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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi)

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Fri Mar 10, 2023 3:48 pm

Miriko on the other hand seemed perfectly content with painting away in fact she seemed to painting rather quickly for this one like she was on a mission and she would going to no matter what achieve, nothing could stop her from completing it. Then look at it with a bit of a smile on her face of what was to come. She had a wonderful idea and it was a good reflection of what all is in front of her at the time and she was happy with it. It seemed if anything maybe the brighter spirits of the room was what was helping them continue on.

Offering the cookie to Alistair he had to ponder what it all would do for him? was it make up different between human and cat beings or all made the same or he might be thinking too in depth about it, he quietly ate the cookie it seemed if anything Alistair did not seem to show signs of feeling the effects of it yet, but Alistair was just over all playing with kids.

Then Miriko walked over and handed over a painting to Kaito. It seemed the speed painting had yield good results. It was a finely detailed painting of Kaito with Revvy on his shoulder like how one walked with a child on his shoulder. But were drawn with halos over their head. Almost like that Miriko's view of both of them was that she viewed them as harmless and friendly just she needed a way far beyond normal smiles to express it. Then Miriko seemed to wait, to see what Kaito thought of it. She was actually staring in hope like a curious child. Almost like she was seeking approval in some manner. Strange but almost like it was just how she was.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Fri Mar 10, 2023 4:25 pm

Judith Karlinius
One thinks the problem is you could not just simply tell Judith what to do she was entirely an entity of their own doing of many strange things."Oh? you think I am going to be a danger from it?" Judith had to post it for a reason because well it was just how she was she had to ask to know these things and figure out. It was not out of Judith's own nature to be oddly careless at times. But with these seemingly starting to be shown powers it might be a bit more chaotic to have things happen. She didn't even seem to pose the question as a challenge or like a lean of authority. Just an actual question."I am only bugging you to possible do this only because you know them better."Judith than smiled coyly because well she knew what she was doing it was one of the many games she did kind of play in some manner. These where not normal games she played the background game.

Which would not shock anyone because she just does it that way. But it seemed she would just doing it what she normally would."At least if you do this for me and you could manage it...maybe sneak in info about what they like?"Judith also gave him just one single wink. This was also just another part of her plan it was all coming together nicely.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Sat Mar 11, 2023 9:56 am

Kaito whispered to the guild mother that he was more meaning that if she uses it to much other people will know she can do it and might make a plan on how to take her down and use her magic against her if some one was dumb enough to attempt to take on the mother of the fairies like that. "I will do my best Guild Mother no worries, I will get that info for you as soon as I can." He patted Judith's head and he watched the Big cat play with the children and seemly was having fun with them Kaito was glad that this was Miriko's companion and care taker as he was super friendly and he seemed to know how to handle his strength and power so not to hurt while playing with them and Kaito hears Miriko coming up behind him.

Kaito turned and looked up just in time for a very excited Mimi handing him the painting she had drawn, he is very careful not to harm it in any way as he looked at it and he smiled at her. He then then gently patted her head to give her praise as she had done very well and she clearly was excited and waiting for his feed back on the painting that the woman had just handed to him with care. "Great work as always Miriko I love it, that also reminds me I still have to to give you the gifts I had made you." He opened a portal to a place that was inside the house in his personal domain and he puts the painting on the wall next to the one of Revy she had made a bit ago and they looked like a set which in turn made them look better side by side. He reached into another portal and pulls out a Jewelry box that was hand made it was of a darker wood and had different kinds of colored gem like stones on it.

He holds it out to her and when she opens it there is a black metal ring with three gems on it that look like they are alive with water mana at what looks like sunset lighting. There is also a necklace in there as well that is of a more dark purple color and look like when it is worn it will say out of her way as well with how often she paints and moves around a heavier necklace would only get in her way so it is a more light and smaller necklace with a charm that looks like a more small and cuter Alistair on it. He hoped that she would like them but he wouldn't be surprised if she started to freak out at the fact he just gifted her jewelry he had made for her.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:01 am

It did almost seemed like Miriko had just stopped paying attention for a moment. Most likely because she was going to paint something else because it was on her mind for the moment. She was so stuck in cycle that she almost seemingly unintentionally ignored Kaito and what he was doing at the time. Then she looked and picked up what was spoken to her."Oh I ahh.....Thank you."Miriko said almost unsure how to take and mentally handle but after a good count of three Miriko did take that ringer as she considered it a gift and no idea what other things that anyone else could take that into account of what it could be. But she walked over took the ring and walked over to to Alistair and with the small front pocket opened it up and placed it there. There would be an explanation of why she did this after she walked back to place. When she got to where Kaito was standing."I will try it on later so I don't break my focus."After all she was focusing on that work of hers.

