversibly changed by the events. While she might had resembled a humanoid in frame, to call her a human was one of the easiest lies to see through. Certainly, her upper body still resembled that of a human if one could disregard the tendril-like appendages amidst her hair, or the fact that her ethereal frame could no longer wear traditional armor, instead opting to provide herself a modest layer of decency by covering certain parts of her body with the tentacles she could grow, but her lower body had clearly been different. Closer to some form of octopus in design, it was rather fortunate that Alisa's words had proved to be true and that the people of Hargeon were open-minded. Once they realized that she was still the Esperia they all knew, the people had been quite hospitable and accepting of the changes she underwent. No longer needing the usage of a cloak to conceal her appearance, Esperia instead found herself no longer using her psionic powers to trick and deceive others, and instead was seated at the lobby of the guild hall in her true appearance.

No trickery or illusions this time, but instead she had chosen to linger here in the hope of helping Alisa a little. She knew her mentor was quite busy with recent events, and as such she had decided to help her out a little by offering to oversee the coming and going of visitors and new members. Overall not an important duty, but considering she enjoyed socializing it was not entirely something she was against doing.

Not that she didn't have other concerns to think about. She still planned to travel to Magnolia at some point to meet Judith, wanting to hear the opinion of the Fairy Tail guildmaster about the activities of one of her members.

It still sat wrong with her that these two allowed ONE to be taken into captivity, they knew that once he was back at Talaz Lagaar ONE would be doomed, they would sacrifice him in the hope of being a step closer to a cure, a plague that was made from their own hubris. Heaving a soft sigh she tried to shake off the gloomy thoughts, knowing she lacked the power and influence to make a change. Not that she could ever change their minds, they only cared about gaining rewards and if it affected someone who wasn't close to them? Then consequences be damned. At least Odin was not delusional in believing he was doing this for a good cause. In that sense she rather delt with him than these pretend heroes.

Maybe it would do her some good to ask Alisa for some advice on the matter next time she saw the guild master of Blue Pegasus

#2Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He arrived at the Guild Hall and stared at the building, his hands in his pockets as he was having a stand off against a building. What was he doing here. He was no mage. He shouldnt be here. But he didnt come here to become a part of the Blue Pony guild. He was here to ask about Eternal Nightmare, since he had a run in with one of its members.

He was still considering should he go and ask for help and let a guild take care of this or should he go solo. His good conscience is telling him he should say it. Find the guild master and tell her, since he failed to do so the last time. He tried, but his pride got in the way and he just trained instead. Even after talking to Mary Jane, he still opted to do it solo. So will he finally say it now?
He sighed and thought what would be his excuse for poking around.
Every fiber of his body refused to enter this building as it just felt like an alienating area for him. Everything was telling him you dont belong here. He swallowed whatever was building up his his mouth and entered the building. Feeling rather uneasy in this guild. He didnt know what people would think of him. Being the magical anti talent. And a werewolf at that. Granted he was sure no one knew. He made sure to hide his features. Making sure nails are short and made sure not to smile and reveal his teeth. He was not sure what were Alisa's stances on werewolves. Sure she was pleasent with those badonkadonks. But he was sure she'd change her friendly tune if she knew what he was.
Still, he needed to find her if he wanted some information


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The Mindflayer had just been seated behind the counter inside the lobby of the guild hall, although seated was a bit of a peculiar word when one considered her physical frame. It was more like she had been stationary, her tendrils gently coiled on the ground underneath her as she rested in place. The moment Michael entered the building he would likely be able to notice her, the eyes of the Voidling gazing quietly at him while her lips curved up slightly into a gentle smile.

Despite the absence of a greeting, Michael would no doubt feel a curious sensation, as if the eyes of the Mindflayer were gazing straight into his soul while her voice resonated in his mind, even if her lips didn't move.

There is no need for such concerns here Michael. Blue Pegasus and the people of Hargeon are among some of the most open-minded individuals you can find on Earthland. They have been known to be hospitable to vampires, werewolves and even well-mannered demons. All that matters is the intentions of the individual. Should you hold no ill will to the people of this place, then you will always be welcomed with open arms.

Indeed, that was one of the most beautiful things about this place. It was a place Esperia could always call home, no matter what happened.

Ah~ Forgive me for speaking out of turn like that~ It must be awkward to communicate like this, but unfortunately it is the only way available to my kin. I do hope I could reassure you a little, my name is Esperia~ A member of Blue Pegasus and apprentice to Alisa Vollan, the guild master of this place.

