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Answers: Feel [Epic]

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Answers: Feel [Epic] Empty Mon Mar 13, 2023 4:08 am

You did well my child, the first task is often the most easy especially in a place such as this.

The outsider wasn’t belittling saturn’s efforts but he was pointing out that he lucked out in terms of resources. The multi-fauceted being moved the two of them along. It’s like he knew what they were going to do before he even did it. Was his understanding of the song much greater than Saturns? More than likely.

In a place where nature is strongest; many elements rear their head so it should not surprise me in such an ample place you would find the answer you seek.

There was a distinct pause and his eyes locked onto saturn; making the demi-god shiver slightly. The intense difference of their powers was immense and there was no way that he nor anyone would probably feel comfortable around this particular lesser deity.

You understand the gap between parent and child; between an elder and merely a babe. You even understand the strangest essence in a world you barely have connection to. Imagine what you’ll be like a thousand years in the future. If allowed to live that long.

Saturn was so focused on the outsider and what they had to say when they arrived to the next ‘area’ the demi-god looked around in bewilderment. The lesser deity and that of their child slowly lowered to the ground. Though the outsider’s feet didn’t even touch it. Merely hovering a few inches above.

This desert is perfect for your next task.

The outsider motioned with a hand and saturn looked with it; he didn’t know the desert all too well and he’d bite his lower lip ever so slightly. The outsider seemed to understand but simply continued without regard to that confusion or lack of understanding.

Here you will find two elements, like you did last time. You only were looking for wind but found nature as well. A curious little surprise that I will give you credit for even if you didn’t intend it.

The outsider raised a hand, two fingers spread this time as though giving him slightly extra time. But where he thought that he might be able to have some time to think the outsider instead shook him up a little bit. Or rather shook things up.

Your understanding of this world far surpasses that of my own; but the difference in speciality begets itself. You made things harder for yourself without even knowing. Two hours this time my Child.

This was a further test and saturn felt his ‘heart’ almost beat right out of his chest. The two of them stared at one another and saturn gave a simple nod of his head. Turning about and walking out into the desert. He didn’t understand it as much as he did the other place. He had barely begun to understand that of the many different areas.

It was intense, it was hot. There was sand everywhere as far as he could see. Standing there at the top of the dune all he could see was sand. All he could feel was the heat. So he continued on, curious and curiouser.

As time passed he was sure that the hours no longer mattered; he was certain that he had already failed. Kneeling down the demi-god ran his hand through the sands; slowly blinking. That intense heat beat down upon him and slowly he’d tilt his head. He could feel the crisp wind from the other lands practically scythe over his back. Cutting deep to his core and making the demi-god shiver.

The sun ate that cold up like an ironclad warrior eating their next meal at a tavern. Flicking his ears the demi-god slowly took a seat, rubbing at his chin thoughtfully. He had the answer for one because of the way things were… but the answer for both would be a bit more difficult. His golden eyes slowly trailed down and a brow would raise.

There was no way it would be that simple would it?



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The answer seemed positively befuddling and many; that of the sand beneath his feet. Not everything would be living, not everything would have a solid or true answer. But the demi-god could find no better solution than that of the vast swath of the stuff. He’d slowly stand up and shake his head. Feeling as though that answer would simply anger or perhaps make it feel like he wasn’t taking this that seriously.

So he moved on from it; wandering that of the sea of sand. That of the desert that his parent had brought him to. Time seemed to drag on and the demi-god was sure that he had passed his given time frame time and time again but he still searched. Deciding that it was better that he simply got an answer than worry about some kind of time constraints.

He found lizards, camels, even people that were startled by his presence. Waving them along as he traveled, not paying them any heed unless they needed help in the way of water or food. Eventually he came to the other side of the desert. Blinking slowly he’d look around and the outsider would make their appearance. Looking very cross.

I said two hours, yet it has been nearly two weeks.

Saturn tilted his head a little bit and slowly reached down. Scooping up a handful of sand and showing it to that of the outsider. The being blinked slowly and Saturn turned back to look at the dunes that he had come from. The heat of the desert didn’t even seem to bother the demi-god all that much.

There were so many answers sitting in front of me that I could hardly believe it. Your timeframe seemed to lend to the fact that I would find it quickly or realize this fact faster than before.

He’d turn his hand over letting the sand float back down to the ground, laden with the magical energy that saturn poured into it. Letting it spin around and eventually forming a little ball of sand encased softly in that of a glass husk. A little playful orb for that of the outsider. They seemed taken back by the way that saturn was handling this; not worried about the time at all.

You wondered how I would be in a thousand years when I’m simply only at best a few months old. Citing time as though it really has meaning to someone who’s young but timeless. But I found the answers you asked of me.

He’d float the little glass ball filled with sand to that of the outsider, the latter seeming hesitant to take it. Like Saturn was making this less about solutions and understanding and more about the outsiders lack of general knowledge of this world. But the next words that saturn had would likely put this to rest.

That of the sun is the fire we seek; the greatest source of heat and magical energy I’ve ever felt. Even from where it rests beyond our grasp it grants us limitless albeit timed energy… and under its heel is that of the sand. Grains of earth so diluted that their purity is in question. But it’s the answer of when the earth has given everything to the people that want it. But without one there wouldn’t be the other.

Saturn seemed as though he understood what the outsider was asking of him and the outsider seemed to accept this answer. Though he’d huff a little bit and stare at Saturn. Eventually taking upon himself the glass orb filled with sand.

I would have preferred it to be within the two hours but… true understanding comes in all timeframes. Perhaps two hours was a little too harsh… Hmm.

Saturn gave a small shrug and the two of them ‘walked’ for a few more steps; saturn noting that the butterfly was still around in the golden glow that he had given it. At that point the outsider seemed to be contemplating something.

You have passed this test as well my child, even if you went way over my intended time limit…


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