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Master of Lewdlings: Alisa Vollan [Epic SL chapter 9]

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Master of Lewdlings: Alisa Vollan [Epic SL chapter 9] Empty Sat Feb 25, 2023 9:20 pm


Finally... home again. It was an odd feeling for sure, to be back within the guild hall of Blue Pegasus. Even after she had explained the current events to Alisa and both she and Manzo were of the opinion she would always have a place to return to in Blue Pegasus, the young Demon Queen couldn't help but feel the outrageous chain of events finally catching up to her.

Even now she could scarcely believe it. To have become a leader among the demons. Despite the fact they were demons, it seemed these who followed her were remarkably influenced by her Obscura and adapted similar views. It made her wonder if such was the case for other Demon Kings or Queens as well. Was that perhaps the reason that they could rule over such a chaotic species?

It was a fascinating concept to ponder about for sure, and as she stood in her old room in the dormitory she couldn't help but wonder if there was a way to find more information on such a topic. It would be difficult to consult her usual sources considering Lilith had gone silent and she had no idea where Bael might had been.

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And simply going back to the abyss wasn't exactly an option either. Ever since the natural gateways had become sealed it was incredibly difficult to create a passage between Earthland and other realms, so it was understandable that if she were to try to force a gateway to open she would need to be very careful and secretive about it, lest it could bring some unpleasant consequences. The gateway within her castle was safe, at least it required either her ring or the sacrifice of one of demonic nobility and that was a price few would be able to pay. But that left her with almost no options to discover more about her powers. Relying on mortal sources wasn't exactly the smartest move either. Humans were often easily influenced or impressed and it could be that the records might had been altered by the impressions of the writer rather than true facts.

"That does raise the question about what type of influence my Obscura can have on other beings. Is it merely limited to other demons, or would a Daemon experience the same thing? And if so... What would happen if I try to infuse my power into another being?"

So many questions were filling her mind right now...

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The more she thought about the matter, the more she felt like she hit a roadblock. While she had a lot of knowledge at her disposal, the concept of corruption and the influence brought forth by a Demon's obscura was foreign territory to her. No, she would need to find a reliable source of information if she wanted to discover the secrets of her new power. Or perhaps... Maybe there was another option. It was not exactly the easiest of choices, but she could always learn by means of experimentation. It was after all the act of experimentation and delving into the unknown that had led her to discover new things.

But how would she even begin experimenting with something like this? To test the influence of her Obscura she needed some sort of suitable vessel to try it upon. Then again, maybe that would be easier than she thought. She did have a few ideas on how to discover the secrets she had been searching for. It was just... To try and experiment with something like this was quite risky to say the least! So she would need to be careful... Very careful to ensure it would all work out.

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Indeed, learning to wield the power of her Obscura was something that would require a lot of time and dedicated effort. But if she succeeded it would be a grand advancement in the progress she was searching for. To learn to wield her Obscura would mean she could use its influence for a greater purpose, to prevent demons from being a threat to mankind. Perhaps there would even be a future where they could coexist, even if most would call that wishful thinking.

Even as she was looking through the various books and tomes she found in her room, there was nothing that seemingly suggested a method for her to advance her research. So was experimentation the only solution? Now she thought about it, she did have some sort of result already from a case of experimentation. Indeed, the corrupted Seraphim that had accompanied her. She had been tainted by her obscura so perhaps by looking further into her situation she could possibly discover some things of importance.

It was also this idea that could possibly help her in developing a new sort of power for her to wield, one that was still different from the type of magic that Succubi possessed.

But it all came back to that one question: Would it be enough? She was a Demon Queen and such a title came with certain expectations. She needed the power and influence if she wanted to survive the game of thrones that unfolded there in the abyss. So for now it seemed she would continue her investigation into the consequences of corrupting someone with her Obscura. What exactly did it do? What were the effects and consequences? Was it temporary or permanent? So many questions continued to linger in her mind. And if she was honest? She had to admit she was excited at the thought of finding out the answers.

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For a moment she closed her eyes, allowing her mind to relax as she thought back about the recent events. Despite all her efforts she had come home to an empty house. Priscilla was gone and not a trace of her or Hasani was left. It was clear she had been abandoned, and the initial anger and frustration had turned into sadness and loneliness. Then there was that peculiar elven girl, or was she a half elf? She never heard of any elven traditions that involved walking around naked in someone's backyard. The mere thought earned a brief chuckle from her as she tried to think back on the other stuff that had happened.

While Alisa had agreed to let her stay, reminding that Blue Pegasus was her home and its members her family, Esperia couldn't help but feel a mixture of gratitude and concern, gratitude for Alisa's kindness and concern for the opinion of the other guild members. Demons weren't exactly known for being good people. Good bed fellows sure, but that was an entirely different story.

Now she thought further about it. Why exactly had Aseria decided to stick around? Was it the influence of her corruption? Was it some sense of loyalty engraved upon her being by the mind control of the succubus? The more she thought about it, the less sense it all made, and that was genuinely frustrating to her.

She disliked not understanding something, as someone who values knowledge and wisdom she often desired to discover the unknown but this was territory she had never delved in before. But perhaps that would soon change, for she heard a light knock on the door. Sensing Aseria's presence behind it she raised her voice lightly "It's unlocked~" and watched the Seraphim enter in her disguised form. The young angel bowed lightly in the respect she had come to expect from the fallen Seraphim. "What is the matter Aseria?" She asked, leading to the young woman to speak. "I... wanted to ask you a few more things, if you're not preoccupied with something else?"

Esperia smiled calmly at her and shook her head. "Not exactly~ I wanted to ask you a few things as well, so let us take this opportunity to talk a bit." The succubus patted the mattress beside her as she sat upright and as the Seraphim went to take a seat she inquired. "So what do you like to talk about Aseria?"

The Seraphim paused for a bit before continuing, a bit hesitant. "It's about this place... Blue Pegasus? It seems you're quite close to the owner of this place."

Esperia nodded her head lightly in return, explaining with a smile. "Indeed~ You see, I consider the guild master of Blue Pegasus like an elder sister. She is very dear to me, and a beacon of hope and wisdom when it comes to the chaos and turmoil of human society."

The Seraphim nodded her head lightly. "Alisa has always been something of a mentor to me, teaching me a lot over the years I spend as a human. Even when I lost my family and strayed from a proper path to pursue, she tried to guide and reassure me, reminding me that I always have a place to return home to."

Aseria asked worriedly. "And the house we visited earlier?" The one with the naked half elf? She couldn't help but feel as if Aseria had thought that question when Esperia answered her softly. "It used to belong to my family. But they are no more, and I have no idea yet about who the half elf is, or why she was lodging in my backyard. Something I plan to find out very soon~"

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