Yet for a moment she paused, her lips curving into a smirk as she added.

Indeed~ she has quite a pleasant pair of pillows, doesn't she? But that aside, she is also very strong and mature in her mindset. I believe beyond Judith of Fairy Tail she would be one of the few to welcome a being from the void into her family.

Her smile turned more serene as she inquired.

Is there anything I can help you with today? Or were you searching for my mentor?

and with that she waited for Michael's response.

#4Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
As he entered and felt the uneasiness of the situation, he finally looked around. He was hoping no one was there, but to his dismay, someone was. So much for hiding and trying to find Alisa himself. He noticed the female figure smile and then....

Her voice popped into his brain. The fact that she knew his name definitely unnerved him. If she knew his name with no introduction or greetings meant she read his mind. He got that much. He rubbed the temples of his head with his index fingers to try and block out her mind reading
"Think of boobs, think of boobs, think of boobs. Boobs, boobs, boobs." yes somehow, boobs were the least embarassing or private subject. Like the time he was hypnotized by Alisa's melons. Now that made him smile a bit. Tho he needed to focus and try to communicate with this... mind reader without her finding his private and delicate information. He made sure to focus on the here and now. No past, no future, no worries. Just now and boobs.

Though he did realize she just spoke into his mind knowing full well what he was. That made his eye twitch with anger. Like was NOTHING going his way. Now that was very private and sensitive information she just barged in. He would've prefered if she saw his ex relationship or the things he did in his youth rather than her knowing he was a werewolf
"Ok, lady. Listen here. Or rather read this or whatever. DONT you EVER tell ANYONE what I am. Not even your precious big boobied guild master. As far as ANYONE knows. Im a fucking human. And I will reveal what I am when I wanna" he thought to himself, allowing her to hear that

"As much as I hate the mind read. At least now I know that the guild isnt gonna hunt me cuz im a dark race or whatever. Tho, not too sure about the civillians being very welcoming. Thats all tourism talk. I dont think they'd be good with a werewolf in the area. Especially considering I like to.... or well, I need to repress the urges. Yeah, they wouldnt be friendly" he thought to himself, doubting the sincerity that the common folk would be fine with him. He was sure if they were he was a werewolf, they'd be cautious. And very hesistant around him if they knew he did have some predatory and violent urges. It was a struggle that he battled for survival, not so much because he believed anything else

He sorta cleared his mind to listen to the she-demon who would introduce herself as Esperia, a member of Blue Pegasus and an apprentice to Alisa
"I wonder, if someone has tentacles and such. Would they taste like sushi. I never had joyan food, but she looks like she'd taste like it" it was a genuine thought when he saw her appearance more.

He listened to Esperia more and heard her mention Judith of Fairy Tail, ah must be the guild master, whom he was sure was called Justine. Then again before meeting Alisa, he called her Alice and Alisia and any name under the sun that started with Ali. Once she was done with whatever, she asked what can she help him with

"Yes. I need your Guild Master. I need to ask her about some stuff. Just stuff. No mind reading. You only get boobs for mind reading. Pillows. Melons. Apples. Bountiful hills. Mammaries... Sushi" he thought in a way to communicate with her. But also not wanting to give her too much info so he blocked it with the only thing he knew


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Esperia couldn't help but giggle softly, although no sound escaped her lips at Michael's actions.

I don't read and tell~ That's not only rude, but tactless at that as well~

She smiled for a moment after which she shook her head gently. While she could understand his reservations to the knowledge she possessed, it wasn't exactly like she had peered into his mind as if it was some sort of book.

It is your choice when and what you wish to reveal, there is just one thing I wish to clear up Michael. Beyond this psionic power, I possess a unique gift, one which allows me to know every single detail of a person's life whether I want to or not. It is quite... unpleasant at times. Like, imagine having a crush on someone just to know that all this time she has been obsessed with someone who had bigger pillows than you?

She smiled weakly after her attempt to lift the mood a little and swayed a tendril lightly in the air.
I don't think I taste like Sushi? According to my lover I taste more like... what did she call it again? Apple juice? Although I can't really say I verified that rumor, not like I been putting my tentacles where they don't belong~

She tilted her head lightly to the side in bewilderment as Michael mentioned the need of the guild master.

I know this guild is full of lovely pillows, but that last thought seemed like a provocation, and for that matter Alisa isn't here right now. You'll have to do with me~ Fortunately, like my master, I am familiar with these troubling you. But I'd understand if you prefer to wait to hear Alisa's advice on the matter. Also you best refrain from mentioning her pillows, lest she'd send you to the dungeon~ dreadful place that is...