And Alistair seemed to not pay it much mind because it was just how he was use to his life being. But Alistair kind of chuckled about it if anything Alistair would make sure Miriko remembered that ring. She might have had a bit better control than she thought but also was making sure the crowd around them did not have the worst ideas that could spawn from that ring being given to her you could hear some whispers from the world around them during this moment because there was still a group of people around them and Miriko had kind of unintentionally gathered them to this area since it was a slightly open area.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 8:00 am

Judith Karlinius
Because of how she was Judith could not help but laugh at all of the happening here because it was if anything an change of pace with in the scene of time. If anything she found it magical to witness such things. Two people not too good with social skill exchanging gifts. It was nice to see if anything almost worthy of applauding for but not wanting to spoil the moment seemed better to let happen for the understand of how people learn and interacting with one another.

Even willing to forgo her own wonder about the picture after all it was things she needed to learn of later, Miriko always seemed to show that she values her work being taken privately for the most part. Then seemingly content with being told he would get that done she just mentioned."How adorable exchanging things, both you deserve such gift every once and a while you know?"Judith said with a bit of a chuckle most likely so the attention was going to start being drawn away from the entire matter. Just how was yet to be revealed.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Tue Mar 14, 2023 9:00 am

Kaito took that as a good response as she hadn’t seemed to have freaked out to much at least and played it off well with how she did that as he had made a mistake and did it in such a public crowded place so he probably got lucky in that moment that she hadn’t lost her cool. "yeah that sounds good it should fit perfectly. But if it does not let me know and I will fix it." he smiled and he stepped back and he hears the guild mother enjoying herself at this sight.

"So how is the mother of the fairies feeling with her free show?" he smirked as he figured the guild mother was happy with him being at least a little less brooding and showing some form of friendship to someone. He rubs the back of his head as he looked around at the crowd and he wonders why some of them are staring at him and he blinks at them and he wonders if he has something in his teeth or if there is something on his clothes. He looks down at his clothes and then he looks to Judith. "Why are those people staring at me ? Do I look weird?" He was pretty clueless to why they are staring at him and not at the woman that is hard at work on a paining.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 16, 2023 6:54 am

Miriko would just move back to painting quickly because she had ideas and things she needed to put onto something so thus was the people stared at her for a moment it would not be something she could really pick up on at this time. she just thought she got a gift and that was it while there was even more furious painting at hand. This idea would be perfect. So much so that Miriko in her delighted mood. Then she simply placed a painting in front of the group of the people watching. It seemed Miriko had left a freebie painting that was just a random picture of a castle she had in mind to paint at the time.

Then she continued on one of the most important things she wanted to do here. If anything she seemed to not be worried about what all was happening around her at this time.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 16, 2023 8:07 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith at least a bit more use and never really mind being the centre of the show. she could play these off because being the guild master she was she made herself work into the public life for the reason to get comfortable with."Well I am sure in some manner I am use to being in larger groups of people. I do manage them well."Judith said at least.

As for why he wondered that Judith simple seemed to smile. All and all Kaito would most likely not understand why everyone was looking. But Judith could take a guess."They might think your trying to woo over the Blue Pegasus painter."Judith laughed about it because she was just trying to guess. Because it was just her thinking it was the case. "Or it is a part of the show."Judith added that in to kind of drive away from the idea of love and taking the show.

But Judith them nudge his arm lightly."But thank you for giving her something, Miriko does not think at times she deserves gifts rather then just seeing the smile upon the faces of people."Judith said to make her point to him about it.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Thu Mar 16, 2023 2:32 pm

"I don’t know if I would really be able to woo Miriko, she is talented, kind and smart from what I can see and tell." He smiled and rubbed the back of his head as he wasn’t sure he could woo anyone let alone probably a famous woman like Miriko. He heard what the fairy mother said to him as she thanked him for giving something to Miriko and he couldn’t help but feel the same it was weird for people to give him things as he was always feeling he didn’t deserve it as he thought of himself as a trouble maker and a problem child that didn’t deserve to have people thank or want to be around him. "I guess me and miriko have that in common then a lack of thinking we deserve things like gifts."

