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Answers: Hear [Epic]

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Listening to the song of the land was never something that Saturn would tire of; he would without a shadow of a doubt enjoy it as long as there was one to listen to. So far in his travels he had been able to listen to many kinds. Ranging from the most humble to the happiest he had ever been able to detect with his ears.

Which is why to say the least upon hearing a song that spanned practical millenia did he slowly crack his eyes for the first time in days. Looking about in bewilderment. The heat of the sun on his back told him it was in the waning afternoon; the lack of chirping birds and even the usual animal entourage he had weren’t around.

He had taken to sitting on a long dead tree trunk; listening to the words of the tree for a long long time. Understanding its song let him understand the forest a little bit better. But whatever was coming definitely didn’t seem to match up with it.

The fur on his back started to stand up and the immense power that suddenly made itself known further had him craning his head up to look at probably the most marvelous being that he had ever lain eyes on. Detached from the world in every single way he could practically feel the strangeness of the other.

My child Saturn.

The words rang in his head and the Demi-gods eyes widened further. What was this? It was a rare ability on earthland; telepathy wasn’t something that was just easily known. The quizically tilt of the being’s head seemed to inform them of the comparison.

Ah. No. I am not from Earthland, I am not even a product of anything here. Come child.

A single motion of it’s finger was all that was needed to raise saturn off of his feet, alarm crossed his features but he still found himself fumbling for words. Which seemed to suit the outsider just fine. The outsider? How did he know that information? Confusion played about his features as he floated up to the being who’s wings gave a gentle flap. Sending the both of them moving along with an impressive speed.

You are doing well my child, your understanding of the world and the innocence you bear is something that has connected you quickly to it. But there is a time and need for other instances, other ways. I aim to teach you and you will learn.

Saturn didn't know where they were going or why past the desire of this being to teach him something. He stayed mostly silent, feeling as though that the outsider would understand his feelings before he even said anything. The many eyed being turned its head again as they moved along. Nodding slightly as though it was capable of reading not only what was in mind... but what was in existence and what was further beyond Saturn's personal comprehension.

In time you will know.



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Today I will have you collect something for me, a small test of sorts to teach you and let you know how far you will go to accomplish something.

The two of them set down outside of the forest; an earnest smile of the outsiders' lips let Saturn know that he was not here to fight, at least not just yet. The Demi-god had the sensation that eventually the two of them would cross that sort of venture. Which was a strange sensation to say the least.

I desire you to capture an essence of one of the elements. Dominantly that of Wind.

The being raised a single finger; all of the eyes that were on the array of it’s body locking onto saturn himself. The Demi-god gulped a little bit feeling this intensive gaze a little more acutely than he would have liked.

You have one day to do so. Do not fret too much, for failure simply means I must start someone else's journey in place of your own.

Saturn didn’t like the way that was phrased and he’d rub at the back of his neck; he felt like that simply meant that he would fail and that the outsider would likely never approach him again. He didn’t want that. Something told him the right path was to succeed in all these tasks. Nodding his head he’d set out into the forest; the outsider looking puzzled but not interfering with what Saturn was doing.

To find the essence of wind the fledgling demi-god knew where to look. Some would think that you must go above to capture the wind or perhaps even the clouds but he knew better. A being that encapsulated freedom and movement. That of the butterfly. The small insects carried themselves on the wind further than most and their breath would be that of the carried essence. But to capture that essence…

He moved through the forest further still, looking high and low for exactly that of what would hold that greatest meaning. Any would do; but the one that he wanted would hold the greatest meaning to the both of them.

Given that the time of the year put the Monarch Butterfly in the more southern regions it was unlikely he’d find anything other than stragglers or those too old to travel. The latter being the one that he wished to find. Floating through the air the demi-god’s eyes trailed down that of a tree. A single spot of orange catching his attention. The ailing monument of a single dilapidated Monarch.

A king that had spent so much time in this world and their movement was that of an elder. Slowly coming down to the ground his eyes met that of the insects. There was no fear in it, it was slowly dying anyways but the friendly nature of the being many times bigger than it seemed to disarm any flight reactions. Reaching out his hand the butterfly crawled onto it.
He could feel its lifeforce quickly fading; frowning every so slightly he wasn’t sure that it would last too much longer. Reaching his other hand out and trailing above it the Demi-god would pour a vast amount of magical energy into the butterfly. Saturating it with his essence; keenly working that of his arcane magic to that of the Monarch’s wind strained being.

His element would often defer to others. Rendering it to that of somewhat of an aide. He could feel the butterfly seem to reverse in terms of aging. Looking to be that of a strapping youth in it’s prime. The grin on saturn’s face grew ten fold.

The butterfly was likely not to move while saturn floated away with it; he could feel the nervousness that had once been a part of it’s being completely gone now. It would perform its duty; whatever that duty was. With pride for the golden demi-god.

It took some time to get back to the outsider but upon arrival he could see that the being hadn’t moved. Though it seemed to be listening to another with the way it’s wings moved around it’s head. It’d turn it’s attention to saturn and a quizzical ‘brown’ raised ever so slightly. Words filled his head; knowing that they were of the outsiders; Saturn was a bit more receptive this time around.

Explain your choice. Why this being is that of the essence you seek.

The butterfly follows the beck and call of the wind to travel great distances, it is in constant touch with that element. Its freedom matches that of the movement of it. From the day it is born till the day it dies. You can just feel that energy can you not?

Saturn would hold his hand up with that of the Monarch on it. The lack of fear and that of acceptance instead would be found. The outsider rubbed his chin thoughtfully and stared at Saturn. Eventually slowly nodding his head.

Your understanding of the essence of wind is acceptable. If not a little crude.

This world is the product of the elements; to one such as yourself everything would seem crude would it not?


The outsider’s chuckle caught saturn slightly offguard and the demi-god tilted his head to one side as the monarch floated off of his hand. Slowly turning about as though it was on display. The outside seemed to be inspecting it further before whisking it away from this plane.

Perhaps a little more than understanding of this world than I initially gave credit for.


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