#6Michael Winters 

Lost among the blue (Open) Empty Tue Jun 06, 2023 2:25 pm

Michael Winters
He was somewhat at ease that she wouldnt tell or project her thoughts like a broadcasting tower or a tattletale. He then carefully listened to madame shushiroll as she explained that beyond these psionic powers, she has the ability to know every detail of a persons life like she or not. That made him wince, but also shiver considering the dirt he had and the stuff he did behind closed doors and the stuff he imagined in his head. From dead parents, to delinquent life, to shady and pervy stuff behind closed doors to murderistic and stabby fantasies he had. She knew everything. And all he wondered
"How are you not disguisted?" he thought. Yeah, he did things he wasnt proud of. But it was something for relief and its not like anyone would know.
"Not my fault MJ is hot. But she's friendzoned. Cant be with her. It'd corrupt her. She's precious and squishy. I can always find someone else if Im into romancing" he thought to himself, not necessarily communicating to Esperia.

But realizing his digressing he tried to focus, even tho it was hard. This was like the most mentally exhausting conversation he ever had. He listened to Esperia and heard her say she's more like apple juice. And as much as he wanted to lick her and see what does she taste like. That urge and thought very soon passed him. Yeah, he didnt find tentacles hot. They give him manly vibes. Though again as soon as he felt his mind was wandering he'd focus it on Esperia who mentioned that Alisa was not here, so he had to deal with her.

And considering that she claimed she knew everything about his life. She'd then know he encountered an Eternal Nightmare guild member at the lighthouse and confronted her which didnt end well for him. It was a lot of emotional damage he dealt with. His feeling hurt and pride bruised, as he dodged a bullet from fighting someone deadlier then him.
It still bothered him someone else was deadlier and not him. Really pissed him off.
But thats why he was here. On one hand, he wanted to report this activity to the guild master. Thats like the 20% of him. But the other 80% just wanted to deal with this person himself. So yeah, again he didnt really plan to tell Alisa the details. He just wanted side info
"Ok, squid, octopuss, tentacle lady. Tell me what you know of Eternal Nightmare. Give me every deet you have" he thought and demanded. He crossed his hands and again swallowed whatever bile he felt was building up.
This whole headache conversation was making him sick


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We all got some skeletons to hide, some might even need more than a closet. I'd rather deal with someone who acknowledges their own wrongdoings and accepts the burden and responsibilities tied to these acts, than someone who ignores their own wrongdoings and preaches to be a good guy.

She scoffed for a moment as a memory lingered for a moment after which she resumed speaking.

You do realize that the existence of a werewolf isn't necessarily like a transmittable disease or ailment? It requires very specific conditions for one to become a werewolf, much harder than vampirism in fact, from having done the naughties with one in the past I can reassure you she won't simply turn if you... ahem~ have some intimate 'snuggling' with her. Although I am intimately familiar with the woes of being friendzoned~

She chuckled at the last part and when he made his telepathic demand she replied in kin.

First and foremost: It's Esperia, use my name Michael. Second, in terms of Eternal Nightmare...

She paused for a moment, a hand reaching for her cheek as she pondered further. What did she know about them?

They used to be a cult that followed the agenda of a powerful Lich called Odin, he was obsessed with freeing an ancient entity whose presence would unleash an unimaginable degree of destruction upon Earthland. However, he died recently at the hands of Alisa. I presumed that they were reorganizing in an effort to attack Blue Pegasus in an attempt to gain revenge for their fallen leader, but the fact you were attacked by one of their members makes me reconsider whether they are as structured as they made us want to believe. In the past Eternal Nightmare was a great threat due to how organized it was. Its members respected Odin and would rally to his orders, but with his downfall, the absence of leadership has created instability among its members. Too many different ideals and clashing personalities makes it hard to organize something when you don't have someone leading.

She lowered a hand to the desk, tapping it lightly as she idly wondered. They are usually situated in Oak, so to be ambushed by them over here makes it quite worrisome. Either something or someone emboldened them, or you did something to stir their beehive. Whatever the case, I will be certain to report their presence to Alisa as well.

#8Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He gave her a look that was the expression of 'seriously? Did you try to school me about my own biology and existence'. A look of annoyance and disbelief.
"Im not that stupid" he thought, before he mentally went to correct her "When I meant 'corrupt her'. I mean like 'being a bad influence and make her a troublemaker or thug or delinquent like me. I'd affect her personality not her physiology."