He thinks about something he had heard a rumor about and now he wonders if there was a chance either the fairy mother or Miriko might know something about it. He looks at Judith and he smiles a nervous smile. "Have you heard of a fruit that would help unlock a hidden potential even a rumor of where it might be?" He would look to Miriko as well and ask the same thing when her attention would come back to them when she finished her painting, he knows it is a long shot but maybe one of them knows of the demiurthana which he had heard rumors of. He knows that Judith is more in the food and supply and rarer things food wise might be her thing. He knows Miriko is smarter and she seemed to always have a book on her so maybe she might have seen something even the slightest thing.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 4:32 am

Miriko did in some manner pay attention the conversation between them and quietly looked upon it in her own wonder. Not that she had a lot of questions she wanted that she was brave enough to ask at this time so she would quietly simply continue. Over all seemed over all in the end was pretty much Miriko listening casually while two other people where talking. Was it all that bad? no but Miriko was always doing things in ways that in some manner remotely showed how little she wanted in life, it was just how she was looking at it. If anything Alistair was a gift because he made himself a gift that imposed themselves into her life. Where if it had been her way in some manner Miriko would have just been carrying around the smallest amount of things she could.

Or just getting by on a paint or ink carriage that she would make from her magic she had her ways. But at least Miriko was happy and working as simple she wanted to do. But she was finished her current picture and set it aside. Then placed a new blank canvas and pointed it towards the crowd.

Then looked upon all of them and asked."I have a questions for you all....What would you like to see?"Miriko said looking around the group of people waiting to hear and answer.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:06 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith would take a moment to listen to Kaito question, Miriko seemed to not answer it. Most likely because she had other things on her mind or she did not know the answer herself. Then it seemed to actually make her think."Most fruit would fit that matter if you think of what the nature and the intention of fruit and how it works for the body."Could almost wanna get mad at Judith for a vague answer because everyone knew it was healthy to eat fruit for the human body."One that works like that must be magical in nature, That would be going in hard to travel forests and most likely has yet to be seen in a while or yet recorded."If anything Judith sounded like she was interested to find this fruit herself and was starting to theorize where she could find it.

"I have a small idea in theory where it could be,  Regions of vast forestyet to be explored in depth: Ballum, Stella and maybe Caelum. But these are just Guild Mother theorist ideas."Judith said with a bit of a smile on her face since Miriko was changing the course of the show now.

But she still had something to say for the moment while Kaito and here where just being not paid attention too."A person rarely knows what could happen to them in life...Miriko is a find example of her own fears and trying to fight them and showing results."She started with that over how Miriko was about getting gifts and now for the other much part."Much like how one should never doubt themselves for who might be fitting or a partner. After all I never thought Anders would have ever consider me a partner...look at me now."Judith laugh about it. Sure Judith was now an elf and Anders was an old man, But maybe she needed to go fix that eventually if he wanted that to be the case himself.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) - Page 2 Empty Sun Mar 19, 2023 8:09 am

He guessed the guild mother had a point different fruits can do different things to the body and enhance different things if you eat them so his question was far too vague and had too many answers he rubbed his chin trying to think of how he could better word it but the guild mother had moved on from it so he figured he must as well so not to bog down the conversation with him asking about an extremely rare fruit he isn’t even sure exists. Hard to reach forests not yet explored… he wondered if maybe Stella was the place to look for that past some of the guardian totems, it had been a long time since he had gone there but he bets he could now get past them and check the deeper parts of the forests. He would need to repay the guild mother for this majorly later. Caelum may be a close second but he will need to make sure to repay the guild mother and he sets the mental note to look in those places.

"I guess you are right, maybe I will ask her after the show and see how she feels about my chances." Kaito is clearly probably setting himself up for a fall. He was just going to be straight forward and ask.

He hears Miriko ask the crowd what they would like to see and Kaito smirks a bit and then walks over to the crowd and faces Miriko. "How about a painting of your self sitting at a table on a moon and candle lit night enjoying your favorite meal with an expression of enjoyment ?" his request wasn’t a mean spirited request or something to take her too far out of her comfort zone but to see what she thinks she looks like and to in a way kind of cheat and see her favorite food if he needs to know it in a future situation. Plus he isn’t sure that he has seen many of any paintings or drawings of her self.

After his request he walked back to Judith and he took his place back at her side and he watches to see what happened he half expects Judith to tell him that he may have gone too far and he needed to reel it back and that he would owe Miriko an apology for causing an issue at her show or making her feel embarrassed by him making such a request of her in front of the crowd. He also hoped that Revy was okay as she had been acting a little strangely and wasn’t as quick lately along with her zoning out a bit.

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