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Answers: Tomorrows Tommorow [Epic]

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Compared to the desert the mountains were certainly a bit colder to some degree but nothing like what saturn was currently experiencing. The rolling intense frost that permeated the area around them made the demi-god rub his hands on his shoulders for warmth and for a moment he swore he could see his breath stolen away on the wind. The heat making a small breath of air as the outsider watched on with a look of vague disinterest.

And here my child is where you will find your next task

The essence of frost?

Aye. That and of your sister. Lucretia Von Wolfenstein.

My… Sister?

Her sacrifice to this world cannot be understated, always fighting for those weaker than her without anything in return. She’d of fought to her last breath if allowed but instead that chance was taken from her by her mother and ilk.

Saturn felt a dull anger somewhere in the back of his head that he wasn’t sure if it was his or someone elses. The anger threatened to boil over and saturn let out a soft sigh. It was too intense to be his own and eventually it dulled into a sadness. The outsider turned to stare at saturn and the latter would wipe away a few tears that had trailed from his eyes.

Her influence is still within you even now, even as your body has set into stone. There is no going back to what she was and she knows that as much as you know the cool kiss of this weather on your nape. But her sacrifice and your birth has paved the way for a timeless guardian of Earthland. Or it’s Destroyer..

Saturn didn’t know what to think about that and shook his head. The outsider turned away and motioned for him to go about and look. Something felt strange and he could feel a tugging as the Demi-god wandered away from his parent. The words that he spoke were harsh and true, both of which he wondered if he would ever really see what the outsider intended him to.

The tugging felt like it was from someone else entirely and he decided to follow it. What felt like hours turned to days, what felt like days turned to weeks. Saturn’s body felt like it had fully acclimated to the weather, longer fur maybe? Or perhaps an inward temptation to that of the frost behind his arcane roots.

He stopped briefly to look around; the perpetual blizzard that he was in hadn’t ceased for the entire time that he had been here. Making him wonder quietly if that the essence of frost was in fact the very land. But something deep inside told him another answer lay before him.

So he walked, past trees, past the rolling hills that stopped the wind. Eventually the blizzard calmed and he was left amidst a white winter wonderland. From one side of the plains to that of the next was nothing but the snow. His chest tickled a little bit and he’d breathe out slowly. But there was no heat and he’d raise his brows ever so slightly.

Deep within there was a soft rumbling and he’d step forward, the crisp winter air seemed to still a bit and a pair of icy eyes seemed to stare up out of the snow at him. Saturn blinked and that icy eyes had vanished. Perhaps… The beings born of this place were it’s essence or at least a bi-product.

...Iceberg. We’re in Iceberg. That makes sense.

Knowledge, both ancient and current flooded his mind and he’d crack his eyes open just a little bit to look around a bit more properly. To ‘see’ what was needed. Scooping some of the snow up he’d tilt his head to one side. That was not the answer, but the whole of this place didn’t seem like it either. He felt the tugging on his back and he’d slowly turn…



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His eyes met that of a pack of wolves, frosted at the top and ancient marks of battle along their frames. Some of them had old arrows stuck in them while others had entire swords stuck in their pelt like some kind of trophy. No one moved and no one seemed to anticipate what the other would do. But eventually they’d approach; some of them looking at him as they walked by but others didn’t even pay him any heed.

He was out of their league just like he was out of theirs when it came to the wild. A fight would benefit neither so there wouldn’t be one at all. Not that saturn needed to fight them; he simply could have floated out of their reach somehow. Rubbing at his neck the demi-god turned to watch them walk. The leader of which looked back at him; the two of them locked eyes for a moment.

The sensation of that of a pack washed over him and he realized that likely there was a respect to the one that had come before him. The leader of this pack motioned for the others to continue before trotting over; sitting for a moment and then adjusting. Presenting the hilt of a weapon long since healed over in it’s hide. The demi-god blinked a bit and reached out. Grasping the weapon and pulling it out without much resistance. The place it had sat had long since healed so there was no blood.

Just the frosted sensation of time. He’d reach down and a soft golden light would take the wolves wounds away. The being blinked a bit and would pad away, giving a bob of it’s head before catching up with it’s group. Saturn would look to the blade, it was an ancient thing and he’d have to wonder how long they had been around. The frost had claimed most of it and he could feel the magic just rolling off of it.

He understood what it meant to his core and bit his lip. Slowly moving away from where he stood; back into the blizzard that his parent waited for him in. Eventually what seemed like the yawning of the new year would he find his parent.

You returned. And with… A sword?

Saturn would hold it out by the hilt and then drop it into the outsiders hands; the other looked shocked at this forwardness and saturn would rub at the back of his neck. There was something that bothered him clearly but he’d go about to explain.

While the elements are often the bi-product of interaction, there are some that live so close to its core that they too are the essence of it. The people and animals here aren’t so much apart from Frost as Frost is keenly a part of them. My sister… spent so much time here that they could feel her within me still. You could say that her soul is still marked mine even though she’s all but a memory. Frost endures just as does earth. But it’s bite is so much… different.

Saturn looked a little distant and then back towards where he came. The two stood there and the outsider once again didn’t expect the answers that were given to him. But saturn looked ready to move forward. So the outsider took the blade, feeling that intense cold and frosted aura within it. His child had made an important choice today…

You’re unlike anything; not even she would have seen it…


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