He was surprised to hear she did the naughties with a wolfie. He was curious about the deets, but he decided not to prod for that. Then again knowing she's a mind reader, he could surmise she knew he was mildly curious about it. Though he had to make another correction "Ay. I friendzoned the girl. She didnt friendzoned me...... Which was a first one... Then again I wasnt ever really friendzoned myself tho" he though, half mentally communicating with her and half just having his own wandering thoughts

She corrected him with the name. But he just shrugged "I know, but I dont care. Which by the way, never gave you consent to use my name. Now Eternal Nightmare. Go!" he demanded

And listened for an answer, he'd process the information. Its interesting that the Blue Pegasus guild master killed theirs. But another thought came to his mind "Are my thoughts not articulated enough? I mean Im crystal clear to me. Then again never had a mind reader probe my brain. Ok, articulation. IIiiii wasnt attacked by a guild member of Eternal Nightmare. I was just minding my own business, yonder at the lighthouse. Dealing with my shit. Suddenly I hear someone. I ask 'Who goes there?!' all authoretarian to scare away a rapscallion. But then I hear a girly voice saying its an innocent girl. Then they say they're a ghost. I tell em to show themselves and it was... a chick"
He shrugged
"The chick formally introduced herself and said she's from the guild. I told her my first name and that Im a werewolf, hoping to scare her off, cuz I was not ready to fight a powerful mage. Buuut she sussed me out. So she and her lil bitchy exceed just talked down to me. I really really wanted to rip her a new one. But I knew that'd result in my fatality. So I had to swallow my.... whats the word... my ah... my dignity and let her metaphorically walk all over me.  So yeah, she didnt attack me physically. But rather she verbally massacred me. As for what she was doing at a lighthouse with little to no people?" he shrugged again and made a guess
"Contraband? Smuggling? From personal experience, if you deal with illegal items you wanna be away from people. Its just I was there to... erm... admire the moon and be myself... which sadly I couldnt"

He scoffed when she said he might've stirred a beehive "How dare you? I just wanted to werewolf chill away from humanity and howl at the moon. Not my fault bitch was being all sussy around me. If you ask me. Its lucky I was there"

When she mentioned reporting it to Alisa, he was shook and immediatelly waved her to stop
"Oh no. No no no no. I have dibs. I didnt come here to report their presence. I came to gather intel on my enemy. So just so you know They're mine. No one gets to belittle me and get away with it. Not any dark nor light guild member. I dont care who you are. If you're the Queen of Fiore, if you belittle me, I will hit you. Understand?! I deserve respect!!"


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Esperia's eyes narrowed as she shook her head in response to the information Michael provided her.

You seem to be misunderstanding a few things...

She rose from her stationary spot, hovering slightly in the air a few paces away from the counter as she addressed the werewolf.

Whether you are a werewolf, a demon lord or a freaking Icebergian 'god', respect is not something you demand here, it's something you earn. It is a belief deeply ingrained both in Blue Pegasus and the people under our protection. A lesson you best learn quickly if you wish to avoid unpleasantries.

She turned toward the entrance of the guild hall and as her gaze drifted outside she resumed the telepathic connection.

This is about much more than just your pride Michael. These dark mages are a blight upon the realm, threatening not just the peaceful existence of strangers, but in the wake of their master's demise they also became a threat to Hargeon and Blue Pegasus. I'm not certain, but since werewolves are commonly known to be territorial, surely you understand why I will not sit idle while knowing one of their kin is lurking in the shadows of Hargeon- my home.

She sighed softly, after which she resumed their conversation once more.

If you wish to deal with them, then go to Oak, if you decide to be smart and actually want your actions to make a difference, then team up with Alisa and Blue Pegasus. It's gonna be only a matter of time before they pop their ugly heads like some sort of weeds, and then you don't even need to put in any effort of finding the one who slighted your pride.

She raised a hand to her chin and went quiet for a moment, her lips curving into the faintest hints of a smile. Howling at the moon? How nostalgic... No... she shook her head lightly, attempting to dispel the thoughts from her mind. These days were long over.

#10Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He glared at her
"And are you threatening me?"

As she went on to explain to him that this is something bigger than him and his pride. Explain why these people are a danger and a blight to their realm who threaten the peace of bla bla because of their masters demise, they are a threat to Blue Pegasus and Hargeon. She spoke because werewolves are territorial, surely he'd know why she's being so defensive about this place. He somewhat calmed down when he heard that, but not for the expected reasons

He even somewhat forgot werewolves are territorial because he never really had a place to call home. No emotional attachments. Only doing those help quests and going where one of those things take him. He's been to Hargeon 3 times. This is his 3rd visit to the town and probably the longest he has ever stayed at.
"Yeah.... they are territorial. Must be nice"
But he soon tried to push off those more somber thoughts. He had to accept he was a traveler and a nomad. He was a lone wolf with not anyone.
Certainly not even with Mary Jane who he totally does not care about. Most certainly doesnt see her as a cute sister creature squishy thing to protect. That girl was just a nice neighbour at the inn who stayed next to his room.

He turned the attention to Esperia again
"I just want to deal with the one person. Not the entire guild"
Because he was afraid of dark guilds and honestly believed he was no better than them.

When she suggested he team up with Alisa and the Blue Pegasus, he mentally said "I dont belong to any guild. Whats the point of me being in a mage guild if I cant do magic? You just look all nice, but then look at me from above as if you're better than me, being all hoity toity to your pet and throwing me a bone or chew toy. No thanks"

"I'll find my own way to make a difference..." it was a thought to himself, not one to commune to Esperia, but she could still hear it.

He just shrugged and considered taking his leave. He got what he wanted somewhat. He figured it was best to leave and not get upset. This whole exchange was getting him depressed and he wondered about his past life choices and achievements. What was better. A lone wolf school drop out doing nothing worth while and just surviving day to day. Or being in a relationship with a hot chick who was clearly bad for you and dragging you to the dark side, which would probably lead to your demise. He was happy, but it was toxic and bad. But at least he didnt feel alone and felt like he was making a change, even if it was a bad one.
Now, he just felt pathetic and alone


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A warning, not a threat.

Esperia remarked mentally to Michael as she listened to the werewolf's opinion about guilds and the belief that they felt superior to him because he couldn't use any magic. She paused for a bit, her gaze shifting to her hands as she smiled weakly.

Must be nice to be able to use magic, right?

She shook her head firmly, knowing all too well that the people of Blue Pegasus cared little about magical prowess.

And yet before you stand someone who can't cast even a single spell the people of Earthland call magic. If you are referring to my psionic powers, these are merely the consequences of the corruption the Void had upon me. They aren't that different from a werewolf's claws or bite. Just depends on how one uses them. Don't get me wrong, magic always intrigued me, and I'm a bit of a scholar when it comes to the more ancient arts, but never did I think that magic to be something that elevates your social standing.

She averted her gaze, feeling a bit unpleasant about how Michael's mentality used to remind her of her old self. Someone who believed she could tackle any problem on her own and would push away these who could have helped her. Not that she voiced that out loud.

Then stay safe, and come by again when you wish to meet Alisa.

#12Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"I dont see a distinguishing difference between the two" he thought, but let it slide
As they later thought of magic, Michael said how he doesnt belong here because he doesnt have magic. Believing everyone will look down on him and see him as a lesser being. He was silent when Esperia mentally told him that it must be nice doing magic.
It was a bummer he couldnt do that. To belong and fit in. He was the black sheep here among the masses. An inhumane non magical being.

He looked at the voidling as she mentally spoke to him. Claiming he's standing in the presence of a non magical being who cant cast a spell. And the psionic communication is a natural ability, much like how a werewolf changes. And while she does study magic in a scholary manner, she doesnt believe it elevates your social status
"Your telepathy is still rather mystical and etherial. A wolfs bite is a physical act. Your thing is immaterial, if you get my jist. So its closer to magic even if its a natural ability of your race. And while you dont think magic elevates you. Well, I think you're wrong. It makes you fit in more. Makes you part of a unit. Or if you wanna put it in werewolf terms, makes you feel like you are part of the pack and not some black sheep" he mentally explained to her his point of view on the matter

He noticed she averted her gaze and Esperia can read his thoughts as he pondered why she did that. Michael also thought about seeing Alisa, but maybe its good he didnt see her as he'd probably make her sad and he didnt want that. She was nice. And not just physically.

Michael nodded when she told him to stay safe
"Uhm... I will... umm.. yeah... I guess I should go... I have... quite a few things to think about" he thought in a rather somber way. But he needed to rethink his life for now. Something wasnt right and he needed a solution. He had invites to this guild. But he was still scared. Even if Esperia and others told him he's fine. He still felt inadequate as if he didnt belong. And far too weak it was depressing. He needed to deal with his issues

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